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  • #64 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton, (both RD)

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Boston “Brahmins” are those families, often aligned with Federalism, the China trade, Harvard College, the “flowering of New England,” and Beacon Hill or Back Bay, who dominated our city, state, and region — and may be said to have created the “Athens of America” — in the nineteenth and much of the twentieth centuries. Notable “Brahmins” most often descend, among immigrants with royal forebears, from Governor Thomas Dudley, whose best-known progeny was listed or covered in my last column ; from the famed Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson of Boston, Rhode Island, and Pelham Bay in New Netherland, whose noted progeny is listed or covered in chapter 49, pp. 203-15, of Notable Kin, Volume Two (NK2, 1999 – and some descendants of her sister, Mrs. Katherine Marbury Scott, were treated in chapter 48, pp. 194, 196-97 [#s 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10]); and Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

    I discussed the royal descents of the immigrant Appletons, to Henry I, King of England (d. 1135) and Robert I, King of France (d. 923), respectively, in my introduction to Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1996), 1:xi-xiii. These descents are outlined in my Ancestors of American Presidents, 1st ed. (1995), pp. 198-200, 195-96, which also notes the kinships to Owen Glendower and the Tudors (see, in addition, The Genealogist 12 [1999]: 254-55), descent from a sister of Magna Charta baronial leader Robert FitzWalter, and possible lines to Hugh Capet (d. 996), or Louis IV (d. 954), kings of France.

    A majority of Samuel and Judith’s notable descendants were indeed “Brahmins” and several were the spouses or children of Appletons; the progeny of Samuel Appleton, Jr. and his second wife, Mary Oliver, moreover, were also descendants of Percival Lowell (ancestor of all the Boston Lowells), whose newly developed RD is mentioned in the 2002 reprinting of my 1993, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, p. 656. Harvard president Edward Holyoke, U.S. president Franklin Pierce, H.W. Longfellow, C.F. McKim (of McKim, Mead, and White), and Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, Jr. all married Appletons Bishop William Lawrence was the son of Sarah Elizabeth Appleton, and Leverett Saltonstall was a great-nephew of Bishop Lawrence. John, Samuel (V), and Wendell Phillips were agnate descendants of Sarah (Appleton) Phillips, daughter of Samuel and Judith; Harvard president Josiah Quincy (III) and Bishop Phillips Brooks were sons of Phillipses; and “signer” William Whipple, Jr., Mrs. John Singleton Copley, T.W. Higginson, Mrs. Louis Bromfield, and businessman R.W. Miller (father-in-law of the exiled Crown Prince Paul of Greece) had Appleton grandmothers. Other “Brahmin” surnames represented by the following 50 figures —besides Appleton, Lawrence, Saltonstall, Phillips, Quincy, Brooks, and Higginson — include Lowell, Parkman, Shaw, Adams, Bundy, Ames, Richardson, Morison, and Bradlee.

    One granddaughter of Samuel and Judith (Everard) Appleton — Judith Appleton, daughter of Samuel, Jr. and his first wife, Hannah Paine — married Samuel Wolcott of Wethersfield, Connecticut. Three of Judith’s daughters married respectively a Burnham, a Welles, and a Robbins, and left a notable progeny associated largely with Connecticut, Yale, New York City, Wall Street, and points west. Mrs. Wolcott’s descendants among the figures below are James Stillman of National City Bank (now Citibank), gun manufacturers Eliphalet, Jr. and Philo Remington, Mrs. John Joseph Pershing, poet and playwright Archibald MacLeish, Mrs. Charles Scribner, Jr. and her son and grandson (C.S. III and IV) of Charles Scribner’s Sons, justice J.M. Harlan (II) and Mrs. [Edward] William Proxmire (a “Greenwich Rockefeller”). The only U.S. president himself of Appleton ancestry, [John] Calvin Coolidge [Jr.], was descended from another granddaughter of Samuel and Judith — Priscilla Appleton, daughter of John Appleton and Priscilla Glover — who married Rev. Joseph Capen of Topsfield, Massachusetts, and was also an ancestor of Mrs. Henry Adams via Hooper, Sturgis, Davis, Watson, and Thomas; and of Mrs. Anthony Crosland, wife of the British Foreign Secretary, via Watson and Thomas. Several “Brahmin” Appleton descendants via Rogers and Parkman are noted in NK1: 189, 193, 220.

    Following the list below of 29 notable Appleton descendants treated in NK1, NK2, and Internet columns #s 54 and 63, my coverage of an additional 21, in the usual “Notable Kin” format, includes all of each figure’s lines from other immigrants of royal descent, especially Percival Lowell, several Bulkeleys, Richard and Muriel (Gurdon) Saltonstall, Mrs. Mary Gye Maverick, Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke and Mrs. Margaret Wyatt Allyn of Connecticut, Edward Raynsford, and (of possible RD) John and Josiah Winslow.

    From Notable Kin, Volumes One and Two

    1. [John] Calvin Coolidge [Jr.] – 1:101
    2. Mrs. Franklin Pierce (Jane Means Appleton) – 1:109
    3. William Whipple, Jr. – 1:147
    4. James Russell Lowell – 1:183
    5. Francis Parkman, Jr. – 1:193
    6. Robert Gould Shaw (III) – 1:220
    7. Mrs. George William Curtis – 1:220
    8. Lady Nancy Witcher Langhorne Shaw Astor, Viscountess Astor (first husband, another Robert Gould Shaw) – 1:220
    9. James Stillman – 2:5
    10. Mrs. John Singleton Copley – 2:17
    11. John Singleton Copley (Jr.), 1st Baron Lyndhurst – 2:17
    12. Mrs. William Averell Harriman (Hon. Pamela Beryl Digby Spencer-Churchill Hayward) – 2:17
    13. Mrs. William Vincent Astor (Mrs. [Roberta] Brooke [Russell Kuser] Marshall) – 2:18
    14. Eliphalet Remington, Jr. – 2:110
    15. Philo Remington – 2:110
    16. Robert Lee Frost – 2:186
    17. Mrs. Abbott Lawrence Lowell – 2:209
    18. Robert Traill Spence Lowell (IV) – 2:210-11
    19. Mrs. Jacques Barzun – 2:211-12

    From column #54(presidents of Harvard):

    1. Mrs. Edward Holyoke, #5
    2. Josiah Quincy III, #8

    From column #63(Gov. Thomas Dudley descendants)

    1. Wendell Phillips, #7
    2. Mrs. Henry [Brooks] Adams, #9
    3. William Putnam Bundy and McGeorge Bundy, #15
    4. William Maxwell Aitken, 1st Baron Beaverbrook (wife), #19
    5. Mrs. Norman Mailer (Lady Jeanne Louise Campbell), #20
    6. Mrs. [Charles] Anthony [Raven] Crosland, #24
    7. Mrs. Archibald Cox, Jr., #32
    8. Elliot Lee Richardson, #33
    1. John Phillips, 1719-1795, founder of Phillips Exeter Academy, and his nephew Samuel Phillips (V), 1752-1802 (son of Samuel Phillips [IV] & Elizabeth Barnard), founder of Phillips Academy at Andover; Samuel Phillips (III) & Hannah White (parents of John and Samuel [IV]); Samuel Phillips, Jr. & Mary Emerson; Samuel Phillips & Sarah Appleton; Samuel Appleton & Judith Everard.
    1. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882, poet (second wife, Frances Elizabeth Appleton; Nathan Appleton & Mary Elizabeth Gold; Isaac Appleton (III) & Mary Adams; Isaac Appleton, Jr. & Elizabeth Sawyer; Isaac Appleton & Priscilla Baker; Samuel Appleton, Jr. & (second wife) Mary Oliver; Samuel Appleton & Judith Everard, John Oliver & Joanna Lowell; Percival Lowell & Rebecca ----).
    1. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1823-1911, reformer, essayist, colonel of the first black Union regiment; Stephen Higginson (III) & Louisa Storrow; Thomas Storrow & Anne Appleton; Samuel Appleton (V) & Mary Wentworth; Samuel Appleton (IV) & Anne Gerrish, John Wentworth, Jr. & Sarah Hall; Samuel Appleton (III) & Elizabeth Whittingham, John Gerrish, Jr. & Sarah Hobbes, Lt. Gov. John Wentworth of N.H. & Sarah Hunking; Samuel Appleton, Jr. & (first wife) Hannah Paine, William Whittingham & Mary Lawrence, John Gerrish & Elizabeth Waldron, Samuel Wentworth & Mary Benning; Samuel Appleton & Judith Everard, John Whittingham & Martha Hubbard, John Lawrence of Long Island. & Susanna ----, William Gerrish & Joanna Lowell, William Wentworth of N.H. & Elizabeth Kenney; Richard Whittingham & Elizabeth Bulkeley, Percival Lowell & Rebecca ----
    1. Phillips Brooks, 1835-1893, Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts (and rector of Trinity Church, Boston), orator, author of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”; William Gray Brooks & Mary Anne Phillips; Cotton Brown Brooks & Jane Williams, John Phillips & Lydia Gorham; Edwards Brooks & Abigail Brown, a descendant of Rev. John Cotton (possible RD) and Richard & Muriel (Gurdon) Saltonstall, see NK1:192, 194, Benjamin Williams & Jane Gray, Samuel Phillips (V), founder of Phillips Academy at Andover, see #30 above, & Phebe Foxcroft, Nathaniel Gorham, Jr., patriot and legislator, signer of the U.S. Constitution, see NK1:148-50, & Rebecca Call, a descendant of Mrs. Mary Gye Maverick, see NK1:192, 194; Mascoll Williams & Ruth Phippen; Samuel Phippen & Rebecca Atwater; Joshua Atwater & Mary Maverick; Samuel Maverick, Jr. & Rebecca Wheelwright; Samuel Maverick & Amias Cole; Rev. John Maverick & Mary Gye.
    1. William Lawrence, 1850-1941, Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts; Amos Adams Lawrence, merchant and philanthropist, & Sarah Elizabeth Appleton; William Appleton & Mary Anne Cutler; Joseph Appleton & Mary Hook; Isaac Appleton, Jr. & Elizabeth Sawyer, see #31 above.
    1. Charles Follen McKim, 1847-1909, architect, partner in McKim, Mead & White (wife, Julia Amory Appleton; Charles Hook Appleton & Isabella Mason; William Appleton & Mary Anne Cutler, see #34 above, Jonathan Mason [III] & Isabella Cowpland; Jonathan Mason, Jr., U.S. senator, & Susannah Powell; William Powell & Mary Bromfield; Edward Bromfield, Jr. & Abigail Coney; Edward Bromfield & Mary Danforth; Samuel Danforth & Mary Wilson; Rev. John Wilson & Elizabeth Mansfield).
    1. James Gillespie Blaine, 1830-1893, speaker of the House of Representatives, U.S. senator (from Maine) and secretary of state, Republican presidential candidate in 1884 (wife, Harriet Bailey Stanwood; Jacob Stanwood & Sarah Caldwell; Ebenezer Caldwell & Mercy Dodge; William Dodge, Jr. & Mercy Smith; William Dodge & Rebecca Appleton; Isaac Appleton & Mary Oliver, see #31 above).
    1. Walter Johannes (John) Damrosch, 1862-1950, conductor, composer (wife, Margaret Isabella Blaine; James Gillespie Blaine, #36 above, & Harriet Bailey Stanwood).
    1. Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, Jr., 1830-1893, French soldier (great-nephew of Napoleon I, first cousin once removed of Napoleon III, emperors of the French, nephew of the half-blood of Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul, Prince Napoleon) (wife, Mrs. Caroline LeRoy Appleton Edgar; Samuel Appleton & Julia Webster; Eben Appleton & Sarah Patterson, Daniel Webster, the statesman and orator, U.S. senator and secretary of state, & Grace Fletcher; Isaac Appleton [III] & Mary Adams, see #31 above, Elijah Fletcher & Rebecca Chamberlain; Timothy Fletcher & Bridget Richardson; Zachariah Richardson & Sarah Butterfield; Benjamin Butterfield & Sarah Bates; John Bates & Mary Farwell; Henry Farwell & Olive Welby). Their daughter, Louise Eugénie Bonaparte, married Adam Gottlob Carl, Count Moltke-Huitfeld, Danish chamberlain, and left issue.
    1. John Joseph Pershing, 1860-1948, World War I commander (wife, Helen Louise Warren; Francis Emroy Warren, U.S. senator and first governor of Wyoming, & Helen Maria Smith; Joseph Spencer Warren & Cynthia Estella Abbott, Matthew Smith [V] & Maria Delight Root; Joseph Warren & Susan Willey, John Abbott [III] & Cynthia Flagg, Solomon Root & Laura Mack; Ezra Warren & Rebecca Dean, John Abbott, Jr. & Elizabeth Webb, David Mack & Mary Talcott; Joseph Warren & Eunice Hyde, John Abbott & Mary Allen, John Talcott, Jr. & Abiah Phelps; Ezra Hyde & Elizabeth Leffingwell, Samuel Abbott & Abigail Merrick, John Talcott & Lucy Burnham; John Leffingwell & Sarah Abell, John Merrick [III] & Abigail Harrington, William Burnham & Hannah Wolcott; Joshua Abell & Bethia Gager, John Merrick, Jr. & Elizabeth Trowbridge, Samuel Wolcott & Judith Appleton; Robert Abell  & Joanna ----, James Trowbridge & Margaret Atherton, Samuel Appleton, Jr. & [first wife] Hannah Paine, see #32 above; Thomas Trowbridge & Elizabeth Marshall).
    1. Samuel Eliot Morison, 1887-1976, historian (first wife, Elizabeth Shaw Greene; William Batchelder Greene, Jr. & Sarah Ellery Sargent Austin; William Batchelder Greene & Anna Blake Shaw, Ivers James Austin & Elizabeth Turner Amory; Robert Gould Shaw & Elizabeth Willard Parkman, a descendant of Gov. Thomas Dudley [also an ancestor of S.E. Morison himself], Samuel & Judith [Everard] Appleton and Mrs. Elizabeth St. John Whiting, see NK1:220, 224, 193, 195, James Trecothick Austin & Catherine Gerry; Jonathan Loring Austin & Hannah Ivers; Benjamin Austin & Elizabeth Waldo; Cornelius Waldo [III] & Faith Savage; Thomas Savage, Jr. & Elizabeth Scottow; Thomas Savage & Faith Hutchinson (also ancestors of S.E. Morison); William Hutchinson & Anne Marbury).
    1. Archibald MacLeish, 1892-1982, poet and playwright; Andrew MacLeish & Martha Hillard; Elias Brewster Hillard & Julia Whittlesey; Moses Hillard & Patty Brewster, Frederick Whittlesey & Eliza Burrell; Elias Brewster & Margery Morgan, Roger Whittlesey & Nancy Smalley, Jabez Burrell & Mary Robbins; Simon Brewster & Anne Andrus, Lemuel Whittlesey & Hannah Welles, Solomon Robbins & Mary Hanmer; Benjamin Brewster & Elizabeth Witter, Robert Welles (III) & Abigail Burnham, Jonathan Robbins, Jr. & Lydia Steevens; Ebenezer Witter & Dorothy Morgan, Robert Welles, Jr. & Sarah Wolcott (parents of Robert [III] and Sarah), William Burnham & Hannah Wolcott, Jonathan Robbins & Sarah Welles; Joseph Morgan & Dorothy Parke, Samuel Wolcott & Judith Appleton (parents of Sarah and Hannah), see #39 above; Thomas Parke & Dorothy Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman of Mass. (and Conn.).
    1. Louis Bromfield, 1896-1956, novelist and experimental farmer (wife, Mary Appleton Wood; Chalmers Wood & Ellen Appleton Smith; John Cotton Smith & Harriet Hooper Appleton; Thomas Mather Smith & Mary Greenleaf Woods, James Appleton & Sarah Fuller; Daniel Smith & Mary Smith, Samuel Appleton & Mary White, Daniel Fuller & Hannah Bowers; Cotton Mather Smith & Temperance Worthington (parents of Mary), Isaac Appleton, Jr. & Elizabeth Sawyer, see #31 above, Benjamin Bowers & Sarah Newhall; William Worthington & Temperance Gallup, Samuel Newhall & Sarah Sargent; William Gallup & Sarah Chesebrough, Joseph Sargent & Mary Green; Nathaniel Chesebrough & Hannah Denison, John Sargent & Deborah Hillier; George Denison & Bridget Thompson, Rev. William Sargent & Sarah ----; John Thompson & Alice Freeman).
    1. Charles Scribner, Jr., 1854-1927, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1879-1928 (wife, Louisa Flagg; Jared Bradley Flagg, portrait painter, & Louisa Hart; Henry Collins Flagg, Jr. & Martha Whiting, a descendant of Thomas Trowbridge of Conn., see NK2:10, 13, Samuel Hart & Orpha North; Elijah Hart [III] & Anna Andrews, James North, Jr. & Rhoda Judd; Elijah Hart, Jr. & Sarah Gilbert, a great-great-granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret Wyatt Allyn of Conn., see Internet column 53, #18 [W.C. Camp], John Judd & Mary Burnham; William Burnham & Hannah Wolcott, see #41 above).
    1. Charles Scribner (III), 1890-1952, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1933-52, son of #43 above and Louisa Flagg.
    1. Charles Scribner (IV), 1921-1995, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1952-1977, son of #44 above and Vera Gordon Bloodgood.
    1. Leverett Saltonstall, 1892-1979, governor of Mass., U.S. senator; Richard Middlecott Saltonstall & Eleanor Brooks; Leverett Saltonstall, Jr. & Rose Smith Lee, Peter Chardon Brooks & Sarah Appleton Lawrence, sister of Bishop William Lawrence, #34 above; Leverett Saltonstall & Mary Elizabeth Sanders, John Clarke Lee (a descendant of Mrs. Martha Bulkeley Mellowes) & Harriet Paine Rose (a descendant of Edward Raynsford), see NK1:109-10, Gorham Brooks & Ellen Shepherd, Amos Adams Lawrence, merchant and philanthropist, & Sarah Elizabeth Appleton, see #34 above; Nathaniel Saltonstall & Anna White, Thomas Sanders, Jr. & Elizabeth Elkins, Peter Chardon Brooks, merchant, Boston’s first millionaire, & Anna Gorham, Rezin Davis Shepherd & Lucy Gorham; Richard Saltonstall, Jr. & Mary Cooke, Samuel White & Sarah Brown, Thomas Sanders & Lucy Smith, Thomas Elkins & Elizabeth White, Edward Brooks & Abigail Brown, see #33 above and NK1:192, 194, Nathaniel Gorham, Jr., patriot and legislator, signer of the Constitution, & Rebecca Call, see #33 above and NK1:148-50, 192, 194 (parents of Anna), Edward Gorham & Abigail Taylor (parents of Lucy); Richard Saltonstall & Mehitable Wainwright, Elisha Cooke & Jane Middlecott, William White & Sarah Phillips, Thomas Smith, Jr. & Sarah Tyng, John White & Rebecca Flint, William Taylor & Desire Thacher; Nathaniel Saltonstall & Elizabeth Ward, Richard Middlecott & Sarah Winslow, Samuel Phillips, Jr. & Mary Emerson, see #30 above, Thomas Smith & Mary Curwen, William Tyng & Lucy Clarke, Thomas Flint & Elizabeth Johnson, Seth Taylor & Susanna Sturgis, Elisha Thacher & Phebe Lathrop; Richard Saltonstall & Muriel Gurdon, John Winslow (possible RD) & Mary Chilton, John Curwen & Margaret Winthrop, Thomas Clarke & Mary Bulkeley, John Johnson & Elizabeth Maverick, Jasper Taylor & Hannah Fitz Randolph, Josiah Thacher & Mary Hedge; George Curwen (possible RD) & Elizabeth Herbert, Edward Bulkeley & Lucien ----, Elias Maverick & Anne Harris, Edward Fitz Randolph of Mass. and N.J. & Elizabeth Blossom, John Thacher & Rebecca Winslow; Rev. Peter Bulkeley & Jane Allen, Rev. John Maverick & Mary Gye, Josiah Winslow (possible RD) & Margaret Bourne.
    1. Benjamin Crowninshield “Ben” Bradlee, b. 1921, managing or executive editor of The Washington Post, 1965-92 (second wife, Jean Saltonstall, later Mrs. Oscar William Hausserman, Jr.; John Lee Saltonstall & Gladys Durant Rice, later Mrs. Van Wyck Brooks, wife of the man of letters; William Gurdon Saltonstall & Josephine Rose Lee; Nathaniel Saltonstall, Jr. & Caroline Sanders, John Clarke Lee & Harriet Paine Rose, see #46 above and NK1:109-10; Nathaniel Saltonstall & Hannah White, see #46 above, Thomas Sanders, Jr. & Elizabeth Elkins, see #46 above. Elizabeth Lee Saltonstall, sister of Jean, married August Belmont (IV), 1908-1995, investment banker (president and chairman of Dillon, Reed & Co.), great-grandson and namesake of the financier.
    1. John Marshall Harlan (II), 1899-1971, Supreme Court justice; John Maynard Harlan & Elizabeth Palmer Flagg; Ethan Flagg & Julia Baldwin; Augustus Flagg & Lydia Welles; Levi Welles & Hannah Welles; Robert Welles (IV) & Abigail Hurlbut (parents of Hannah); Robert Welles (III) & Abigail Burnham, see #41 above.
    1. [Edward] William Proxmire, b. 1915, U.S. senator from Wisconsin (first wife, Elsie Rockefeller, later Mrs. Miles McMillin; William Avery Rockefeller & Florence Lincoln; William Goodsell Rockefeller & Sarah Elsie Stillman; William Rockefeller, financier and industrialist, & Almira Geraldine Goodsell, James Stillman, 1850-1918, #9 above, banker and capitalist, a descendant of Mrs. Margaret Wyatt Allyn of Conn. and Samuel and Judith [Everard] Appleton, see NK2:5-6, & Sarah Elizabeth Rumrill; William Avery Rockefeller, a descendant of Mrs. Anne Humphrey Palmes Myles, see NK2:4-6, & Eliza Davison).
    1. Robert Warren Miller, b. 1933, duty-free airport shop tycoon; Ellis Warren Appleton Miller & Sophie Squarebriggs; Ellis John Springer Miller & Blanche Louise Appleton; George H. Appleton & Helen Mary Edson; Joseph Warren Appleton & Rebecca Samuels, John Morton Edson, Jr. & Mary H. Stevens; Henry Knox Appleton & Mary Owens, John Morton Edson & Mary Fairbrother; Thomas Appleton & Martha Barnard, Abiel Edson & Hannah Morton; Samuel Appleton & Mary Russell, John Morton & Elizabeth Bennett; Oliver Appleton & Sarah Perkins, Joseph Bennett, Jr. & Thankful Sproat; Samuel Appleton, Jr. & Mary Oliver, see #31 above, Ebenezer Sproat & Experience Hawes; John Hawes & Desire Gorham; Edmund Hawes & ____. Marie-Chantal Miller, b. 1969, daughter of Robert Warren Miller & Marie-Chantal Pesantes, married (London, 1 July 1995) Paul, Crown Prince (in exile) of Greece, Duke of Sparta, b. 1967, elder son of Constantine II, King of the Hellenes, & Anne-Marie of Denmark.


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