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  • Queries Vol. 8 No. 1

    Published Date : February 1991
    ANDREWS/JAMES - Seek info on John ANDREWS, b. England; res. Pottsville, Pa., 1850; m. Rebecca JAMES.  Ch.: Ellen, Emily, Louise. He engaged in mining. Rem. to Brooksville, Me., 1860s. Any info welcome. Richard J. Brownell, 52 Pilgrim Rd., Needham, MA 02192           (1)

    ARNOLD/SMITH - Seek fam., anc., of both David ARNOLD (son of David Arnold, 1749- 1812), b. Haddam, Conn., ca. 1785, and his w. Sarah (Sally) SMITH, b. ca. 1788; they m. Haddam 14 Mar. 1807. Nine ch.; two remained in Haddam when fam. rem. to Bradford Co., Pa., 1830s. Jean L. Joslyn, 848 S. Loraine, Springfield, IL 62704-2332 (2)

    BAKER/WITT - Seek birthdate, par., of Elizabeth BAKER, b. Lynn, Mass.: m. 1676 John WITT.  Was her father Edward BAKER?  Who was her mother? Need all info. Grace H. Zass, 78 S. Stratlzmore Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34233 (3)

    BARRON/CROWELL/WATSON - Seek anc. of Phebe Barron CROWELL, b. Elizabethtown, N.J.; d. Germantown, Pa., 1859; m. 1812 John Fanning WATSON, author-historian.  She was dau. of Thomas CROWELL; desc. of Oliver CROMWELL.  Was her mother a BARRON of Hampton, Va. rel. of William, Richard, Samuel, or James BARRON, Virginia naval officers? Katharine W. Hiam, 17 Glenoe Rd., Chestnut Hill, MA 02167         (4)

    BRADLEY/McKENNY/OLIVER/STEVENS - Seek b. Gervas BRADLEY, b. N. B., N.S., or Me. ca. 1828; d. at sea winter 1850-51; m. 1850 Lynn Mary McKENNY.  Also seek m., anc. of John(?) (b. poss. Haverhill), settled St. John River 1760s.  Also anc. Katharine STEVENS, Pemaquid, Me., Indian captive to Quebec 1689. Charles W. Hyde, Jr., 2 Sacheni Rd., Peabody, MA 01960      (5)

    BROWN/CANNEY - Seek info on desc. of William & Eunice (CANNEY) BROWN.  He was b. ca. 1765 and she ca. 1757 in Canada.  Rem. Somersworth to Ossipee, N.H.  Ch.: Moses, Paul, Avery, Joel.  They res. Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro, Moultonboro, N.H.  Wish to discover anc. and rel. with others in that area, and in Danvers, Mass. Herbert C. Cole, 112 Quinobequin Rd., Newton Lower Falls, MA 02162 (6)

    BRUCE/INGRAHAM - Lydia BRUCE m. Saybrook, Conn., 12 Apr. 1725 (VR) John INGRAHAM, Jr. Who were her par., where was she from? Bruce MacGunnigle, 80 Rector St., E. Greenwich, RI 02818 (7)

    BUTLER - Seek info of anc. & desc. of S. Kate BUTLER, b. Boston, Mass., ca. 1875. Had dau. b. out of wedlock Keene, N.H., Dec. 1895/96.  Res. Boston in 1896. John M. Cummings, M.D., 3 Edwards St., Haydenville, MA 01039 (8)

    CHAPEL/HAVELIN/BRYANT/WRIGHT/HASKINS/MORSE - Seek par., anc. of CHAPEL fam., all m. Berkshire Co., Mass.: Hulda m. 1792 James HAVELIN, Olive m. 1791 Reuben BRYANT, Elizabeth m. 1788 Amasa WRIGHT, Giles m. 1796 Martha HASKINS, Rachel m. Asahel MORSE. Rem. to Onondaga Co., N.Y.  Anc. poss. b. New London, Conn. Father poss. Amos or Joseph CHAPEL. Poss. a bro. Joseph and one more sis. Connie Wilson, 7002 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito, CA 94530            (9)

    CHASE/COGSWELL/TRIVIOLI/TRAVOLI/GOULD/WYTHE/SMITH - Seek anc., data on the following: Abigail CHASE b. N.H. 27 July 1827, dau. of Abraham5 & Abigail Redford (COGSWELL) CHASE, m. where? 1819 Dominicus TRIVIOLI/TRAVIOLI. Sis. Clarissa CHASE m. Benjamin GOULD, sis. Eliza CHASE m. Gad WYTHE, bro. David Dennis CHASE m. Patience R. SMITH (ref.: Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase [1928]. Info needed on bro. Parker CHASE, rem. ca. 1825 to Jefferson Co., N.Y., with Abigail & husband. David DENNIS & w., and bro. Stephen CHASE. Jean A. Lovetang. 1319 Monarch Circle, Naples, FL 33999        (10)

    COIT/INGRAHAM - Need confirmation of b. & parentage of Elizabeth COIT, b. where? 17 Apr. 1728; m. Boston, Mass., 15 Sept. 1748 (VR) John INGRAHAM.  Her par. said to be Job & Lydia COIT, but they are not in Rev. F. W. Chapman, Desc. of John Coit (1874). Bruce MacGunnigle, 80 Rector St., E. Greenwich, RI 02818     (11)

    COLLINS/HITCHCOCK/SHAW/CHAMBERLAIN - Seek par. William COLLINS, b. Hartland, Conn. 1790s, m. (1) Granville, Mass., Phebe CORNWELL, (2) Polly KENNEDY, b. Blandford, Mass., 1798. Both d. Ohio.  Seek par. John SHAW, b. Brookfield, Mass., 1758; m. Hardwick, Mass., 1780 Keziah CHAMBERLAIN; res. Benson, Vt. Son Cheney SHAW m. Cheshire, Conn., Esterfield HITCHCOCK. Ruth Minnety, 3150 Rivermill Drive, Columbus, OH 43220        (12)


    CROOKS/ANDREWS/WINTERS/SIEGLE/MITCHELL/ROWE - Seek par., anc. desc. of Ellen (ANDREWS) CROOKS, w. of George CROOKS, b. Pottsville, Pa., Sept. 1850; d. Waterbury, Conn., 8 Sept. 1920.  Son George, daus. Mrs. Annie ANDREWS, Mrs. Oscar WINTERS, Mrs. Charles SIEGLE, Mrs. George MITCHELL, Mrs. Ada ROWE, all res. Waterbury area. Richard J. Brownell, 52 Pilgrim Rd.. Needham, MA 02192 (13)


    CUMMINGS/MARTIN - Seek info on Peter2 CUMMIN(G)S  b. Clarksburg, Mass., 1850, son of Matthew1 & Mary (MARTIN) CUMMINGS. John M. Cummings, M.D. 3 Edwards St., Haydenville, MA 01039 (14)

    CUSHING/COOK/HOUGH - Seek anc. John CUSHING, b. Mass. ca. 1830; m. Charlotte Waddington COOK, b. Grimsby, England ca. 1830. Dau. Maria Theresa CUSHING b. Peru, Ill.. ca. 1857; d. 24 Dec. 1896; m. Sheldon Leavitt HOUGH. b. Ill., 20 Aug. 1849. Sheldon Hough, 9238 Del Monte Ave., Yucca Valley, CA 92284 (15)

    DAVIS/BAILEY - Seek par., anc. Robert Barclay (or Barstow) DAVIS, b. Stoughton or Mansfield, Mass., late 1700s or early 1800s.  Son Robert Barclay DAVIS b. Stoughton 26 Apr. 1835; m. East Bridgewater, Mass., 1857 Martha BAILEY, b. 3 June 1840; d. 1931. Mrs. William (Davis) Hatcher. 230 Poquanticut Ave., N. Easton, MA 02356         (16)

    DEADMAN/DADMUN/DEBENHAM/HODGES/GENNINGS, etc. - Am compiling genealogy of John & Dorcas (HODGES) DEADMAN of Salem, Mass., Samuel & Martha (Gennings) DEADMAN of Framingham, Mass., others.  Request info on present and early families not available from NEHGS. Will exchange data and answer questions. Herbert C. Cole, 112 Quinobequin Rd., Newton Lower Falls, MA 02162 (17)

    ELY - Request FGS and other info on all ELY fams. in and of Lyme, Conn., from its settlement to 1800. Please include refs. Kathleen S. Ely. P.O. Box 370 , Haddam, CT 06438 (18)

    FOSS/BERRY - Seek desc. of John FOSS & Mary BERRY of Rye. N.H., m. ca. 1658.  Will Share my 298 fam. group sheets on their ch., grandch., and gr.-grandch., with desc. who share with me.  Where may I find latest, most accurate info on FOSS/POST problem? June Berry, 4101W 51155. Kearns, UT 84118 (19)

    FOSTER/AVERY/EVERY - Seek desc. Samuel FOSTER, b. Attleborough, Mass., 14 June 1743; d. E. Livermore, Me., 7 Apr. 1825; m. Fishkill, N.Y., 22 Nov. 1764 Leah AVERY or EVERY. b. N.Y., d. New Sharon, Me., 1809.  Any info John & Rachel EVERY, res. N.Y. Katie K. Snyder. 66 Rarnblewoods. Valdese, NC 28690       (20)

    GLIDDEN/POTTER/TRUE – Anc. David & Sukey (POTTER) GLIDDEN, m. Kensington, N.H. 21 Nov. 1810 (Kensington VRs). the same as David6 (David5, John4, Charles3, Richard2, Charles1) & Susannah GLIDDEN who rem. to Lyons, Wayne Co., (not Orleans Co.) N.Y., ca. 1816?  If so, who were Sukey Potter’s par.?  David’s6 par. David5 & Sarah (TRUE) GLIDDEN had rem. to Lyons ca. 1813. David6 & Susannah’s ch.: True7 B. Me or N H 14 Sept. 1811; Henry, b. ca. 1815; Mary; George; Abigail, b. N.Y. ca. 1821; Cyrena, b. Lyons, N.Y.. ca. 1830. Others? Any info appreciated. Marjorie C. Gibbs,P.OB. 55, Union Springs,NY 13160        (21)

    GOULD/TITUS/PECKHAM - Seek par.. anc. Titus GOULD, 1761-1853, Long Island, N.Y.  Was he son of William & Ruth (TITUS) GOULD?  Also seek desc. Charles D. PECKHAM, Westerly, R.I. K. L. Goadd, 10409 Medina Rd..Richmond, VA 23235-2635 (22)

    HALE/YATES/TUTTLE/FRAZIER – Seek anc., desc. of Thomas HALE, b. England ca. 1780, and of his w. Elizabeth (Betsy) YATES, b. Pa. ca. 1782.  They m. Warren Co., Ohio 24 Sept. 1805. Dau. Hannah HALE, b. Clinton, Co., Ohio, 21 May 1806; m. Warren Co., Ohio, 3 June 1823 John TUTTLE. Son Ezra HALE b. Ohio 1820 d. Muncie, Ind., 1 Mar. 1902; m. Ind. ca. 1845 Margaret FRAZIER, b. Ohio 1831. H. T. Brady, 5716 Kingston Ave., Lisle, IL 60532  (23)

    HANDY/DOUGLASS - Seek par., b. date & place of Nancy HANDY, b. poss. Taunton, Mass., ca. 1816; d. Taunton 15 Apr. 1840:, m. Taunton 6 Sept. 1835 George DOUGLASS, b. 1813.  Also any info their ch.: Nancy, b. 1836 and George, b. 1838, both poss. in Taunton. Robert W. Handy, 1014 Washington St., Cary, NC 27511  (24)

    HANDY/LEE- Seek par., b. & d. date/place of Phoebe HANDY, b. poss. Taunton, Mass., ca. 1824; m. Taunton 18 May 1848 Samuel LEE, b. 1817. Also any info their ch. Robert Ed., b. 1849; Mary Josie, b. 1855; Charles, b. 1858. Phoebe last known in New Britain, Conn. Robert W. Handy. 1014 Washington St., Cary, NC 27511  (25)

    HANDY/REDDING - Seek par., b. & d. date/place of John HANDY, m. Taunton, Mass., 28 Nov. 1813 Mary (Polly) REDDING (1784-1846). Ch. poss. b. Taunton: John 1815, Nancy 1816, Phoebe 1824. Robert W. Handy, 1014 Washington St., Cary, NC 27511 (26)

    HANDY/SCOTT - Seek info Sarah O., b. 23 Jan. or July 1853, and Adelaide V. HANDY, b. 28 May 1857, both b. Taunton, Mass., and info their mother Olive B. SCOTT, b. 1829; m. 29 Oct. 1852 John HANDY. Olive last known in Providence, R.I., 1870. Robert W. Handy, 1014 Washington St., Cary, NC 27511 (27)

    HARTFORD/JONES/MORRIS/BUTLER/PARDEE/BELL - Seek par., anc., info Sarah HARTFORD, b. 1780: d. Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio, 1824; m. 1796 Isaiah JONES, b. Bucks Co., Pa., 1774: d. Crawford Co., Ohio, 1853. Among their ch.: Mary (1800-1853) m. John Wesley MORRIS (1798-1857): Anna (1809- 1901) m. Isaac BUTLER (1805-1878); Jefferson Harrison (1813-1904) m. Laurette PARDEE (1813-1890); Isaiah (1816-1901) m. Belinda BELL (1819- 1875). Alberta Killie, 10883 S. Prospect Ave., Chicago, IL 60643 (28)

    HAYWARD/HOWARD/HUGG - Seek anc. Ebenezer HAYWARD (HOWARD), b. Mass. (census). 4 Oct. 1794 (fam. bible); res. Chester, Meigs Co., Ohio, 1812-34; d. Tompkins Co., N.Y.. 20 Dec. 1854: m. before 1817 Electa HUGG, b. poss. Canaan, Conn., 9 Sept. 1798: d. Tompkins Co. 11 Feb. 1875. Ch. (b. Ohio): Harry. Isaac, David, Edward, Harriet, Alonzo, Melissa; ch. (b. N.Y).: Charles, Phebe, Leonard, Electa, Ebenezer. Michael Spaulding, P.O. Box 1113, Carmel, IN 46032 (29)

    HOHL/BITLER - Seek par., anc. Benjamin F. HOHL, b. Morgantown. Berks Co., Pa., 7 May 1865; m. Laura BITLER. b. 6 Sept. 1868.  Both bur. Pottstown, Pa. Need BITLER info also. John E. Allen, P.O. Box 521. 16 Byrnes Ave., Litchfield, CT 06759             (30)

    HUTCHINSON/CLARKE - Elisha & Elizabeth (CLARKE) HUTCHINSON had son Samuel, b. Boston, Mass., ca. 1685.  Was he the same Samuel who res. Lebanon, Conn., a major part of his life?  He m. (prob. not in Lebanon) Sarah ___; seek her maiden name. Samuel P. Stevens, 312 Sheridan Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611 (31)

    JOHNSON/CRANE/LYON -Seek all info on Elizabeth JOHNSON, b. 1729: prob. m. ca. 1749 Joseph CRANE, b. Newark N.J., 1717. Sources: Wickes, Genealogy of the Crane Family 1899-1900; Nelson, New Jersey Patents and Deeds, 1664-1703 & Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1730; Lyon Family Memorial; History of Newark; Wickes, History of the Oranges; Littell, Genealogies of First Settlers of Passiac Valley. NJ. (1851); English Origins of New England Families. Judith Morris Tooman, 2111 Barbe Ct., Lake Charles, L.A 70601 (32)

    KEIZER/KEEZER/KEYSER/POOR/MITCHELL - Need VRs for and ch. of John Jesse KEIZER, b. Canterbury. N.H. ca. 1791 m. (1) Portland, Me., May. 1812 Nancy POORE, (2) where? when?  Nancy MITCHELL. Res. East Corinth, Me ca 1818.  Some desc. res. Ohio, 1990. Leon Keyser, 22 Tamarlane, Portland, ME 04103  (33)

    KENNEDY/BISHOP - Seek par.. anc., of Sarah KENNEDY, b. Blandford, Mass., 1784; d. Portage Co., Ohio, ca. 1850; m. Hudson, Summit Co., Ohio, 16 Mar. 1808 David BISHOP, b. Goshen, Conn., 1785. Alberta Killie, 10883 S. Prospect Ave., Chicago, IL 60643  (34)


    KINNEY/COLVIN/PIERCE/LELAND/BROWN/WALCOTT/WADE/COOK/RALPH - $50.00 reward to first respondent submitting maiden names & par. of the following women: Bridget, m. poss. Amenia, N.Y., 1770 Didymus5 KINNEY; Mary, m. Danby, Vt., 1779 Amos4 COLVIN; Elizabeth, m. ca. 1724 John4 PIERCE, b. Charlestown, Mass., 1703, d. Wethersfield, Conn., 1774: Deborah (not Prescott), m. ca. 1678 Ebenezer3 LELAND of Sherborn, Mass; Theodore , m. (1) Elisha3 BROWN of Easthampton, Mass., (2) Samuel WALCOTT of Williamsburg, Bridgewater, Mass.; Abiel, m. ca. 1728 Ichabod 3 WADE of Bridgewater, Mass.; Mary, wid. of John1 COOK of Warwick, R.L, m. 1656 Thomas RALPH.  Proof or strong evidence required. Joan S. Guilford, 2710 E. Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667  (35)


    KNIGHT/CALLAHAN - Seek info, par., anc. Catherine Magdalen CALLAHAN; have only that she came from Staten Island, N.Y.; b. ca. 1864-66; m. Boston, Mass., 9 Feb. 1884 Walter Hams KNIGHT. Natalie B. Antonio, 26 Chestnut Hill Dr., Seekonk, MA 02771  (36)

    LARKIN/MUNRO/JOLLS/EASTERBROOKS - Amos LARKIN m. (1) Ballston, Saratoga Co., N.Y., 1 April 1790 Mary/Polly MUNRO, (2) Mercy JOLLS, wid. David EASTERBROOKS, whose will was probated at Warren, R.I., 3 Feb. 1794.  Amos had ch.: Amos, Jr., Rebecca, Polly/Mary, Albion, Joshua, David E., John, Bethia, William, Henry.  Need d. date Mary (MUNRO) LARKIN, and m. place & date for Amos & Mercy (JOLLS) EASTERBROOKS. Elizabeth B. Larkin, 356 E. Heritage Village, Southbury, CT 06488 (37)

    LAWRENCE/BRUEN - Seek info on Dea. Richard LAWRENCE, m. Sarah ___. Daus. Bethia & Esther bp. New Haven,. Conn., 1 June 1651.  Esther m. John BRUEN, son of Obadiah. Sources: Savage: Genealogy of the Bruen Fam. at NJ. Hist. Soc.; Abstracts of Essex Co., N.J.; Hist. of the Willis Fam.; Torrey, NE. Marriages; Littell, Genealogies of the First Settlers of Passaic Valley, NJ.; Nelson, NJ. Patents & Deeds & Calendar of NJ. Wills. Judith Morris Tooman, 2111 Barbe Ct., Lake Charles, LA 70601 (38)

    LAWRENCE/GILLETTE/REYNOLDS/KNAPP - Seek anc. William H. LAWRENCE, b. ca. 1811 & Polly (GILLETTE) LAWRENCE, b. ca. 1812.  Census of Sullivan Co., N.Y., 1850 shows ch. Eunice, Benjamin, Peter, Philip, John, and (Polly’s mother?) Jemimah GILLETT, b. Conn. ca. 1776.  Son John m. 1869 Catherine REYNOLDS, dau. of James Van Benschoten & Hannah (KNAPP) REYNOLDS. Dr. Greg T. Scotten, Box 1385, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557 (39)

    LAWRENCE/MARTIN/MORGAN/GOUDEY - Seek all info about Peter MARTIN & w. Martha (LAWRENCE) MARTIN, both of Marblehead, Mass.  Their dau. Elizabeth (MARTIN) (MORGAN) GOUDEY b. ca. 1712; m. ca. 1735. Grace H. Zass, 78 S. Strathmore Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34233  (40)

    LAWRENCE/TATMAN - Seek anc. Samuel LAWRENCE, d. Worcester, Mass., 1813; m. there 1752 Hannah TATMAN.  Samuel listed in m. record as from Pomfret. Ch.: Samuel, Edward, Daniel, Lucy, Simeon, James.  Also anc. of Hannah’s par. John (d. Worcester 1760) & Mary TATMAN. Sandra Goolden, RR1, Box 319G. Yarmouth, ME 04096  (41)

    LEE/ADKINS - Seek rel. of Henry LEE & w. Marah ADKINS, in Manchester, Mass., 1650.  In 1646 Henry was of York Co., Va., and Col. Richard LEE, poss. Henry’s bro., went on the bond of Henry given to the par. of Marah ADKINS. Henry LEE said he was from Cheshire, England. Ref.: T.A. Lee, “The Lee Family of Marblehead,” Essex Institute Historical Collections (1916).  Has more recent work been done on this fam.? Mrs. Edmund C. Lay, 231 -46th St., Sandusky, OH 44870         (42)

    MacPHERSON - Seek desc. Alexander MacPHERSON, son of Donald & Sarah (MacPHERSON) MacPHERSON; b. Catalone, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, ca. 1862.  Known to have lived in Bolton/Marshfield area of Vt., last known in Trenton, N.J. Jean Scott, 1259 West Main Rd., Middletown, RI 02840 (43)

    OATES/PERERA - Seek par., anc., co., twp. of William Alfred OATES, b. England 1 Nov. 1893; dockguard on ship Gibraltar; m. Anna PERERA, b. on Gibraltar.  Both d. New York City, he d. 15 Apr. 1950. John E. Allen, P.O. Box 521, Litchfield, CT 06759 (44)

    OSBORN/FOX/BOARDMAN/CHITTENDEN - Seek par. Abigail OSBORN, b. Billerica, Mass., 1660, d. 1718; first w. of Isaac FOX (1657-1735) of Billerica and Medford, Mass., son of Thomas FOX (1619-1658) of England and Concord. Isaac’s son Thomas FOX m. Mary BOARDMAN, b. 1709, dau. of Thomas & Mary (CHITTENDEN) BOARDMAN. Anne Sterry Henges, 13398 Conway Rd., St. Louis, MO 63141  (45)

    PABODY/PEABODY/ANDREWS - Lt. Francis PABODY, b. St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, 1614, m. Lydia ___. Son John b. Hampton, Mass., ca. 1642; m. Hannah ANDREWS, poss. dau. of Robert & Grace (___) ANDREWS, prob. of Boxford, Mass.  Seek maiden name of Lydia and info on the ANDREWS fam. Samuel P. Stevens, 312 Sheridan Ave., Piedmont, CA 94611 (46)

    PARKER/FASSETT - Seek anc. Lydia PARKER, m. Billerica, Mass., 1 Jan. 1705 or 06 Samuel FASSETT; he was later Town Treasurer, Westford, Mass.  Dau. Esther b. Billerica ca. 1711. H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Bristol, RI 02809  (47)

    PARKER/McWITHY/BANGS - Seek info, ch., desc. Michael5 PARKER, b. Wallingford, Conn., 15 Oct. 1758; d. Aurora, N.Y. 15 Sept. 1813 ae. 55; m. Rachel McWITHY.  A Rev. War soldier, had several ch., incl. Hiram PARKER, m. Harriet BANGS.  Who were Rachel’s par.? Dr. James P. Forsman, 23 Cloud Leap Pl., The Woodlands, TX 77381 (48)

    PAYNE/PAINE/STATHAM/MANSFIELD - Seek fam. line of Frances Payne MANSFIELD, dau. of John & Elizabeth (PAYNE) MANSFIELD, b. N.Y.C. 1882; d. N.J. 1962; m. N.Y.C. 1901 Walter STATHAM; desc. of Robert Treat PAINE, Declaration Signer, and of Thomas PAYNE, admitted freeman of Plymouth Colony, 1639. Janice E. Hodell. 67 Wilbur Rd., Lincoln, RI 02865-5109  (49)

    PERKINS/ROGERS - Seek info on par., anc. of Elias PERKINS, b. ca. 1780; d. Fayette Co., Ind., 11 May 1834; same needed for w. Susan/Susannah ROGERS, b. N.J. ca. 1781; d. Fayette Co. 2 June 1874. Son James H. PERKINS b. Ohio 1824; d. Connorsville, Ind., 4 Feb. 1894; m. Frances MORROW, b. Ky. ca. 1827. H. T. Brady, 5716 Kingston Ave., Lisle, IL 60532  (50)

    PFEIFFER/W1LLIAMS - Seek birthplace, anc. of Charles PFEIFFER, b. poss Wurttemberg, Germany, May 1827; d. Fort Wayne, Ind., after 1910; m. Abigail(?) WILLIAMS(?), b. Ohio, July 1832. Charles immigrated to U.S.A. with par. Christopher (b. Wurttemberg ca. 1780; d. Fort Wayne, Ind., May 1853), & Catharine, b. Germany ca. 1785.  Were they from Gomaringen, near Reutlingen, Germany?  What was their port of entry (1832)?  Sources: Federal Census, Allen Co. (Ind.) Marriages, Will Records of Allen Co., Wurttemberg Emigration Index, Vol. 4. Donald G. Pfeiffer, 121 Coventry Cir., Brockton , MA 02401  (51)

    REED/WOOD - Seek par., anc. Hannah REED, b. Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N.Y.. 25 July 1781; d. Jay, Essex Co., N.Y., 26 June 1862, bar. Mountain View Cem., Jay; m. Jonas B. WOOD, b. Richmond, Mass., 27 Nov. 1774; d. Jay, N.Y., 12 May 1830, bur. there.  Ch.: James Harvey, Lucian, Henry, Fanny, Zeniah, Ransom, Newton, Sarell, Mary, John Fletcher, Wesley. Virginia Wood Frost, 1070 Choctaw, Camden, AR 71701  (52)

    ROBINSON/HILTON/PALMER/COPP - Elizabeth HILTON of Exeter, N.H., m. Christopher ROBINSON. Did he rem. to Cape Breton, N.S., then drown at Halifax, N.S., ca. 1750s?  Who were par.? A dau. m. Patriot Maj. Barnabas PALMER, Sr., Rochester, N.H., whose dau. m. Lt. David COPP, Sr., Dover, N.H. J. A. Locke Miller. Jr., 2810-K Carriage Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106-5328  (53)

    RODGERS/FOSTER - Seek anc. Elizabeth RODGERS. b. prob. Boxford or Bradford, Mass., ca. 1698; d. 2 Oct. 1729; m. 27 Nov. 1719 Moses FOSTER, #76 in F. C. Pierce, Foster Genealogy. Son Asa b. Andover, Mass., 15 Apr. 1721. H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Bristol, R.I. 02809  (54)

    RUSSELL/COOLIDGE/ROBLNSON - Seek par. John RUSSELL, sailmaker, d. Boston, 1833; m. Cambridge, Macs., 1800, Fanny COOLIDGE. Suffolk Probate, 1796: John RUSSELL guardianship and apprenticeship into sailmaking.  Father listed, Samuel, late deceased of Marblehead, mariner.  Also seek par. Fanny ROBINSON, d. Brighton. Mass., 1844; m. King’s Chapel, Boston, Mass., 1774 Caleb COOLIDGE. Leland Carle, Box 494, Fairhaven, Mass. 02719  (55)


    SEEKINS/HAYFORD/THRASHER/SIRKIN/AMSDELL- Seek. desc. of Aaron & Lydia (HAYFORD) SEEKINS, m. Middleborough, Mass., 12 Jan. 1724. Seek desc. Moses SEEKENS, m. Middleborough, Mass., 7 Nov. 1717 Demaris THRASHER of Taunton, Mass.  Seek anc. Susan SIRKIN or SEKELL, b. prob. Mass. 1750; d. prob. Erie Co., N.Y., 1844; m. Deerfield, Mass., 1783 Abner AMSDELL.  Has anyone researched SIRKIN/SEEKEL/SEEKIN? Mabel G. McMahon, 1 LaFond Dr., Ganasevoort, NY 12831 (56)


    SEELEY/SMITH/KNAPP, Seek anc. Abner SEELEY (b. 1776), and w. Eunice SMITH, b. 6 Mar., poss. 1772; d. 4 Mar. 1841); m. 6 Mar. 1790, res. S.W. Conn.  Dau. Sally SEELEY b. 8 Mar. 1796; d. 1851, poss. 20 July; m. 12 Aug. 1813 William KNAPP, b. Horseneck, Conn., 15 Jan. 1794; d. Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co., N.Y., 20 Feb. 1870. Dr. Greg T. Scotten, Box 1385, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557  (57)

    SHERLOCK/THAYER - Need par. Charles SHERLOCK of Providence, R.I., m. Mendon, Mass. Feb. 1719 Rebecca4 THAYER (Josiah3, Ferdinando2 , Thomas1). Charles res. Smithfield, R.I, 1730. Shirley Weller, R.R. #3, Box 79A, Knoxville, IA 50138  (58)

    SPALDING - Seek connection betw. Edward SPALDING, res. Jamestown, Va., 16 Feb. 1623 (Hotten, Orig. Lists of Persons of Quality, p. 176), and Edward SPALDING, res. Braintree, Mass., 1640, rem. to Chelmsford, Mass., d. 26 Feb. 1670 (Pope, Pioneers of Mass., p. 427); and birthplace of Edward SPALDING of Chelmsford. Karla Spaulding. 3405 Barcelona St., Tampa, FL 33629  (59)

    STACY - Seek w. of Mark STACY, son of John & Eleanor (___) STACY, b. Marblehead, Mass., ca. 1657; rem. to N.H. before 1682. Richard H. Benson, 2513 Manitou Island, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (60)

    STATHAM/MANSFIELD - Seek fam. line of George STATHAM, b. Cobdan House, Coventry, England, father of Walter STATHAM, b. Coventry, m. N.Y.C. 1901 Frances Payne MANSFIELD, settled Chicago, Ill., par. of Walter Burgess STATHAM, b. Norwalk, Conn., 1903. Janice E. (Statham) Hodell, 67 Wilbur Rd., Lincoln, RI 02865-5109         (61)

    STERRY/HUDGINS/WILLISTON - Seek par. William Williston STERRY, b. N.Y. 1820. Both par. b. N.Y. William & par. traveled Erie Canal, Albany to Syracuse, N.Y., 1825.  No trace of fam. in Syracuse. William in Tenn. by 1847, m. 1848 Mania HUDGINS.  William poss. of Conn. STERRY fam.; his mother poss. a Mass. WILLISTON. Anne Sterry Henges, 13398 Conway Rd., St. Louis, MO 63141 (62)

    TANKERSLEY - Wish to contact anyone with info on desc., or who is a member of the TANKERSLEY fam. Wish to exchange fam. group sheets and fam. history data; am reconnecting all U.S. TANKERSLEY fam. lines and variations of surname spelling. Ron R. Tankersley, 210 W. Phillips Ct., Grand Prairie, TX 75051  (63)

    TILDEN/MAY - Seek anc. Mary TILDEN, b. ca. 1690: m. Eleazar MAY, res. Stoughton, Mass.  Dau, Mary/Molly TILDEN b. 5 Nov. 1719. H. B. Leslie, 37 Shore Rd., Bristol, RI 02809  (64)

    VINCENT/STOKES/COLEMAN/KILLE - Seek par., anc. info James VINCENT, b. Eng. 1800, d. where? when?; m. Ottery, St. Mary, Devon, England, 2 Mar. 1826 Mary STOKES, b. Ottery 5 June 1802; d. where? when?  After 1850 he became lay reader to mission churches from Nashotah House, Nashotah, Wisc. Ch. all b. Whimple, Eng.: Elizabeth (1828); John (1830); Marianne (1832), m. Eng. 1855 Peter COLEMAN; William Henry (1837); Emma (1838). m. Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio, 1866, John Hines KILLE; George (1830); Sarah (1844). Alberta Killie, 10883 S. Prospect Ave.. Chicago, IL 60643         (65)

    WALLACE/WESTCOTT - Seek anc., w., ch., all data for Samuel WALLACE, whose son Jonathan Elkins WALLACE was b. Londonderry, N.H., 15 Sept. 1810 and m. Chester, N.H., 6 May 1830, Eliza WESTCOTT, b. Danbury, N.H.  Seek same info for Eliza. Chester A. Foss, 61 Orchard Rd.. Demarest, NJ 07627   (66)

    WARREN/LEWIS/MYERS - Seek info, par. James Chapman WARREN, b. New York City ca. 1811-13; m. Hannah LEWIS, b. New York City 1809. Ch.: Robert Charles b. 1835; Thomas b. 1839; Emma Francis b. Mar. 1846, d. Mineola, N.Y., 12 Sept. 1911, m. ca. 1865 Louis J. MYERS, b. 19 Nov. 1839, d. Hempstead. N.Y., 2 Jan. 1926; Mary b. 1849; Caroline b. 1848; Elizabeth b. 1850. Ref. used: U.S. Census 1850, 11th Ward N.Y.C.; Louis & Emma (WARREN) MYERS’s d. certificates. Betty Hans, 1451 Lakeside Dr., Wantagh, NY 11793  (67)

    WASHBURN/GIFFORD - Seek par., anc. Polly (Mary) WASHBURN, b. ca. 1800; d. Putnam Co., N.Y., 15 Oct. 1878; m. Putnam Co., N.Y., ca. 1830 Elisha GIFFORD, b. Norwich, Conn., 1749. Ch.: Nancy Ann, Elisha, Lodesky, Van Rensselear.  Poss. had a sis. Elizabeth. Maty M. Hunt, 85 Elm Rd., Falmouth, MA 02540  (68)

    WEISER/WISER/WISOR/WILSON -Seek info, anc. John WEISER & Elizabeth WILSON, m. ca. 1795.  They appear in Clearfield Co., Pa., bef. 1810.  Who were their par., where b.& m.? Harvey Knepp, 136 Back River Rd., Dover, NH 03820  (69)

    WILLIAMS/LELAND/RATOON/WAKEFLELD - Seek info, anc. Garret Lansing WILLIAMS, res. Whitewater, Wisc.; m. Amelia Anna LELAND, b. Norwich, N.Y., June 1830, dau. Amos & Hannah Egbert (RATOON) LELAND. Also seek info RATOON fam., and mother of Amos LELAND (Anne or Nancy? WAKEFIELD). WILLIAMS fam. res. Stonington, Conn., before 1800. John Jennings, 28 Hayward Dr., Surry, NH 03431  (70)

    WOOD/CLARK/POST - Seek info on Charles WOOD, b. 1782, poss. Conn.; d. 1874, bur. Hillside Cem., Plymouth, Conn. (Hale Headstone Collection, origs. at Conn. State Lib., Hartford); m. Middletown, Conn., 4 Apr. 1807 Jemima CLARK, dau. Oliver & Hannah (POST) CLARK.

    G. Wood, 4825 Oakwood, Moss Point, MS 39563  (71)

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