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  • #56 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of Rev. John Lathrop/Lothropp, Founder of Barnstable, Massachusetts

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : February 28, 2002
    In the last column I treated notable descendants of Henry and Margaret (----) Howland of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, whose progeny includes just over 120 “major historical figures.” I now wish to consider another kindred set of roughly 120 “major historical figures,” those descended from Rev. John Lathrop (1584-1653), my only ancestor treated in both the Dictionary of National Biography and the Dictionary of American Biography (plus the new American National Biography). See these sources for details of Lathrop’s life, theological disputes, and movement from Queen’s College, Cambridge, to Egerton, Kent, Southwark (London), and Scituate and Barnstable in Massachusetts Bay. Lathrop’s first wife, Hannah House, died in England.

    Presidential Lathrop descendants are Grant, FDR, and the two Bushes (see my 1995 Ancestors of American Presidents [AAP], p. 256). A First Lady of Lathrop descent was Edith Kermit Carow, second wife of 26th President Theodore Roosevelt (Jr.); Mrs. Mehitable Shurtleff Tyler, her great-great-grandmother (see AAP, p. 356) was a daughter of Thomas Shurtleff (and Phebe Shaw), son of William Shurtleff and Susanna Lathrop, daughter of Barnabas Lathrop and Susanna (Clark), son of Rev. John and his second wife Anne ----. Foreign statesmen of Lathrop ancestry treated in my 1998 Notable Kin, Volume One (NK1) are Sir Robert Laird Borden and First Lady Mrs. John George Diefenbaker (Olive Evangeline Freeman) of Canada and Mrs. Tomas Jan/Garrigue Masaryk (Charlotte Garrigue) and her son Jan Garrigue Masaryk of Czechoslovakia (NK1:80-86, 92-93, 95-97).

    In two earlier columns I noted briefly the descendants of Samuel Lathrop, son of Rev. John (and Hannah House) by Elizabeth Scudder (column #23 ), and the Lathrop descent of Serena Alleyne Stanhope Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley, daughter-in-law of H.R.H. Princess Margaret of Great Britain (column #14 ). Viscountess Linley’s matrilineal great-grandmother, Bostonian Anna Chickering Sumner, was the daughter of Edward Alleyne Sumner and Florence Amelia Bingham, daughter of Henry Harrison Bingham (and Amelia Wells), son of Calvin Bingham, Jr.(and Elizabeth Scott), son of Calvin Bingham (and Lydia Denton), son of Joseph Bingham and Ruth Post, daughter of Samuel Post and Ruth Lathrop, daughter of John Lathrop (and Ruth Royce), son of Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder. Amelia Wells, moreover, was a daughter of Cyrus West, Jr., and Sina Fitch Chipman, daughter of Lemuel Chipman (and Assenath/Sina Fitch), son of Samuel Chipman (and Hannah Austin), son of Howland descendant Thomas Chipman and Abigail Lathrop, daughter of John Lathrop, Jr. (and Mary Cobb), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Anne ----.

    Other Lathrop descendants treated in NK1 or Notable Kin, Volume Two (1999, NK2) are poets Oliver Wendell Holmes and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (NK1:182-83, the latter also a Howland descendant), plus Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; historian John Lothrop Motley (NK1:192-93); cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney, Jr. (NK2:36); genealogists George Andrews Moriarty, Jr. and Donald Lines Jacobus (NK2:67-69); Mrs. Richard King (Henrietta Maria Morse Chamberlain) and the Klebergs of the King Ranch in Texas (NK2:102); Mrs. Robert Ralph Young (Anita Ten Eyck O’Keeffe), wife of the railroad tycoon and sister of painter Georgia O’Keeffe (NK2:103); and Galusha Aaron Grow of the Homestead Act (NK2:111).

    Of near kinsmen of the above figures, Charles Fay, brother of Samuel Howard Fay (great-great-grandfather of President G. H. W. Bush, and great-great-great-grandfather of President G. W. Bush) married Charlotte Mary Hopkins and had daughters Rose Emily and Harriet Melusina Fay, wives respectively of [Christian Friedrich] Theodore Thomas, 1835-1905, conductor of the New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Symphony Orchestras, and Charles Sanders Peirce, 1839-1914, philosopher, the founder of pragmatism. Mrs. Richard Morris Hunt (Catherine Clinton Howland), wife of the Newport architect, was a first cousin of Mrs. Mary Rebecca Aspinwall Roosevelt, grandmother of FDR. Catherine’s sister Caroline Howland married Charles Handy Russell, and was a great-grandmother of novelist Louis Stanton Auchincloss (see NK2:199). Mrs. Hunt, FDR, and Auchincloss were also, of course, Howland descendants. The second husband of Elizabeth Cabot Motley, daughter of historian John Lothrop Motley and Mary Elizabeth Benjamin, was Sir William George Vernon Harcourt (1827-1904), British Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1886 and 1892-95. Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1809-1889), president of Columbia University, 1864-1889, and a founder of Barnard College, was a son of Robert Foster Barnard and Augusta Porter, daughter of Joshua Porter, Jr. (and Hannah Fellows), son of Joshua Porter and Abigail Buell, daughter of Peter Buell and Mrs. Martha Huntington Grant, daughter of a Lathrop and great-great-grandmother by Noah Grant, her first husband, of 18th president Ulysses Simpson Grant.

    As outlined in the preceding Howland column, the actress Charlotte Saunders Cushman was a great-granddaughter of Ansel Lathrop, brother of Mrs. Elizabeth Lathrop Wetherell Bartlett, matrilineal great-grandmother of Longfellow. Another Howland descendant, Mrs. John Dewey ([Harriet] Alice Chipman), wife of philosopher and educator John Dewey, was the great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Chipman and Bethiah Fuller, daughter of Timothy Fuller (and Jane Lovell), son of Joseph Fuller (and Joanna Crocker), son of Thomas Fuller and Elizabeth Lathrop, daughter of Joseph Lathrop (and Mary Ansel), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. For the Lathrop, Fuller, Gates-Mack-Smith descent of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith (Jr.), again also a Howland descendant, see Mary A. S. Anderson, Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale (1929). Mrs. Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs, one of 16 wives by whom Mormon leader Brigham Young left issue, was also a Howland descendant, a daughter of William Huntington, Jr., and Zina Baker, and a granddaughter of William Huntington and Presinda Lathrop. William was the son of John Huntington (III) (and Mehitable Steele), son of John Huntington, Jr. (and Thankful Warner), son of John Huntington and Abigail Lathrop, daughter of Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder above; Presinda was the daughter of John Lathrop, Jr. (and Lucy Gray), son of John Lathrop (and Anne Thacher), son of Hope Lathrop and Elizabeth Lathrop. Hope was a son of Joseph Lathrop (and Mary Ansel), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House; Elizabeth was a daughter of Melatiah Lathrop (and Sarah Farrer), son of Thomas Lathrop (and Sarah Learned), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. Zina Baker was a daughter of Oliver Baker and Dorcas Dimock, daughter of Shubael Dimock (and Lydia Stearns), son of Samuel Dimock (and Hannah Davis), son of Shubael Dimock, Jr. and Tabitha Lathrop, daughter of the just-named Melatiah Lathrop and Sarah Farrer.

    In my coverage of air-conditioning pioneer Willis Haviland Carrier, I outlined his descent from John Rowley and Deborah Fuller, but did not note that Deborah was the daughter of John Fuller (and Mehitable Rowley), son of Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller and Jane Lathrop, daughter of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. Among presidents of Yale treated in New England Ancestors 1 (2000):5&6:39-42, 2:1:40-41, Charles Seymour and Kingman Brewster, Jr. were also both Howland and Lathrop descendants. Seymour and his father’s first cousin, Ellen Channing Day, wife of Charles Joseph Bonaparte, 1851-1921, U.S. Attorney General and Secretary of the Navy, a great-nephew of Napoleon I, were respectively a great-great-grandson and great-grandaughter of Wheeler Coit and Sybil Tracy, daughter of Samuel Tracy and Sybil Lathrop, daughter of Ebenezer Lathrop (and Lydia Leffingwell), son of Israel Lathrop (and Rebecca Bliss), son of Samuel Lathrop (and Elizabeth Scudder), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. Brewster ancestor Sarah (Lewis) Hinckley was a daughter of Ebenezer Lewis and Anna Lathrop, daughter of Barnabas Lathrop (and Susanna Clark), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Anne ----.

    Howland descendant Mary Buckminster Lothrop, wife of Kennedy advisor McGeorge Bundy, was a granddaughter of William Sturgis Hooper Lothrop and Alice Putnam Bacon. W. S. H. Lothrop was a son of Thornton Kirkland Lothrop and Anna Maria Hooper; T. K. Lothrop was a son of Samuel Kirkland Lothrop (and Mary Lyman Buckminster), son of John Hosmer Lathrop (and Jerusha Kirkland, sister of Harvard president John Thornton Kirkland), son of John Lathrop (and Mary Jones), son of Benjamin Lathrop (and Mercy Baker), son of the above cousins Hope and Elizabeth Lathrop. Anna Maria Hooper was a daughter of Samuel Hooper and Anne Sturgis, daughter of William Sturgis (Jr.) (and Elizabeth Marston Davis), son of William Sturgis (and Hannah Mills), son of Thomas Sturgis (III) (and Sally Paine), son of Thomas Sturgis, Jr. (and Martha Russell), son of Thomas Sturgis and Abigail Lathrop, daughter of Barnabas Lathrop and Susanna Clark above. Alice Putnam Bacon was the daughter of Francis Edward Bacon (and Louisa Crowninshield), son of Daniel Carpenter Bacon and Desire Taylor Gorham, daughter of Edward Gorham and Abigail Taylor, daughter of William Taylor (and Desire Thacher), son of Seth Taylor and Susanna Sturgis, daughter of the just-mentioned Thomas Sturgis and Abigail Lathrop. International Harvester president Brooks McCormick, another Howland descendant, was a great-grandson of William Denison Whipple and Caroline Mary Cooke, daughter of David Cooke and Mary Whipple Cushman, daughter of James Cushman (and Mary Whipple), son of William Cushman (and Ruth Robinson), son of Josiah Cushman and Susanna Shurtleff, daughter of William Shurtleff and Susannah Lathrop above.

    The late actor Anthony Perkins, as outlined in NK2:118, was a great-great-great-grandson of Walter Burnham (and Submit Smith), son of Benjamin Burnham and Jemima Perkins, daughter of Jacob Perkins (and Jemima Leonard), son of Jabez Perkins and Hannah Lathrop, daughter of Samuel Lathrop, Jr. (and Hannah Adgate), son of Samuel Lathrop (and Elizabeth Scudder), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House. Actress Tuesday Weld (b. 1943), born Susan Ker Weld, whose second husband was actor Dudley [Stuart John] Moore (b. 1935), was a daughter of Lathrop Motley Weld (and third wife Yosene Balfour Ker), son of Edward Motley Weld (and Sarah Lathrop King), son of Stephen Minot Weld, Jr. and Eloise Rodman, daughter of Alfred Rodman and Anna Lothrop Motley, sister of the historian. Pediatrician and peace advocate Benjamin McLane Spock, yet again a Howland descendant, was a great-great-grandson of James Wolf Ripley (and Sarah Denny), son of Ralph Ripley (and Eunice Huntington), son of Joshua Ripley and Elizabeth Lathrop, daughter of Benjamin Lathrop (and Mercy Baker), son of cousins Hope and Elizabeth Lathrop noted above. Lastly among figures of both Howland and Lathrop descent, Mrs. Vannevar Bush (Phebe Clara Davis), wife of the computer pioneer, was a great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Edward Sturgis (III) and Thankful Hedge, and of Joseph Thacher and Abigail Howes, daughter of Ebenezer Howes and Sarah Hedge. Thankful and Sarah were daughters of John Hedge and Thankful Lothrop, daughter of Barnabas Lathrop (and Susanna Clark), son of Rev. John Lathrop and Anne ----. 

    I now turn to the remainder of my list of major Lathrop descendants. Sixty are of sufficient general interest to merit a full outline of their Lathrop descent. These are Mrs. William LeBaron Jenney, wife of the builder of the first skyscraper; Mrs. Thomas William Lamont, wife of the banker and head of J. P. Morgan & Co.; Mrs. John Marshall Harlan II, wife of the justice; both wives of financier and art collector John Pierpont Morgan, plus John Pierpont Morgan, Jr.; Revolutionary patriot and traitor Benedict Arnold, Jr., Mrs. Israel Putnam, wife of the Revolutionary general, and Mrs. Samuel Huntington, wife of the signer of the Declaration of Independence and president of the Continental Congress; Republican presidential candidate Thomas Edward Dewey; Mrs. Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, wife of the Democratic presidential candidate; John Foster Dulles and Allen Welsh Dulles, respectively U.S. Secretary of State and director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Johns Hopkins president Daniel Coit Gilman; Mrs. Robert Penn Warren, wife of the poet and novelist; Mrs. Leland Stanford, wife of the railraod builder, politician, and founder of Stanford University; Mrs. Levi Zeigler Leiter, wife of the Chicago merchant, her daughter Mary Victoria Leiter, wife of George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, Viceroy of India and British foreign secretary, and Mary Victoria’s daughter Lady Cynthia Blanche Curzon, wife of Sir Oswald Ernold Mosley, 6th Bt., leader of the British fascists; breakfast food manufacturer Charles William Post, his daughter (Mrs.) Marjorie Merriweather Post [Close Hutton Davies May], Society leader and founder of General Foods, and two of her daughters, Eleanor Post Close, later Hutton, whose first husband was playwright and movie director Edmund Preston Biden, known as Preston Sturges, and Nedenia Hutton, the actress Dina Merrill, whose second husband was actor Cliff[ord] [Parker] Robertson [III]; Mrs. Thomas Nelson Page, wife of the novelist and diplomat; Soviet affairs expert George Frost Kennan; Senator Wayne [Lyman] Morse of Oregon; Mrs. Marshall Field III, wife of the Chicago newspaper publisher; Mrs. Charles Scribner, Jr., wife of the president of Charles Scribner’s Sons and mother and grandmother of later presidents Charles Scribner III and IV; poet [Harold] Hart Crane; landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted; composer Charles Edward Ives; teacher and man of letters William Lyon Phelps; Mrs. Philip Knight Wrigley, wife of the chewing-gum manufacturer and mother of William Wrigley, also a president of William Wrigley, Jr. & Co.; Stanley Rossiter Benedict, whose wife Ruth Fulton was the anthropologist Ruth Benedict; Mormon leaders Parley Parker Pratt and Orson Pratt, plus a first cousin once removed of these brothers, Mrs. Mary Anne Van Cott Cobb, another of the 16 wives of Brigham Young by whom he left issue, and a great-grandson of P. P. Pratt, Michigan governor and cabinet official George [Wilcken] Romney; Chief Justice Melville Weston Fuller; sociologist Franklin Henry Giddings; Alfred Carl Fuller, founder of the Fuller Brush Company; Mrs. Marcus Alonzo [Mark] Hanna, wife of the Republican leader; Mrs. George William Curtis, wife of the man of letters; Mrs. Henry [Brooks] Adams, wife of the historian, novelist and aesthete; Eleanor Frances Weston Van de Weyer, wife of British statesman Reginald Baliol Brett, 2nd Viscount Esher, and her daughter, Hon. Sylvia Leonora Brett, H. H. (Her Highness) the last Ranee of Sarawak; Mrs. Theodore Dwight Woolsey, wife of the president of Yale; Mrs. Charles Lewis Tiffany, wife of the jeweler and founder of Tiffany & Co., and her son Louis Comfort Tiffany, artist in stained glass and designer of the Tiffany lamp; Mrs. George Bancroft, wife of the historian; Mrs. Edward Alexander MacDowell, wife of the composer; Mrs. Henry Clay Frick, wife of the capitalist and art collector; Mrs. Marshall Field IV, wife of the Chicago newspaper publisher and mother of his successor, Marshall Field V; Mormon leader Wilford Woodruff; Mrs. Frederick Winslow Taylor, wife of the efficiency expert and “father of the assembly line”; television chef Julia (McWilliams) Child; and Alamo hero James Butler Bonham.

    The early Lathrop progeny is easily divided into descendants (of his sons Thomas, Joseph, Benjamin, and Barnabas, and his daughter Jane, wife of Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower, son of Edward) who remained on Cape Cod, and descendants (of his son Samuel of New London and Norwich, several of whose daughters moved to Wallingford) in Connecticut.  Later descendants, like the notable Howland progency, are associated with the “Boston Brahmins” and Harvard’s “intellectural aristocracy” of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Connecticut, Yale, and migrating “Connecticut Yankees”; New York, “400 Society,” and Newport; Vermont, upstate New York, the Midwest, Utah, and California; and major twentieth-century corporations.

    Outlined below, in the format of my “Notable Kin” columns in NEXUS and New England Ancestors, are the Lathrop descents of the 60 figures listed above.  Following the figure’s name, birth and death years, and a brief description of achievements, are his or her parents, a set of grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., back to Rev. John and either Hannah House or Anne ----.  As always, semi-colons separate generations, and commas separate couples in the same generation back from the figure.

    1.  William LeBaron Jenney, 1832-1907, architect, builder of the first skyscraper (the Home Insurance Building of Chicago, 1883-84) (wife, Elizabeth Hannah Cobb; Lucius Marcus Cobb & Mary McMillan; Solomon Cobb & Hannah Wells; Daniel Wells & Hannah Lathrop; Elijah Lathrop & Silence Leonard; Benjamin Lathrop & Mercy Baker; Hope Lathrop & Elizabeth Lathrop; Joseph Lathrop & Mary Ansel [parents of Hope], Melatiah Lathrop & Sarah Farrer [parents of Elizabeth]; Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House [parents of Joseph and Thomas], Thomas Lathrop & Sarah Learned).

    2.  Thomas William Lamont, 1870-1948, banker, head of J.P. Morgan and Co. (wife, Florence Haskell Corliss; Wilbur Fiske Corliss & Julia Parmelee; Elias Ripley Parmelee & Eleanor Allen; Elias Parmelee & Fanny Fitch; Jabez Fitch & Olive Ripley; Joshua Ripley & Elizabeth Lathrop; Benjamin Lathrop & Mercy Baker, see #1 above).

    3.  John Marshall Harlan II, 1899-1971, associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court (wife, Ethel Andrews; Charles McLean Andrews & Evangeline Holcombe Walker; William Watson Andrews & Elizabeth Byrne Williams; John Williams & Mary Dyer; Thomas Dyer & Elizabeth Ripley; Joshua Ripley & Elizabeth Lathrop, see #2 above).

    4.  John Pierpont Morgan, 1837-1913, financier and art collector (first wife, Amelia Sturges; Jonathan Sturges & Mary Pemberton Cady; Barnabas Lathrop Sturges & Mary Sturges; Jonathan Sturges & Deborah Lewis [parents of B.L.]; Lathrop Lewis & Sarah Sturges; Ebenezer Lewis & Anna Lathrop; Barnabas Lathrop & Susanna Clark; Rev. John Lathrop & Anne ----) (second wife, Frances Louise Tracy; Charles Tracy & Louisa Kirkland; William Gedney Tracy & Rachel Huntington; Jared Tracy & Margaret Grant; Joseph Tracy & Anne Hinckley; Gershom Hinckley & Mary Buel; John Hinckley & Bethia Lathrop; Thomas Lathrop & Sarah Learned, see #1 above).

    5.  John Pierpont Morgan Jr., 1867-1943, financier, son of #4 above and his second wife Frances Louise Tracy.

    6.  Benedict Arnold (V), 1741-1801, Revolutionary patriot and traitor; Benedict Arnold (IV) & Hannah Waterman; John Waterman & Elizabeth Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop Jr. & Hannah Adgate; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder; Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House.

    7.  Israel Putnam, 1718-1790, Revolutionary general (wife, Mrs. Deborah Lathrop Avery Gardiner; Samuel Lathrop [III] & Deborah Crow; Samuel Lathrop Jr. & Hannah Adgate, see #6 above).

    8.  Samuel Huntington, 1731-1796, signer of the Declaration of Independence, president of the Continental Congress, governor of Connecticut (wife, Martha Devotion; Ebenezer Devotion & Martha Lathrop; Simon Lathrop & Martha Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop Jr. & Hannah Adgate [parents of Simon], Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss [parents of Martha]; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above).

    9.  Thomas Edmund Dewey, 1902-1971, governor of New York, Republican presidential candidate in 1944 and 1948; George Martin Dewey Jr. & Annie Thomas; George Martin Dewey & Emma Bingham; Lemuel Bingham & Lydia L Doud; Asa Bingham & Hannah Lord; Nathan Lord & Mary Nevins; David Nevins & Mary Lathrop; Simon Lathrop & Martha Lathrop, see #8 above).

    10.  Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, 1900-1965, governor of Illinois, Democratic presidential candidate in 1952 and 1956, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (wife, Ellen Borden; John Borden & Ellen Waller; William Borden & Mary DeGama Whiting; John Talman Whiting & Mary Sophia Hill; John Leffingwell Whiting & Harriet C. Talman; John Whiting & Lydia Leffingwell; William Bradford Whiting & Amy Lathrop, Christopher Leffingwell & Elizabeth Coit; Nathaniel Lathrop & Anne Backus, Joseph Coit and Lydia Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop Jr. & Hannah Adgate [see #6 above] [parents of Nathaniel and Thomas], Thomas Lathrop & Lydia Abell [parents of Lydia].

    11.  John Foster Dulles, 1888-1959, U.S. Secretary of State under Eisenhower, and his brother 12. Allen Welsh Dulles, 1893-1969, director of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.); Allen Macy Dulles & Edith Foster; John Welsh Dulles & Harriet Lathrop Winslow; Miron Winslow & Harriet Wadsworth Lathrop; Charles Lathrop & Joanna Leffingwell; Azariah Lathrop & Abigail Huntington, Christopher Leffingwell & Elizabeth Coit (see #10 above); Nathaniel Lathrop & Anne Backus (see #10 above) (parents of Azariah), Isaac Huntington & Rebecca Lathrop; Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss (see #8 above) (parents of Rebecca).

    13.  Daniel Coit Gilman, 1831-1908, president of the University of California, first president of Johns Hopkins; William Charles Gilman & Eliza Coit; Daniel Lathrop Coit & Elizabeth Bill; Joseph Coit & Lydia Lathrop (see #10 above), Ephraim Bill & Lydia Huntington; Joshua Huntington & Hannah Perkins; Jabez Perkins & Hannah Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop Jr. & Hannah Adgate, see #6 above.

    14.  Robert Penn Warren, 1905-1989, poet and novelist, author of All the King’s Men (second wife, Eleanor Clark; Frederick Huntington Clark & Eleanor Phelps; John Bates Clark & Myra Alameda Smith; John Hezekiah Clark & Charlotte Stoddard Huntington; Thomas Huntington & Pauline Clark; Jedediah Huntington & Anne Moore; Jabez Huntington & Elizabeth Backus; Joshua Huntington & Hannah Perkins, see #13 above.

    15.  Leland Stanford, 1824-1893, railroad builder, governor of California, U.S. Senator, founder of Stanford University (wife, Jane Elizabeth Lathrop; Dyer Lathrop & Jane Anne Shields; Jedediah Lathrop Jr. & Amy Gardner; Jedediah Lathrop & Abigail Hyde; Israel Lathrop Jr. & Mary Fellows; Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss, see #8 above.

    16.  Levi Zeigler Leiter, 1834-1904, Chicago merchant and civic leader, partner of Marshall Field (wife, Mary Theresa Carver; Benjamin Carver & Nancy Lathrop Fish; Samuel Fish & Mary West; Elias West & Mary Lathrop; Nathan West & Mary Hinckley, Jedediah Lathrop & Abigail Hyde [see #15 above]; Gershom Hinckley & Mary Buel [see #4 above]).

    17.  George Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, 1859-1925, Viceroy of India, leader of the House of Lords, British foreign secretary (wife, Mary Victoria Leiter, daughter of #16 above and Mary Theresa Carver).

    18.  Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Bt., 1896-1980, leader of the British Fascists (first wife, Lady Cynthia Blanche Curzon, M. P., daughter of #17 above and Mary Victoria Leiter).

    19.  Charles William Post, 1854-1914, breakfast-food manufacturer, originator of the prepared food industry; Charles Rollin Post & Caroline Cushman Lathrop; Erastus Lathrop & Sarah Bailey; Azel Lathrop & Elizabeth Hyde; John Lathrop & Elizabeth Abell; Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss, see #8 above.

    20.  Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1887-1973, Society leader, founder of General Foods Inc., whose first two husbands were Edward Bennett Close and stockbroker Edward Francis (E.F.) Hutton; #19 above & Ella Letitia Merriweather.

    21.  Edmund Preston Biden, known as Preston Sturges, 1898-1959, playwright and movie director (second wife, 1930-32, Eleanor Post Close, later Hutton; #20 above and Edward Bennet Close).

    22.  Nedenia Hutton, known as Dina Merrill, b. 1925, actress; #20 above and Edward Francis Hutton.  Her second husband was 23. Cliff(ord) (Parker) Robertson (III), b. 1925, actor, Academy Award winner (for Charley) in 1968.

    24.  Thomas Nelson Page, 1853-1922, novelist and diplomat, author of In Ole Virginia, (wife, Mrs. Florence Wentworth Lathrop Field, sister-in-law of Chicago merchant Marshall Field; Jedediah Hyde Lathrop & Mariana Bryan; Samuel Lathrop & Lois Huntington; Elisha Lathrop & Hannah Hough; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Waterman; Israel Lathrop & Rebecca Bliss, see #8 above).

    25.  George Frost Kennan, b. 1904, diplomat and Soviet affairs expert; Kossuth Kent Kennan & Florence James; Thomas Lathrop Kennan & Loa Brown; George Kennan & Mary Tullar; Thomas Kennan & Sarah Lathrop; Denison Lathrop & Sarah Hubbard Harris; Elisha Lathrop & Hannah Hough, see #24 above.

    26.  Wayne Lyman Morse, 1900-1974, U.S. Senator from Oregon; Wilbur Frank Morse & Jessie White; John Morse & Lydia A. Noyes; Abraham Moss/Morse & Elizabeth Marsh; Amos Moss & Rachel Culver; Levi Moss & Martha Fenn; John Moss (III) & Elizabeth Hall; John Moss, Jr. & Martha Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above.

    27.  Marshall Field III, 1893-1957, Chicago newspaper publisher (second wife, Mrs. Audrey Evelyn James Coats; William Dodge James & Evelyn Elizabeth Forbes; Daniel James & Sophia Hall Hitchcock; John Hitchcock & Electa Hall; Eliakim Hall & Eunice Moss; John Moss [IV] & Sarah Thompson; John Moss [III] & Elizabeth Hall [see #26 above], John Thompson & Sarah Culver; Joseph Thompson [her second husband] & Elizabeth Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above).

    28.  Charles Scribner, Jr., 1854-1927, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1879-1927 (wife, Louisa Flagg; Jared Bradley Flagg & Louisa Hart; Samuel Hart & Orpha North; James North, Jr. & Rhoda Judd; James North & Sarah Seymour; Thomas North & Martha Royce; Isaac Royce [her first husband] & Elizabeth Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above).

    29.  Charles Scribner (III), 1890-1952, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1933-1952, son of #28 above and Louisa Flagg.

    30.  Charles Scribner (IV), 1921-1995, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1952-77, son of #29 above and Vera Gordon Bloodgood.

    31.  (Harold) Hart Crane, 1899-1932, poet; Clarence Arthur Crane & Grace Edna Hart; Clinton O. Hart & Elizabeth Belden; Joseph Chauncey Hart & Rosanna Goff; Gideon Baldwin Hart & Marilla Woodford; Joseph Woodford (IV) & Eunice Hart; Joseph Woodford (III) & Sarah North; Thomas North & Martha Royce, see #28 above.

    32.  Frederick Law Olmsted, 1822-1903, landscape architect (of Central Park in New York City, among other projects) and author; John Olmsted & Charlotte Law Hull; Samuel Hull & Abigail Anne Doolittle; Amos Doolittle & Abigail Ives; Caleb Doolittle & Tamar Thompson; Joseph Thompson, Jr. & Hannah Clark; Joseph Thompson & Elizabeth Lathrop, see #27 above.

    33.  Charles Edward Ives, 1874-1954, composer; George Edward Ives & Mary Elizabeth Parmelee; George White Ives & Sarah Hotchkiss Wilcox; Isaac Ives & Sarah Amelia White; John Ives, Jr. & Mary Hall; Isaac Hall & Mary Moss, John Moss (III) & Elizabeth Hall, see #26 above.

    34.  William Lyon Phelps, 1865-1943, teacher and man of letters; Sylvanus Dryden Phelps & Sophia Emilia Lyon Linsley; James Harvey Linsley & Sophia Brainerd Lyon; James Linsley & Sarah Maltby; Benjamin Maltby & Elizabeth Fowler; Daniel Maltby & Esther Moss; John Moss, Jr. & Martha Lathrop, see #26 above.

    35.  Philip Knight Wrigley, 1894-1977, president of William Wrigley, Jr. Co. (chewing gum manufacturers), 1925-1961 (wife, Helen Blanche Atwater; Bert Leonard Atwater & Blanche Cox; Albert Chamberlain Atwater & Margaret Carswell; Leonard Atwater & Julia Sackett; Joel Atwater & Lydia Sackett; Benjamin Atwater & Phebe Moss; Joseph Moss & Lydia Jones; John Moss (III) & Elizabeth Hall, see #26 above).

    36.  William Wrigley, b. 1933, president of William Wrigley, Jr. Co., 1961-____, son of #35 above and Helen Blanche Atwater.

    37.  Ruth Fulton, known as Ruth Benedict, 1877-1948, anthropologist (husband, Stanley Rossiter Benedict; Wayland Richardson Benedict & Anne Elizabeth Kendrick; Asahel Clark Kendrick & Anne Elizabeth Hopkins; Sewall Hopkins & Prudence Hart; Thomas Hart, Jr. & Mary Hungerford; Thomas Hart & Hannah Coe; Hawkins Hart & Sarah Royce; Nathaniel Royce & Sarah Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above).

    38.  Parley Parker Pratt, 1807-1857, and his brother Orson Pratt, 1811-1887, Mormon leaders; Jared Pratt & Charity Dickinson; Obadiah Pratt & Jemima Tolls; Christopher Pratt & Sarah Pratt; William Pratt & Hannah Hough (parents of Christopher); William Hough, Jr. & Anne Lathrop; Samuel Lathrop & Elizabeth Scudder, see #6 above.

    39.  Brigham Young, 1801-1877, Mormon leader and colonizer of Utah (Mrs. Mary Anne Van Cott Cobb, one of the 16 wives by whom Young left issue; John Losee Van Cott & Lucy Sackett; Losee Van Cott & Lovina Pratt; Obadiah Pratt & Jemima Tolls, see #38 above).

    40.  George [Wilcken] Romney, 1907-1995, cabinet member, governor of Michigan, automobile executive; Gaskell Romney & Anne Amelia Pratt; Helamon Pratt & Anna Joanna Dorothea Wilcken; Parley Parker Pratt, #38 above, & his fourth wife Mary Woods.

    41.  Melville Weston Fuller, 1833-1910, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1888-1910; Frederick Augustus Fuller & Catherine Martin Weston; Henry Weld Fuller & Esther Gould; Caleb Fuller & Hannah Weld; Young Fuller & Jerusha Beebe; Matthew Fuller & Patience Young; Samuel Fuller, Jr. & Anne Fuller; Samuel Fuller & Jane Lathrop (parents of Samuel, Jr.); Rev. John Lathrop & Hannah House.

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    58.  Frederick Winslow Taylor, 1856-1915, efficiency expert, father of the “assembly line” (wife, Louise M. Spooner; Edward Amasa Spooner & Hannah Adams; Bourne Spooner & Hannah Bartlett; Amasa Bartlett & Sophia Taylor; William Bartlett & Mary Bartlett; Nathaniel Bartlett & Abigail Clark [parents of Mary]; Thomas Clark & Susanna Miller; James Clark & Abigail Lathrop; Rev. John Lathrop & Anne ----).

    59.  Julia McWilliams, known as Julia Child, b. 1912, chef and television personality; John McWilliams, Jr. & Julia Carolyn Weston; John McWilliams & Clara Dana; William Granville Dana & Hannah Elizabeth Carpenter; George Dana, Jr. & Hannah Lathrop; Hope Lathrop & Hannah Hubbard; Ichabod Lathrop & Abigail Baker; Hope Lathrop & Elizabeth Lathrop, see #1 above.

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