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  • Queries Vol VII No. 3 + 4

  • [124]

    ABBOTT/FRYE - Reward for info Harrison (Harry) ABBOTT, son of Owen/Orin & Alpha (FRYE) ABBOTT, b. Fryeburg, Me., 1882; d. New York City or St. Louis, Mo., poss. 1940s; m. (1) Jennie ___ (d. Groveland, Mass., 1912), 2nd w. unknown; one son Earl ABBOTT b. Exeter, N.H., 1901. Worked as shoe salesman Exeter, Haverhill, Mass., rem. to St. Louis.  City records show res. & company 1908-1918.

    C. N. Abbott, 17 Dame Rd., Newmarket, NH 03857 (195)

    ACKLEY - Daniel ACKLEY, poss. son of William, b. Little Egg Harbor, N.J., 30 Apr. 1747, had three bros.: John, James, Silas.  Believed to be desc. of Nicholas ACKLEY of Haddam, Conn. Will exchange.

    A. W. Ackley, 670 Cascade Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240 (196)

    ADAMS/FOX - Seek info par. anc. Andrew Jackson ADAMS, b. N.Y. 27 Apr. 1828; d. there 14 Aug. 1880; m. there Mary F. FOX. Ch.: Elba, David, Hattie.

    Charles Elliott Bouis, 1093 Dawn View Lane N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327            (197)

    ALLEN/BAKER/GRIGGS - Was Rachel ALLEN, m. 1703 Jabez BAKER, dau. of Joseph & Rachel ( GRIGGS) ALLEN of Gloucester, Mass.? If not, who was she?

    Mrs. Emma #Jo L. Davis, 309 Yoakum Pkwy., #1415, Alexandria, VA 22304  (198)

    ALLEN, etc. - Seek names, par., anc., of the following missing wives: Alice, w. William ALLEN, Cape Ann 1624, later Salem; Alice, w. Abiel BRIGGS, he b. Taunton, 1694, res. Rehoboth.; Edith, w. Richard DODGE, b. 1602, she poss. of East Coker, Dorset, res. Salem, Mass; Mary, w. Nathaniel DUNHAM, b. Plymouth, Mass., 1665, res. Plympton, Wrentham.  Dunham Genealogy (1907) says she dau. Edward TILSON of lymouth, no mention in Tilson Genealogy; Joanna HUCKER, m. Taunton 1638 Wilham HARVEY; Frances, w. John HILL, b. 1602, he at Dorchester, Mass., 1633; Martha, w. Samuel HILL, b. Dorchester 1638; Susannah GRIME, w. George HILL, b. 1680, m. Rehoboth 1708, sellled in Attleborough; Frances, 1st w. John HOYT of Salisbury, Mass., b. 1614; Rebecca, w. Thomas ANDREW of Cambridge, b. 1615, m. (2) Nicholas WYETH, (3) Thomas FOX; Susanna, w. Henry KINGSBURY, of Ipswich, Haverhill, b. 1615; Sarah, 2nd w. fohn LANE of Attleborough, m. 1693, poss. a BEALE or BRIGGS, b. 1644; Mary, w. Henry LEE of Manchester, b. 1620, m. (2) JohnWEST; Lydia COOPER, m. Plymouth, Mass., 1635 Nathaniel DUNHAM; Rebecca, w. Richard ROBBINS of Charlestown and Cambridge, Mass., b. 1610; Ann, w. Daniel LADD of Ipswich, Salisbury and Haverhill, Mass., b. 1610; Rebecca, w. Ens. Henry STACY of Attleborough, b. 1670-75; Abigail, w. John CLOYSE, mariner, of Watertown and Palmouth, she d. 1656; Mary, w. George WOODWARD of Watertown, b. 1621.

    Edwin P. Davis, Rua Tucuman, 69, Sao Paulo 01455, Brazil     (199)

    AMES/DARLING/CRAY - Seek par., w. of Lemuel AMES of Westminster & Townshend, Vt., with ch. Lemuel, John, Amos, Dorcas, Prescott . Where did they res. before coming to Westminster ca. 1767?  Who were their par? Have much data except for the above, Will exchange info.

    M. B. Shore, 3227 E. 55th Ave., Spokane, WA 99223 (200)

    AVERY/PURCHASE - Seek info par. anc. Amy AVERY & Thomas PURCHASE m. Herkimer Co., N.Y., ca. 1806.  Amy b. where? 1771; d. HerkimerCo. 21 June 1851. Thomas b. where? 1770; d. Herkimer Co. 24 June 1851.

    Elizabeth C. Elle, 3 703-3 7th St, Lubbock, 7X 79413 (201)

    BABCOCK/CLARKE/STANTON/LANDON/WEIGEL/BRIGGS/SHAUM - Seek anc. Nathan BABCOCK#s wife (poss. Mercy STANTON). Dau. Mary BABCOCK (1741-1802) m. Phineas CLARKE.  Seek desc. Lovejoy (1865-1909) & Margaret ( WEIGEL) LANDON. Seek Edna Mae ( BRIGGS) SHAUM, b. 1926, has daus. Donna, Linda.

    Mable G. McMahon, 1 La Fond Dr., Gansevoort, NY 12831 (202)

    BACON/HOPE/DOWNS - Seek anc. Thankful BACON m. Bamstable, Mass., 1766 or 1767 Timothy HOPE. Sr.  Was she Thankful DOWNS, wid. Benjamin BACON (d. Barnstable 1763)?  Their son Timothy HOPE, Jr. m. prob. Barnstable ca. 1798 Rachel ___; need her surname.  They rem. 1818 to Cayuga, N.Y.

    Volney A. Plumb, 2451 Olivera Rd. #C-10, Concord, CA 94520         (203)

    BAKER/COOKE # Seek par., anc., ch., all data for Starling BAKER, b. S.C.. poss. Union Co., ca. 1781; m. S.C. Nancy COOKE, b. poss. Tenn., 1794.  Seek same info for Nancy.  Fam. res. Shelby Co., Ala., 1840, 1850.

    Allen G. Baker, Box 396 , Bedford. MA 01730           (204)

    BAKER/HOPE - Need anc. Emeline BAKER. b. Mass. 15 Jan., 1805; d. Yates Co., N.Y., 1891; m. Allen HOPE of Barnstable, Mass. and Cayuga, N.Y. First ch. Sarah HOPE b. Scriba (near Oswego), N.Y., 1832.

    Volney A. Plumb, 2451 Olivera Rd. #C-10. Concord, CA 94520         (205)

    BALDWIN - Silvanus BALDWIN (1779-1856), b. Mass., m. Elizabeth ___ (1777- 1859).  Is he desc. of Sylvanus4 b. 1706, Barnabus3 b. Conn. 1666, Richard2, Sylvester1 of Conn.?  Is he father of Lewis BALDWIN, b. Ohio 1817?

    Mrs. Wini Warner, 621 Floyd St., Beaver City, NE 68926         (206)

    BARTLETT/CHASE/MORSE - Seek anc. par. Jonathan BARTLETT, d. ca. 1794; m. Plaistow, N.H.. ca. 1742 Lydia CHASE. b. 29 Sept. 1720, dau. Abraham & Ruth ( MORSE) CHASE. 11 ch.  Res. Whitefield, Me., 1790.

    Lester Bartlett, 468 Montgomery St.. Fredericton, NB., Canada E3B 2X5          (207)

    [ 124-125]

    BELL/SMITH - Seek present location of the BELL and SMITH family Bibles used as sources in Vital Records of Chester, Mass.. to the Year 1850 (1911).  Bibles were privately owned at that time.

    Bernice C. Richard, 1915W. Grace St.. Chicago, IL 60613        (208)

    BENNET/RAYMOND - Need d. date & place of Elisha7 BENNET (Jacob6, Nehemiah5# Mercy Tompson4, Jacob3, Mary Cooke2# Francis1 Mayflower), b. Middleborough, Mass., 8 Aug. 1758; d. poss. Fairhaven, Mass., 1819; m. Middleborough 18 Oct. 1781 Lucy RAYMOND, b. there 17 Apr. 1760: d. when? Ch.: Hope, William, Silva.  Also res. Chesterville, Me.

    Mary Smits, 3232 Camino Colorados, Lafayette, CA 94549     (209)

    BISHOP/BLANCHARD/HATHAWAY/WEAD/BAXTER/COATES/MARTINDALE /MUNGER - Need info Samuel & Diantha (1789-1869) ( HATHAWAY) BISHOP and their ch. b. Vt. or Essex Co., N.Y.: Betsy; Lodomia m. Norman WEAD, John m. (1) Rebecca, (2) Lydia; Caroline m. Alfred BLANCHARD; Adeline; Horace; Jehiel m. (1) Juliette, (2) Susan/Eliza BAXTER; Stephen m. Eunice COATES; Huldah m. 1857 Benjamin MARTINDALE; Samuel m. Vt. 1861 Harriet MU NGER.

    Mrs. Harold S. Cooke, 2060 - 11th Ave. East, Twin Falls, ID 83301-6710         (210)

    BISHOP/WHITE - Seek desc. Ross (Roscue) BISHOP, son of George BISHOP (William2, Samuel1) & Mary E. WHITE, b. Fort Fairfield, Me., Feb. 1880, res. San Joaquin Valley, Calif., 1932, with w. & three ch.  Info all male and female BISHOP lines needed for book Descendants of Sgt. Samuel Bishop.

    Mrs. Estella T. Brown, 249 Jubilee Way, Rio Linda, CA 95673             (211)

    BLACKMAN/BLAKEMAN - Seek info re English origins & documented American desc. of Rev. Adam BLACKMAN/ BLAKEMAN, immigrant to Stratford, Conn., who d. there 7 Sept. 1665. Is he the #Addame# BLAKE bp. Gnosall, Staffordshire, 10 June 1596, son of schoolmaster John & Thomassine (___) BLAKEMAN of Gnosall, who also had there Penelope (bp. 17 Aug. 1593, bur. 20 Jan. 1599/1600), a stillborn son (bur. 17 Dec. 1605), and John (bp. 30 Mar. 1608)?  As commoner from Staffordshire, Rev. Adam matriculated Christ Church, Oxford, 28 May 1617 #ae. 19,# is said by Mather to have preached Leicestershire, Derbyshire before emigrating; can location be pinpointed?  Also desire documentation of maiden name of his w. Jane ___, mother of his ch.: John (d. Stratford 1662), m. Dorothy SMITH; James (d. Stratford 1689), m. (1) a dau. of Mrs. Sarah (___) ( STILES) CLARKE, (2) Miriam WHEELER: Samuel (d. Stratford 1668), m. Elizabeth WHEELER; Mary (d. Salem 1709), m. (1) Joshua ATWATER, (2) Rev. John HIGGINSON; Deliverance (d. Stonington 1702), m. Hannah ___; and Benjamin (d. Boston, late 1690s), m. Rebecca SCOTTOW. Mrs. Jane BLACKMAN/BLAKEMAN d. Stratford by early 1674, ae. about 74.

    Julie Helen Otto, c/o the Society       (212)

    BLAKENEY/BEAM - Seek info BLAKENEY fam. of N.Y.C. and BEAM fam. of N.J.  My anc. Mary A. BLAKENEY, b. N.Y.C. 15 Oct. 1848, m. Nelson BEAM, b. N.J. 20 Ma 1845.  Were her par. John & Sarah Ann BLAKENEY, of Josephine Frost's Blakeney Sabin Genealogy?

    Kim Milillo, 6 Murdock Ave.. Oneonta, NY 13820-1118         (213)

    BOWERS/SMYTH/KNOWLES/COLLINS/HARDING - Seek anc., info George BOWER of Scituate and Cambridge, Mass., m. Braithwell, co. York 9 Feb. 1614 Barbara SMYTH. Dau. Ruth BOWER m. 15 Aug. 1639 Richard KNOWLES of Plymouth and Eastham.  Dau. Ruth (Duty?) KNOWLES m. 20 Mar. 1671 Joseph COLLINS.  Dau. Hannah COLLINS m. 20 Mar. 1700 Nathaniel HARDING. Wish to corresp. with desc.

    Douglas Meiere Harding.452 W. 22nd St.. Apt SA, New York, NY 1 0011       (214)

    BOWMAN/MARR/DAVENPORT - Seek par. Samuel BOWMAN, b. Newport, N.H., 1 Aug. 1804; d. Halton Co., Trafalgar Twp., Canada 17 July 1866; m. Milton, Pa., 7 July 1836 Ann MARR. May have bros. Benjamin & Joseph.  Was he a son of Samuel & Hannah (DAVENPORT) BOWMAN of Lexington, Mass., an original member of the #Order of the Cincinnati?"  No records Newport. N.H.

    M. Bowman, 204 Mill St., Gahanna, OH 43230          (215)

    BREED/WALKER/BRUCE/DAVIS - Need par. Sarah BREED, m. Woburn, Mass., 16 Mar. 1731 Isaac3 WALKER, b. Woburn 12 July 1707, son of Isaac2 & Margety ( BRUCE) WALKER. Dau. Sarah WALKER b. Concord, N.H., 2 Sept. 1737, Robert5 DAVIS.  Isaac3  d. Concord 1 Sept. 1782.

    Clark H. Bagnall. 82 Stihlwater Dr..Nashua, NH 03062            (216)

    BRIGGS/HOWLAND - Seek par. Mary BRIGGS, b. 1720; d. either Dartmouth Mass., or Dutchess Co NY, m. Stephen4 HOWLAND (Henry3, Zoeth2, Henry1), b. 14 May 1716.  They had six ch.

    Margaret E. Jones, 4023 Latham Drive, Haymarket, VA 22069            (217)

    BROOKS/HARRIS - Seek anc. Miriam BROOKS, b. poss. East Hampton, L.I., 16 Aug. 1698; d. Salem Co., N.J., 13 Feb. 1722;  3 21 m. NathanieB HARRIS (Thomas2-1).

    Doris Kilcup Winskie, 2436 Flowery Trail, Chewelah, WA 99109         (218)

    BROWN - Seek par. Charles BROWN & w. (name  unknown).  Rem. June 1811 from Berkshire Co., Mass., to Whitehall, N.Y.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141-44th St. So., Afton, MN 55001       (219)

    BROWN/HARDING - Seek anc. par. Sarah BROWN, d. poss. Wellfleet, Mass., 4 June 1804; m. Eastham, Mass., 29 May 1755 David HARDING (b. Eastham 1 Jan. 1731).  Mother of Elkanah HARDING b. Wellfleet 7 July 1759. Fam. rem. to Gorham, Me., 1780.

    Douglas Meiere Harding, 452 W. 22nd St. Apt. 5A , New York, NY 10011      (220)

    BROWN/HIGGINS/CHADLEY/GODELL/VARNUM/JELLISON/FITZMORRIS - Seek anc. Lorenzo D. BROWN, b. 1820: d. Ellsworth, Me. 31 Mar. 1882; m. Sylvia HIGGINS of Mt. Desert.  Sons: i. Loren, d. 22 Apr. 1882, m. Mary CHADLEY (3 ch.: Florence 1879, William, Ernest 1880; Ernest res. with Margaret GOODELL & Capitolia G. VARNUM; any rel.?); ii. William, 1859, m. Flora JELLISON, Waltham, Me., had dau. Eva B. FITZMORRIS; iii. Clarence, 1879.

    Janice Owens Fair, 275 F. Pleasant St., Amherst MA 01002      (221)

    BRUCE/SCOTT - Seek anc. (& wife#s surname) of Rev. John BRUCE (Ellsworth, Mahoning Co., Ohio, Presbyterian). b. 1771; d. Newton Falls, Ohio, 9 Apr. 1843. Son Joseph BRUCE b. where? 1792-93; d. Ellsworth, Ohio, 1 June 1868.  Joseph m. 18 July 1816 Polly SCOTT.

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman. Berkeley, CA 94709   (222)

    BUCK/ASHLEY/COOLEY/KING/MORGAN - Need info Alps M. H. BUCK, b. Chelsea, Vt., 1807; d. where? when? m. (1) Chelsea 1821 John KING, b. Vt.; d. where? when? (2) Lawrence, Mass.. 1851 David MORGAN.  Alpa BUCK was dau. of Daniel (b. Conn. 1753; d. Chelsea, Vt., 1816) & Content ( ASHLEY) BUCK (b. N.H. 1771; d. Mass., 1850). John KING & bros. Oliver, Horace, were Sons of Oliver (b. Mass. 1749; d. Vt. 1823) & Ruth ( COOLEY) KING (b. Mass. 1757: d. Chelsea 1831).  Were Alps & John div.?  Seek their bur. site(s).

    Betty Leach, 4916 Vista Way, Friday Harbor, WA 98250          (223)

    BUCKINGHAM/BONNEI,L/WOOLEY/MASON - James D. BUCKINGHAM (son James & Mary [ BONNELL] BUCKINGHAM). b. Washington Co.. Pa., 17 Jan. 1814; d. Perry Twp., Wood Co., Ohio, 20 Sept. 1889; m. Ruggles Twp., Ashland Co., Ohio, 13 Nov. 1845 Elizabeth M .WOOLEY (dau. Joel & Bridget [___] WOOLEY), b. Tompkins Co., N.Y., 23 Jan. 1823: d. Perry Twp., Ohio, 17 Nov. l887.  Their son George W. BUCKINGHAM. b. W. Millgrove, Wood Co., Ohio, 27 Oct. 1847: d. W. Millgrove 8 Nov. 1898; m. Martha Anna MASON.  Need anc. James & Mary ( BONNELL) BUCKINGHAM, Joel & Bildget (___) WOOLEY, and Martha Anna MASON.

    Mary Burdick, 42 Maplewood St., Watertown, MA 02172       (224)

    CATES/KELLY - Seek par. anc. Andrew Jackson CATES, b. Machas, Me., area, poss. 1832; m. 1855 Catherine Louise KELLY.  Four b. poss. Calais, Me., 1 Apr. 1835. ch. b. Me.: Francis Abbott 20 Apr. 1857, Ellen Elizabeth, Charles Henry 15 Dec. 1859, George Emery 6 Dec. 1861. Seven others b. Nova Scotia.  Rem. to Vancouver, B.C., 1889.

    Candy-Lea Chickite, 1451-A North Island Hwy., Campbell River, B.C., Canada V9W 2E4         (225)

    CHAMBERLAIN/HOWARD - Seek par. Aaron CHAMBERLAIN of Hawley. Mass., 1796.  His w. poss. Rachel HOWARD of Ware, Mass.; m. 1795. Franklin Co. Records (Hawley) state Mrs. Moses CHAMBERLAIN, mother of Aaron, d. 9 Sept. 1828.  Was Aaron#s father the Moses CHAMBERLAIN in Worcester, Mass, during Revolution?  All letters with SASE re. CHAMBERLAIN, RATHBUN, BAXTER, HOWARD answered.

    Gail von B. Doremus, 2448 Senate Way, Medford, OR 97504             (226)

    CHANDLER/LAMPSON/RUSSELL - Seek anc., siblings of Nehemiah H. RUSSELL, b. poss. Vt. 1784; d. Clinton, Co., Iowa, 1843; m. ca. 1815 Mary Ann LAMPSON, b. Vt. 1785: d. Clinton Co., 1858. Youngest dau. Roxana RUSSELL b. Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1840: d. Clinton Co., 1894: m. Clinton Co. 1864 William M. CHANDLER, b. poss. Peru, N.Y., 1842; d. Clinton Co., 1893.

    Betty Leach, 4916 Vista Way, Friday Harbor, WA 98250          (227)

    [ 126]

    CHUBBUCK/PERRY/ROGERS - Seek par., anc., b. & d. date, of Mrs. Betty CHUBBUCK, m. Scituate, Mass., 1760 Isaac PERRY (b. 1736).  Was she desc. of Thomas ROGERS of Mayflower?

    Karen A. Hill, 1020 Hewitt Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070            (228)

    CILLEY/DAY - Seek anc. par. siblings Nancy Ann CILLEY, b. poss. Barnston, Quebec, Canada, May 1828; d. poss. Conn. 1900-1910, m. Springfield, Mass., 8 Sept. 1847 Brigham S. DAY.  Her father b. N.H., mother b. Mass.  Nancy had 4 ch., 3 b. Springfield.

    Diana L. Gill, 62 Brattle St., Arlington, MA 02174       (229)

    CLARK/DEAN/LAWRENCE - Seek ch. of Daniel & Violette ( DEAN) LAWRENCE. Violette, b. Plainfield, Conn., 12 Oct. 1762, dau. of Phineas & Abigail ( DEAN) CLARK;d. 17 Oct. 1851; m. Montague, Mass., 1 Jan. 1782 Daniel LAWRENCE.

    Peter J. Lawrence, 11106 Templeton Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19154         (230)

    CLARK/KIMBER - Seek par. William P. CLARK, b. N.Y. 18 Dec. 1812; d. Goshen, Orange Co., N.Y., 31 July 1886; m. Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y., 17 Sept. 1831 Charity KIMBER. Res. Candor, Tioga Co., N.Y., 1850; returned with fam. to Orange Co. by 1860.

    Barbara DiMunno, 66 Beattie Ave., Middletown, NY 10940    (231)

    CLARK/RIDER/HARRIS/CUTLER/KING/DEXTER - Seek par., b. & d. dates of Martha RIDER, m. Rochester, Mass., 3 Sept. 1741 William CLARK, son of John CLARK. Ch.: Ebenezer; John m. Susa HARRIS; Joshua m. Prudence CUTLER; Mary m. Jonathan KING; Martha m. Elijah DEXTER.

    Mrs. Connie Myers, 5002 Pack Saddle Pass, Austin, TX 78745 (232)

    COLLINS/BROWN - Seek husband, par., wid. Hannah COLLINS, b. R.I. ca. 1769; res. Whitehall, N.Y., 1840. Dau. Rhoda m. Phoenix BROWN of Whitehall.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141-44th  St. So., Afton, MN 55001      (233)

    CONANT/EATON - Want anc. of Olive (CONANT) EATON. b. Stow, Mass., 16 Oct. 1748, dau. of Samuel & Sarah (___) CONANT; d. Sudbury, Mass., 20 Sept. 1842; m. Stow 11 Oct. 1768 John EATON.  Want Sarah#s last name, birthplaces & dates both Samuel & Sarah. Samuel d. Stow 19 May 1788, Sarah d. there 1 Feb. 1804.

    Rhoda A. Gridley, 642 Roanoke St., Dunedin, FL 34698         (234)

    CUMMINGS/GOULD/YEATON - Seek info Thomas CUMMINGS, m. Marblehead, Mass., 26 July 1778 Margaret (GOULD) YEATON.

    Mrs. Charles S. Russell, 11 James Falls Dr., Richmond, VA 23221         (235)

    CURTIS/DUNHAM - Was Noble CURTIS of N.Y. and Mich. (1775-1855), m. 1802 Mary DUNHAM (1784-1852), desc. from Dr. Thomas CURTIS of Wethersfield, Conn.?

    Karen A. Hill, 1020 Hewitt Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070            (236)

    CURTIS/SALISBURY - Seek anc., siblings, ch. of James SALISBURY, b. Vt. 1785; m. N.Y. 1810 Susan CURTIS, b. N.Y. 1794; d. Erie Co., Pa., 1838, bur. Springfield Cem., g.s. Susan w. Rev. James SALISBURY.  Ten ch.: Daniel b. Pa. 1814, Caleb C., Henry, prob. Albert; who were the others?  James res. Cass. Co., Mich., 1850, with Daniel & Abigail CURTIS.

    Betty Leach, 4916 Vista Way, Friday Harbor, WA 98250          (237)

    DASCOMBE/REID/READ/HAWLEY - Seek anc., place & date of b. & d., of Ruth DASCOMBE, b. prob. Fairfield, Conn., ca. 1765, d. poss. Redding, Conn.; m. Henry  Redding, Conn., 25 Jul 1762, son of William & Sarah ( HAWLEY) READ?

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman, Berkeley, CA 94709   (238)

    DAVENPORT/HUNT - Seek par. one, siblings of Lydia Ann DAVENPORT, b. Essex, Vt., 6 May 1794; m. there 6 July 1810 Joseph LOCKWOOD.

    Mrs. Dette O. Brymer, Box 2868, Harbor, OR 97415 (239)

    DAVIS/TRIPP # Seek par., b. place & date, m. of Ezekiel DAVIS & Diana (prob.) TRIPP. Ezekiel listed Knox, Albany Co., N.Y. census 1820, 1830, 1840.  Known ch.: Joseph, rem. to Ill. 1836; Benjamin; Abraham; Lois.

    Marion P. Pancoast, 2014 Mezes Ave., Belmont, CA 94002      (240)

    DeREMER/LORD - Charles Isaac DeREMER, b. where? 12 July 1822; d. 4 Nov. 1897, bur. Beaumont, Pa.; m. (2) 29 June 1852 Mary Jane LORD; served in Civil War.  Need all data their par. Ch.: Charles, Richard DeRemer, Anna Cole.

    Geraldine F. Moyer, 18 Chambers Ave., Greenville, PA 16125             (241)

    DEITCH/MOORE/NESBITT - Seek info anc., desc., of H. Simon, a.k.a, Samuel DEITCH, & Leah, a.k.a. Sarah MOORE, dau. of Samuel & Hannah ( NESBITT) MOORE of N.J.  Their son Philip DEITCH b. San Francisco, Calif., 2 May 1865, was my great-grandfather.

    Kim Milillo, 6 Murdock Ave., Oneonta, NY 13820-1118         (242)

    DINGMAN/MOORE- Seek par., siblings., anc. Adeline MOORE, b. Richmondville, Schoharie Co., N.Y., 1863; d. Ames, Montgomery Co., N.Y., 1910; m. Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y., 3 July 1877 Perry J. DINGMAN.  Seek same info for him.

    Evelyn C. Howe-Robinson, 1500 Burbridge Dr., Rogue River, OR 97537         (243)

    DOLAN/FITZPATRICK/LEMPOKE/CREASON - Seek info Michael DOLAN, b. Mass. ca. 1854, w. Anna FITZPATRICK, b. Mass. Ca, 1857, and their ch. Grace ( LEMPOKE), Charlie, Clary, Tom, Fred, Harry, Alice (?), Lenard, Sherman.  Last eight b. Colo., some may have res. Calif. Also info CREASON/CRESON/CRESSON.

    Mary Ann Creason Rohde, 5797 Sycamore, Rialto, CA 92376 (244)

    DREW/PEASE/BATCHELDOR - Need par. Rev. War soldier Theophilus DREW, m. Dorothy PEASE. Res. Madbury and Gilmanton, N.H.  Need info their ch. Sally, Samuel, Theophilus, Joseph, Dorothy, Betsy, Gilman, Holman.  All b. Gilmanton, but raised Danville, Vt., arca. Dorothy (PEASE) DREW m. Jethro BATCHELOR.

    Norman L. Drew, 71 Commerce St., Clinton, CT 06413         (245)

    DUNHAM/CURTIS - Seek par. anc. of Mary DUNHAM (1784-1852), m. N.Y. 1802 Noble CURTIS (1775-1855); moved to Mich.

    Karen A. Hill. 1020 Hewitt Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070            (246)

    EATON - Benjamin EATON, b. Kent. Conn., 10 May 1774; d. Herkimer Co., N.Y.,  1855; m. prob. Montgomery Co., N.Y., Catharine ___, b. where? when? d. Herkimer Co., 1844. Ch.: Abigail b. 1800, John b. 1808, prob. others.  Need info Benjamin#s anc., info Catharine.

    Elizabeth C. Elle, 3703-37th St., Lubbock, TX 79413 (247)

    EDDY/HERD/ALMY - Seek par., anc., siblings, of Susan HERD, b. Scituate, R.I., ca. 1797 (1865 census); d. Smithfield, RI., 25 Apr. 1867: m. Smithfield 29 Mar. 1821 Joseph ALMY. Her d. record lists mother as EDDY.

    Merwin F. Almy .17835 SW. Shasta Trail, Tualatin, OR 97062 (248)

    EMERSON/STARK - Seek par., b. place & date of Joseph EMERSON, m. Dunbarton, N.H., 12 Mar. 1809 Elizabeth (Betsey) STARK.  Res. first Haverhill, N.H. (Dunbarton and Haverhill town records), then rem. to Decatur, Ill., appearing Census, Macon Co., Ill., 1840, 1850.

    Horace M. Emerson, 2970 St. Johns Ave., 3-E, Jacksonville, FL 32205             (249)

    FAIR/MILLER/WANZER - Seek anc., desc. Robert FAIR, Scotland & Drumbo, Ontario, Can.; m. Elizabeth MILLER.  Sons: Duncan, b. 1852, d. 1934; John Miller, b. 1850, d. 1929, m. Ida S. WANZER, dau. of Richard S. WANZER d. Hamilton, Ontario, 1902; res. New Rochelle, N.Y., several ch. Albert FAIR res. N.Y.

    Janice Owens Fair, 275 E. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002     (250)

    FIELD/CALL - Seek par. Newton Gleason FIELD, b. Franklin Co., Mass., 1820; m. Esther Smith CALL.  Rem to Mancos, Colo.  Son Eugene Merritt FIELD.

     Marian Fraser, Caixa Postal 574, 40,000 Bahia, Brazil (251)

    FIRMIN/PEASE/FRENCH/PLUMMER/GREEN/PIERCE/HOPSON - Seek info the following: Elizabeth ( PEASE) FIRMIN, res. Boston, Mass. and (1684) Enfield, Conn.; John & Patience ( FRENCH) FIRMIN, res. Wilbraham, Mass., 1720; John & Tabitha ( GREEN) FIRMIN, res. Wilbraham 1820; John & Lavina ( GREEN) FWMIN, res. Wilbraham 1850; Edmund & Nancy ( PLUMMER) FIRMIN, res. Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio, 1878; Narcissa PIERCE, b. N.H.; m, N. Y. 1815 Robert HOPSON; res. Adams Co. Ill.  Will exchange info.

    D. C. Nelson, P.O. Box 12080, Dallas, TX 75225       (252)

    FOLLANSBEE/MARCH - Capt. Thomas3 FOLLANSBEE (Thomas2-1) m. Newbury, Mass., 5 Jan. 1716 Hannah MARCH; res. Haverhill, Mass. and Goffstown, N.H.  What happened to their ch. Hannah, Abigail, Sarah, Thomas, and (of particular interest) Elizabeth? Other ch.?

    Robert Gee, 1373 Tamberwood Trail, Woodbury, MN 55125            (253)

    FOWLER/STEVENS - Need par. Abigail, surname prob. STEVENS, m. Newbury, Mass., ca. 1725 Samuel FOWLER.  Their dau. & 2nd ch. Olive FOWLER, b. 23 Sept. 1728, m. 13 Feb. 1749 Joseph4 COFFIN.

    Irving Kelley, 5834 Malvern Ct.,San Diego, CA 92120             (254)

    [ 127]

    FREEMAN/ELDER/HARDING - Seek anc. par. info Hannah FREEMAN, b. 23 Sept. 1750, m. 3 Mar. 1774 Samuel ELDER b. 29 Aug. 1748. Dau. of John FREEMAN, b. 1713, & Bethia HARDING, b. Truro, Mass., 17 June 1714.

    Douglas Meiere Harding, 452 W. 22nd St., Apt. 5A, New York, NY 10011      (255)

    FRISBIE - Seek info Horton and Kimball FRISBIE, ch. of Fred F. FRISBIE (b. 1837-57), Houlton, Me.

    Jane Davis, 938 Via Casitas, Greenbrae, CA 94904      (256)

    FROST/RICE/GOODRIDGE/JOHNSON - Seek birthdate Sarah3 FROST (Thomas2, Sudbury and Framingham, Edmund1), d. Sudbury, Mass., 1717; m. there ca. 1706 John RICE. Was her mother Mary GOODRIDGE, wid. of John, or Hannah JOHNSON, wid. of Solomon?  Genealogies and town histories give conflicting data.

    Barbara V. Staff, 61113 Deer Valley Dr., Bend, OR 97702       (257)

    FRYER/TRAIL - Seek par., gr.-par., siblings of Walter FRYER, b. 1760; m. Montgomery Co., Md., May 1780 Margery ___. Rem. to Pendleton Co., KY early 1800s.  Ch.: Rachel, John, James, Walter,William, Margery, Richard, Lloyd, David, Horace, Sarah, b.1781-1802.

    Trudy Long, 5409 W. 25th St., Topeka, KS 66614      (258)

    FULLER/RUSKAMP - Seek par., siblings, b. place & date of Charles Frederick FULLER, d. New York City 1879; m. Elizabeth RUSKAMP.

    M-D. Coraggio, 1716 S. Sunland St., Ridgecrest, CA 93           (259)

    FULLER/CUTLER - Seek par., b. place of Thomas FULLER, b. 27 Oct. 1784; d. Palmyra, Wayne Co., N.Y., 9 July 1826; m. Bridgeport, Madison Co., N. Y., 19 Sept. 1814, Nancy CUTLER, b. poss. White#s Town, N. Y., 16 June 1794.  Ch.: Dwight Baily, Carington Asa, James Proctor, Joseph Cutler, Mary May.  Nancy res. Philadelphia 1883 with son Dwight.

    John P. Halstead, 757 Chestnut Hill. E. Aurora, NY 14052       (260)

    GAGE/JOHNSON/BREITING - Seek par. anc. John Calvin GAGE, b. Caldwell Co., Tex., or Tenn. 20 Nov. 1850 (par. b. Tenn.); m. Eastland Co., Tex., 9 Mar. 1879 Mary JOHNSON, b. Miss. 16 Dec. 1860, dau. of Luther & Madeline Butcher ( BREITING) JOHNSON (res. Lauderdale Co., Miss., 1860, Comanche Co., Tex. 1880).  Need res. Mary & par., 1870.

    Allen G. Baker, Box396, Bedford, MA 01730 (261)

    GARDNER/MELVILLE/NEWMAN - Newman Horatio GARDNER, b. N.Y. or Mass. ca. 1818; first appears Rochester, N.Y., 1844; m. Agnes MELVILLE, b. England ca. 1815, dau. of Henry MELVILLE. Ch.: Lucy, Millard Fillmore.  Need par. Newman (poss. a GARDNER/NEWMAN surname connection?), mother of Agnes.

    Volney A. Plumb, 2451 Olivera Rd. #C-10, Concord, CA 94520         (262)

    GOFF/WHEELER - Seek par. anc. Anna GOFF, m. Rehoboth, Mass., 12 Jan. 1783 Barnard6 WHEELER (Jeremiah5, James4-3, Henry2, John1,) b. Rehoboth 30 April 1762; d. 1 Feb. 1830.

    Mrs. Mabel A. Hopkins. 175 Cherry Farm Rd., Harrisville, RI 02830     (263)

    GOODRICH/MATTOON # Seek par. anc. of Josiah GOODRICH, b. prob. Vt. ca. 1794; m. Augusta, N.Y., 11 Nov. 1841 Esther Orinda MATTOON.  Both d. Ft. Atkinson, Wis.  Bro. Ezekial GOODRICH d. Missouri.

    Valerie Floeter, S33 W30212 St., David Dr., Waukesha, WI 53188        (Correction 135)

    GOULD/INGALLS - Seek info Thomas GOULD of Salem, Mass., m. Marblehead, Mass., 27 Nov. 1750 Sarah INGALLS.

    Mrs Charles S. Russell, 11 James Falls Dr., Richmond, VA 23221          (264)

    GOULD/REEDE - Betsey ( REEDE) GOULD, wid. Isaac, res. Davenport, Iowa, 1856, with ch. Joseph, 22, Benjamin S., 19; Isaac C., 18; George, 4; Franklin, 3.  All b. Mass. (Heath?)  Three other ch.  Did Isaac d. Mass.?  Seek documentation. Ref.: Gould/Reede Fam.

    Mildred Eaton, 10017 - 11th Ave. NW. , Seattle, WA 98177    (265)

    GRAHAM/HOADLEY - Seek birthdate, anc. Orpha/Orpa GRAHAM b. Hartford, Hartland or Canton, Conn., 1793; d. Twinbull Co.,Ohio, 7 July 1834; m. 23Nov. 1814 Ebenezer HOADLEY 3rd (b. Hartford 7 Apr. 1790).

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman, Berkeley, CA 94709   (266)

    GREENE/LEACH/WEED - Seek anc., Siblings, of John Crum LEACH, b. N.Y. 1827; d. N. Dak. 1905; m. ca. 1855 Mary C. GREENE, b. Shelburne, Vt., 1830; d. N. Dak. 1909, dau. of Rufus & Betsey ( WEED) GREENE. John LEACH#s father b.prob. N.H.; Betsey ( WEED) GREENE b. Hinesburg, Vt., 1791. John res. Somers, Kenosha Co., Wis., 1855-1882, rem. to Racine, Wis., 1883; to Havana, N. Dak., 1892.

    Betty Leach, 4916 Vista Way, Friday Harbor, WA 98250          (267)

    GREY/ABBOTT/CHANDLER - Need par. Hannah GREY, d. Andover, Mass., 1763; m. there 7 Dec. 1697 Thomas ABBOTT, b. Andover 6 May 1666; d. there 28 Apr. 1728, son of George & Hannah ( CHANDLER) ABBOTT.

    Clark H. Bag-naIl. 82 Stillwater Dr., Nashua, NH 03062          (268)

    GUNN - Seek info, anc. John GUNN, son of William & Elspate/Elizabeth (nee GUNN) G    UNN, bp. Kildonan 1799, b. Loch Awing, Sutherlandshire.  Migrated Boston, Mass., occupation joiner. Bro. Donald, New Brunswick, joiner.  Dates unknown. Also any info from desc. GUNNS from Strath Kildonan, 18th & 19th centuries.

    R. E. Rawstron, 66 Te Awe Awe St., Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand        (269)

    HADDEN/CURTIS Seek par. anc. Mary HADDEN (1810-1848), m. N.Y. Dr. Norman D. CURTIS (1803-1860), rem. To Monroe, Mich.

    Karen A. Hill, 1020 Hewitt Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070            (270)

    HARRINGTON/TROTT - Seek b. place & par. William HARRINGTON, b. poss. Me. Oct. 1824; m. (1) Portland, Me., 24 Feb. 1844 Harriet P. TROTT, (2) Hannah ___, (3) 23 Aug. 1861 Sarah B. TROTT.  Ch.: William Henry, Harriet A., Benjamin F., John, Sarah, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Charles, Alvin, Edward P., Fred, Winter B.

    Ruth Powell, 263 West St., Braintree, MA 02184         (271)

    HATCH/STROUT/CODMAN - Christopher STROUT, b. Eastham, Mass., 1695, m. ca. 1716 Mary HATCH.  Was she dau. of Thomas & Abigail ( CODMAN) HATCH?  Unlisted in my sources.

    Marian Fraser, Caixa Postal 574, 40,000 Bahia, Brazil   (272)

    HATCH/VIRGIL/VIRGIN - Seek birthplace, siblings, anc. Laura HATCH, b. 3 Dec. 1795; d. 1827: m. where? when?  Abraham VIRGIL/VIRGIN, b. ca. 1788; d. 19 Mar. 1840.

    Evelyn C. Howe-Robinson, 1500 Burbridge Dr., Rogue River, OR 97537         (273)

    HELMS/LOVERING - Seek all data Capt. Samuel HELMS, b. where? ca. 1790; m. when? Lucretia LOVERING.  Res. Boston Mass., 1820s to 1840s.  Son Samuel Lovering HELMS b. poss. Waldoboro, Me., ca. 1830.

    Denise Ferraro, 17A Superior St., Port Jefferson Sta., NY 11776          (274)

    HINCKLEY - Seek maiden name  Mercy, w. of Thomas HINCKLEY.  He d. Harwich, Mass., 1710.  Ch.: Joshua, Thomas.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141 - 44th St. So., Afton, MN 55001     (275)

    HOWE/VIRGIL/McDOWELL - Seek info anc. siblings Arthur Henry HOWE, b. London, Eng., ca. 1828; d. Schenectady, N.Y., 22 May 1910; m. (1) Troy, N.Y., 8 Sept. 1859 Mary Adalada VIRGIL, (2) Racine, Wisc., Sept. 1877 Mary A. McDOWELL.  Need info ch. of 2nd m.: Isabel A. HOWE, b. 11 June 1878; Alan H. HOWE. b. 5 Sept. 1884; David B. HOWE, b. 22 Nov. 1890.

    Evelyn C. Howe-Robinson, 1500 Burbridge Dr., Rogue River, OR 97537         (276)

    HOWLAND/NEWLAND/YOUNG/DOANE/HARDING - Seek anc. par. Henry HOWLAND & w. Mary ( NEWLAND) HOWLAND, m. England 1628.  Dau. Abigail HOWLAND m. 13 Dec. 1647 John YOUNG.  Grandson David YOUNG m. 20 Jan. 1687 Ann DOANE.  Gr.-Granddau. Rebecca YOUNG m. 24 Sept. 1713 Abiah HARDING.

    Douglas Meiere Harding,452 West 22ndSt.,Apt 5A,NewYork,NY 10011          (277)

    HUNGERFORD/WILLEY - Thomas1 HUNGERFORD res. Hartford, Conn.; rem. to New London, Conn., d. there 1663; m. (2) Hannah, dau. Isaac WILLEY.  Seek info this fam., esp. those who rem. 1800s to Livingston & Oneida Cos., N.Y.

    Mary P. Scott, RR 2 Box 155, Brewster, KS 67732      (278)

    HUSSEY/SEXTON - Seek anc, fam. m. Obed HUSSEY, Quaker, invented mechanical reaper, b. Me. (where?) 1792; d. in train accident near Portland, Me., 1860; rem. young to Nantucket, Mass, m. Eunice STARBUCK.  Need par. anc. Joseph HUSSEY, b. 1760, poss. Obed#s uncle.

    Gretchen L. Harman, 3014 Berwick Rd., Burlington, NC 27215           (address correction 146)

    INMAN/SNOW- Seek par. anc. William G. SNOW, b. prob. Smithfield, R.I., 1819; and his w.Nancy R. INMAN, b. prob. Burrilville, RI., 1819, d. Providence, R.I. 31 July 1908.  Their ch, b. Warwick, RI., 1842- 1858.

    Charles B. Hathaway, 42 Lakeview Ave., Chat ham, MA 02633            (279)

    [ 128]

    JENKINS/FOSTER - Seek par. Mary JENKINS, m. Ebenezer FOSTER (#8682 in F. C. Pierce Foster Genealogy [1899]), b. Walpole, Mass., 1740; d. Dudley, Mass, Son Calvin FOSTER (#8753 op. cit.). b. Dudley 1782.

    H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Brt sto RI 02809   (280)

    JOHNSON/CLARK/BULL/PALMER - Seek info, anc. Seth & Anna (CLARK) JOHNSON, par. Eunice JOHNSON, b. Jay, N.Y., 22 Feb. 1814; d. Vt 7 Dec. 1895; m. Jay, N.Y., 19 Sept. 1833 Jonathan BULL, b. Charlotte, Vt., 5 Mar. 1810 (son of Jerenriah & Phebe ( CLARK) BULL); d. Ferrisburg, Vt., 19 Oct. 1887 Jonathan & Eunice#s 10 ch.: Reubah, Joel, Emeline, Jerome, Jonathan A., Phebe, Loretta Alzma, Elias, Olin, Eunice Ida.

     Patricia A. Hildebrandt, 5 Serenity Lane, Andover, MA 01810 (281)

    JONES/STEPHENS/WARREN - Seek par., info William JONES, b. Mass. 9 Jan. 1789. and w. Mary STEPHENS, b. 7 Jan. 1790; m. Boston, Mass., 5 May 1811; Mary#s sis, Sarah & Eliza, Also info fam. of Mary STEPHENS/ STEVENS, mother of Gen. Joseph WARREN of Bunker Hill.

    Damaris P. Reynolds, 2928 NW. 29th St., Corvallis, OR 97330             (282)

    KILCUP - Seek anc. William KILCUP, b. poss. Mass. ca. 1738. In Col. Bagley#s New England Regiment, Capt. Blake#s Co., 1759-61, at the reduction of Fortress Louisbourg. Nova Scotia 1759-61.  Was disch. Nova Scotia, remained there.

    Doris Kilcup Winskie, 2436 Flowery Trail. Chewala WA 99109            (283)

    LANGE/BRIDGES/CULPIN -Is Nicholas LANGE of Swansea, Mass., 1687 and R.I. 1700s, of the New York DeLANGE fam.?  Seek name of husband, place of m. (Framingham, Mass.?) of Judith BRIDGES, b. 10 Sept. 1694, dau. of Benjamin3 & Elizabeth (___) BRIDGES.  Are members of the CULPIN fam. in America before 1790?

    Justin F. Morrill, 5185 Downwest Ride, Columbia, MD 21044             (284)

    LAUCK/SHAW/CABLE/SHERWOOD/PROCTOR/NICHOLS/REED/PIERCE - Seek info: (1) LAUCK ( LOUCK/LAUX) genealogies, (2) Sarah SHAW, b. Fairfield, Conn., ca. 1700; m. 17 Feb. 1729 George CABLE, b. Fairfield ca. 1700, son of John & Abigail (SHERWOOD) CABLE, (3) Judith PROCTOR, b. 14 Feb. 1739, dau. of James & Judith ( NICHOLS) PROCTOR, m. 3 Jan. 1739 John REED, b. Woburn, Mass., 14 Aug. 1712, son of Ralph & Mary PIERCE READE; he d. 21 Dec. 1755.

    Pavla Higley, P.O. Box 906, Hawkins, TX 75765         (285)

    LELAND - Seek info, desc. Hopestill LELAND of Yorkshire, England, rem. to Weymouth, Mass., ca. 1624; or other English Leland fam. who rem. to Freehold, NJ. prior to 1695.

    John Laylin, Damascus Syria. Dept. of State, Washington DC 20520-6110         (286)

    LEWIS/BERRY - Need par., dates Rachel LEWIS, m. Joseph BERRY, he b. prob. Newbury, Mass., ca. 1639. Rem. to Greenland, N.H.

    Marian Fraser, Caixa Postal 574,40,000 Bahia. Brazil    (287)

    LINDSEY/HAZELRIGG/MARSHALL - Seek info, par., b. John LINDSEY, m. where? ___ HAZELRIGG.  Came to Scioto Co., Ohio, 1796, poss. from Pa., with w. & ch.: Beulah, Margaret, John H. (Jack), Oliver, Lemuel, William B., James.  Son Peter T. b. Ohio. John LINDSEY and Samuel MARSHALL m. sisters, were first settlers Scioto Co.  John d. ca. 1815, bur. Scioto Furnace beside Samuel MARSHALL.  Son John H. (Jack) m. Polly (Mary) MARSHALL, first m. Scioto Co.

    M. Bowman, 204 Mill St. Gahanna, OH 43230           (288)

    LISH/LYONS/BLACK/DOLAN, etc. - Seek info the following: Peter LISH ca. 1783 & w. Mary ( LYON) BLACK ca. 1783. both of N.Y.; Michael DOLAN ca. 1854, w. Anna FITZPATRICK ca. 1858, both of Mass.: Joseph T. SMITH ca. 1797, w.Susanna DIETZ/DEETS ca. 1798, both of Pa.; Samuel HOUSTON ca, 1770, w. Phebe MAYO; Alexander HOUSTON ca. 1738, w. Agnes WALLACE, Samuel HOUSTON ca. 1718, w. Mary CARGILL, all of N.H.; Benjamin PARKER ca. 1703, w. Sarah  FOSTER ca. 1705 of Mass.; or any CREASON/CRESON/CRESSON.

    Mary Ann Creason Rohde, 5797 Sycamore, Rialto, CA 92376 (289)

    LOW/THORNDIKE # John2 LOW (Thomas1) b. ca, 1636, m. (1) 1661 Sarah THORNDIKE, (2) by 1674 Dorcas. Who was Doreas?

    Mrs. Emnra-JoL. Davis, 309 Yoakum Pkwy, #1415, Alexandria, VA 22304      (290)

    McLAREN/McVEAN/McNAUGHTON - Seek b. date & place. par. of Catherine McLAREN, m. N.Y, ca. 1800 Daniel McVEAN. Seek same data for Jennett McNAUGHT(O)N, m. N.Y. 1760 Donald McVEAN.

    Philo Van Wagoner, 8891 CollingwoodDr., Los Angeles, CA 90069     (291)

    MACE/EDWARDS/PRIEST/RADFORD/DODGE/SAWTELL/LOPEZ - Seek anc., info Sarah MACE, b. Mass, 15 May 1807; d. East Hampton Conn., 22 Aug 1872, while visiting son Benjamin EDWARDS; m. 31 Oct. 1823 Joseph Bragdoir EDWARDS, b. Boston, Mass, 29 Dec. 1799; d. prob. Boston 19 Dec. 1852.  Where are they bur.?  Ch.: Sarah Ann b. 1825, m. Andrew PRIEST; Eliza A. b. 1828, m. William H. RADFORD; Joseph Bragdon Jr. b. 1833, m. Aithia M. DODGE; Benjamin b. 1836, m. Mary Elizabeth SAWTELL; Mary Elizabeth b. 1839. m. Joseph M. LOPEZ.

    Mrs. Ruth S. Edwards, 1 Woodcrest Dr., Prospect, CT 06712             (292)

    MALTBY/BURDICK - Seek par. Lydia MALTBY, b. poss. Oneida Co.,N.Y?; d. prob. Ellicotville, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., 1831; m. Paris, Oneida Co., N.Y.. 1818 Seth L. BURDICK.  Couple rem. to Ellicottville 1819.  Ch.: Charlotte, Susan, Morris M., Augustus P., Lucy, Welcome Clark. Ref.: Biography of Welcome Clark BURDICK, 1895.

    Mary Burdick, 42 Maplewood St., Watertown, MA 02172       (293)

    MASTERSON/MASTERS/GOODALL - Who were sons of Nathaniel MASTERSON, son of Richard & Mary( GOODALL) MASTERSON who came to New England 1629; what happened to them?  Was John MASTERS, admitted freeman 18 May 1631, Nathaniel MASTERSON#s grandfather?  John MASTERS d. Cambridge, Mass., 1639; his w. Jane d. 26 Dec. 1639.  John#s will mentions unidentified ch. Nathaniel MASTERS & Abraham MASTERS.  Were these poss. MASTERSON ch., sons of Nathaniel?  Various documents concerning this fam. use the MASTERSON name.

    Reba Masterson Shepard, I 820NE Jensen Beach Blvd. #545, Jensen Beach. FL 34957   (294)

    MEAD/WRIGHT - Seek par. Thomas MEAD, b. ca. 1703; d. before 1760; m. Ruth ___.  Was first physician, Westford, Mass.  Served French & Indian War. Ch.: Thomas, Susanna, John, Ruth, Stephen.  Need Ruth#s maiden name.  Son Stephen m. Lucy WRIGHT, rem. to Washington, N.H.

    Julia G. Lesh, 2348 Lord Baranof Dr., Anchorage, AK 99517  (295)

    MEGLEY/MATELY/MAGELEY/NAEGLE/DUNCAN/LAPHAM - Seek anc. Catherine MEGLEY (German desc. & other spellings poss.), b. prob. Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N.Y., 12 Sept. 1787; d. Mentor Lake, Ohio, 3 Mar. 1866; m. Thomas LAPHAM (b. prob. Nine Partners 6 Feb. 1787). son of David & Sarah (DUNCAN) LAPHAM

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman, Berkeley, CA 94709   (296)

    MILLER/BROWN - Seek info Samuel MILLER & w. Ruth ___, whose dau. Rebecca MILLER b. Swansea, Mass., 29 July 1728: m. there 1 May 1746 Jeremiah BROWN.

    Charley Carpenter, Box 1236 Cardinal Station, 620 Michigan Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20064  (297)

    MITCHELL/MATHEWSON - Seek par. Thomas MITCHELL. b. wherc? 1762: d. Glocester, RI., 5 Apr. 1836; m. .Scituate, RI., 1784 Elizabeth MATHEWSON.  Enlisted age 15 2nd RI. Reginrent, served as fifer, 1777-1783.  Where was he from?

    Bruce MacGunnigle, 80 Rector St., E. Greenwich, RI 02818     (298)

    MITCHELL/WEBSTER - Need anc. Michael MITCHELL. b. Wethersfield, Conn,, 1775: m. ca. l796 Lucy ___, b. Conn. 1775.  Michael & fam. rem. to Pa. ca. 1800.  Was he son of Michael MITCHELL. estate probated Hartford, Conn., 1777, signed by Mabel MITCHELL and David WEBSTER?

    Marilyn K Solari, 64 E. Elkin St., Sonora, CA 95370    (299)

    MORGAN/SIBLEY/PATCH - Need anc., siblings William MORGAN. b. N.Y. 23 Oct. 1809; d. Jewel Co., Kans., 1876; m. (1) ca. 1828 Laura SIBLEY who d. N.Y. 1842 after seven ch., (2) N.Y. 1842 Eleanor PATCH. 11 more ch.  Res. Mich, 1850.Ill., 1860, then Kans.

    Bernice C. Richard, 1915W. Grace St., Chicago, IL 60613        (300)

    MULLEN/McBENNETT - James MULLEN & Alice McBENNEIT m. Dover, N.H., 27 May 1844.  One known son Francis MULLEN other issue?  Will correspond with anyone knowing anything.  Will refund charges.

    C. N. Abbott. Dame Rd., Newmarket, NH 03857      (301)

    NEIL - Seek all data anc. John Clemson NEIL, b. in or near New York City 17 June 1770.  Desc. from NEIL from Londonderry, N. Ireland, Mother said to have been a Virginian.

    Ralph Neil, RFD 2.313 Newmarket Durham, NH 03824        (302)

    NEWSON/TITUS - Leonard NEWSON, d. 1724; m. Rehoboth, Mass., 1692 or 1693 Experience TITUS.  Known ch.: Isabel, b. 1694; Mercy, b. 1699; Mary, b. 1701/2.  Need all data other ch.

    Lydia W. King, Park Lane, White Plains,NY10604.

                      Summer: 651 River Rd..Westport, MA 02790       (Correction 63)

    NICHOLS/MOULTON/STEVENS # Seek par  Mary MOUL  TON & Thomas NICHOLS, m. 25 May 1655.  Their dau. Sarah m. Salisbury, Mass., 24 Nov. 1698 Roger STEVENS.

    Irving Kelley, 5834 Malvern Ct., San Diego, CA 92120            (303)

    NICHOLS/STREET - Seek par. Martha E. NICHOLS, b. Charlestown, Mass., ca. 1812-1814 (given erroneously as 1827 in HA. & M.A. Street, The Street Genealogy [1895] ); d. Charleston, S.C., 14 Aug. 1874; m. at Unitarian Church, Charleston,S.C., 28 May 1837 Henry Thaddens STREET.  Her father poss. a sea captain; husband, of N. E. anc., was a Charleston native in shipping business.

    Elizabeth S. Mason, 4 Orchard Hgts., New Paltz. NY 12561    (304)

    NOTTINGHAM/O#BRIEN - Seek info William NOTTINGHAM, transported from Newgate Prison to America on the Neptune, Dec. 1767.  Seek anc. William NOTTNGHAM, & w. Susanna O#BRIEN, res. Bath Co., Va., 1790 or before.  Seek info Lt. William NOTTINGHAM, b. N.Y. 1745, served in Rev, 1776-1782.

    Ethel N. Ferns, 2125 Glen gary Dr., Redding, CA 96001         (305)

    OGDEN/HOWELL Need anc. Jonathan OGDEN. cooper, of Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y., d. poss. Orange Co. 1811; m. (1) ca. 1790 Rachael ___; (2) ca. 1798 Sarah HOWELL. Ch.: Jonathon Graham, Benjamen, Gilbert B., Martha, Jacob Howell, Daniel, Thomas Purdy, Sally.

    Barbara DiMunno, 66 Beattie Ave., Middletown, NY 10940    (306)

    OWENS/WILLIAMS/STEVENS - Seek fam. of Andrew OWENS from Wales 1820, m. Elizabeth WILLIAMS, res. Clarion, Pa. Son Joseph Miles OWENS b. 1831; d, 1903; m. Norridgewock, Me., 1876 Alice STEVENS (b. 1855, dau. of Wentworth STEVENS); served Civil War, Fredericksburg; res. Wahusha Co., Minn., 1866. Sons Ora Harley OWENS res. Buffalo, N.Y., bur. Me.

    Janice Owens Fair, 275 E. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002     (307)

    PARLER/PARLOR - Seek par., info on par. from England, of four bros. Meshek, Shadrach,William & James PARLER/PARLOR.  In Va. early 1700s, latter three fought in Revolution.  Will correspond with any desc.

    Carrie Parler-Gibson, RR 1, Canterbury, NB.. Canada EOH JCO        (308)

    PARMELEE/KIMBALL/MOULTON -Seek info, par. Joseph PARMELEE, b. Conn. ca. 1780; d. Mass. 1839.  Also seek par., birthplace of Henry KIMBALL MOULTON, b. Mass, or Nova Scotia 1845; d. San Francisco, Calif., 1869.

    Mrs. Judy Weidler, 104 Alpine-Pine Lakes, Prescott, AZ 86301             (309)

    PAYNE/PAINE - Seek b., anc. Joseph PAYNE, b. Ashfield? Franklin Co., Mass., poss. 1798; d. Conneaut, Ohio, 3 Apr. 1880; res. Stockton, N.Y.  Prob. grandson (gr.grandson?) of Joseph Ruggles PAINE, b. Braintree, Mass. 1735; d. Ashfield, Mass., 1822, desc. of Moses PAINE of Braintree.

    Duncan Gardiner, 12961 Lake Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107    (310)

    PERKINS/JOHNSON/NOWELL - Seek anc. William PERKINS, b. Somersworth, N.H., 1820, d. Vassalboro, Me., 1891; m. Sarah JOHNSON (1831-1907), dau. of James & Hannah ( NOWELL) JOHNSON.  Hannah NOWELL b. Berwick, Me. 1792, dau. of Jonathan NOWELL, Rev. War soldier, of Yotk, Me.  Was William PERKINS#s father Daniel, grandfather Jonathan?

    Janice Owens Fair, 275 E. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002     (311)

    PERRY/TURNER/WHESTON/STETSON - Seek par., anc., ch. Mary PERRY, d. Pembroke, Mass., 1748; m. Joshua4 TURNER of Scituate. Mass.; res. Pembroke.  Was she dau. of Thomas PERRY & Susanna WHESTON?  Will names dau. Hannah STETSON; was this the Hannah who m. Pembroke 23 Nov. 1738 Robert STETSON?

    Helen Woodroofe, Box 3, Athena, OR 97813 (312)

    PHILLIPS/AYER/BENNETT - Jonathan PHILLIPS, d. Griswold, Conn., 12 Oct. 1786; m. Preston, Conn., 15 Mar, 1721/2 Esther AYER.  Seek proof, yea or nay, he is the same as Jonathan PHILLIPS, bp. Watertown, Mass., 13 July 1690, son of Theophilus & Mary ( BENNETT) PHILLIPS. Also seek anc., VRs of Esther AYER.

    Stan Lang, 2909 Leech Ave., Sioux City, IA 51106      (313)

    PIERSON/HERR/ALEXANDER - Wish to contact dese. of Emma PIERSON/PEARSON, m. (1) ca. 1886/87 Hother H. HERR, bookbinder.  Ch.: Irene, Vemie, Arvina, Bessie, Neula. Res. Lansing, Thornton Twp., Cook Co., Ill. until after 1900 Census. M. (2) ___ ALEXANDER, rem. to Wash. state.

    Mrs. Yvonne E. Martin, 1225 N. Chestnut St., Lansing, MI 48906        (314)

    PRIOR - Seek par. of Edward PRIOR, & w. Hannah, res. Whitehall, N.Y., 1830.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141 - 44th St. So., Afton, MN 55001     (315)

    ROBINSON - Need b. date & place of George ROBINSON, and son Robert Francis ROBINSON.  George b. ca. 1850. son of Jacob W. ROBINSON of Vt.  Robert b. prob. Me., ca. 1890.

    Harvey Knepp, 136 Back River Rd., Dover, NH 03820           (316)

    ROBINSON/DAVIS/HASTINGS - Need par. Deborah ROBINSON, m. ca. 1730 Robert4 DAVIS, b. Haverhill, Mass., 6 Apr. 1703, son of SamueB & Katherine ( HASTINGS) DAVIS. Their son Robert4 DAVIS b. Haverhill 9 Jan. 1733/34; they later res. Concord, N.H. Robert4 DAVIS d. Concord ca. 1755.

    Clark H. Bagnall, 82 Stillwater Dr., Nashua, NH 03062            (317)

    ROBINSON/PALMER/HALL/HILTON/WINTHROP/DUDLEY/COPP/WATSON/ NIXON - Elizabeth HILTON, dau. Dudley& Mercy ( HALL) HILTON, desc. Govs. WINTHROP & DUDLEY, m. Christopher ROBINSON.  Dau. Margaret ROBINSON m. Patriot Maj. Barnabas PALMER.  Dau. Margaret PALMER m. Patriot Lt. Col. David COPP, bur. Dover, N.H.  Who were Christopher#s anc., poss. Christopher Robinson 1645-1693, Secretary of State?  Lawyer David COPP, Jr., Portsmouth, N.H., 1795, m. Mary Polly WATSON, rem. to New Orleans, La.  How is dau. Mrs. Adeline Cecilia ( COPP) NIXON kin to Col. Samuel Edmundson WATSON. U.S.M.C., and Mrs. Adehine Prescott WATSON, Portsmouth?

    J. A. Locke Miller Jr., 2810-K Carriage Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106-5328    (318)

    ROSS/FRISBIE/WHITE - Annette WHITE, dau. of Letitia ( FRISBIE) WHITE, m. ca. 1860-1890 Charles ROSS; all of Houlton, Me.

    Jane Davis, 938 Via Casitas, Greenbrae, CA 94904      (319)

    ROWAN/MAYNARD/PETERSON - Seek anc. Jessie Mae ROWAN, dau. John & Lucretia (MAYNARD) ROWAN, b. Primghar, Iowa, 2 Oct. 1873; m. 1893 John L. PETERSON. Siblings: twin sis. Bessie & bros. John & George ROWAN. Par. poss. from Ohio.

    Anne Benson, 352 Woodland Ave., Williamsport, PA 17701    (320)

    SAUNDERS/NICKERSON - Joseph SAUNDERS m. Harwich, Mass., 15 Sept. 1791 Mary NICKERSON.  Who were his par., where was he from?

    Bruce MacGunnigle, 80 Rector St., E. Greenwich. RI 02818     (321)

    SCOTT/ALLIS - Seek info William SCOTT, b. where? when? (b. America or migrated?); d. Hatfield, Mass., 1718 (month & day?) age 83; m. Hatfield 28 Jan. 1670 Hannah ALLIS. Freeman 8 Feb. 1678.  Poss. connected with Benjamin SCOTT fam., Braintree, Mass.

    Mary P. Scott, RR 2 Box 155, Brewster, KS 67732      (322)

    SCOTT/WICK/LUPTON - Seek anc. Nehemiah SCOTT, b. Long Island. N.Y., 1763; d. Liberty. Trumbull Co., Ohio, 11 Sept. 1834; m. Mary WICK.  Also anc. Mary (WICK) SCOTTs par. Lemuel & Deborah ( LUPTON) WICK, he bp. Suffolk, Huntington Co., N.Y., 30 June 1745.

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman St.. Berkeley. CA 94709           (323)

    SEYMOUR/ROBBINS - Seek birthplace, anc. Lydia SEYMOUR, b. Middlefield, Mass., or Greenfield, N.Y., 24 Aug. 1795; d. Windham, Portage Co., Ohio, 15 Oct. 1876; m. 14 Aug. 1821 Samuel ROBBINS, b. Middlefield 24 July 1796; d. Windham, Portage Co., 27 Sept. 1862.

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman St., Berkeley, CA 94709           (324)

    SHURTLEFF/BENSON/GRIIFFITH - Seek par. anc. Sarah SHURTLEFF. m. 7 Apr. 1746 Joshua BENSON, res. poss. Middleborough, Mass.  Also par. anc. Abigail d. Livennore Falls, Me., 26 Aug. 1840; m. Plympton, Mass., 13 Feb. 1777 Ichabod BENSON.

    Anne Benson, 352 Woodland Ave., Williamsport. PA 17701    (325)

    SMART/BRACKETT - Seek par. Giles SMART, b. near Exeter, N.H., 10 Dec. 1775; d. 1853; m. Newmarket, N.H.. 28 June 1802 Mary (Polly) BRACKETT.

    H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Bristol, RI 02809   (326)

    SMART/DOE/WIGGIN - Seek par. Jonathan SMART, b. near Newmarket, N.H.; m. ca. 1730 Mary ( DOE) WIGGLN,  (her 2nd m.).

    H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Bristol, RI 02809   (327)

    SMITH/COOLEY - Seek anc. Rebecca SMITH, b. Springfield, Mass., Oct. 1760 (poss. dau. Benjamin); d. Eaton, Lorain Ohio, 21 Sept. 1855; m. 12 Sept. 1787 Timothy COOLEY, b. Springfield 6 Oct. 1763. Three bros. of Rebecca SMITH were bodyguards to Gen. Washington dur. Rev.

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman St., Berkeley, CA 94709           (328)

    [ 130]

    SMITH/PHILLIPS/WINSLOW - Was Ruth SMITH of Providence, R.I., m. Dartmouth, Mass., 1813 Richard C. PHILLIPS, the Ruth, dau. of Samuel & Rebecca ( WINSLOW) SMITH, b. North Providence, R.I., 10 Oct. 1793?  Any ch.?

    Charley Carpenter, Box 1236 Cardinal Station, 620 Michigan Ave. NE, Washington. DC 20064 (329)

    SMITH/WARD - Need par., dates Sarah SMITH, m. John WARD.  He was b. prob. Killingworth, Conn., 11 Aug. 1700.

    Marian Fraser, Caixa Postal 574, 40,000 Bahia, Brazil   (330)

    SMITH/WELLING # Seek b. place & date, d. date, anc. of Samuel SMITH, son of John SMITH (d. Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y., 1797), d. Warwick 1823-25; m. Julia WELLING (b. Warwick 1783-84).  Samuel had bros. William & Walter, b. Orange Co.

    aul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman St., Berkeley, CA 94709 (331)

    SPENCER/INGALSBE/MANN - Seeking par., siblings Sampson SPENCER, b. Aug. 1787; d. Livingston Co., Mich., 1859; m. (1) poss. Cayuga Co., N.Y., Hulda INGALSBE, d. Alabama, N.Y., 1843, (2) #Silvy# ___, rem. to Livingstone, Co. Mich., shed, 1845, (3) 20 Oct. 1855 Chloe MANN.

    Mary Mulligan Konik, Box 39, Vermilion, 44089         (332)

    SPRAGUE/DENTON - Seek anc. Samuel SPRAGUE m. where? 1804 Caty DENTON.  They d. Peru, Clinton Co., N.Y., he 1842, she 1843.  Also her anc.

    Ruth W. O#Connor, 1950 - 5th St., Long Beach, CA 90802      (333)

    SQUIRE/DECKER/INGERSOLL - Need par. anc. Sally SQUIRE, b. 18 Sept. 1781; m. Mass. or NY., 1808 John Calvin INGERSOLL.  Also par. anc. Susan Marie DECKER, b. Lewis Co., N.Y., 1 Sept. 1836; m. Oswego Co., N.Y., 6 Apr. 1856 Amos Graves INGERSOLL.

    Janet M. Hunter, RR. 2, Alexis, IL 61412        (334)

    STARK/EDWARDS - Seek anc., info Molly STARK m. Benjamin EDWARDS, b. 1765; d. Boston 1808. Ch.: Benjamin b. 1793; Bartholomew b. 1794; Alexander b. Bragdon b. 1799; Mary Ann.

    Mrs. Ruth S. Edwards, 15 Woodcrest Dr., Prospect, CT 06712            (335)

    STEVENS/ACKERMAN - John STEVENS, b. N.H. ca. 1791; m. Mary Elizabeth ACKERMAN of Frederieton, N.B., dau. of Cornelius & Fanny ACKERMAN. Ch. all b. NB.: Mary Jane b. 1829; John P. b. 1831; Mirion b. 1833; Henry M. b. 1837, d. 1918, bur. Greenwood Cem. Carleton Co., N.B.  Seek info any of the above.

    Jane Davis, 938 Via Casitas, Greenbrae, CA 94904      (336)

    STEVENS/BARTLETT - Need par. Thomas STEVENS, b. 1653 in Newbury, Mass., 15 Apr. 1670 Martha1 BARTLETT.  He was called #Deacon of Amesbury.#

    Irving Kelley. 5834 Malvern St., San Diego, CA 92120             (337)

    STEVENS/TOWNSEND/FRISBIE/TABOR/DRAKE - Joseph STEVENS came to Houlton, Me., ca. 1823, bought property 1824 from Edwin TOWNSEND, first husband of Martha ( FRISBIE) (TOWNSEND) TABOR.  Sold property in Ludlow, Me., 1845 to Melzar DRAKE. Any info.

    Jane Davis, 938 Via Casitas, Greenbrae, CA 94904      (338)

    STILES - Seek maiden name Abigail w. of Capt. Jacob STILES.  Res. Keene, N.H.. & Lunenburg, Mass., 1760-1770s; d. Cavendish, Vt., 1819.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141 - 44th St. So.,Afton,MN 55001       (339)

    STONE/OLES - Seek desc. Silas Waldo9 STONE, a desc. of Gregory1 STONE of Cambridge, Mass., b. Sherborn, Mass., 1849; m. Josephine Belle OLES. Ch.: Sarah Mabel STONE, Leslie Waldo STONE.  Last known res. Bridgeport, Conn., late 1800s or early 1900s.  Ref.: J. G. Bartlett, Gregory Stone Genealogy (1917).

    Janice Leland Whiting, Rt. 3 Box 930, Gloucester, VA 23061    (340)

    SWEET/CRAMPTON/CRANSTON - Seek par. (poss. b. Me. per 1880 Pa. Census) of Jesse N. SWEET, b. Sheridan, Chautauqua Co., N.Y., ca. 1834, d 1888.  Need any SWEET fams., esp. those with persons named Jesse.  Foss. connection with CRAMPTON or CRANSTON through m., esp. Neri CRAMPTON.

    LeonardA. Widen, 943 Brentwood, San Jose, CA 95129          (341)

    TAYLOR/BARTLETT - Need par. Johanna TAYLOR, b. ca. 1761; d. 4 Oct. 1844; m. 10 Nov. 1783 Samuel BARTLETT

    Nancy F. Scarlett, 37 Hampshire Dr., Mendham, NJ 07945      (342)

    THOMPSON/ELLIS/SCHUYLER/CHAPIN - Need anc. Ebenezer THOMPSON, b. ca. 1774; m. 1799 Comfort ELLIS, b. Milford, Mass., 1770.  Their son Schuyler Cha in THOMPSON b. Rockingham, Vt., 1811.  Is there perhaps a SCHUYLER and/or CHAPIN connection?

    Volney A. Plumb, 2451 Olivera Rd. #C-10, Concord, CA 94520         (343)

    TRAVER/BARRINGER/ECKERT -Need all data Peter & Elizabeth ( ECKERT) TRAVER, par. of Jacob TRAVER.  Jacob b. 17 Jan. 1824; d. 25 Mar. 1904, m.6 Apr. 1848 Sarah Ann BARRINGER.  Jacob & Sarah rem. from Ulster Co., N.Y. to Wyoming Co., Pa.

    Geraldine F. Moyer. 18 Chambers Ave., Greenville, PA 16125             (344)

    TRIPP/DEMILLE - Need par. Richard & Israel TRIPP, bros.. poss. from Dutchess Co., N.Y. Rem. to Ontario, Canada, late 1700s, settled near Fish Lake, Sophiasburg; later to Tyendinaga (Hastings) Ontario.  Both m. daus. of Isaac DEMILLE, U.E.L.

    Mrs. Illean M. Hammar, P.O. Box 784, Ames, IA 50010         (345)

    VAN WAGENEN/ELMENDORF/FYNHOUT/MASTEN/VAN WAG(O)NER -Seek desc. Aert Jacobs VAN WAGENEN, including ELMEMDORF, VAN WAG(O)NER, FYNHOUT & MASTEN. Need info for 1630-1800 in New York state.

    Philo Van Wagoner, 8891 Collingwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90069    (346)

    VRSIC/ZAKRAJSEK/MARKEZ/JAKSE/MCVEY/HILL/CABLE/BROWN - Seek info Yugoslav surnames VRSIC, ZAKRAJSEK, MARKEZ, JAKSE.  Also info Ruben McVEY, b. Oct. 1790; d. Mar. 1860; m. ca. 1815 Martha HILL, b. 8 Feb. 1795 (dau. John & Martha [___] HILL); d. Adams, N.Y.. 6 Mar. 1875. Dan. Martha McVEY b. 14 Apr. 1818; d. 17 Aug. 1841; m. John CABLE, b. 11 June 1810. son of Johnathon & Apphia (BROWN) CABLE; d. 12 Apr. 1885.

    Pavla Higley, P.O. Box 906, Hawkins,TX 75765          (347)

    WAKEFIELD/HAYWARD/WILDER! WYMAN - William5 WAKEFIELD (Samuel4, John3-2-1), b. Boston 1731; m. (1) Ashford, Conn., 1751 Dorcas HAYWARD (d. Woodstock, Conn., 1766), (2) before 1770 Keziah ___. William & Keziah#s ch.: Wyman, d. Ohio 1859; Mary, b. 1776, m. Jacob WILDER; John. William in N.H. by 1778; Brookfield, Vt., by 1785; Canada by 1801. Who was Keziah; poss. a WYMAN?

    Mrs. Emma-Jo Davis, 309 Yoakum Pkwy #1415, Alexandria, VA 22304         (348)

    WARNER/COX/BARBAR - Seek info, anc. Andrew WARNER, b. where? 2 Feb. 1771; d. N.Y. ca. 1817; m. where? Permilla COX, b. where? 14 Aug. 1771; d. N.Y. Feb. 1856. She m. (2) N.Y. Mar. 1824 Lemuel BARBAR. Ch., all WARNERs: Hannah, Sarah, Henry, Thomas, Andrew William Robert, Maria.

     Sandra Froberg, 2308 Wagonwheel Dr., Easton, PA 18042     (349)

    WASHBURN/WARNER -Seek info par. anc. Howland WASHBURN, b. Stafford, Conn., 10 Apr. 1790, d. Franklinville, N.Y. 16 June 1871; m. Conn., Hannah WARNER. Ch.: William, Andrew, Howland Jr., Lurana, Warner, Daniel, Ephiom, Hannah, Lucia & Paulina.

    Charles Elliott Bouis, 1093 Dawn View Lane N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327            (350)

    WEST/COBB - Seek anc. Bartlett WEST, b. 9 Dec. 1771; m. 18 Dec. 1792 (m. int. Chatham, Mass., 27 Mar. 1792) Abigail COBB. b. 6 July 1768 (his Bible record).  Res. Hampden, Me. where 6 of 7 ch. b., 2nd ch. b. Chatham, Mass.  Were his par. John WEST of Bradford, Mass., & Elizabeth BARTLETT, b. 18 Mar. 1742 (dau. of Daniel & Hepzibah BARTLETT of Newbury); m. int. 20 Sept. 1766, res. Bradford, Mass., 1788.

    Macel W. Elliott, 601 E. Republic St., Peoria, IL 61603            (351)

    WHITNEY - Seek identity of w. of James WHITNEY, res. Ludlow, Vt., 1770s, Sons: Orlando, Daniel, James, Jazamiah.

    Bruce Campbell Jr., 14141 - 44th St. So.. Afton, MN 55001     (352)

    WILLER-Seek par. anc. w of John Butts WILLER, b. #Northern U.S.,# 1786; emigrated to Ontario, Canada.

    Michael Willer, 2552 Via Anita, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274           (353)

    WILLIAMS/BUSHBY - Seek par. anc. Grace WILLIAMS, b. 11 May 1831; d. 11 June 1898: m. Salem, Mass., 30 May 1852 Henry BUSHBY Jr.

    Charles B. Hathaway, 42 Lakeview Ave., Chatham, MA 02633             (354)

    WILSON/ALLEN/RICE - Benjamin & Sarah (ALLEN?) WILSON had seven ch. b. Westborough, Mass., 1748-1764, rem. to Princeton, Mass.  Need his par., not Edward & Hopestill ( RICE) WILSON of Marlboro and Shrewsbury, Mass.

    Ken Stevens, P.O. Box 118, Walpole, NH 03608        (355)

    [ 131]

    WILSON/MUNSON - Seek birth place, anc. Levi G. WILSON, b. 20 June 1789; m. 26 June 1821 Minerva MUNSON (b. Manchester, Vt., 19 Dec. 1792).  Levi a tailor in Middlebury, Vt., where four ch. b.  All rem. to Mentor/Painesvillle, Lake Co., Ohio where Levi d. 24 Jan. 1839. Levi poss. son of Thomas4 WILSON (Thomas3-2, Robert1), bp. Rhinebeck, N.Y., 21 July 1765; d. poss. ca. 1855.

    Paul C. Wilson, 2051 Berryman St., Berkeley, CA 94709           (356)

    WILSON/WARD - Seek origins John & Abigail (WARD) WILSON, m. West Springfield, Mass., 9 Oct. 1766 (VR).  John d. there 19 May 1814 ae. 71 years (VR).  Abigail d. there 14 May 1823 ae. 79 years (VR).

    KenStevens,P. O. Box 118,Walpole, NH 03608          (357)

    WINSLOW/SMITH/BROWN - Was the Rebecca WINSLOW of N. Providence, R.I, m. there 26 May 1793 Samuel SMITH of Rehoboth, Mass., the Rebecca, dau. of Jacob & Ruth ( BROWN) WINSLOW, b. Swansea, Mass., 17 Mar. 1775?

    Charley Carpenter, Box 1236 Cardinal Station, 620 Michigan Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20064 (358)

    WOLCOTT/STACY - Seek info, anc. Emerson WOLCOTT, b. poss. N.H. 1797; m. before 1829 Martha B. STACY, b. poss. N.H. 1805.  Ch. b. Eaton, N.H.: Freeman, Martha E., John W., Mary E., Aurilla H., Emerson.  Rem. to Strafford, Vt., by 1850, to Northfield, Vt., by 1884.

    David H. Jerrett, Box 606, Ipswich, MA 01938           (359)

    WOOD/WHITMARSH - Seek anc. Olive WOOD, b. Mass. 1767; m. as 2nd w. ca. 1796 Oliver WHITMARSH of Jericho, Chittenden Co., Vt. Ch.: Minerva, Nahum, Oliver, Olive.

    Howland Atwood, RR 1 Box 241, Windsor, Vt. 05089           (360)

    WRIGHT/BAGG - Seek birthdate, par. Olive WRIGHT, b. ca. 1760 m. Pittsfield, Mass., 1771 Martin BAGG.

    Philo Van Wagoner, 8891 Collingwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90069    (361)

    YOUNG/WADLEIGH - Seek anc., birthplace John YOUNG, whose name first appears Exeter N H records 30 Mar. 1670, b. 2 Nov. 1649; d. 10 June 1697; m. Feb. 1672 Sarah WADLEIGH. Also b. dates of their ch. (from Noyes, Libby, Davis Genealoçical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire).

    Charles Y. Hitchcock Jr., 73 Thaxter St., Hingham, MA 02043 (362)

    YOUNKHAUSE/MacINTOSH/SUTTON - Need any/all info regarding Palatine Clara YOUNKHAUSE, w. of Alexander1 MacINTOSH.  Res. Dutchess Co., N.Y.  Ch. 2 b. 1757-66: Alexander ; Simon; John; Magdalena; Rachel.  Also par. anc. Esther SUTTON, b. Roxbury, NY 12 Apr. 1808; d. Pa. 1878; m. 1831 Simon MacINTOSH, Jr.

    Mrs. Frances S. Drisko, 332 Chestnut St., Syracuse, NY 13212 (363)

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