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  • Queries Vol. 4 No. 4

    Published Date : August 1987
    ADDINGTON/HOBBY/MEAD/LEVERETT/FISHER - Seek birthplace and anc. of Isaac ADDINGTON, Secretary of General Court of Mass., 1635, surgeon, owner of ships Sarah, Anne, and Joane of Boston; d. before Dec. 1653; m. Anne LEVERETT, dau. of Elder Thomas LEVERETT & Anne FISHER.  Ch.: Isaac, Anne, Rebecca, Sarah.

    Mrs. Hiley Addington, 1688 Mills St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7V 4E5           (226)

    ADDINGTON/HOBBY/MEAD - Seek birthplace and anc. of John ADDINGTON who m. at Greenwich, Conn., 8 May 1740 Hannah HOBBY, dau. of John HOBBY & Hannah MEAD.  Ch.: Sarah, John, Thomas, Hannah, Sarah, Henry, Elizabeth, William, Ebenezer.

    Mrs. Riley Addington, 1688 Mills St., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada N7V 4E5           (227)

    ANDERSON COWDERY - Seek info anc. of Mary ANDERSON, m. at East Haddant, Conn., 19 Oct. 1756 Thomas COWDERY, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 11 June 1732; d. at Chatham. Conn., 4 April 1791.

    Michael L. Johnson, 218 Bedford St., Lexington, MA 02173    (228)

    AUSTIN/MATHER - Seek anc. of Mary AUSTIN, b. poss. in Conn. or RI., ca. 1753; d. poss. at Schuyler, Herkimer Co., N.Y., Aug. 1808; m. ca. 1770 Asaph MATHER.

    Virginia N. Wood, 11621 Village Place Dr., Houston TX  77077          (229)

    BARNES/HOUSE - Desire all info on George L. BARNES, poss. b. in Mass., ca. 1820; d. at Meriden, Conn., 30 Jan. 1860; m. poss. at Springfield, Mass., or environs, ca. 1847 Elizabeth Whitney HOUSE. She d. at Meriden, 1902. Jacobus in HALL-HOUSE Genealogy says she m. at E. Windsor, Conn., 22 Feb. 1846 Francis REED.

    Mrs. Shirley M. Barnes, 20 Loblolly Lane, Wayland, MA  01778           (230)

    BARTLETT/BLACKWELL - Need par. of Maria Amelia BARTLETT; b. 15 Oct. 1823, d. 8 Dec. 1871, m. 6April 1848 at Christ Church, N.Y.C. as second w. to Thomas Lawrence BLACKWELL, b. 13 Sept. 1806, d. at Williamsburg, N.Y., Sept. 1889. Ref. Virkus.

    Richard S. Clark M.D., 1401 Cherokee Tr., Atlanta, TX75551 (231)

    BERRY - Seek origins and anc. of Reuben Kelly BERRY, Sr., innkeeper in Salmon Falls, Orleans Co., N.Y., ca. 1830, and his w. Amanda.  Moved to Holley, N.Y. and by 1851 to N. Calif.  Was he from Ireland?

    Dorothy Berry, 100 Thorttdale Dr.. #151, San Rafael, CA  94903        (232)

    BIRKHEAD/BIRKENHEAD/BURKHEAD - Seek references for Christopher BIRKHEAD (BIRKINHEAD), b. 1630?, d. 1676, m. Joanne of Bristol, England, to Maryland (poss. Anne Arundel Co.); son Eleazer BIRKHEAD; his son Christopher BURKHEAD, b. 1704, d. 1750; his son Eleazer BURKHEAD, b. 1737, d. 1834, m. Elizabeth NUTWELL; their son William BURKHEAD, b. in Davidson Co., N.C., 1 April 1785.

    Julia H. Gunn, Rt. 4, Box 355, Reidsville, NC  27320   (233)

    BISSELL/CLARK/MEDBERY -Seek anc. of Sarah BISSELL, 1778-1836, ssho m. ca. 1808 William CLARK of Milton Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., N.Y.  They had ch. Nathaniel, Horace, Daniel, Sarah, poss. others, some poss. b. in Conn.  Dau. Sarah m. Stephen B. MEDBERY of Ballston Spa.

    Neil B. Todd, 26 Walnut Place, Newtonville, MA  02160         (234)

    BISSELL/DRAKE - Nathaniel, b. at Somerset, England, ca. 1591, d. at Windsor, Conn. 3 Oct. 1677.  Was first w. Mary DRAKE (sister of John DRAKE, b. at Wiscombe, Devon, 1585), d. 21 May 1641.  Need info on Mary, b., m., and w. of John.

    Rodney G. Schroeder, 2438 S. Idlewood, Holland, MI 49424  (235)

    BLACKADAR/BLACKADORE -Seek anc. ol Christopher BLACKADAR, bp. at Boston, Mass., 21 May 1738; d. at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 23 May 1791; m. Catherine, b. 1741. d. at Halifax, 1794. fathers name Christopher. Mother, b. 1718, d. at Halifax, 1788.

    Catherine Mathews, 644 Walker Rd.. Great Falls, VA 22066     (236)

    BRADLEY/GIBBS/RAMSAY/BURPEE - Seeking any info on Nathaniel BRADLEY, b. ca. 1816; d. at Lewis, Essex Co.. N.Y., 12 Aug. 1845; m. ca. 1845 Lucinda Ann GIBBS, dau. of John GIBBS & Euphemia RAMSAY; son Nathaniel Oliver BRADLEY, b. at Lewis, N.Y., 6 Dec. 1845; Lucinda m. (2) Stephen BURPEE.

    Nancy Dasinger, 509 4th St., S.E. Sidney, MT 59270   (237)

    BROOKS/BEAL/PRINCE/CLARK/MORRILL/DAMON - Seek anc. of Joshua BROOKS, who m. 30 Nov. 1806 Lydia BEAL, b. at Kingston, Mass., 26 July 1788, dau. of David & Lydia (Prince) BEAL. Known ch.: William Penn Beal BROOKS, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 5 Feb. 1810; d. at Chelsea, Mass., 26 Jan. 1886; m. (1) Mary Cyrene CLARK, 3 March 1835; (2) Anna Maria MORRILL, 2 Dec. 1874. Mary BRO1OKS, b. at Tewksbury, Mass., 29? Feb. 1821; m. at Lowell, Mass., 22 Oct. 1839, Alexander DAMON.  Joshua BROOKS poss. of Albany, N.Y. Tewksbury, Mass.

    Chuckie Blaney, Hollis St., Sherborn, MA 01770          (238)

    BROWN/GUILFORD - Sophia BROWN, b. ca. 1776 in Mass., m. at Williamsburg, Mass., 1802 John GUILFORD.  Need anc. of Sophia, whose par. were prob. of Hampshire Co., Mass.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 F. Adams Ave., Orange CA 92667       (239)


    BROWN/HOOPER/GLOVIER/GRAY - Seek info re Timothy GLOVER, m. at Woodstock, N.H., 20 Oct. 1818 Eunice HOOPER. Dau. Diana Whipple GLOVIER m. Goerge Pinkham BROWN.  Also father of George Pinkham BROWN, Nathaniel BROWN, m. at Northwood, N.H., 15 Nov. 1798 Temperance GRAY.  Need dates of b. and d. and anc. of Timothy and Nathaniel.

    Ruth Burell-Brown, 120 F. 62nd St. 5A, New York, NY 10021            (240)

    BROWN/WALLIS/CURWIN? -Boston Transcript queries often asked, ‘Who was Rebecca BROWN (1729?- 1790) of Lynn, m. at Lunenberg, Mass., 2 July 1755 Benoni WALLIS (1728-1792)?”  Has this ever been resolved?  Have three possibilities.  Why was second son named Curwin? Can find no link.

    June Methot, Box 192, Navesink, NJ  97752   (241)

    BRYANT (See #3 17)

    BULL/SMITH - Seeking par. of Susan Abigail BULL, b. at Hartford, Conn., ca. 1776; m. at Utica, N.Y., 10 Feb. 1796 Waitstibl SMITH; d. at Perry, N.Y., 31 Dec. 1838.  Was living with an aunt in “Whitestown,” N.Y., before marriage.

    N.E. van Patten, 6685 Girvin Dr., Oakland, CA 94611            (242)

    BURDICK/CAPON/COON/DYE -Sarah F. (Esther?) COON, b. in N.Y. 1832; d. 1911; m. in Amity Twp., Erie Co., Pa., before 1850 Jasper CAPRON, b. Dec. 1827; d. Dec. 1901, res. in Amity Twp., poss. dau. of Richard COON, b. at Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI., 12 Aug. 1788, rem. to Milton, Chittenden Co., Vt. (1820, 1830 censuses); m. before 1820 poss. Esther ___, b. in Vt., ca. 1802 (1850 census), and at 1840 census they were in Amity Twp., but he does not appear in any 1850 census.  Esther COON appears as wid. at 1850 census at Amity with ch.: Mary, b. in Vt., ca. 1823; Rosina, b. in N.Y., ca. 1834; Chauncy, b. in Ohio ca. 1839; Amanda, b. in Pa., ca. 1842. Richard COON, son of Peleg COON, Jr., b. at Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI., 12 Oct. 1763; m. at Hopkinton 13 Apr. 1785 Anne DYE; at 1810 appears in census for Milton, Chittenden Co., Vt.  Peleg COON, Sr., b. ca 1733?, res. at Hopkinton, RI., at 1763 where he m. 26 Jan. 1763 Eunice BURDICK. 8 ch. in RI. V.R.s for Hopkinton.  Seek all info, esp. verification of par. of Sarah E. (COON) CAPRON; verification that Erie Co., Pa., Richard COON was the same man as Richard, son of Peleg COON, Jr., and anc. of Peleg COON, Sr., who appears 1763 after in Hopkinton, R.I. Will pay for or exchange info.

    Elroy W. Titus, 1256 Ashland Ave., Columbus, OH 43212      (243)

    BURRELL/POOLE/SWEENEY -Seek info on anc. of Mabel BURRELL, b. at Boston 25 Sept. 1874, her father Samuel BURRELL, b. at Randolph, Mass., 1831; m. Vesta Jane POOLE.  Father of Samuel BURRELL, David, Sr., m. Hannah ___, b. 1802; d. at Randolph, Mass., 12 Dec. 1886.  Mabel later m. ___ SWEENEY and res. at Somerville Mass.

    Ruth Burell-Brown, 120 F. 62nd St., 5A, New York, NY 10021           (244)

    CAMPBELL/PADDOCK/MOTT -Seek info re John CAMPBELL, b. prob. in Scotland, m. at Annesville, Oneida Co., N.Y., before 1805 Ruth PADDOCK, b. ca. 1784.  Family rem. to Cook Co., Ill., 1836.  Son Jonathan b. ca. 1817; m. at Crete, Ill., 1843 Melissa MOTT, b. in N.Y.? 1827. Any info.

    G. Cravens, 2732 N. Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, WI  53211      (245)

    CARDEN/WALVORTH/CAWCROFT - Seek info re John CARDEN, b. in England, naturalized U.S. 18 Oct. 1871; d. at Lawrence, Mass.? 10 Mar. 1905?; m. in Eng., Alice WALVORTH?, b. in Eng., d. at Haverhill, Mass., 13 Feb. 1908. Ch.: James, Thomas, Charles, Henry, Martha, Joseph, Mary, John, Richard, Richard CARDEN, b. in Eng., 11 Jan. 1849; d. at Lawrence, 27 Nov. 1914; m. 6 Nov. 1872 Priscilla CAWCROFT, b. 4 Dee. 1850; d. Jan. 1892. Ch.: Alice, Fred, Clare, Grace.

    Bennett J. Hudson, 599 Poplar Hill Rd., Coy ington, GA 30209            (246)

    CARR/BROWN - Need names of par. of John CARR, m. at Salisbury, Mass., int. 27 Jan. 1726 Elizabeth BROWN of Newbury.  Were Richard2 & w. Sarah REALLY, m. 8 Jan. 1726/7 the par.?  Need maiden name of Mrs. Sarah Healey CARR.  Seek Elizabeth Brown’s date of b. and d. and the names of her par.

    Lorna L. Williams, 2111 9th Ave., Helena, MT  59601 (247)

    CASTLE/HOWE - Julia A. CASTLE, b. near Kingsville, Ohio, ca. 1822; m. John H. HOWE, attorney, later Brig. Gen’l. Ch., b. in Ohio: Ed. B., Emma F.  Res. 1860 census at Kewanee, Henry Co., Ill.  Desire correct date and place of b., par. names, anc. Is she Our, at Kewanee? When? Where can I look? - Charles Osmer Herr, 416 Lee Dr., Blue Springs, MO 64015      (248)

    CHIPMAN/SHIELDS - Seek proof that Mary CHIPMAN, b. at Camden, Del.; d. at Kernersville, N.C., after 1784, dau. of Perez CHIPMAN; m. poss. at Camden ca. 1747 John SHIELDS, b. in Accomac Co., Va., ca. 1719, and had son Reuben SHIELDS, b. at Camden, Del., 27 Jan. 1750; d. at Kernersville, NC., 1837.

    Julia H. Gunn, Rt. 4, Box 355, Reidsville, NC 27320    (249)

    CLARK(E)/REDD/WADE - Seek anc. Mildred Clark(e), w. of Rev. Anderson WADE, M.D., d. before 1853.  Was she dau. of John CLARK(E), Jr., & Martha Elizabeth “Patty” REDD of Prince Edward Co., Va., dau. of Rev. Lt. John REDD, b. 25 Oct. 1755 & Mary TRUMAN?  Was he son of Thomas REDD, Jr., b. ca. 1730; d. 1801, of Prince Edward Co.?

    Nancy Douthat Goss, 89 Johnson St., N. Andover, MA 01845            (250)

    CONOVER/COUWENHOVEN - Desire par., etc., of Alfred L. CONOVER, b. in Monmouth Co., N.J., ca. 1822; m. at Freehold, Monmouth Co., 21 Dec. 1847 Eleanor COUWENHOVEN, b. at Freehold 30 June 1827.  Need d. dates and places of both.  Need proof of b. of ch.: John, Peter, Eliza, William. prob. b. at Freehold.

    Mrs. Shirley M. Barnes, 20 Loblolly Lane, Wayland, MA  01778           (251)

    COREY/DARWIN/DURHAM/HAWKINS - Need anc. of Jacob COREY, b. in Vt. 1788, & Martha (Patty) DARWIN/DURHAM, b. in Vt., 1790.  They m. ca. 1806, rem. to Cortland Co., N.Y., 1816, and to Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 1822, where Jacob d. 1828.  Martha remarried 1831 Joseph HAWKINS.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 E. Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667      (252)

    COWDERY/TOBEY - Seek info, anc. of Deborah TOBEY, m. 23 Sept. 1790 Jonathan COWDERY, b. at Chatham. Conn., 30 Apr, 1768.

    Michael F. Johnson, 218 Bedford St., Lexington, MA  02173   (253)

    CROCKER/BRENAM/BRENAN/BRENNAM/WEST - Seek all info on John CROCKER, b. poss. at Harmony, Nova Scotia; m. Adelaide BRENAM/BRENAN/BRENNAN.  Dau. Ainoret Jane, b. at Harmony, N.S., 15 Nov. 1866.  Also seek all info on Jerusha WEST of Annapolis Co., N.S., m. ca. 1830 John Cooper DeLong.

    Betty Andres Storey, 5515 5. Bonnie Lane, Hales Corners, WI  53130   (254)

    CROSS/THOMPSON - the Register, vol. 94 (1940) printed early town records of Williamsburg, Me., showing m. of Noah CROSS, b. 23 Apr. 1789, son of Moses and Molly, to Hannah Bean THOMPSON, dau. of John & Susannah (Bean) THOMPSON.

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford,  CT 06437           (255)

    CUTLER/BENTLEY/DICKEN/POWERS/COLE/BALCH - Zenus CUTLER, physician, b. prob. in Pa. or Ohio 1817, d. prob. before 1863; m. at Morgan, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, 25 Nov. 1846 Beritha BENTLEY, b. poss. in N.Y., 1817. Ch., b. at Rock Creek, Ashtabula: Ransel Bela, b. 1847, m. at LaSalle, Ill., 1 Sept. 1868 Amanda Mary DICKEN; Nathan W., m. in Ill., 1875 Lizette POWERS.  1850 census shows family res. at Ashtabula farm with Seth & Ruth COLE.  Entire household disappeared by 1860 census.  Ransel joined Indiana Cavalry at LaPorte Ind., 9 Aug. 1863.  Seek info., par., & anc. of Zen and Berintha.  Family tradition is Zen was grandson of Rev. Manasseh CUTLER & Mary BALCH of Hamilton, Mass., and Zen and Berintha were killed in a buggy accident prior to Ransel joining the cavalry.

    Janet V. Stead, F. 8622 Maringo  Dr., Spokane, WA 99212      (256)


    CUTLER/HERRICK - Seek par. of Lois CUTLER, b. when?, where?, d. at Brattleboro, Vt., 5 or 26 Aug. 1812, age 90 or 92; m. at Westford 11 Nov. 1742 Joseph HERRICK (1719-1774), “both of Townsend.” Six ch. b. before 1751 (at Chelmsford?) and 4 at Townsend or Mason, N.H., 1751-63.

    Stuart R. Sheedy, 1 Schoolhouse Lane, Syosset, NY 11791       (257)

    DAILY/CATOR - Need par. of Willia,. Daniel, Peter, and Archiebald DAILY, fl. in the vicinity of Ulster Co., N.Y.  William was the eldest, b. 1798.  He m. Mary CATOR and removed to Tioga Co., N.Y.  Have his desc. complete.  Archiebald is listed in Orange Co., 1810 census.  No trace of Daniel or Peter, assumed to have migrated.

    Paul R. Daily, 1012 Martone Dr., West Chester, PA 19382       (258)

    DAVIS/DIX/HURD - Seek info & anc. of Theodore Caldwell DAVIS, b. at Whitingham. Vt., 3 June 1842, son of Ethan & Lamira (DIX) DAVIS.  Theodore m. at Whitingham by Rev. Ebenezer Davis 19 Sept. 1866 Charlotte Elizabeth HURD, b. at Troy, N.Y., dau. of James E. & Angelina HURD.  After her par. death in 1854, Charlotte was raised by her Aunt Charlotte DAVIS.  What happened to the family in 1854?

    Cecelia A. Kuhns, 309 So. 53rd St., Omaha, NE  68132          (259)

    DICKERSON/DICKINSON/GOODELL/CAMPBELL - Seek info on Daniel DICKERSON/ DICKINSON, b. in Vt., poss. son of Daniel DICKINSON (b. at Haddam. Conn., 14 Jan. 1740) & Margaret GOODELL.  Also need par. and other info on his w. Anne (CAMPBELL?).  Son David DICKERSON b. in Vt., 11 May 1806.  Other ch. prob. John, Margaret, Polly, and Daniel.

    N.L. van Patten, 6685 Girvin Dr., Oakland, CA 94611            (260)

    DOWELL/FRANKLIN/FRANKLYN - Need proof of b., d., par., and anc. of John DOWELL & w. Mary FRANKLIN, settled in Albemarle Co., Va.  Land patents for Preddy’s Creek 1738 to 1759.

    Mrs. Carolyn Dowell-Wright, 238 Murchison Lane, Dayton, OH 45431            (261)

    ELLIS/STIMPSON - Ch. of Emery B. ELLIS & Mary Ann STIMPSON: Nancy, b. ca. 1832; Charles b. ca. 1833; Mary, b. ca. 1837; Albert E., b. 22 June 1842, d. at Hardwick, Mass., 22 Sept. 1843; Fredrick Emery, b. at Hardwick 4 Jan. 1846; Franklin Stimpson, b. at Hardwick 6 Mar. 1848, d. at Hardwick 1 Oct. 1849. Nancy, Charles, Mary, and Fredrick appear in par. in 1850 census, Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., N.H.

    Edward D. Ellis, 2016 N. Vermont, Royal Oak, MI 48073      (262)

    FAIRBANK(S) - Major John FAIRBANK(S), 1755-1830, called Pvt in Rev. War records, g.s. at Rouse’s Point, N.Y., calls him Major.  Fairbank genealogy calls him Major and says “he spent a hard winter at Valley Forge.”  Did he?  Was he in Battle of Cowpens 1781?  Why, when? where was he commissioned Major?

    Mrs. John Stanford, 10948 Glen Wilding Place, Bloomington, MN 55431         (263)

    FAUNCE/SHERMAN - Seek par. & lineage of Margaret FAUNCE who m. at Dartmouth, Mass., 3 Mar, 1738 Jacob SHERMAN.

    Linda L. Stimson, 934 Liberty St., #3, El Cerrito, CA 94530    (264)

    FEROUS/FERO/ROSE/VAN LOON/HUXFORD/LAKE - Seek info on anc. of Daniel FERO/ FEROUS, b. at Davenport, Delaware Co., N.Y., also anc., par. of his w. Margaret ROSE, b. at Rosehill, N.Y., 1817. Seeking par. of “Polly” HUXFORD, b. in N.Y., 1804; m. John Henry VAN LOON, res. at E. Durham, Greene Co., N.Y., and Susquehanna Co., Pa.  Seeking par. of Roxanna LAKE, b. in N.Y., 1828, w. of Thomas VAN LOAN (LOON). Need proof of bps. of ch. (12) of John Henry VAN LOAN & Polly HUXFORD at E. Durham, Greene Co., N.Y.  Also b. or bp. of ch. (17) of James ROSE & Abigail FURLOW, res. in Ulster Co., N.Y.

    Bernice Weir, 6 School Lane, Huntington, NY 11743   (265)

    FORD/MERWIN - Seek par. & w. of Thomas FORD, whose dau. Mehitabeb FORD, b. prob. at Milford, Conn., ca. 1780; d. at Vernon, N.Y., ca. 1822; m. at Milford 1 Aug. 1802 Isaac MERWIN, b. at Milford 7 Feb. 1780; d. at Swansville, Pa., 1 Sept. 1860.

    Mrs. Marion Denniston, 188 Brandon Dr., Goleta, CA 93117  (266)

    FREEMAN/CLARKE/MOSHER -Seek par. & w. of Major John FREEMAN, u.e.l. Freeman’s Farm (battle site), Stillwater, N.Y., b. in Montreal; in RI. or Conn., 1740s; d. 10 Feb. 1778.  Sister Dorcas m. John BURLEIGH, u.e.l. w. and seven ch. d. in Lake Champlain region ca. 1777.  Dan, Mary m. Lewis MOSHER, u.e.l. Canada.  Other surnames. Ch.: Thomas, Dorcas.  Could par. be Edmund FREEMAN & Mary CLARKE?

    Mary Stewart, Box 99, Nellysford, VT 22958             (267)

    FULLER/HILL - Seek info on Zerviah HILL “of Kent” who m. 1752 Joseph FULLER and on Hannah HILL who m. their son Jehiel.  Is Zerviah the dau. of Solomon4 mentioned in the Hill genealogy (by Bartlett, 1904), p. 17?  Any other details on these FULLER families would be welcome.

    Robert F. MacFarlane, 630 Totavi, Los Alamos, NM 87544     (268)

    GARDNER/GARNET/TURNER -Nathaniel GARDNER or GARNET was b. 10 Sept. 1685, son of Samuel & Susanna (SHELLEY) GARDNER, m. 30 Nov. 1711 Sarah TURNER.  Who was Sarah? Need all data on Sarah.  When & where did Nathaniel & Sarah die?  Need names and b., m., d. for all ch.

    Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 1203 N. Pacific, Conroe, TX 77301            (269)

    GARDNER/GARNET/STETSON/OLDHAM - Samuel GARDNER or GARNET m. at Pembroke, Mass., 30 Jan. 1722/3 (V.R.) Bathsheba STETSON, b. 29 Sept. 1693, dau. of Joseph & Hannah (OLDHAM) STETSON.  Who was Samuel?  Need all data on him.  When & where did Samuel & Bathsheba die?  Son Thomas b. at Pembroke, Mass., 9 Apr. 1730 (VR.), m. Faith ___.  Need names and b., d., m. for all other ch.

    Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 1203 N. Pacific, Conroe, TX 77301            (270)

    GARDNER/GARNET/SHELLEY/RANSOM - Samuel GARDNER or GARNET, b. at Hingham. Mass., 23 Mar, 1655/6; m. 20 Dec. 1682 Susanna SHELLEY.  Who was Susanna?  Need all data on her. Snsanna m. (2) at Plymouth, Mass., Joshua RANSOM.  Removed to Halifax, Mass., where he d. 1735.

    Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 1203 N. Pacific, Conroe, TX 77301            (271)

    GARRIT/GARRETT - Seek par. and birth place of Francis GARRIT, who m. at Simsbury, Conn., 19 Mar. 1722/3 Sarah (MILLS), wid. TULLAR.  The Boston Transcript of 22 Mar. 1933 #6189 gives the birth date of Francis as 1690.  His will dated 23 June 1731, he d. at Simsbury, Conn., 24 June 1731.

    Catherine M. Newell, 2350 Sixth Ave., #SB, San Diego, CA 92101       (272)

    GATES/WOODWARD - Daniel GATES, b. at Stow, Mass., 25 Apr. 1685, son of Stephen & Sarah (WOODWARD) GATES, Jr.; m. ca. 1714 Anna ___.  Need Anna’s surname, Was it EVELETH?  If so, who were her par.? Documentation? Ch.: Thomas, Reuben, Paul & Silas (twins), Margaret, Anna, Elizabeth.

    Peggy M. Singer, 2795 Ben Lomond Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93105      (273)

    GATES/SALISBURY/WILHELM -Seek anc. of Russell (A.) GATES, b. in Mass., Conn., or N.Y.? 1810; d. at Trumansburg, N.Y., 1853; m. Louisa ___.  Seek also anc. of Tobias SALISBURY, b. at Albany, N.Y., 1817; d. at Greene, N.Y., 1893; m. Mary Jane WILHELM.  Return postage/cost of copies guaranteed.

    Leore Wykstra, 455 Brannon Pike, Nicholasville, KY 40356     (274)

    GODDARD/WHITNEY – Levi4 GODDARD (Solomon, William. Josiah, William), b. at Northboro, Mass., 1762; m. at Dummerston, Vt., 1792 Lydia WHITNEY, b. at Westboro, Mass.?, ca. 1775.  Was she dau. of Benjamin or Henry WHITNEY of Dummerston?  Need her par., anc. to complete my GODDARD lineage.

    Doris R. Frost, 886 Diane, Elgm. IL 60123    (275)


    GRAVES/EATON - Need info for Thomas GRAVES, who dau. ____? m. Nathaniel EATON. EATON b. in Bucks Co., Eng., 1609, son of Richard EATON.  He was the first president of Harvard College, was excommunicated from Cambridge churches.  Removed to Virginia in 1640s.  His w. departed to search for him and was not heard from again.  They had a son Benoni, d. 20 Dec. 1690/1, age 51.

    Lorna F. Williams, 2111 9th Ave., Helena, MT 58601  (276)

    GUPTILL/DE LESDENER - Seeking any info on the par., bro., sis., of George Henry GUPTILL, b. in Me., 11 Aug. 1824; d. at Cameron, La., 1 Nov. 1892. In 1850 census at Beaumont, Tex. Ch.: Bartlett, Carnelia, Alice, Lucinda.  George m. at Cameron, La., 19 Feb. 1873 Susan Britana LEE. Ch.: Hannah, George, Ida, Willia, Mollie.

    Ann Shelton, 4325 Burleson Retta Rd., Burleson, TX 76028      (277)

    HAlLEY/McCARTY - Seek anc. Daniel Morris HAILEY, b. at Baton Rouge, La., 9 Feb. 1841, par. d. 1847 or 1850 in yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans, lived with uncle and Jolley fam., served in Confederate Army; d. at McAlester, Okla., 1919; m. at Skullyvile, Indian Territory, 24 Sept. 1868.

    Nancy Douthat Goss, 89 Johnson St., N. Andover, MA 01845            (278)

    HILLIARD/ROBINSON/GUTHRIE - Seek par. of Jesse HALE, d. in N.Y., 7 Apr. 1808; m. 20 Oct. 1801 Abi Robinson.  Abi m. (2) Wibliain GUTHRIE. HALE ch.: Reuben R., Moses P., Leonard W., Paulina.  Note: This is not Jesse, son of Abner HALE, as shown in some D.A.R. lineages.

    John F. Hale, III Poplar Dr., Kentfield, CA 94904       (279)

    HALL - Seek info on par. and grandpar. of Reuben HALL, b. in N.H., ca. 1781, rem. to Triangle, N.Y., before 1808, and d. 27 July 1865.  Seek also his first w. Ruth ___, maiden name, par., and grandpar.

    David Hall, 5438 Jamestown Rd., San Diego, CA 02117         (280)

    HARRY/DESHAY/HODGES - Seek info on Arthur HARRY/DESHAY (sp?) fam., res. at Longbranch, N.J., prior to 1885 to l950s. Ch.: Arthur John, b. 1885, m. Catherine “Kitty” HODGES, d. 1950. Bro. Robert, sister Mabel “Dot.”  Need date of arrival from Cornwall, Eng.  Originally HARRIES.

    Rita C. Harry, 37 Newington Rd., W. Hartford, CT  06110      (281)

    HAWES/REYNOLDS/RUNNELS/WILBUR - Seek any info on Dolly HAWES, b. LI., N.Y., dau. of a sea captain?  She m. (1) John REYNOLDS/RUNNELS; m. (2) Esic WILBUR, b. in Duchess Co., N.Y., 17 Jan. 1761; d. in Columbia Co., N.Y.  Res. in Duchess Co., N.Y., ca. 1800.  Help on any of these people would be appreciated.

    Allen H. Norris, 2405 Countryside Dr., Colesville, MD 20904  (282)

    HENLEY/HENDLEY - Seek info on Thomas & Sarah HENLEY, par. of John Drury HENLEY, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 7 Feb. 1786 (info, from fam. Bible); d. at Providence, RI., 12 Sept. 1869; m. (1) at Providence 24 Nov. 1811 Ann Lewis CLARKE; m. (2) at Providence 13 Apr. 1823 Meribah AUSTIN; m. (3) at Providence 15 Mar. 1841 Laura May CHAPMAN.  Wish to correspond with any researching these lines.

    Chandler Clarke Henley, Jr., 595A Sioux Lane, Stratford, CT 06497      (283)

    HICKS/SHERMAN - Seek par. & lineage of Doreas HICKS, b. 1674; m. Edmund SHERMAN, poss. of Dartmouth, Mass.

     Linda F. Stimson, 934 Liberty St., El Cerrito, CA 04530         (284)

    HILL/COVEY - Seek any info on husband of Lucy COVEY, b. at Windham. Vt., 30 July 1807.  His name poss Darius HILL.  They were par. of Lyman and Aaron, b. in the vicinity of Danby, Vt., 1832 and 1834, and Pliny, b. at either Newbury, Ohio, or Arcadia, N.Y., 1843 or 1844.  A Darius HILL appears in these U.S. Censuses: 1810, at Tinmouth, Vt.; 1840, at Arcadia, Wayne Co., N.Y.; 1850, at Newbury, Geauga Co., Ohio.

    Haig Hill Sergenian, 311 Devoe Ave., Yonkers, NY 10705       (285)

    HILLIARD - Seek info on this line: Jos. HILLIARD, b. at Tolland, Conn., 18 Aug. 1765; desc. James M., b. at Colebrook, N.H., 13 Oct. 1801; Henry S., b. poss, in N.H., 3 Jan, 1873; Anna, res. at Haverhill, N.H.

    Hilliard B. Holbrook, 5871 Leesway Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32504          (286)

    HOLLOWAY/HAYWARD/FORBES/FORRISTAL - Seeking par. of Adam HOLLOWAY, b. 1654; d. at Northboro, Mass.; m. Hannah HAYWARD.  Their dau. Hannah HOLLOWAY m. at Westboro Jonathan FORBES.  Need par. of John FORRISTAL/FORASTAL & w. Elizabeth ___ of Holliston, Mass.  Their son Ezra FORRISTAL was b. 1736; m. Bethiah HAYWARD.

    Phyllis C. Myers, RD I Box 1201, Riegelsville, PA 18077          (287)

    HOWE/CASTLE - John H. HOWE, general Civil War, b. in Monroe Co., N.Y., ca. 1822, rem. to Kingsville, Ohio, studied law, m. Julia A. CASTLE, res. at Kewanee, Henry Co., Ill. Age 38 in 1860 census.  First Chief Justice, Wyoming Territory, 6 Apr. 1869.  Later sent to Tex. to mediate border dispute.  He d. at Larado, Tex., 3 Apr. 1873, returned to Kewanee for burial.  Desire date, place of b., par. names, anc.  Where can I look?

    Charles Osmer Herr, 416 Lee Dr., Blue Springs, MO 64015    (288)

    HUBBLE/THOMSON - Seek par. of Mary HUBBLE, b. in Vt., ca. 1814; m. at Manchester, Vt., 1 Jan. 1828 John THOMSON, res. at Dorset, Vt., res. there, and in Juneau Co., Wis., and Ill.

    Dorothy Johnson, 1120 Beacon St., Apt. 1D, Brookline, MA 02146     (289)

    HUDSON/GORTON - Seek par., anc. of Stephen HUDSON, b. 6 Mar. 1767; d. at Pontiac, R.I., 17 Oct. 1837; m.1 Dec. 1791 Lucy GORTON, dau. William and Submit (BRIGGS) GORTON. Ch. Mercy, b. 1793, Edward b. 1795, Phebe b. 1797, Stephen, Jr., b. 1799, Gorton, b. 1803, William b. 1808.  Have abundant info on GORTONS, need HUDSON info only.

    Bennett J. Hudson, 599 Poplar Hill Rd., Covington, GA 30209            (290)

    JENNINGS/DAVIS/RANDALL/HAWLEY - Augustus JENNINGS, b. at Rahway, N.J., 17 Mar. 1856; d. at Newark, N.J., 29 Jan. 1893; m. 18 Sept. 1882 Phoebe Alice DAVIS, b. 1863; d. at Belmar, N.J., 1935. Par. Augustus F. JENNINGS m. at Rahway Sarah RANDALL.  Augustus A. DAVIS m. Susan A. HAWLEY.  Need all data on both par.

    Richard S. Clark, M.D., 1401 Cherokee Tr., Atlanta, TX 75551 (291) -

    MALLORY/DURAND - Seek par. of Moses MALLORY, Jr., b. prob. at Milford, Conn., 22 Nov. 1783, & Sally DURAND, b. 16 May 1781; m. at Cheshire 10 May 1807. Ch., b. at Milford: Mary Adah 1808, Horace 1811, dau. ?, Sarah 1816.  Rem. to Canandaigua, N.Y., 1817

    Thelma M. Valdez, 126 Camelot Dr., Canandaigua, NY  14424           (292) J

    JOHNSON/TURNER - Seek anc. of Lyman JOHNSON, b. at Schroon Lake, N.Y., 11 Apr. 1811; d. at Blue Ridge, N.Y., 10 Nov. 1873; m. at Schroon Lake .7 20 Mar, 1819 Harriet TURNER. Shed, at Newcomb, N.Y., 26 Sept. 1896.

    Fred V. Provoncha, 259 Forest Ave., Lynbrook, NY 11563     (293)

    JOHNSTON/TIMMONS - Need anc. of Edward JOHNSTON, b. ca. 1772; d. at Brecksville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 1827; m. at Hanover, Beaver Co., Pa., Margaret TIMMONS, res. there.  A pioneer of Cuyahoga Co., 1812.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 F. Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667      (294)

    JORDAN/LARRABEE - Seek info, desc. of Elizabeth JORDAN, m. at Malden, Mass., 29 Sept, 1710 John FARABEE. Ch.: John, b. 1713; Elizabeth, b. 1715; Sarah, b. 1719, m. Thomas EDES of Boston.

    Lucile Schlosser, 5021 S.E. Harold St., Portland, OR 97206      (295)

    JOSSELYN/MARSTON - Seek anc. of William Harrison JOSSELYN, b. at Fayette, Me., 12 Aug. 1813; d. at Portland, Me., 16 Oct. 1882; & his w. Mary Ann MARSTON, b. at Phillips, Me., 22 May 1817; d. at Portland, Me., 4 Aug. 1889.  Their son Lewis HARRISON, b. at Phillips, Me., 24 Sept. 1848. William prob. son of Alden JOSSELYN, b. at Hanover, Mass., 20 May 1784.

    Bennett J. Hudson, 599 Poplar Hill Rd., Coving ton, GA 30209           (296)


    JOHNSON/TWITCHELL - Seek par of Lydia JOHNSON, b. poss. at Lancaster, Mass., d. at Sherborn, Mass., 27 Apr 1725; m. Joseph TWITCHELL, b. poss. at Dorchester, Mass., ca. 1640; d. at Sherborn 24 Oct. 1710.

    Michael O Fullwood, 161 W. 15th St., #4C, New York, NY 10011     (297)

    KELSEY/LEWIS/RANSOM/WOLSEY - Mary KELSEY, b. 20 Jan 1803; m. (1) 16 Oct. 1830; m. (2) a Sycamor, Ill., Isaac JOHNSON.  Dau Elizabeth Maria LEWIS b. at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 5 Nov. 1840; d. at Rockford, Ill., 15 Feb. 1918.  Mary was dau. of (Nathaniel?) KELSEY & ___? RANSOM.  Alfred b.. 5 Mar. 1805; d. 20 July 1840, son of ______ LEWIS & ______ WOLSEY.  Seek anc. and fam.

    John Hutchins, 495 Edgell Rd., Framingham. MA 01701         (298)

    KEYES/POWERS - Seek anc. of Anna KEYES, b. at Chelmsford, Mass., ca. 1710; m. 1728 Peter POWERS.  They settled at Hollis, N.H. 1731.  14 ch.: Peter, Stephan, Anna, Whitcomb, Phebe, Zura, Alice, Levi, Nahum. Fanny, Francis, Philip, Samson.  Phebe m. 1756 Joseph BATES.

    Dorothy Berry, 100 Thorndale Dr. #151, San Raphael, CA 94903        (299)

    KIMBALL/BROWN/DOW - Seek par. of Demas/Darius KIMBALL, b. at Pelham. N.H., 28 July 1770. Apprenticed to Samuel DOW and went with him to Chelmsford, Mass., 1790.  He and the DOW family were “warned out” of town, 1790.  He m. 1 Aug. 1793 Catherine BROWN.  Any connection with Richard KIMBALL who m. Margaret DOW, 1661?  Demas d. at Lenawee Co., Mich., 1865.

    Richard K. Mosher, 106 Bent Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776           (300)

    KNAPP/RUSSELL - Seek anc. of Edward RUSSELL, b. in N.J., 30 May 1820; m. (2) at Bentonville, MD., 13 Nov. 1851 Emily KNAPP, dau. of Nehemiah Campbell KNAPP.  Poss. son of William & Charlotte Burt RUSSELL of Deerfield, Cumberland Co., N.J., and desc. of William RUSSELL, ca. 1700, birthplace unknown.

    Lila Kirkwood, 815 Oak Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090    (301)

    LATHAM/BROWN - Seek info Alonzo LATHAM.  In Boston 1773.  In Edgecombe Co., N.C., ca. 1786 when dau. Nancy Ann m. Jesse Stephenson BROWN.  Alonzo was Justice of Peace in Yazoo Co., Miss., 1826.  Jesse BROWN d. at Yazoo, Miss., 1834.  Left w. Nancy Ann, ch. Susan E., Henry H., Almazine D. Alonzo LATHAM, Franklin.  Amanda. Said to be Mayflower anc. in LATHAM line.

    Sue Brown Hays, 185 W. Oakridge Park, Metairie, LA 70005   (302)

    LELAND/PARKER - Benjamin LELAND, b. at Sherburn, Mass., 1714; m. at Grafton, Mass., 17 June 1737 Rebecca PARKER.  Was she dau. of Samuel PARKER & Deborah PRESCOTT of Groton, Mass., b. 1694?  Reward for evidence confirming or refuting this a $20.00.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 E Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667      (303)

    LITTLEFIELD - Seek all data on all LITTLEFIELD lines, matrilineal and patrilineal, to 1987 for the Littefield Genealogy Depository.  Will exchange data.

    Marguerite (Fleury) Kernaghan, 511 La Escena Dr., Bellvue, CO 80512             (304)

    LITTLEFIELD/WHITE/BOURNE/PACKARD - Seek confirmation of Mary LITTLEFIELD, b. prob. at E. Stoughton, Mass., ca. 1820, prob. dau. of Nathaniel & Abigail Joy Bourne LITTLEFIELD, second w. of Jarvis WHITE, b. at Easton, Mass., 31 July 1795.  Need birthdate of dau. Alma Edna WHITE, m. 21 Oct. 1874 Frederick K. PACKARD of Brockton, Mass.

    Wendy Kirkwood, 290 Berlin St., Apt. #22, Clinton, MA 01510           (305)

    LOCKWOOD/LOWELL/LOWRY - Seeking par. of Charity LOCKWOOD, d. in Mohawk Valley, N.Y., 22 Apr. 1826; m. ca. 1796 Moses LOWELL.  Her mother m. David Inman; ___ LOCKWOOD; and Wm. LOWRY; d. at Cherry Valley, N.Y.  Above info from Lowell’s Lowell Genealogy (1899).  Charity’s ch. included son Demmon, poss. maiden name.

    Eunice M. Unger, 18802 Ash- worth Ave., N., Seattle, WA 98133        (306)

    LOMASNEY/MURRAY/McGRATH - Researching book on relatives of Martin Michael LOMASNEY (b. at Boston, 3 Dec. 1859; d. at Boston 12 Aug. 1933), son of Maurice LOMASNEY (b. at Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland, 1819; d. at Boston, 10 Aug. 1970) & Mary MURRAY LOMASNEY (b. 1823).  Seeking info about anc. as well as desc.  Particularly interested in finding out more about Martin’s relation to Patrick LOMASNEY (b. 1832; d. 1916), son of John LOMASNEY and about Martin’s relation to Honora LOMASNEY (d. 1865), dau. of John & Honora McGRATH.

    George Loper, 1822 Yorktown Dr., Charlottesville, VA 22901            (307)

    LONG/STODDARD/MORLEY/BURNHAM - Seek any info on David LONG, b. on Long Island, N.Y., 1770- 1780, & w. Hannah STODDARD, b. in Conn., ca. 1781. David d. in Windham Co., Conn., 1840-49; res. at Windham and Canterbury, 1808-1840+. Seven ch.?: Sally Maria, d. at Windham 1810; Reuben Welsh, m. at Milford, Mich., 1848, Sarah Jane MORLEY. Lucretia m. at Canterbury 1836 Thomas BURNHAM.

    Michelle Long Allen 2103 31st Ave. -SE, Puyallup, WA 98374 (308)

    LORD/McGRATH/BASHAW/HIGGINS - Seek desc. of James LORD, son of Simeon Lea LORD & Sarah ARKWRIGHT/HOLLIS, b. at Millbrook, Eng., 30 July 1842; m. at Williamsville, Conn., 13 Nov. 1863 Sarah McGRATH; d. at Middletown, Conn., ca. 1914.  Ch.: Sylvester James, b. at Boston 17 Apr. 1865, m. 14 Aug. 1884 Alice BASHAW; Thomas William. b. at Waltham. Mass., 12 Aug. 1866, m. 2 July - 1889 Lizzie HIGGINS.

    Mrs. Adela M. Andrews, 942 Trapelo Rd., Waltham. MA 02154          (309)

    LORD/McGRATH/NELDER/BROWN - Seek desc. of James LORD, son of Simeon Lea LORD & Sarah ARKWRIGHT/HOLLIS, b. at Millbrook, Eng., 30 July 1843, m. at Williamsville, Conn., 13 Nov. 1863 Sarah McGRATH; d. at Middletown, Conn., ca. 1914. Ch.: Hanna LORD, b. at Waltham. Mass., 22 Feb. 1871, m. at Slateryule, RI., 17 Sept. 1885 Horace NELDER; James Alfred LORD, b. at Occum. Conn., 10 Jan. 1875; Sarah Alice LORD, b. at Williinantic, Conn.. 13 Oct. 1878, m. at Westerly, RI., 10 Nov. 1897 Herbert Edward BROWN.

    Mrs. Adela M. Andrews, 942 Trapelo Rd., Waltham. MA 02154          (310)

    LOVELL/INGLESBEE - Seek ch. of Nathan & Elizabeth (BARNEY) LOVELL of Holden, Mass. Nathan, Sr., was Continental soldier.  Would like to correspond with persons researching LOVELL/INGLESBEE fam.

    Harold O. Hanson, 6884 Langford Dr., Edina, MN55436       (311)

    LUPTON/WARNER/SALTONSTALL - Seek anc. of Rebecca LUPTON, w. of William5 WARNER (William4-3, Daniel2, William1), b. at Boston?, 1722; d. there 11 Mar. 1812; m. at Wethersfield, Conn., 9 Aug. 1739.  Supposed desc. from SALTONSTALLS.

    Henry Gould Griffith, RR 2, Box 2465, Buckfield, ME 04220 (312)

    LYON/POWELL - Seek par. of Alanson LYON, b. in Vt., 15 Feb. 1801; d. at Sacramento, Calif., 15 Nov. 1859; m. at Charlotte, Vt., 5 Sept. 1823 Harriet POWELL, b. June 1801; d. 1850.

    John E. Hale, 111 Poplar Dr., Kentfield, CA  04904    (313)

    McCARTY/MONCRIEF - Seek anc. of Robert Smith McCARTY, prob. b. Scotland, father poss. John Wesley McCarty; m. 23 Dec. 1844 Mary Anne MONCRIEF, b. at “Mulberry Grove,” Sumter Co., Ala.

    Nancy Douthat Goss, 89 Johnson St., N. Andover, MA 01845            (314)

    MALLORY (See #292)

    MANLEY/KEITH - Seek anc. of Ruth MANLEY of Easton, MA, m. Josiah KEITH, b. at Taunton, MA, 14 Feb. 1706, s. of Josiah and Mary Lathrop KEITH.  Is she desc. of William MANLEY of Weymouth, Mass., late 1600s?

    Wendy Kirkwood, 290 Berlin St., Apt. #22, Clinton, MA 01510 (315)  (315)

    MARTIN - Who were the par. and anc. of Mary Ann MARTIN, d. at Bristol, Me., 24 Apr. 1860; m. 24 Dec. 1804 Capt. John UPHAM.

    Mrs. Carolyn Craig, P.O. Box 265, Cape Porpoise, ME 04014 (316)


    BRYANT - Who were the par. and anc. of Ruth BRYANT, b. at Scituate, Mass., 5 Aug. 1746; d. 1837; m. William RICHARDS, b. 23 Mar. 1742.

    Mrs. Carolyn Craig, P.O. Box 265, Cape Por poise, ME 04014            (317)

    MOTT - Seek any info Daniel MOTT, b. Vt.? ca. 1800; d. at Liverpool, England, 1830, on whaling voyage. Par. Abel & Isobel McLeod MOTT.  Daniel m. at Granville, N.Y., Jan. 1825, Hannah Frank. Ch.: Rodney & Melissa b. N.Y.

    G. Cravens, 2732 N. Shepard Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211        (318)

    MURISON - Seek anc. Elizabeth Myra MURISON, b. at Montreal? Toronto? Ottawa? in 1866; d. at East Orange, N.J., 1933; m. 1887 Charles Alexander ROBSON of Dartmouth, N.S., Canada.  Raised by grandfather Alexander MURISON after death of par.

    Catherine Mathews, 644 Walker Rd., Great Falls, VA 22066     (319)

    NEWTON/PHELPS - Was Anthony NEWTON (ca. 1614-1704) f. of Hanna who m. Windsor, 1660, Joseph PHELPS?  He appears in New England in 1646 in the will of his father John of Colyton Dev. with sister Joan/Jane who m. Windsor, 1640, Ben ALVORD, said “sister” Hanna.  Anthony lived Dorchester, Braintree, Lancaster, Mass. in 1652.  Need details and issue of Anthony.

    E. D. Witter, 1 Las Vegas Rd., Orinda, CA 04563       (320)

    NICHOLS/PEARSON - Have compiled desc. of Richard NICHOLS & John PEARSON of Reading, Mass. - each branch of each generation.  Am interested in hearing from anyone in order to bring my records to date; willing to share information.

    Mrs. Foster B. Balser, 136 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, MA 01887      (321)

    NORTON - Seek proof of NORTON Anc.  Was Capt. Nathaniel (b. Long Island, 1742) son of Nathaniel (b. Long Island, 1717); son of Jonathon (b. Long Island, 1684); son of Nathaniel (b. Salem. 1639); son of George (b. England, 1609; d. Salem. 1659)

    Marion McLaughlm. 2854 S. Buchanan St. #B-l, Arlington, VA 22206  (322)

    NUTTIN/NUTTING - Seek par. of George NUTTIN/NUTTING Sr., b. in Pa., 4 Apr. 1778; d. at Moscow, Mich., 28 Sept. 1848; m. Jemina PIERCE of New York State, b. 30 June 1782; d. at Moscow, Mich., 17 Oct. 1848.  Son Jonathan one of ten children, b. 7 Apr. 1812, m. Susan UNDERWOOD, b. 16 Mar. 1812.

    Genevieve Hughes Stehman, 1800 Village Circle, Apt. 149, Lancaster, PA 17603            (323)

    OBURG - Seek any info on John OBURG, b. Gottenburg, Sweden, 31 Mar. 1820.  Ship rigger.  Res. East Boston, 1854.  Seek gravesite in Boston vicinity.

    H.G. Oburg, Jr., Box 267, North Conway, NH 03860            (324)

    PACKARD/JOY - Seek anc. of Betsy PACKARD, second w. of Apollas PACKARD (s. of Parmenas), d. 5 Aug. 1845 age 42 yr. 4 mo. 2 da (Brockton VR); m. 26 Aug. 1823, N. Bridgewater, Mass.  Kingman says dau. of Abiah PACKARD, but no such dau. found.  Poss. dau of Ames and Susanna JOY PACKARD.

    Wendy Kirkwood, 290 Berlin St., Apt. #22, Clinton, MA 01510           (325)

    PAINE/BRIGGS/SLOCUM/SOULE - Seek correspondence with desc. of Ralph PAINE, d. Freetown, Mass., Feb. 1728/29 for family history; especially with those of s. Joseph2 and w. Ruth CASTLETON, also those of dau. Sarah BRIGGS, dau. Mary SLOCUM, s. John, and s. Thomas throught first m. to Susannah HASKELL (Mayflower Families, III [SOULE], p. 39).

    Robert M. Gerrity, 405 Great Rd., No. 9, Acton, MA 01720; phones: 617-263-9274 home; 617-469-0300 work. (326)

    PIERCE/FLOWER - Hannah PIERCE, b. at Wethersfield, Conn., 1735; m. at Wethersfield, 1749, Joseph FLOWER.  Father John PIERCE b 1704; mother Elizabeth ?, d. 1786. History of Ancient Wethersfleld mistakenly assumes John to be son of John who m. Comfort JENNER but that John was b. 1718.  Need correct anc.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 F. Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667.     (327)

    PIERCE/PEIRCE/PEARS/PEARCE - Seek par. and anc. of these siblings b. RI. about 1760-1780.  All ch. prob. in central N.Y. state about 1790 or later. Olney m. VAN DEURSEN, James, Allen, Barton, Sally m. BECKER, Lydia m. TICKNOR, Betsey m. LITTLE, Rebecca m. TEN EYCK, Jeremiah.

    Hazel Ticknor Gallup, 5414 Avondale St., Duluth, MN 55804 (328)

    PIKE - Seek verification of place of birth and parentage of Newell PIKE b at Florida, Mass., 5 Apr. 1821; d. at Readsboro, Vt., 3 May 1904; m. at Pownal, Vt., 29 Apr. 1849. Polly SHUMWAY.  Think father is Jeptha PIKE, b. at Whitingham. Vt., Sept. 1779; d. 3 Mar. 1862; m. 5 Mar. 1802, Hannah CLARK.

    Rexford C. Pike, 4818 Sunset Blvd., Ft. Pierce, FL 33482         (329)

    POOR/DYER/McRAE/UPHAM -Desc. of Ira S. POOR, (Samuel5, Joseph4, Samuel3, Henry2, John1) b. prob. at Hooksett, N.H., 10 Oct. 1798, by his second w., Eliza (DYER) McRAE of Red River Co., Texas.  Wish to exchange data with desc. by first w. Sally UPHAM of New England.  Ch. by first w. were Benning Noyes, John Rider, Sullivan Knox and Caroline Noyes; by second w. 5 ch., of whom only David Morril had further issue.

    Douglas N. Travers, 1836 Oakhill Rd., San Antonio, TX 78238            (330)

    POWERS/REED/FOSTER / LITCHFIELD - Seek par. of Lucy POWERS, b. at Tyngsborough; d. at Mason, N.H., 23 Dec. 1820, age 36; int. m. at Westford, 3 Nov. 1810; m. at Peterborough, N.H., 22 Nov. 1810, to Leonard REED, Jr. (1782-1832). Ch. Elbridge G., b. at Chelmsford, 1813; also Charles and Maria, when? where?  Leonard m. second Hannah Ford FOSTER, had Ford F. and Leonard, Maria m. ___ LITCHFIELD.

    Stuart R. Sheedy, 1 School-house Lane, Syosset, NY 11791      (331)

    PRATT - Seek par. of Abigail PRATT of Weyinouth, Mass.; bp. 19 Sep. 1756; d. 30 Aug. 1833; m. 4 Aug. 1775, Prince THOMAS.  Weymouth VR’s show her dau. of Samuel, but which Samuel?  Likeliest prospect is Samuel b. 7 Sep. 1722, who m. in Weymouth, 7 Apr, 1746, Alethea CUSHING of Hingham. Mathew Pratt Genealogy and History of Weymouth show that they had six ch. between 1746 and 1766, but none named Abigail and none between 1752 and 1759.  If true, who were her par.?

    William G. Torrey, 1148 Shore Rd., Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107           (332)

    PURDY/PEARCE - Seek correspondence with desc. of William PURDY who m. in Anne Arundel County, Md., 28 Apr, 1798, Sarah Ann PEARCE.  Also seek parents, prob. John PURDY and Sarah Ann ___. S. was John Henry PURDY (1803-63) who d. in Baltimore.

    Amelia Purdy Klink, 344 Travis, Los  Osos, CA 93402            (333)

    READ - Seek anc. Eli READ, b. 1756, d. 1831 . Ensign in RI. 1779-81.  Seek info on first w., Judah Mehitable(?), Maybe grandson of Jonathan & Anna (HANSON) READ of Smithfield, Eli and bro. William documented in Steuben Co., N.Y., from 1793.  Have names of Eli’s ch.

    Mrs. R.S. Raymond, 2515 Arkansas St., Lawrence, KS 66046   (334)

    REED/CAMERON - Seek all info on Loman REED, b. in Vt,, 1793; d. at New Berlin, Wisc., Oct. 1873; m. at So. Hero, Vt., Jan. 1814 Nancy CAMERON.

    Evlin L. Kinney, M.D., 1015 West 47th St., Miami Beach, FL 33140     (335)

    REDFIELD/WRIGHT/GOLDTHRITE/GOLDTHWAITE - Need info on Daniel REDFIELD, b. at Killingworth, Conn., 1764; m. there 185 Jerusha WRIGHT, b. at Kihlingworth 1763.  What happened to daus. Millicent, Harriet, and Jerusha?  Son Daniel, b. 1792, m. in N.Y.? Polly GOLDTHRITE/ GOLDTHWAITE, b. 1798, d. 1871, of Henry Co., Ohio.

    Loretta M. Mann, 4167 Co. Rd. 6-1, Delta, OH 43515            (336)

    REYNOLDS/RUNNELS/RUNNALS - Seek anc., desc., info re William REYNOLDS of Plymouth Colony ca. 1634.  Lived in Duxbury 1636-40; d. 1675-79; m. at Plymouth 1638 Alice KITSON, rem. to Cape Porpoise (Kennebunkport), Me., ca. 1649.  Was he the master of the (Pilgrim) ship Speedwell or the (resupply) ship Charity?

    Major Michael S. Runnlas, 567 Spruce St., Ft. Devens, MA 01433         (337)


    RICE/SPERRY/HARRINGTON/BOWEN - Seek info on desc. of Barnabas RICE, b. at New Hartford, Conn., 1760; m. at Sharon, Conn., 1786 Anne SPERRY, res. at Canaan, N.Y., 1790, and Rensselaerville, N.Y., 1800-15.  Barnabas d. poss. at Warsaw, N.Y., 1828.  Son Cyrus b. poss. at Canaan 1792; d. at Warsaw, N.Y., 1832: m. at Oswego, N.Y., pots. 1818 Mary HARRINGTON.  Cyrus’s ch.: Alma, Arvm. Chauncey, Roxa, Norman, Laura, Debt.  Seek names of Barnabas’s ch., which may include Olive and Chauncey, Dan, Olive, b. 1797, m. Jason BOWEN

    Norman D. Rice, 44 Prospect St., Foxboro, MA 02035           (338)

    ROBERTS/DRAPER - Need par. of Johannah ROBERTS, m. at Killingly, Conn., 18 Jan. 1748/9 Nathan DRAPER (Killingly VR.).  Have been unable to find bp. record.  Was ROBERTS her maiden name or was she wid. of a ROBERTS?

    Janet M. Kademan, 2644 Oak St., Davenport, IA 52804          (339)

    ROBINSON - Does the ROBINSON Genealogical Society or the ROBINSON Family Historical and Genealogical Association still exist?  Please furnish current address.

    Nancy C. O’Reilly, 1241 Heather Lane, Glenview, IL 60025     (340)

    Editor’s Note: The May-June Genealogical Helper, Vol 41, No, 3 (published by Everton Publishers, P.O. Box 368, Logan, UT 84321) carries a directory of “Family Periodical Publications” and associations, including a listing for the ROBINSON, ROBERSON, ROBERTSON, ROBISON of Virginia Letter, Genealogical and Historical News, Cumberland Gap, TN 3 7724-0700.  There is also the ROBERTS Family Group File maintained by Roberts Publishing, 5048 J Parkway, Sacramento, CA 95823

    (cf. NEXUS 1:62).   (341)

    ROGERS/ROOD/RUDE - Zephaniah ROGERS, b. at Mendon, Mass., 7 Mar. 1747; d. in Franklin Co., Ohio, 7 Oct. 1823; m. at Litchfield, Conn., 7 Oct. 1823 Elizabeth ROOD/RUDE of Torrington, Conn., b. 16 Apr. 1753; d. 21 Mar. 1838, res. in Bradford Co., Pa.  Need par., anc. of Zephaniah & Elizabeth.

    Peggy R. Rogers, Box 789, St. Michaebs, MD 21663   (342)

    ROWLEY/FULLER - Seek info on Moses ROWLEY & bus w. Elizbaeth, dau. of Matthew FULLER. Their dau. Mehutable Rowley FULLER was b. at Barnstable, Mass., 11 Jan. 1660, and d. at East Haddam prob. 1732.

    Robert E. MacFarlane, 630 Totavi, Los Alamos, NM 87544    (343)

    SHALE/ELLIOT/WATERS - Seek par. of Andrew SHALE (SHAOL), b. 9 Nov. 1743, d. at Beverly, Mass., 6 Nov. 1817; m. 28 Oct. 1779 Jane ELLIOT (Mrs. Israel SMITH, 1746-1824) of Beverly as her second husband; dau. of Benjamin4 ELLIOT (William3-2, Andrew1) & Abigail GROVES.  Need par. of John WATERS, b. prob, at Newburyport, Mass., 21 Sept. 1777; d. 1 June 1851; m. at Beverly 1 Dec. 1799 Eleanor SHALE, b. 3 July 1780, dau. of Andrew & Jane SHALE above.

    Mark MacNeill, 4118 25th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, FL 33713  (344)

    SMITH/GEORGE/SARGENT -Henry SARGENT, son of Timothy & Mary (WILLIAMS), m. at Haverhill, Mass., 19 July 1744 Anna SMITH.  Was she the one b. at Haverhill, 14 Nov. 1720 to Samuel & Sarah (GEORGE)?  If so, need anc. of Sarah, who may desc. from Nicholas & Abigail of Charlestown, Mass.?

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford, CT 06437            (345)

    SMITH/KEYES - Seek anc. of William SMITH, b. poss. in Eng., ca. 1633; d. at Topsfield, Mass., ca. 1692; m. at Topsfield, Mass., Rebecca KEYES, b. 1638. Ch.: William 1658; Rebecca 1662, Joseph 1665, Benjamin 1667 (m. 22 Oct. 1700 Sara PEABODY), Solomon 1669, Samuel 1672, Sarah 1674, Mary 1680.

    Mrs. Murray S. Smith, Jr., 8 Burnham St Cincinnati, OH 45218 (346)

    SPENCER/DAY/FULLER - Seek info on Grace SPENCER "of Hartford" who m. John DAY II (b. ca. 1677 d 1752) and d. at Colchester, Conn. 12 May 1714. Their dau. Lydia DAY FULLER d. at Kent, Conn., 1763 or 1765.  Which?

    Robert E. Macfarlane, 630 Totasi, Los Alamos, NM 87544     (347)

    STARKS/HODGES - Seek par. of Roderick STARKS, b. at Spencertown, N.Y., 16 June 1787; m. at Peru, N.Y., Dec. 1807 Kezia HODGES.  Was Stephen3 his father?

    Rodney G. Schroeder, 2438 Idlewood, Holland, MI 49424      (348)

    STEELE/MERRILL - John STEELE, son of Ebenezer & Susannah (MERRILL) STEELE, bp. at Hartford, Conn. 22 Feb. 1718/9; d. at Washington, Mass., 4 Feb. 1785; m. where? when? Christian ___.  Ch.: Christian, Ruth, John, Ebenezer Aaron, Moses, Timothy, Pitt.

    Joyce G. Harrington, 70 Main Blvd., Trenton, NJ 08618          (349)

    STOCKER/MELLET - Seek anc. of Rebecca STOCKER, dau. of Thomas STOCKER of Danbury, Conn., b. at Danbury 30 June 1785; d. at Catherine, N.Y., 13 Jan. 1864; m. 21 May 1809 Levi4 MALLET (Phllip3, Peter2, John1).

    Henry Gould Griffith, RR 2, Box 2465, Buckfield, ME 04220  (350)

    STONE - Seek father, par., anc. of Horace STONE, b. at Chatham. Columbia Co., N.Y., 1801; m. Philinda ___ (1805-1851) from Vt., by whom he had eight ch., four of whom prob. b. at Chatham.  1855 New York state census shows fam. living at Lima, Livingston Co., 20 years, but fifth ch. b. in Wyoming Co., 1835.  Horace m. (2) Lucetta ___ (1826-1870) from Penn., produced two more sons.  Horace d. 9 Oct. 1873, survived by ten ch. Horace, Lucetta, and five STONE rel. bur. Oakridge Cemetery at Lima.

    Jane Stone Coons, P.O. Box 29, Concord, NH 03301 (351) -

    STOWE/STOW/STOE - Seek anc. of Warren STOW, b. ca. 1755; d. in Franklin Co., Ga., ca. 1840; m. in Wake Co., NC., 10 June 1784 Sarah (Sally) MILLER; entered Revolutionary War at Suffield, Conn., ca. 1776. Ch.: Warren, ca. 1795; James, ca. 1803; Hudson, ca. 1805; Martha, ca. 1809; William. ca. 1811; Nancy, ca. 1815; Presley, ca. 1817.

    J. Ronald Stowe, 115 Woodlake Dr., Gainesville, GA 30506    (352)

    SWETT/SWEAT/SMITH - Seek par. and birthplace in N.H., ca. 1769, for Jacob SWETT (SWEAT), settled in Salem. Me., 1793, with a. Abigail (SMITH?). Ch., b. at Salem and Strong, Me.: Asa, 1802, Eliphalet, 1805, Eben, 1807, Melinda, 1809, Jacob, 1811, John Dodge, 1814, Hulda, 1816, Benjamin Dodge, 1820, Jeremiah, 1824. Abigail d. 1846.

    Janice W. Phelps, 1300 Shelter Ase. #30, Jacksonville Beach, IL 32250   (353)

    SULLEN/SULLIVAN?/RICE - Seek par. of Elizabeth SULLEN (SULLIVAN?), who d. at Barre, Mass., 18 Aug. 1826, and who m. Jotham RICE.  He was b. at Barre, Mass., 18 Mar. 1814.  They m., he for second time, 25 Jan. 1778.

    Michael D. Fullwood, 161 West 15th St. 4C, Nev, York, NY 10011     (354)

    THOMPSON/BEAN - John THOMPSON, b. at Alfred, Me., 6 Oct. 1773, s. of Joseph and Joanna, m. 13 May 1794, Susannah BEAN, b. at Alfred, 19 Feb. 1773, dau. of Jeremiah and Hannah.  Settled Williamsburg, Me., Nov. 1815.  Need ancestors and all data on Joseph and Joanna THOMPSON and on Jeremiah and Hannah BEAN.

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford, CT  06437           (355)

    TISDALE/SALIERS - Seek anc. of Mary TISDALE; b. ca. 1823, believe fam. from Vt.; d. bef. 1860; m. ca. 1841-2, Adolphus SALIERS.  First two ch. b. North Troy, Orleans Co., Vt. Adolphus SALIERS fought with Napoleon, Battle of Waterloo, wounded, captured, sent to Canada as POW.

    Mrs. Rose Marie Williams, R.R. 2, Box 326, Attica, OH  44807 (356)

    TITUS/SWIFT/SAMIS - Seek anc. Sarah TITUS, b. 24 Mar. 1790; m. at Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., NY, 6 Mar. 1808, Zebulon SWIFT, b. 29 July 1776, s. of Abraham & Joanna (SISSON) SWIFT.  Sarah’s g.s. 16 Jan. 1870; Zebulon’s g.s. 16 Aug. 1823 at Nine Partners Cemetery.  Nine Partners was later Washington, now part Milbrook, NY.

    Mrs. Winship Brinckerhoff, 65 S. Park Ave., Old C;reenwich, CT 06870           (357)

    TOTMAN/TISDALE - Still seeking anc. Rebecca TOTMAN b. in Maine?, 1794; d. at South Boston, Mass., 30 Apr. 1831; m. Daniel6 TISDALE, b. at Easton, Mass., 4 Nov. 1798; d. at New York City, 9 Feb. 1882.

    Gordon H. Tully, S Van Breemen Court, Upper Montclair, NJ  07043 (358)


    TOWNE - Seek name/par. of w. of Jonathan6 TOWNE.  He was b. prob. Rindge, N.H., 9 Jan. 1753; d. prob. Otsego Co., NY., after 1810.  Also info/par., b., m., ch., of Rachel ___, w. of Jonathan7 TOWNE. She d. 5 Aug. 1880; but. Schuyler Lake Cem., Otsego Co., N.Y.

    Mrs. William Strickland, 7 Newton St., Hamden, CT 06514     (359)

    TOWNSEND - Seek anc. of Charles TOWNSEND, Sr., b. in Va. or Md., 1725; moved to NC. 1749; res. MD. 1777. Sons: William. George, Charles, Jr., Thomas, John, Henry, Dudley.  May be desc. of Richard, b. 1607, and Francis, b. 1614, arrived Aug. 1635 on Globe of London.  Passengers to America, Michael Tepper (1977).

    Sadie T. Zeigler, 420 30th St., SW., Hickory, N.C. 28602          (360)

    TRUESDELL/KEELER/CALKINS -Joseph Sr. and Elizabeth (KEELER) TRUESDELL, Fredricktown, Dutchess Co., N.Y.  Did they have Rachel, who m. Aaron CALKINS, Jr., 1790?

    Mrs. G.S. Bailey, PO. Box 176, Wallingford, VT 05773           (361)

    TUCKER/EMERSON - Seek link between Moses TUCKER, b. at Elmore, VT, 9 Aug. 1807, and Morris TUCKER of Salisbury, 1661.  Moses was s. of Reuben TUCKER and Sally ___.  Feel line goes Morris; Joseph b. 1671-2; ? b. ca. 1699; ? b. ca. 1735; Reuben b. ca. 1770; Moses b. 1807.  Family tradition claims link to Mayflower and Ralph Waldo EMERSON.  Waldo and Emerson appear in family from mid 1800s.  Any info needed.

    Ernie Tucker, P.O. Box 148, Crossville, TN 38555.     (362)

    VEAL/HUNT/BILLINGS/WRIGHT - Want info/anc. of Sarah VEAL, Philips Precinct, Dutchess Co., N.Y.; will dated 22 May 1789, proved 16 July 1789; mentions sons Philip and Obadiah HUNT, James BILLINGS, grandson Elnathan BILLINGS, and dau. Susanna WRIGHT.

    Donald P. Wright, 7 Amesbury Rd., Plaistow, NH 03865        (363)

    WADE/CLARK/CLARKE/REDD - Seek anc. Rev. Anderson WADE, Md., b. in Prince Edward Co., VA, prob. 1809; Hampden-Sydney College 1825-27, Univ. Penn. Med. Sch. 1829-30 (from Prince Edward Co.) and 1830-31 (from Petersburg, VA); res. Martinsville 1844; ordained Prot. Episc.  Ch. 6 Dec 1847; rector Westover Ch., Chas. City Co. 1856-1879; d. Richmond, 26 Mar. 1880.  First w. Mildred CLARK/CLARKE d. bef. 1853 was her m. Martha REDD? Was his f. Anderson WADE, Hampden Sydney class 1793?

    Nancy Douthat Goss, 89 Johnson St., N. Andover, MA  01845           (364)

    WADE/COLE - Ichabod WADE, b. poss. at Bridgewater, Mass., 1709; d. 1741 leaving six or seven ch.  Was he s. of lchabod & Elizabeth (COLE) WADE?  Did he d. in or as a result of 1740 expedition against Spanish West Indies?  Will pay for info on this expedition.

    Joan S. Guilford, 2710 E. Adams Ave., Orange, CA 92667      (365)

    WALES/CLIFTON - Elijah WALES, 1801; m. 1826, Sarah CLIFTON. Sarah b. 1827, Elijah b. 1828, f. d. 1828, all events at Dorchester, Mass.  What became of widow?

    Mrs. G.S. Bailey, P.O. Box 176, Wallingford, VT 05773           (366)

    WASHBURN PARISH/FULLER -Seek b. and d. date, place and par. of Patience WASHBURN, first w. of William PARISH, m. in Manchester, Vt., 25 Nov. 1785.  William s. of Asa PARISH and Mindwell FULLER.  New England Parish Families, pp. 36, 63, 435.

    Julia A. Nuzum. 121 Maryland Drive, New Orleans, LA 70124            (367)

    WEEKES/SENTER - Need parents of William Dyer WEEKES, b. July 1762; lived at Peacham, Vt., m. at Danville, Vt., Lucretia SENTER, b. Feb. 1779. lived at Danville, Vt., and moved to Westfield, Tioga Co., Pa., in 1815.

    Mrs. Santuel Updegrave, RD. I, Box 5, Lawrencesille, PA 16929          (368)

    WELLS/JEWELL/PRESCOTT -Seek all info on Philip5 WELLS (Thomas4, Titus3, Thomas2-1) [see Hoyt’s Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass., p. 812] bp. 1728; possibly the same as a Philip WELLS who m. a Mary JEWELL (need anc ).  Did he father Stephen WELLS who m. Sarah PRESCOTT?  Known issue: 1) Sarah Ann, m. Sandwich, N.H., 13 Aug. 1783, Jacob6 JEWELL (Rev. Jacob5, John4-3, Thomas2-1); 2) John; 3) Nathaniel; 4) Stephen, Jr.; 5) Joshua; 6) James.

    Ginger M. August, 32 Stetson Way, Princeton, NJ 08540         (368)

    WHEELER/YALE/BARNES/HILL - Seeking Anne Anna WHEELER, b. ca. 1764; m. ca. 1783 Hezekiali BARNES, b. Lanesboro, Mass., 1760, son of Asa and Lois (YALE) BARNES.  Was she dau. of Justus WHEELER and Sybil (HILL)?  Wheeler Family in America says Justus Perry WHEELER their only child.  Also seek anc. Caroline (PERRY) HILL, mother of Sybil HILL.

    Chuckie Blaney, Hollis St., Slierborn, MA 01770          (369)

    WHITCOMB/JOSLIN - Joseph WHITCOMB, b. Lancaster, Mass., ca. 1692.  Son of Jonathan & Mary (JOSLIN) WHITCOMB, Jr.  Married ca. 1715/16, Elizabeth.  Need Elizabeth’s surname. Ch.: Joseph, Samuel, Betty, Martha, Timothy, Sarah & Hanna (twins), Cyrus.

    Peggy M. Singer, 2795 Ben Lomond Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93105      (370)

    WILEY - Seek par. of Joseph WILEY, d. Western (now Warren), Mass., ca. 1753. Seek par. of his w. Jane (Jenet?), d. Worcester, Mass.  He settled in Oxford, ca. 1719, rem. to Western in 1750.  His son Joseph, b. 1711, d. Worcester, 9 May 1776, m. Martha, b. 1722, d. Templeton, Mass., 10 May 1808. Seek par.

    Michael O. Fullwood, 161 West 15th Street, 4C, New York, NY 10011            (371)

    YOUNG/YOUNGS/CAMPBELL -Seeking fam. of John YOUNG/YOUNGS, b. New York State; m. C. CAMPBELL, b. New York State; had son Frank, b. Hampshire, Ill., 9 June 1857.

    Richard D. Johnston, 2940 Middle Rd.. Keokuk, IA 52632      (372)

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