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  • #69 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of Robert Livingston the elder and/or Robert Livingston the younger of New York

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Among the great manorial and mercantile families of colonial New York – Van Rensselaer, Van Cortlandt, Schuyler, De Peyster, Beekman, Stuyvesant, Ten Broeck, etc., mostly Dutch – the Livingstons of Livingston Manor stand tallest. Scottish, and of royal descent (see The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants(hereafter RD500) [1993], pp. 92-93, Ancestors of American Presidents [AAP] [1995], pp. 210-11), the family was founded, like the Winthrops and Dudleys in Massachusetts, the Lloyds and Logans of Philadelphia, and the Randolphs and Lees in Virginia, by an immigrant forebear in the Dictionary of American Biography (and in the case of Robert Livingston, first lord of Livingston Manor, also by a namesake nephew known as Robert Livingston “the younger”). Throughout the colonial and Federal periods, the Livingstons “ran” New York. The Declaration of Independence was signed by Philip Livingston, Jr. Robert R. Livingston, Jr. was chancellor of New York State and the diplomat most responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. A secretary of state under Jackson was Edward Livingston. The wife of diplomat and statesman John Jay, the first U.S. Chief Justice, was New York society leader Sarah Van Brugh Livingston; Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury, married Elizabeth Schuyler, granddaughter of Angelica (Livingston) Van Rensselaer; and the second wife of New York Governor DeWitt Clinton, promoter of the Erie Canal, was Catherine Livingston Jones, granddaughter of the “signer.” Hamilton Fish, secretary of state under Grant, was the son of a Stuyvesant and grandson of Margaret Livingston; Fish’s wife Julia Kean was the daughter of a Morris of Morrisania and the granddaughter of Susan Livingston (Stuyvesant Fish, son of Hamilton and Julia, was a noted railroad tycoon and banker whose wife was society leader Mrs. Marion Graves Anthon Fish; Edith Stuyvesant Dresser, a great-niece of Hamilton Fish, married George Washington Vanderbilt, the builder of Biltmore – see NEXUS 13 [1996]: 79-81). Robert Charles Winthrop, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and senator from Massachusetts, married thirdly Mrs. Adele Granger Thayer, daughter of a Van Rensselaer and great-great-granddaughter of the Angelica (Livingston) Van Rensselaer mentioned above. The Livingston line of Mrs. Levi Parsons Morton (Anna Livingston Reade Street) is treated in Internet column #53, (#16).

    Among artists, inventors, explorers, and scientists, Robert Fulton, “inventor” of the steamboat, married Harriet Livingston, a great-niece of the “signer.” Artist Samuel Finley Breese Morse, inventor of the telegraph, married secondly Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, granddaughter of Catherine (Livingston) Breese. Arctic explorer Elisha Kent Kane was the grandson of a Van Rensselaer and a great-great-grandson of the above Angelica (Livingston) Van Rensselaer. The astrophysicist Louis Morris Rutherfurd married Margaret Stuyvesant Chanler, daughter of a Winthrop, granddaughter of a Stuyvesant, and great-granddaughter of the above Margaret (Livingston) Stuyvesant.

    Alida Livingston, sister of Robert R. Livingston, Jr., married soldier and diplomat John Armstrong. Their daughter, Margaret Rebecca Armstrong, was the wife of William Backhouse Astor, son of the first John Jacob. “Society” leader Mrs. Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor was their daughter-in-law, and the wife of William B. Astor, Jr. John Jacob Astor III, Margaret Rebecca’s son, and John Jacob Astor IV, son of W.B., Jr. and Caroline, are both treated in the Dictionary of American Biography, as is [William] Vincent Astor, son of John Jacob IV. Vincent’s third wife is the well-known philanthropist and “Society” leader Brooke Astor (formerly Mrs. Roberta Brooke Russell Kuser Marshall). Listed below are also a few notable husbands of American Astors or their descendants – William Phillips, Samuel Ward IV, John Jay Chapman, and Richard Aldrich.

    The British Astors are descended from John Jacob III, son of Margaret Rebecca Armstrong and father of William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor, noted capitalist and diplomat. His elder son, William Waldorf Astor, Jr., 2nd Viscount Astor, British M.P., and owner of The Observer, married the well-known Nancy Witcher (Langhorne) Shaw, known as Lady Nancy Astor, the first female British M.P. Of the 2nd Viscount’s sons,  the 3rd Viscount, Michael, and John Jacob VII were also M.P.s. David Astor inherited TheObserver. The 4th Viscount, son of the 3rd, has been an opposition spokesman in the House of Lords. John Jacob Astor V, 1st Baron Astor of Hever and younger son of the 1st Viscount, was the principal owner of The [London] Times. Of his sons, the 2nd Baron and Hugh Waldorf Astor were also connected with The Times, and John Astor was an M.P. Husbands of English Astors have included the 3rd Earl of Ancaster, M.P. and Lord Great Chamberlain; television producer Nicholas Ward; M.P. Herbert Henry Spender-Clay; diplomat Sir Philip B.B. Nichols, and company director Sir David Bowes-Lyon (brother of the late Queen Mother).

    In the twentieth century, Livingston descendants have included a wide variety of cultural figures. Charles Eliot Norton, the art historian and editor who died in 1908, married Susan Ridley Sedgwick, great-granddaughter of Catherine (Livingston) Ridley. Columbia University president Nicholas Murray Butler (d. 1947) married Susanna Edwards Schuyler, great-great-granddaughter of Angelica (Livingston) Van Rensselaer. The novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss married Vanderbilt descendant Adele Lawrence, whose great-great-grandfather John Thorp Lawrence married a daughter of Sarah (Livingston) Ricketts. The first wife of architect Eero Saarinen (in one of whose two Yale colleges I lived one summer) was Lilian Louise Swann, daughter of a second Susan Ridley Sedgwick, niece of Mrs. Norton. The Livingston lines of poet Robert [Traill Spence] Lowell (IV) and Yale president Alfred Whitney Griswold are outlined in NK2: 210-11 and New England Ancestors 1 [2000]: 5:41-42.

    Among figures in popular culture, the composer Irving Berlin married Ellen Travers Mackay (who coined the term “café society”), daughter of Catherine Alexander Duer and great-great-granddaughter of Columbia College president William Alexander Duer. W.A. Duer was the son of Catherine Alexander, whose mother was Sarah Livingston. Rock singer David [Van Cortland] Crosby (b. 1941) is the grandson of Julia Floyd Delafield, daughter of Catharine Van Rensselaer, herself a granddaughter of Stephen Van Rensselaer, Jr., the founder of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. This last, the son of Catherine (Livingston) Van Rensselaer, himself married Margaret Schuyler, a sister of Mrs. Alexander Hamilton above. Dancer and actor Fred Astaire married Mrs. Phyllis Livingston Baker Potter, daughter of Harold Woods Baker and Caroline E. Livingston. The actor and movie producer Kirk Douglas married firstly the actress Diana Dill of Bermuda, daughter of Ruth Rapalje Neilsen, herself the granddaughter of Catherine Bayard Rutgers. The parents of this last, Anthony Rutgers and Sarah Alexander Johnson, were first cousins, grandchildren of Nicholas Bayard and Catherine Livingston. Diana Dill and Kirk Douglas are the parents of actor, producer, and director Michael Douglas, now married to the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. The Livingston descent of actor [Edward] Montgomery Clift, as noted below, is covered in Notable Kin, Volume Two [NK2] (1999), pp. 160-61.

    Returning to business and political figures, twentieth-century Livingston descendants included Edward “Ned” Crosby 3rd and the wives of radio engineer and inventor Lee DeForest, Joseph Wright Alsop V, Russell Errol Train, McGeorge Bundy, and Elliot Lee Richardson. The Livingston descents of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and of the two Presidents Bush, are covered in Notable Kin, Volume One [NK1] (1998): 109-10, 117-20. Lee DeForest married secondly Mrs. Nora Stanton Blatch [DeForest Barney], granddaughter of suffragette and feminist leader Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose Livingston descent (her mother was Margaret Chinn Livingston) is outlined in NK1:204-5.

    “Ned” Johnson of Fidelity is descended from Catherine Ann (Livingston) Cleveland via Waterbury, Edwards, and his mother Elsie Livingston (Johnson) Johnson. Newspaper columnist Joseph Wright Alsop V married Mrs. Susan Mary Jay Patten (the author Susan Mary Alsop), a great-great-granddaughter of John Jay and Sarah Van Brugh Livingston above (and an Astor but not an Armstrong descendant). Environmentalist Russell Errol Train married Aileen Ligon Bowdoin, whose great-grandfather, George Richard James Bowdoin, married Frances Hamilton, granddaughter of Alexander Hamilton above and Elizabeth Schuyler. Presidential advisor McGeorge Bundy married Mary Buckminster Lothrop, a descendant of Alida (Livingston) Lloyd via Borland, Tiffany, Abbott, and Lothrop. Cabinet official and diplomat Elliot Lee Richardson married Anne Francis Hazard, great-granddaughter of Robert Patterson Kane, brother of Elisha Kent Kane above.

    This clan, then, is extraordinary. The Livingstons not only “ran” colonial New York; they also contributed Astors, Fishes, and a Mrs. Vanderbilt to the post-Civil War “tycoon” culture, and continued to figure prominently in the governance of New York and the evolution of its “Society.” Modern figures of Livingston descent include actors, a rock singer, and the wives of an art historian, a novelist, an architect, a composer, and a dancer. The 41st and 43rd presidents, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and the wife of Levi Parsons Morton belong to the clan, as do the wives of several lesser modern political figures. The Livingstons compose, I am certain, the largest notable progeny of an immigrant to New York of royal descent. Very possibly they constitute the largest such progeny of any immigrant to New York or New Amsterdam.

    Listed below, in the usual format for this column, are the thirteen figures of Livingston descent whom I have already treated, plus twenty-seven figures for whom not only their Livingston lines, but also all lines to other immigrants of royal descent now known, are traced. My next column, much shorter, will cover the major notable descendants of William Randolph and Henry Isham of Virginia.

    From Notable Kin, Volumes 1 and 2 (NK1, NK2):

    1. Mrs. [Anna] Eleanor (Roosevelt) RooseveltNK1:109-10
    2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (wife, #1 above) – NK1:109-10
    3. George Herbert Walker BushNK1:117-20
    4. George Walker Bush, son of #3 above and Barbara Pierce – NK1:117-20
    5. [Mrs.] Elizabeth [Smith] (Cady) StantonNK1:204-5.
    6. Philip Livingston, Jr.NK1:107, 110
    7. Robert R. Livingston, Jr.NK1:107, 110
    8. Edward LivingstonNK1:107, 110
    9. [Edward] Montgomery Clift NK2:160-61
    10. Robert [Traill Spence] Lowell (IV)NK2:210-11

    From NEHGS NEXUS, New England Ancestors (NEA), Internet:

    1. Mrs. George Washington VanderbiltNEXUS 13 (1996): 79-81
    2. Alfred Whitney GriswoldNEA 1 (2000): 5:41-42
    3. Mrs. Levi Parsons Morton – Internet column 53, #16

    5. John Jay, 1745-1829, diplomat and statesman (president of the Continental Congress, secretary of foreign affairs during the Confederation, author of five of the “Federalist Papers,” first U.S. chief justice, governor of New York) (wife, Sarah Van Brugh Livingston; William Livingston, first governor of New Jersey, & Susannah French; Philip Livingston & Catherine Van Brugh; Robert Livingston the elder (RL elder) & Alida Schuyler).

    7. Alexander Hamilton, 1755/7-1804, statesman, first U.S. secretary of the treasury (wife, Elizabeth Schuyler; Philip John Schuyler, U.S. senator, & Catherine Van Rensselaer; John Van Rensselaer & Angelica Livingston; Robert Livingston the younger [RL younger] & Margareta Schuyler).

    9. DeWitt Clinton, 1769-1828, governor of New York, U.S. senator, mayor of New York, promoter of the Erie Canal (second wife, Catherine Livingston Jones; Thomas Jones & Margaret Livingston; Philip Livingston, Jr., signer of the Declaration of Independence, & Christina Ten Broeck; Philip Livingston & Catherine Van Brugh, see #14 above).

    11. Hamilton Fish, 1808-1893, governor of New York, U.S. senator, U.S. secretary of state, and his wife, Julia Kean; Nicholas Fish & Elizabeth Stuyvesant, Peter Kean & Sarah Sabina Morris; Peter Stuyvesant & Margaret Livingston, John Kean & Susan Livingston, Jacob Morris & Mary Coxe; Gilbert Livingston & Cornelia Beekman (parents of Margaret), Peter Van Brugh Livingston & Mary Alexander (parents of Susan), Lewis Morris (III), revolutionary statesman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, & Mary Walton; RL elder & Alida Schuyler (parents of Gilbert and Philip), Philip Livingston & Catherine Van Brugh (parents of Peter Van Brugh L.), Jacob Walton & Maria Beekman; William Walton & Mary Santvoort; Thomas Walton & Mary (probably) Lawrence; Thomas Lawrence of L.I., N.Y., & Mary ----.

    13. Robert Charles Winthrop, 1809-1894, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, orator (third wife, Mrs. Adele Granger Thayer; Francis Granger, U.S. postmaster-general, & Cornelia Rutsen Van Rensselaer; Jeremiah Van Rensselaer & Sybilla Adeline Kane; Robert Van Rensselaer & Cornelia Rutsen; John Van Rensselaer & Angelica Livingston, see #15 above, Jacob Rutsen & Alida Livingston; Gilbert Livingston & Cornelia Beekman [parents of Alida], see #17 above).

    15. Robert Fulton, 1765-1815, artist, civil engineer, “inventor” of the steamboat (wife, Harriet Livingston; Walter Livingston & Cornelia Schuyler; Robert Livingston & Maria Thong; Philip Livingston & Catherine Van Brugh, see #14 above).

    17. Samuel Finley Breese Morse, 1791-1872, artist, inventor of the telegraph (second wife, Sarah Elizabeth Griswold; Samuel Birdsall Griswold [a great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, see AACPW, pp. 50, 41, and Internet column 68, #82] & Catherine Walker Breese; Arthur Breese & Catherine Livingston; Henry Livingston, Jr. & Sarah Welles; Henry Livingston & Susannah Conklin; Gilbert Livingston & Cornelia Beekman, see #17 above).

    19. Elisha Kent Kane, 1820-1857, Arctic explorer, pioneer of the American route to the North Pole; John Kintzing Kane, jurist, & Jane Duval Leiper; Elisha Kane & Alida Van Rensselaer; Robert Van Rensselaer & Cornelia Rutsen, see #18 above.

    21. Lewis Morris Rutherfurd, 1816-1892, astrophysicist (wife, Margaret Stuyvesant Chanler; John White Chanler & Elizabeth Sheriffe Winthrop; Benjamin Winthrop [a Dudley-Deighton-Lygon descendant, see NEA 1 (2000): 2:40-41] & Judith Stuyvesant; Peter Stuyvesant & Margaret Livingston, see #17 above).

    23. Stuyvesant Fish, 1851-1923, railroad executive (Illinois Central 1887-1906), banker, son of Hamilton Fish, #17 above, and Julia Kean. The wife of S. Fish was Society leader Mrs. Marion Graves Anthon Fish, 1853-1915.

    25. American Astors: (1) William Backhouse Astor, 1792-1875, capitalist (wife, Margaret Rebecca Armstrong; John Armstrong, soldier and diplomat, & Alida Livingston; Robert R. Livingston, jurist, & Margaret Beekman; Robert Livingston, Jr. & Margaret Howarden, Henry Beekman & Janet Livingston; RL elder & Alida Schuyler [parents of Robert, Jr.], RL younger & Margareta Schuyler). (2) John Jacob Astor (III), 1822-1890, capitalist, son of W.B. Astor & M.R. Armstrong, above. (3) Mrs. Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor, 1830-1908, Society leader (husband, William Backhouse Astor, Jr., son of W.B. Astor & M.R. Armstrong above). (4) John Jacob Astor (IV), 1864-1912, capitalist, inventor, son of W.B. Astor, Jr. and C.W. Schermerhorn above. (5) [William] Vincent Astor, 1891-1959, financier, philanthropist, 20th-century head of the American Astor family; John Jacob Astor (IV), above, & Ava Lowle Willing; Edward Shippen Willing & Alice C. Barton; Richard Willing & Eliza Moore; Thomas Lloyd Moore & Sarah Stamper; William Moore, president of the Pennsylvania supreme executive council, & Sarah Lloyd; Thomas Lloyd (III) & Susan Kearney; Thomas Lloyd, Jr. & Sarah Young; Thomas Lloyd, dep. gov. of Pennsylvania, physician, colonial statesman, & Mary Jones of Pa. (6) Mrs. [Roberta] Brooke [Russell Kuser Marshall] Astor, b. 1903, Society leader and philanthropist, third wife of W.V. Astor, above (see NK2:18-20). 7. William Phillips, 1878-1968, diplomat (wife, Caroline Astor Drayton; James Coleman Drayton & Charlotte Augusta Astor; Henry Edward Drayton & Sarah Hand Coleman, William Backhouse Astor, Jr. & Caroline Webster Schermerhorn above; William Drayton, Jr., congressman, & Maria Miles Heyward; William Drayton, jurist, & Mary Motte; Thomas Drayton & Elizabeth Bull; William Bull, lt. gov. of South Carolina, & Mary Quintyne; Stephen Bull of S.C. & ----). (8) Samuel Ward (IV), 1814-1884, financier, lobbyist, author (wife, Emily Astor, daughter of W.B. Astor & M.R. Armstrong, above). (9) John Jay Chapman, 1862-1933, essayist, poet (wife, Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler; John Winthrop Chanler & Margaret Astor Ward; John White Chanler & Elizabeth Sheriffe Winthrop, see #22 above, Samuel Ward [IV] & Emily Astor, above). (10) Richard Aldrich, 1863-1937, music critic of the New York Times (wife, Margaret Livingston Chanler, sister of Mrs. Chapman; John Winthrop Chanler & M.A. Ward above).

    27. British Astors: (1) William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor, 1848-1919, capitalist, diplomat; John Jacob Astor (III) above & Charlotte Augusta Gibbes; Thomas Stanyarne Gibbes, Jr. & Susan Annette Vanden Heuvel; Thomas Stanyarne Gibbes & Anne Morgan; Robert Gibbes & Sarah Reeve; John Gibbes & Mary Woodward; Robert Gibbes, gov. of S.C., & ---- Davis. (2) William Waldorf Astor, Jr., 2nd Viscount Astor, 1879-1952, British M.P., owner of The Observer, agriculturist; W.W. Astor, 1st Viscount Astor, above, & Mary Dahlgren Paul; James William Paul & Hannah Clement Bunker; James Paul & Elizabeth Rodman, John Paul & Sidney Roberts; James Paul & Anna Jones, Robert Roberts & Sidney Rees of Pa.; Robert Jones of Pa. & Ellen Jones, John Roberts of (Pencoyd), Pa. & Gainor Pugh of Pa. (3) Nancy Witcher Langhorne Shaw Astor, known as Lady Nancy Astor, 1879-1964, hostess, first female British M.P., wife of W.W. Astor, Jr., 2nd Viscount Astor, above (and sister of Irene Langhorne, wife of “Gibson Girl” illustrator Charles Dana Gibson II, see NK2:25, 27, 29-30); Chiswell Dabney Langhorne & Nancy Witcher Keene; John Scarisbrook Langhorne & Sarah Elizabeth Dabney; Chiswell Dabney & Anne Wyatt; George Dabney & Elizabeth Price; John Price, Jr. & Mary Randolph; William Randolph, Jr. & Elizabeth Beverley; William Randolph of Virginia & Mary Isham, Peter Beverley & Elizabeth Peyton; Henry Isham of Va. & Katherine Banks, Robert Peyton of Va. & Mary ----. (4-7) William Waldorf Astor (III), 3rd Viscount Astor, 1907-1966, M.P., Hon. [Francis] David Langhorne Astor, b. 1912, owner and editor of The Observer, Hon. Michael Langhorne Astor, 1916-1980, M.P., author, and Hon. Sir John Jacob Astor VII, b. 1918, M.P. sons of the 2nd Viscount & Lady Nancy Astor, #s 2-3. (8) William Waldorf Astor (IV), 4th Viscount Astor, b. 1951, opposition spokesman, House of Lords, son of 3rd Viscount above & Hon. Sarah Katharine Elinor Norton. (9) Gilbert James Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 3rd Earl of Ancaster, 1907-1983, M.P., Lord Great Chamberlain (wife, Hon. Nancy Phyllis Louise Astor, daughter of the 2nd Viscount & Lady Nancy Astor, #s 2-3). (10) John Jacob Astor (V), 1st Baron Astor of Hever, 1886-1971, M.P., principal owner of The Times, son of 1st Viscount Astor & M.D. Paul above. (11-13) Gavin Astor, 2nd Baron Astor of Hever, 1918-1984, principal owner of The Times, Hon. Hugh Waldorf Astor, b. 1920, director and deputy chairman of The Times Publishing Co., and Hon. John Astor, M.P., sons of the 1st Baron of Hever, #10 above, & Lady Violet Mary Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound. (14) Hon. [Edward] Nicholas Ward, b. 1953, television producer (wife, Rachel Mary Astor; Hon. Hugh Waldorf Astor, #12 above, & Emily Lucy Kinloch). (15) Herbert Henry Spender-Clay, 1875-1937, M.P. (wife, Hon. Pauline Astor, daughter of 1st Viscount Astor & M.D. Paul above). (16) Sir Philip Bouverie Bowyer Nichols, 1894-1962, diplomat (wife, Phyllis Mary Spender-Clay; H.H. Spender-Clay, #15 above, & Hon. Pauline Astor). (17) Hon. Sir David Bowes-Lyon, 1902-1961, company director (and brother of the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) (wife, Rachel Pauline Spender-Clay; H.H. Spender-Clay, #15 above, & Pauline Astor).

    29. Charles Eliot Norton, 1827-1908, art historian, editor (wife, Susan Ridley Sedgwick; Theodore Sedgwick III, lawyer, author, & Sarah Morgan Ashburner; Theodore Sedgwick, Jr., railroad advocate and reformer, & Susan Anne Livingston Ridley; Matthew Ridley & Catherine Livingston; William Livingston, first governor of New Jersey, & Susannah French, see #14 above).

    31. Nicholas Murray Butler, 1862-1947, president of Columbia University, 1902-1945 (wife, Susanna Edwards Schuyler; Jacob Rutsen Schuyler & Susan Haigh Edwards; John Arent Schuyler & Catherine Van Rensselaer; Robert Van Rensselaer & Cornelia Rutsen, see #18 above).

    33. Louis Stanton Auchincloss, b. 1917, novelist (wife, Adele Lawrence; Blake Leay Lawrence & Florence Irvin Burden [daughter of James Abercromby Burden, Jr.  & Florence Adele Sloane, daughter of William Douglas Sloane, Jr. & Emily Thorn Vanderbilt, daughter of financier William Henry Vanderbilt & Maria Louisa Kissam]; George Francklyn Ricketts Lawrence & Anna Cornelia White; James Ricketts [William Kennedy] Lawrence & Selina Margaret Richards; John Thorp Lawrence & Julia A. Kennedy Ricketts; John Ricketts & Sarah Livingston; Peter Van Brugh Livingston & Mary Alexander, see #17 above).H

    35. Eero Saarinen, 1910-1961, architect (at Yale especially) (first wife, Lilian Louise Swann; Arthur Warton Swann & Susan Ridley Sedgwick; Arthur George Sedgwick & Lucy Tuckerman; Theodore Sedgwick III, lawyer, author, & Sarah Morgan Ashburner, see #26 above, Lucius Tuckerman & Elizabeth Wolcott Gibbs; Joseph Tuckerman, Unitarian clergyman, & Sarah Cary, George Gibbs [III], patron of science, & Laura Wolcott; Samuel Cary [III] & Sarah Gray, Oliver Wolcott, Jr., secretary of the treasury and governor of Connecticut, & Elizabeth Stoughton; Samuel Cary, Jr. & Margaret Graves, Oliver Wolcott, signer of the Declaration of Independence, governor of Connecticut [see NK1:139, 141, 143] & Laura Collins, John Stoughton & Ruth Belden; Samuel Cary & Mary Foster, Daniel Collins & Lois Cornwall, Thomas Belden & Ruth Wyllys; Richard Foster & Parnell Winslow, John Collins & Anne Leete, Hezekiah Wyllys & Elizabeth Hobart; Isaac Winslow & Mary Nowell, John Leete & Mary Chittenden, Samuel Wyllys & Ruth Haynes, Jeremiah Hobart & Elizabeth Whiting; John Winslow [possible RD] & Mary Chilton, Increase Nowell & Parnell Gray, Gov. William Leete of Conn. [poss. RD] & Anna Payne, George Wyllys, gov. of Conn. [poss. RD] & Mary Smith; John Haynes, gov. of Mass. and Conn., & MabelHarlakenden, Rev. Samuel Whiting & Elizabeth St. John).

    37. Irving Berlin (born Israel Baline), 1888-1989, composer (second wife, Ellin Travers Mackay; Clarence Hungerford Mackay, capitalist, philanthropist, society leader, and Katherine Alexander Duer; William Alexander Duer & Ellin North Moale Travers, see NK1:4, 6, a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Todd, Jr. & Elizabeth Bernard [Thomas Todd & Anne Gorsuch, William Bernard of Va. & Lucy Higginson; Rev. John Gorsuch & Anna Lovelace of Md.]; William Derring Duer & Caroline King; William Alexander Duer, jurist, president of Columbia, & Hannah Maria Denning; William Duer & Catherine Alexander, William Alexander & Sarah Livingston; Philip Livingston & Catharine Van Brugh, see #14 above).

    39. David [Van Cortland] Crosby, b. 1941, rock singer (of The Byrds, Crosby, Stills, & Nash [and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young]); Floyd Delafield Crosby, cinematographer, & Aliph Van Cortland Whitehead; Frederick Van Schoonhoven Crosby & Julia Floyd Delafield; Edward Nicoll Crosby & Elizabeth Maria Van Schoonhoven, Francis Delafield, pathologist, & Katharine Van Rensselaer; William Bedlow Crosby & Harriet Ashton Clarkson, Henry Bell Van Rensselaer & Elizabeth Ray King, a first cousin of Caroline King above; William Clarkson & Catherine Floyd, Stephen Van Rensselaer, Jr., congressman and founder of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, & Cornelia Paterson; Gerardus Clarkson & Mary Flower, Stephen Van Rensselaer & Catherine Livingston; Matthew Clarkson, Jr. & Cornelia Bancker de Peyster, Philip Livingston, Jr., signer of the Declaration of Independence, & Christiana Ten Broeck, see #16 above; Matthew Clarkson of N.Y. & Catharina Van Schaick.

    41. Fred Astaire, 1899-1987, dancer and actor (wife, Mrs. Phyllis Livingston Baker Potter; Harold Woods Baker & Caroline E. Livingston; Robert Cambridge Livingston, Jr. & Maria Whitney; Robert Cambridge Livingston & Maria Bronson Murray; John Swift Livingston & Anna Maria Martina Thompson, James Boyles Murray & Maria Bronson; Robert Cambridge Livingston & Alice Swift, John Boyles Murray of N.Y. & Martha McClenachan; Robert Livingston & Maria Thong, see #19 above).

    43. Kirk Douglas (Issur Danielovitch Demsky), b. 1916, actor and movie producer (first wife, Diana [Love] Dill, div. 1950; Thomas Melville Dill & Ruth Rapalje Neilson; Nicholas Bayard Neilson & Sarah Gifford Chapman; Theodore Grant Neilson & Catherine Bayard Rutgers; Anthony Rutgers & Sarah Alexander Johnson; Gerard Rutgers & Margaret Sarah Bayard, Robert Charles Johnson & Katharine Anne Bayard; Nicholas Bayard & Catherine Livingston; Peter Van Brugh Livingston &  Mary Alexander, see #17 above.

    45. Michael [Kirk] Douglas, b. 1944, actor, film producer and director, son of #33 above & Diana Dill.

    47. Lee de Forest, 1873-1961, radio engineer and inventor (second wife, Mrs. Nora Stanton Blatch [de Forest] Barney, civil engineer, architect and suffragist; William Henry Blatch & Harriot Eaton Stanton, suffragist; Henry Brewster Stanton & feminist leader [and RL the younger and Oliver Mainwaring of Conn. descendant] Elizabeth [Smith] Cady, see NK1:200, 204-5, 207-8, NK2:42, 47).

    49. Edward “Ned” Crosby Johnson, 3rd, b. 1930, president, CEO and board chairman of Fidelity Investments (FMR Corp.); Edward Crosby Johnson, 2nd, Fidelity Fund manager and first president of FMR Corp., & Elsie Livingston Johnson; Samuel Johnson & Josephine Forbush (parents of E.C. 2nd), Reginald Mansfield Johnson & Julia Pierrepont Edwards (parents of E.L.); Amos Howe Johnson & Frances Seymour Benjamin (parents of Samuel), John Pierrepont Edwards & Antoinette Lawrence Waterbury; Nathan Benjamin (III) & Mary Gladding Wheeler, Lawrence Waterbury & Caroline Antoinette Cleveland; Nathan Benjamin, Jr. & Ruth Seymour, Palmer Cleveland & Catherine Anne Livingston; Nathan Benjamin & Abigail Dibble, Charles Seymour & Lucy Whitman, Henry Gilbert Livingston & Anne Nutter; Joseph Benjamin (III) & Deborah Clark, John Whitman & Abigail Pantry, Robert Gilbert Livingston & Catherine McPhedres; John Clark & Deborah Parke, Samuel Whitman & Sarah Stoddard, Gilbert Livingston & Cornelia Beekman, see #17 above; Thomas Parke, Jr. & Mary Allyn, Zachariah Whitman & Sarah Alcock; Thomas Parke (PW) & Dorothy Thompson (PW), John Alcock & Sarah Palgrave; JohnThompson (PW) & Alice Freeman (PW, RD), Dr. Richard Palgrave (RD) & Anna ----.

    51. Joseph Wright Alsop (V), 1910-1989, newspaper columnst and political analyst (wife, Mrs. Susan Mary Jay Patten, an author as Susan Mary Alsop; Peter Augustus Jay & Susan Alexander McCook; Augustus Jay & Emily Astor Kane; Peter Augustus Jay, Jr. & Josephine Pearson, Oliver deLancey Kane & Louisa Dorothea Langdon; Peter Augustus Jay, lawyer, & Mary Rutherfurd Clarkson, Joseph Pearson & Elizabeth Worthington, Oliver Kane & Anne Eliza Clarke, Walter Langdon & Dorothea Astor [daughter of John Jacob Astor, the fur trader and capitalist, & Sarah Todd]; John Jay, diplomat and statesman, #14 above, & Sarah Van Brugh Livingston, also as above, Matthew Clarkson & Mary Rutherfurd, Charles Worthington & Elizabeth Booth, John Innes Clarke & Lydia Bowen, Woodbury Langdon, merchant, & Sarah Sherburne; David Clarkson, Jr. & Elizabeth French, Walter Rutherfurd of N.Y. & Catherine Alexander, William Booth & Elizabeth Aylett, Thomas Clarke & Barbara Murray of N.C., John Langdon & Mary Hall [a great-great-granddaughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley of Mass., see NK1:148, 150], Henry Sherburne, Jr. [a great-grandson of William Wentworth of N.H.] & Sarah Warner, see NK2:186, 188-89; David Clarkson & Anne Margaret Freeman, Thomas Booth of Va. & & Mary Cooke, William Aylett & Anne Ashton; Matthew Clarkson of N.Y. & Catharina Van Schaick, Henry Ashton & Elizabeth Hardinge/Hardwick; William Hardinge/Hardwick & Frances Gerard; Thomas Gerard of Md. & Susannah Snow).

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    For the royal descents of underlined immigrants above see RD500 (1993, repr. 2002), esp. p. 656 (for Increase Nowell); David Faris, Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, 2nd ed. (1999); plus for the possible (but unproved) lines of Rev. John Cotton, the Winslow brothers, and Gov. George Wyllys of Conn., New Hampshire Genealogical Record 16 (1999): 145-70 (Cotton) and Register 154 (2000): 78-108 (Winslow), 141 (1987): 98 (Wyllys).

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