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  • Sarah (Adams) (Bond) Warren of Massachusetts, Maine, and Missouri

    Lois Ware Thurston

    Published Date : April 1987
     Many genealogists find themselves searching for an ancestor about whom they have very little knowledge.  This seems particularly true of those with ancestors who migrated westward from New England in the early 19th century.  Often the only clue to ancestry is an 1850 census record that states the ancestor was “born in Maine” or “born in Massachusetts.”  Family memorabilia, often assumed insignificant, may hold important genealogical clues to the past. Such is the case with Sarah A. Bond Warren.

    Sarah kept a diary, now in possession of Ann Haack of Kirkwood, Missouri (1986), which noted she left Boston on 18 January 1837 and arrived in St. Louis, Missouri, on 19 May 1837.  She married Charles Noah Warren. son of Noah and Joanna (Bryant) Warren of Taunton, Massachusetts (letters from Warren relatives 1837-1853, currently in possession of Ann Haack), some time prior to 1839, when their first child, Sarah Frances Warren, was born (St. Louis, Missouri, 1850 census).  Sarah Bond Warren died at St. Louis 30 March 1894 (St. Louis Probate Records).  The census records indicate Sarah was born about 1810-15 in Massachusetts (St. Louis census 1850, 1860, 1880).  The death certificate of Sarah Frances (Warren) Bruce, who died at St. Louis 17 January 1914, gave her mother’s name as “Sarah Adams” and birthplace as “Maine” (Missouri V.R. 1914, Reg. Dist. 791, File No. 3046).

    The diary included lovely poems, drawings, and calligraphy of the initials “S.B.,” “S.A.B.,” and the words “Sarah Bond.”  Interspersed were these notations: “Sarah A. Bond Boston August 4, 1832,” Billy sailed from Boston the 2 day of Nov,” “Boston Feb 21st 183_ No. 34 Federal St.,” “Boston 5th April 1835,” and “Quincy April 10th 1836 S A B.”.

    Among family letters was one addressed to:

    Mrs. Sarah A. Bond
    Boston, Mass.

    Ellsworth Aug the

    My Dear Sister,
    I cannot let so good an opportunity pass with out wrighten you a few lines I hope you will excuse it and as it is the first letter I ever attemted to right
    we are very sorry to part with William but I believe we must. he says he does not want to come to Boston. but he says he wants to see his Mother, he has not learned much this winter but he has been to school all the time that I went. I have been a bliged to stay at home some on account of Mother being sick. I shant tell you about John death for Daniel can tell you all the particulars. Hepsabath takes his death very hard. Lucy is in Calais we don’t expect her home. Hepsabath has gest gon a way from our hous I told her I was wrighting to you and she told me to tell you that she sent her love to you she says that you must kiss Billy for her when he gets to Boston Mr Warrens family were delighted with Billy’s singing. lone sayed that se thought that he would make a good singer when he was older he is a very good boy and every body loves him. we are very glad that ant Jane is going in the [?] resoade with Billy. Margaret sends her love to you and says thet she wants you to come down very much indead for she wants to see you.

                            yours Emily A. Adams

    The notation about Billy in the diary, along with the references to him in this letter infer that Sarah was his mother. The letter establishes that Emily A. Adams was Sarah’s “sister” and it was written from “Ellsworth,” where Emily resided with her mother. Ellsworth is a town in Hancock County, Maine -one of the states given as Sarah’s birthplace.

    With the exception of marriage records, many of the Ellsworth vital records were destroyed by fire in 1933, making it necessary to consult census records of Hancock County.  The 1820 and 1830 census of Ellsworth, Maine, revealed only one family with the surname of Adams - Daniel Adams.  By combining the data from the 1820-1840 census, it was possible to reconstruct his family as follows:

                      Daniel,  born 1775-1780
                      wife, born 1775-1780
                      daughter, born 1794-1804
                      daughter, born 1804-1810
                      son, born 1804-1810
                      daughter, born 1804-1810
                      daughter, born 1810-1815
                      son, born 1810-1820
                      son, born 1810-1820
                      daughter, born 1820-1825
                      son, born 1825-1830

    In the 1850 census of Ellsworth, Daniel Adams, age 74, a carpenter, born in Massachusetts, and Betsey, age 76, born in Maine, were living with the family of Josiah B. Adams, age 43, born in Massachusetts.  There are also other families with the surname of Adams - Daniel, Jr., Melatiah, and Francis, who was unmarried.  All were born in Maine and of an age to be the sons of Daniel and Betsey Adams.  By 1860, Daniel was no longer listed in the census data and is presumed to have died. Betsey, now listed as Elizabeth, was still living with Josiah B. Adams.

    In the History of Ellsworth, Maine, by Albert H. Davis (1927), page 36, Daniel Adams was found in the family of Melatiah and Elizabeth (Jellison) Jordan. Their daughter Betsey, born at Ellsworth 17 November 1779, married in 1800 Daniel Adams of “Bresby,” Massachusetts. This is likely the Adams family for whom we are searching, supported by [68] census data and the assumption that Melatiah Adams was named for his grandfather, Melatiah Jordan.  However, it was not possible to identify any town in Massachusetts as “Bresby.”  No probate records were found for either Daniel or Elizabeth at the Hancock County Probate Office.

    Death records in Maine after 1892 include the names of the parents, if known, and their place of birth. A search for the deaths of Josiah B., Daniel, Jr., and Melatiah Adams revealed only a death record of Melatiah, who died at Ellsworth 13 January 1894. He was the son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Jordan) Adams and the place of birth of Daniel Adams was Beverly, Massachusetts (Maine V.R. 1894). The puzzle of “Bresby” was solved.

    By consulting the Vital Records of Beverly, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (1906 and 1907), vol. 1, pages 21-22; vol. 2, pages 17, 365, and The Jordan Memorial, by Tristam Frost Jordan (reprint 1982), pages 254-262, and combining that with the information already cited, the family can be given as follows:

    Daniel Adams, born at Beverly, Massachusetts, 5 October 1776, died probably at Ellsworth, Maine, before 1860, son of Daniel and Hepzibah (Batchelder) Adams; married 22 May 1801 Elizabeth Jordan. She was born at Ellsworth, Maine, 17 November 1779, daughter of Melatiah and Elizabeth (Jellison) Jordan, and is a descendant of Rev. Robert Jordan of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

    Their children, places of birth as noted:

    i.           Hepzibah, born at Beverly, 22 Feb. 1801, buried at Beverly, 3 June 1802.
    ii.          Elizabeth, born at Beverly, 7 May 1802.
    iii.         Hepzibah, born at Beverly, 15 Nov. 1804.
    iv.         Josiah Batchelder, born at Beverly, 3 Sept. 1807; m. at Ellsworth, 31 July 1836 (Ellsworth Marriages MSS 1829-1891 Maine State Archives) Mary F. Rice. Children (Ellsworth census 1850-80): 1. Mary A. 2. Thomas R., 3. Henretta, 4. John Q., 5. Henry S., 6. Lucy Ann.
    v.          Sarah Jordan (Sally), born at Beverly, 24 Aug. 1809; died at St. Louis, Missouri, 30 Mar. 1894; m. (1) ___ Bond; m. (2) before 1839 Charles Noah Warren. Child (surname Bond?): 1. prob. William “Billy”; Children (surname Warren): 2. Sarah Frances. 3. Alice O.
    vi.         Lucy, born prob. at Ellsworth, 24 Sept. 1811; m. ___ Sheaf.  In the 1850 census of Ellsworth she, age 38, is residing with Emily Ann (Adams) Stockbridge.
    vii.        Melatiah Jordan, born at Ellsworth, 27 Jan. 1814; died at Ellsworth, 13 Jan. 1894; m. PHEBE F. (___).  He and Phebe are listed in the census of Ellsworth, 1850-80, with no children.
    viii.       Daniel, Jr., born at Ellsworth, 27 May 1816; m. Abigail J. (___).  Children (Ellsworth census 1850-80): 1. Oscar C., 2. Elizabeth, 3. William S., 4. Clifton, 5. Susan, 6. Daniel J., 7. Herbert, 8. Abigail, 9. Hattie M.
    ix.         Emily Ann, born at Ellsworth, 13 Mar. 1820; died at Ellsworth, 24 Feb. 1905 (Maine V.R. 1905); m. at Ellsworth, 17 Dec. 1840 (Ellsworth Marriages MSS 1829-1891 Maine State Archives) Elisha H. Stockbridge.  Children (Ellsworth census 1850-80, surname Stockbridge): 1. Sidney, 2. Georgetta, 3. Francis A.,4. Mary, 5. Emma F.
    x.          Francis (probably), born at Ellsworth, ca. 1825 (Ellsworth census of 1830-40; 1850 says age 28; not listed in census 1860-80).  Note that Emily names a son, Francis A.

    The letter from Emily A. Adams to her sister Sarah (Adams) Bond is important, for it is the only primary evidence connecting Sarah with the Adams family of Ellsworth.  Emily’s connection with Ellsworth was doubly proved by her marraige at Ellsworth to Elisha H. Stockbridge and by her death record, which states that she was born in Ellsworth, the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Jordan) Adams.  It is now possible to identify several of the people named in the letter. Hepsabath and Lucy were sisters and Daniel the brother of Emily and Sarah.  “Ant Jane” was Jane Jordan, sister of their mother, who married Peter Gove and resided in Lowell, Massachusetts (Jordan, Jordan Memorial, 257).  Although Margaret appears to be a sister, she is unaccounted for in the census data of the Adams family.

    The seeming contradiction of the birthplace of Sarah could be explained by the probable fact that the family removed from Massachusetts to Maine shortly after her birth, leading her survivors to believe she had been born in Maine.  That probability is underscored by noting that Sarah gave the information on the census data that her birthplace was Massachusetts, whereas it was her grandson, Warren Bruce, who, as the informant, gave her birthplace as Maine on the death record of her daughter, Sarah (Warren) Bruce.

    There are still gaps in our account of the life of Sarah (Adams) Warren. We are unable to find her marriage to --- Bond in the Ellsworth or Beverly records, although her diary indicates she was known as “Sarah A. Bond” on 4 August 1832.  No marriage record to Charles Noah Warren has yet been found.  Letters reveal that this marriage was kept a secret from the Warren family in Taunton until Charles’s brother William came to St. Louis for a visit in 1846 (letters, op. cit.). Because a young woman treasured a letter written by her little sister - the first she “ever attemted to right”, we know more of the life of the family.  But for this wonderful bit of memorabilia, the ancestry of Sarah (Adams) Bond Warren would undoubtedly have remained a genealogical puzzle.

    Note: Readers with additional information on this family history should contact Ian Haack, 625 Belson, Kirkwood, MO 63122.

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