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    What are saved searches?


    Saved searches enable you to save your most popular searches to your profile. Once saved, you can run the search without having to re-enter the search criteria on the Search form.

    1) The saved search button is located on the Advanced search page, above the search fields.

    2) To save the search, select the 'Save This Search..' button once all of the criteria you wish to save is entered into the form.

    Saved Searches One


    3) A pop-up window will appear, asking you to input a search name, this will be the way your saved search will appear on your profile page. Once you have entered the name, select 'Save'. You can save several different searches to your profile page using this method.

    Saved Searches Two


    4) To access your saved searches select your name at the top of the screen to view your profile. You can select your name from any point on the website.

    Saved Searches Three


    5) Scroll down to the center of your profile page to view your saved searches. Select 'Execute' to search.


    Saved Searches Four



    6) You will be redirected to the search results screen with your saved search results.

    Saved Searches Five


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