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  • See Book of Corrections Vol. 2 No. 1

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : February 1985

    1. Bancroft: “Thomas Bancroft and Some of His Descendants,” The Register, Vol. 97:

                Page 132. Under William Leonard Bancroft (first on the page): ii. William Andrew Bancroft m. Alice Danon Bowers.  She was daughter of Harriet Maria (Haskell) Bowers.  Mrs. Bowers was my grandmother.  Her mother’s name was Chace, viz. Maria Ann (Chace) Haskell.  Incidentally Maria Ann (Chace) Haskell was a daughter of Alanson and Maria (Harris) Chace, granddau. of Charles and Ruth (Jenckes) Chace, whom the Register lists under “Some Descendants of William Chace.” William C. Mm.

    2. Bearse: Austin Bearse (Barce), Barnstable, Mass., 1933, by Fanny L. Meadows, Ohio:

                Page 3. Austin Bearse, wife Mary suggested as Mary Wilder, and his marriage record not found.  See American Genealogist, vol. 15, Records pages 111-118.  Alleged Indian Connections: a certified copy of Litchfield County District Court in Conn. and accepted by State Commissioner in Charge of Indian Rights and Claims.  That manuscript on this is deposited in the Congressional Library.  It states that “Austin Bearse was married by Indian Rites at the Mattacheese Indian Village to Mary Hyanno, b. 1625, daughter of Sagamore John Hyanno, who was son of Sachem Ihyannough by his wife Mary, a princess of the Narragansetts in 1639.”  P. 111. However, I wish to say that the resume of Austin Bearce’s ancestry is purely fictitious.  No definite source of its conjecture is given other than that his name (surname) was formerly written Be Arce.  At this period and maybe later puritanical theories were slightly strained and biased.  Mrs. Caroline Thompson, Plymouth, Mass. 02360, Jan. 12, 1967.

    3. Bixby Genealogy, by Willard Goldthwaite Bixby, Pt. 3, 1914:

          P.700. Peter Bixby. Emily Bixby, daughter born March 30th 1838, Yates Co., N.Y.  Married Alexander James Miller, Geneva, Walworth Co., Wisc. Oct. 12, 1859. From Family Bible, Jenness Miller Acres, granddaughter of Emily, Wellesley, Mass.

    4. Bowers. The Register; Vol. 88:

                P. 283: On May 29, 1823 Levi Bowers married to Miss Nancy Niles Jackson. In the Index to Marriages in the Columbian Centinel, 1784-1840, A-B: Bowers, Levi, m. Mary Niles Jackson in Boston, Thursday, (C.C. June 4, 1823).  In the Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Levi Bowers’ headstone, marked ‘Father’ and Mary N. Bowers, marked ‘Mother’, together with other Bowers stones, and some Jackson and Forbes ones appear. Also, the Transcript account of the death of Levi Payson Bowers, Dec. 16, 1921 (p.9, 2nd col.) in Newton names his parents as Dea. Levi and Mary Niles (Jackson) Bowers.  Also the Columbian Centinel noted the death on Sept. 3, 1825 of Mary Emeline, ch. of Levi and Mary in Boston, age 16 days. The Boston City Directory for 1825 3 years near to that lists only 1 Levi Bowers.  I think someone misread Rev. Dr. Sharp’s “Mary” as “Nancy.” William C. Mm.

    NEHGS does not verify these Book of Corrections entries.

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