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  • Queries Vol. 3 No. 2

    ADAMS/HAMMOCK - Seeking anc. Cable ADAMS, b. in Ala.; m. HAMMOCK, b. in Ga. Ch.: Joshua Franklin, b. in Ala. 17 Jan. 1839; d. in Hunt Co., Tex., 13 Dec. 1915; Z. T., b. in Ala., July 1849; d. in Hunt Co , Tex., 28 Oct. 1925. 6 ch. in Civil War.

    Camille Petree, P.O. Box 1216, Camden, AR 71701      (111)


    ACHESON/BALDWIN – Reunions 1918-1934, Canfield, Ontario, Canada.  Seek desc. of those attending: Dr. STEWART & MCGILL (Coldwater), VOGT (Richmond), ACHESON & LESTER (Detroit), BALLARD (Berkeley), BALDWIN - Russell (W. Liberty), Robert (E. Lansing).  From Ontario: INGLEHART, RILEY, MCKEAN, TEEFT, OXLEY, HEDLEY, NEWNHAM, WADDELL, KLINGBELL, BIRD, PATTERSON, COVERDALE, LYMBURNER, FOSTER, MCDIARMID, DARBY.

    R. G. K Baldwin, 1200 Island Park Walk, Vancouver, BC VGH 324.       (Correction 462)


    ADAMS/THREATT - Seek anc. Fannie THREATT, b. in Ala., d. in Tex., m. Z. T. ADAMS, b. in Ala., July 1847, d. in Hunt Co., Tex., 1925. Ch.: Jim Augustus, b. at Leesburg, Tex., 28 Apr. 1873, d. in Hunt Co., Tex., 16 Feb. 1843; Oscar, b. in Ala.; Magerat [sic], b. in Ala., m. in Tex., Apple PARIS.

    Camille Petree, P.O. Box 1216, Camden, AR71701      (112)


    ADAMS/WHITNEY/DRAKE -James (A.?) ADAMS, b. in Mass., 1799; 1820 New Haven, Oswego Co., N.Y. M. Salome WHITNEY (John WHITNEY Gen. #3111).  Sis. Betsey b. in Mass., 10 Oct. 1788; m. (1) Anson DRAKE (John Drake Gen. #316).  Sis. Clarissa b. in N.Y., 1791; m.John W. CHERRY.He d. at Marysville, Ohio, 10 Feb. 1857.  She still living 1861.  Sis. Sarah (Sally) b. in Albany or Schoharie Co., N.Y., 31 Dec. 1795; m. (3) Caleb KNIGHT. 1850 census Polly ADAMS 84 Mass. with James & Salome. William & Polly ADAMS sold land 1799 Whitestown, Oneida Co.  Wm. ADAMS bought land 1806 Twp. #17 Scriba patent benefit of the estate of Alexander HAMILTON.  Rec. 1 May 1810 Oneida Co. Bk. 19, p. 513. Wm. ADAMS forfeited contract Mexico, Oswego Co., N.Y.  Need proof of par.  Where ch. b. in Mass.?

    Naomi C. Dryden, 455 Main St., Phoenix, NY 13135      (113)


    BAILEY/GUILD/HOVEY/PAINE/HUNT - Seek par., anc. of James F. BAILEY, b. at Townsend, Mass., 1831; m. at Pepperell, Mass., 2 Jan. 1854 Lucy K Ann GUILD, dau. of John Edmund GUILD & Sarah HOVEY.  Also seek par., anc. of Rebecca PAINE, b. at Braintree Mass., ca. 1739; m. John HUNT; removed to Belchertown, Mass.

    Brian D. Kane, 141 Morse Rd., Sudbury, MA 01776       (114)


    BALDWIN/GOODWIN - Need anc. of Johnathan BALDWIN, b. al Ashfield, Mass., 4 Dec. 1769; m. at Ashfield, July 1794 Deliverance GOODWIN. Ch.: Johnathan, b. 15 Apr. 1796; Moses, b. 31 Mar. 1798; Elisha, b. 11 Jan. 1800; Eden, b. 17 Aug. 1802; Fidelia, b. II Apr. 1804; Johnathan, b. 17 Oct. 1806.

    Celesta Dailey, Rt. 3, Box 131, Colfax, WA       99111      (115)


    BAYLEY - Seek par./anc. Miriam. who m. Daniel BAYLEY, b. 10 June 1680, res. at Hopkinton, Mass., after 1742. Miriam. liv 1763.

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (116)


    BEAN/BOWEN - Need par. Betsey Jane BEAN, b. prob. at No. Hatley or Minton, Quebec, 9 Aug. 1831; m. at Barnston, Quebec, 4 Feb. 1858 Peter BOWEN, Jr.  They lived at Compton, Quebec.  Betsey d. at Compton 15 Mar. 1916. Betsey’s father poss. Philip BEAN by poss. 1st m. Philip m. (2?) Hepzibah HAWES, his niece.

    Clyde Nelson Bowen, 48 Liberty Ave., Lexington, MA 02 173      (117)


    BIRT/ROBISON - Seek par. George Ford BIRT, b. poss. N.Y.S., 28 July 1811; d. at Larwill, Ind., 3 Feb. 1893; m. Margaret M./E. ROBISON, b. poss. in Pa., 8 Mar. 1811; m. poss. in Scioto Co., Ohio, 27 Mar. 1834; d. 29 Mar. 1863.

    Donald H. Birt, 125 Bellevue Ave., Rutland, VT 05701      (118)


    BLISH/TUBBS - Seek par. of Reuben BLISH & w. Thankful TUBBS (dau. of Nathan TUBBS), m. ca. 1784, who were in Huntington Valley, Pa., and Conn. Susquehanna Co. before 1800. Is he son of  Sylvanus & Anne (FULLER) BLISH, b. at Colchester, Conn., Oct. 1763? Does she descend from William TUBBS?

    Margery Freas, RD 9 Box 554, York, PA 17402      (119)


    BLITHEN/GREENLAW/TICKEY/LINCOLN - Need par. of Elizabeth BLITHEN who m. Georgetown, Me., 27 Nov. 1775 William GREENLAW; & of Thomas TRICKEY, b. in N.H., 6 Mar. 1787, who m. at Eastport, Me., 15 Nov. 1811 Lydia Cushing LINCOLN.

    Ailsie B. McEnteggart, 794 Vallombrosa Ave., Chico, CA 95926      (120)


    BREWSTER/REYNES/LUDLOW -Seek par., anc., & desc. Rev. Nathaniel BREWSTER, b. ca. 1618/9; d. at Setaucket, LI., N.Y., 18 Dec. 1690; m. (1) ca. 1644 Abigail REYNES; m. (2) ca. 1656 Sarah LUDLOW, dau. Roger LUDLOW, Lt. Gov. Mass. & Conn.

    Alfred Harter, 1401 Raby Ave., Shelbyville, TN 37160      (121)


    BROOKS - Seek par. William BROOKS (ca. 1708-1795) of Enfield, Conn.; maybe Benjamin2(1671-1755; son of Wm.1) of Springfield, Mass.  Also of Caroline BROOKS (ca. 1781-1813) who m. ca. 1802 Hyde CLARK of Hartford, Vt.; perhaps Zerah (1738-1798) of Enfield, Conn., son of above Wm.

    W. Felsen, 706 London St., San Francisco, CA 94112      (122)



    BROWN - Where in New England in the 1720s lived a Brown family who had any of the following names: Israel, Thankful, Timothy, or Jeremy?  Has anyone seen an Israel Brown who m. a Thankful?

    Betsy McCloskey, 271) N. Kenter Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049      (123)


    BROWN/BALL - Seek par. & anc. of William BROWN, b. 7 Jan. 1763; d. 25 Mar. 1827; & Mary BALL, b. 15 June 1765; d. 23 Apr. 1857; m. at Trinity Church, N.Y., 25 Mar. 1827; one of ch. Rev. John BROWN, b. at N.Y.C., 19 May 1791; m. at Newburgh, N.Y., 15 Nov. 1819 Frances LUDLOW.

    Alfred Harter, 1401 Raby Ave., Shelbyville, TN 37160      (124)


    BROWN/SCOTT - Need anc. of Mary Ann BROWN, b. ca. 1800, who m. Jacob Burnham SCOTT, res. at Durham. Me.

    R.O. Palmer, 115 Housatonic Dr., Devon, CT06460      (125)


    BUNKER - Need anc. of Abigail ____ who m. James Giles BUNKER, ca. 1758, res. at Durham. N.H.

    R.O. Palmer, 115 Housatonic Dr., Devon, CT 06460      (126)


    BURKE/MCDEVITT/MCCARIHY- Capt. Timothy (ROLAND) BURKE, b. in Ireland 1836; d. at Milford, Mass., 1871; m. 1867 Ulila MCDEVITT.  Need townland in Ireland where born.  Father Timothy, mother Catherine McCarthy, both b. in Ireland.  Did they emigrate  also?

    Mrs. George E. Thomas, 504 Sandalwood Dr., Richmond, VA 23229      (127)


    BURNHAM - Seek par/anc. Sarah, w. of Dea. John BURNHAM of Chebacco, Mass. (1650-1716).

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122       (128)


    CARGILL/RIPLEY - Daniel Dole CARGILL, Elizabeth O. RIPLEY.  Both b. in Me. ca. 1800.  Her father Hezekiah RIPLEY, Jefferson.  His par. & Me. Birthplace unknown.  Believe descent from Rev. War. Col. James Cargill, Newcastle.  Need info. both families.

    Charles Brack, Box 17474, Nashville, TN 37217      (129)


    CASWEL.L/READ/HOLLOWAY -Seek anc. of Lydia CASWELL, who on 8 Oct. 1713, m. John READ of Norwich, Conn., son of Josiah READ & Grace HOLLOWAY of New London, Conn.  Also seek anc. of Grace HOLLOWAY, who d. 9 May 1727, w. of above Josiah READ.

    Mrs. E. S. Buffa, 906 Chautauqua Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272      (130)


    CHADWICK/GREEN(E) - Seek proof of par. of Benjamin CHADWICK, b. at Falmouth, Mass., 6 Nov. 1693; d. at Falmouth, ca. 1780; m. at Falmouth 31 Jan. 1723 Elizabeth GREEN(E), b. 19 Mar. 1702, dau. of Isaac & Sarah GREEN(E).  Elizabeth d. at Falmouth 7 June 1803.  Were Benjamin’s par. Joseph & Sarah CHADWICK?  Who were par. of Isaac & Sarah GREEN(E)?

    Mrs. Julius Braun, 13010 Country Pass, San Antonio, TX 78216       (131)


    CHADWICK/WEEKS - Mercy WEEKS, b. 5 Dec. 1757; d. at China, Me., March 1826; m. at China or Vassalboro, Me., 13 Sept. 1784 Job CHADWICK, b. at Falmouth, Mass., 4 Dec. 1756.  Who were Mercy’s par.?  Where was she b.?

    Mrs. Julius Braun, 13010 Country Pass, San Antonio, TX 78216      (132)


    CHAPMAN/ROWLEY - Need anc. of Lucy CHAPMAN, b. at Hartford or -Middlesex Co., Conn., 20 June 1821; m. at So. Glustonbury, Conn., 4 Mar. 1845 John RO      WLEY. She d, at Dexter, Minn., Mar. 1898.  History of Mower Co., Minn., names Lucy CHAPMAN ROWLEY as 3rd dau. of Alvin & Anna CHAPMAN. She had bros. Stephen & Frank; sisters Julia & Lavina. Can find no further info. about her par.

    Mrs. Maxine F. Carl, 144 N.E. 35th Place, Portland, OR 97211      (133)


    CHILDS/CHAPMAN - Seek par./anc. of Lewis Waite CHILDS, b. at Avon. Genessee Co., N.Y., 27 July 1822.  Also par./anc. of his w., Anne Eliza (Elizabeth) CHAPMAN, b. in N.Y. state, ca. 1824.  In 1850 census they are in Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y.

    Nancy J. Renz, Box 16, Valles Mines, MO 63087      (134)


    CLARK/BALDWIN - Seek par, Mitchell CLARK (1746-1833) of Hartford, Vt., who m. ca. 1770 Lydia BALDWIN, Maybe Stephen & Sarah (1713-1809) of unknown place.  Had Hyde (1778-1861), & Sarah (1777-1817) who m. Daniel KNG.

    W. Felsen, 706 London St.,San Francisco, CA 94112      (135)


    CLARK/WEST/FANNING/FIELD  Seek anc., any info. Benjamin CLARK, b. in Vt., m. Annie WEST, b. in N.Y.  Only known ch. William Henry CLARK, b. at Scriba, Oswego, N.Y., 4 June 1818; m. at Granby, Oswego, N Y 1844 Esther FANNING Field.

    Laurel G. Caruthers, 106 Hazel St., Spooner, WI 54801      (136)


    COLE - Seek anc. of Lucy COLE, b. at Mass., 14 Jan. 1789; d. at Jo Davies’s Co., III., 22 Sept. 1873; m. at Otsego Co., N.Y., 10 Sept. 1814 Obediah BREED.

    Marcella Hancock, Hanover, IL 61041      (137)


    COLEMAN/REED/SMITH - Was John COLEMAN who m. 10 Jan. 1752 Rebeckah REED, both of Dighton, Mass., son of John COLEMAN who in, at Dighton 6 Dec. 1715 Hannah SMITH and who was in Scituate, RI. by 28 Feb. 1731?  John & Hannah had daus. bp. at Dighton: Elizabeth, 15 July 1716; Hannah, 28 Oct. 1721.

    Margaret M. Coleman, Box 103, Williamsville, VT 05362      (138)


    COLLINS/FINNEY - Seek anc. bro., sis. Isaac, b. ca. 1814 & Julia Ann (Finney) COLLINS, b. ca. 1820. Both b. in N.Y. state, 2nd ch. b. ca. 1839 in Herkimer Co., N.Y.  Moved Jefferson Co., Wis., early 1840s. Isaac d. Ixonia Twp., Feb. 1851; fathered 6 ch.

    Marion J. Thomas, 1112/7th St. 1715 Santa Monica. CA 90403      (139)


    CONVERSE/LYMAN - Need anc. George CONVERSE, b. in Vt., 24 Oct. 1799, & w. Maria A. LYMAN, b. in Pa., 17 Dec. 1800; m. where? 20 Mar. 1823.  Res. Waterford, Erie Co., Pa., 1834; 1860 in Bristol Twp., Worth Co., Iowa. Ch,: Nancy, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah, Catherine Jane, Olive, Hannah Thomas, William Wallace, Helen Marion, Philenna Maria.  Any info. about this family appreciated.

    Ailsie B. McEnteggart, 794 Vallombrosa Ave., Chico, CA 95926       (140)


    COOK/HOFF/VANSLYCK - Seek info. Elisha COOK, b. at Palestine Bridge, N.Y., 1823; d. at San Francisco, Calif., 1871; m. 1854 Williametta HOFF.  Her par. William Cebra & Caroline T. (BUNCE) HOFF, both d. at San Francisco.  His par. Joseph & Catherine (VANSLYCK) COOK, N.Y.  Poss. related to Leverett Saltonstall of Mass.

    Patricia Gomes, 3333 W. Menlo, Fresno, CA 93711      (141)


    CROSS/CARVE/CARRILL - Who is the father of Mary CROSS?  She m. at Chebacco, 3 Mar, 1701/2 Benjamin CARYL (CARILL), according to the V.R. of Ipswich.  His father was Nathaniel, b. at Salem 1639.

    Justin F. Morrill, 5185 Downwest Ride, Columbia, MD 21044      (142)


    CROW/SHERMAN/RUSSELL -Seek anc. of Richard CROW, m. at Dartmouth Joanna (Samuel, Edmund, Philip) SHERMAN, b. 25 June 1703. Seek anc. Parnold RUSSELL, m. (int.) at Dartmouth 24 Oct. 1788 Samuel (Edmund, Philip) SHERMAN, and Deborah (Dorothy?) RUSSELL m. Timothy (John, Philip) SHERMAN. Timothy b. at Portsmouth July 1691.

    Dorothy J. Humus, Nuernberg Area Exchange, AAFES, APO NY 09696-0003      (143)


    DAVIS/SHED - Seek anc. of John DAVIS & his w. Mehitabel SHED.  He was b. 10 Mar. 1664.  They were m. at Groton, Mass., ca. 1692.  Ch., all b. at Groton:       Mehitabel b. 1693, Sarah b. 1694, John b. 1698, Abigail b. 1699, and Lydia b. 1704.

    Ernest N. Curtis, 3972 Marion, Los Alamitos, CA 90720      (144)


    DOWNING/ADAMS/SFVERNS/FORBES - Seek par. of following: Louisa DOWNING, w. of Ebenezer ADAMS5(Rev. Joseph4, Joseph3-2, Henry1) of Newington, N.H. Louisa d. 1820, age 89. Abigail SEVERNS/ SEVERS m. Daniel FORBES of Westboro, Mass., in 1734. Abigail d. 1745.

    Mrs. Phylis Myers, RD 1, Box 120 J, Riegelsville, PA 18077      (145)


    DURAN/OSGOOD - Need anc. of Mary DURAN, b. 10-9-1795; d. 6-4-1861; m.      Isaac OSGOOD, res. at Durham. Me.

    R. O. Palmer, 115 Housatonic Dr., Devon, CT 06460      (146)


    FANNING/FIELD/CLARK/TURNER - Seek anc., any info. on James & Eunice (TURNER) FANNING.  Only known ch. Esther FANNING, b. at Boonville, Oneida, N. Y., 9 Sept. 1819; m. (1) Edmund FIELD, m. (2) at Granby, Oswego, N.Y., 1844 William Henry CLARK.

    Laurel G. Caruthers, 106 Hazel St., Spooner, WI 54801      (147)



    FARRELL/CHASSE – Info. wanted re Edward Anderson FARRELL, b. at Concord, Mass., Oct. 1910; m. 1942 Ida CHASSE in R.C. church there.  Moved to Calif. after 1970.  Name of place in Calif. or any means of contact with him or relative.

    Walter Farrell, 5 Avonwick Gate, Don Mills, Ont., Canada M3A 2M5.      (148)


    FARRINGTON/BARTLETT/SARGENT - Ebenezer FARRINGTON, b. at Pequawkett (Fryeburg), Me., ca. 1775; d. at W. Newbury, Mass., Mar, 1857; m. there 1803 Ruth (BARTLETT), b. in Mass., ca. 1781, dau. of Isaac & Rebecca (SARGENT) BARTLETT.  Seek anc. of Ebenezer.

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford, CT 06437      (149)


    FISH/DOTEN/BEMIS - Elizabeth FISH, b. at Plymouth, Mass., ca. 1768; d. ?, dau. of Lemuel FISH, b. at Sandwich, Mass., 10 Aug. 1727; d.?; m. at Plymouth 1754 Joanna DOTEN, b. at Plymouth 15 June 1736; d.?  Seek proof this same Elizabeth FISH m. (int.) at Charlestown, Mass., 24 Mar. 1793 Phineas BEMIS, b. at Waltham. Mass., 29 June 1765; d. at Waltham 4 Aug. 1793.

    H.C. Dickinson, Ctr. Conway, NH 03813      (150)


    FORD/COLTON - Seek anc. of Daniel FORD & w. Mary COLTON, both prob. of Simsbury, Conn., early 1700s, Phelps Genealogy by Oliver Phelps says their dau. Rachel, b. at Simsbury 10 May 1736; d. at Harwinton, Conn., between 1774 and 1779; m. 5 Jan. 1760 Timothy PHELPS.  I had thought Daniel might be a desc. of Thomas, original settler of Windsor, but M.P. Kuhns’s book on passengers of the Mary and John indicates that Thomas only had daus.  Cannot connect this Mary COLTON to the desc. of Quartermaster George COLTON, though some branches went to Simsbury.

    Gloria Pressnall, 1305 West 5th, No. Platte, NE 69101      (151)


    FOSTER - Seek name, par/anc. of w. of Corp. Isaac FOSTER of Ipswich, Mass. (1656-1741).

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122       (152)


    FOWLER - Is the David FOWLER, father of Deborah FOWLER who m. Benjamin FOWLER, a British soldier, in Reading, Pa., 1783, lived in Espy, Columbia Co., Pa., the David FOWLER, son of Jeremiah & Sarah FOWLER, b. in Westchester Co., N.Y., 12 June 1728? Jeremiah FOWLER d. at Hempstead Harbor, N.Y., ca. 1766.

    Margery Freas, RD 9 Box 554, York, PA 17402       (153)


    FOWLER/GRIFFIN - Need anc. of Hannah FOWLER who m. at Amesbury, Mass., 18 Dec. 1710 Theophilus GRIFFIN.

    R.O. Palmer, 115 Housatonic Dr., Devon, CT 06460      (154)


    FRANKLIN/PETTEE/MCDERMOTT - Samuel FRANKLIN, where b., d., anc.? W. Ellen PETTEE of Sackett’s Harbor, N.Y.  Son Samuel Woodward FRANKLIN, b. 13 July 1850/1, poss. at Chelsea, Mass.  Son lived at Bayonne, N.J., m. Mary McDERMOTT, 13 ch.

    Mrs. George E. Thomas, 504 Sandalwood Dr., Richmond, VA 23229      (155)


    FREEMAN/RICE - Seek par., birthplace & birth date of Julia Ann FREEMAN, m. 29 Feb. 1838 Denzel Putnam RICE; d. at Leslie, Mich., before Sept. 1845.  Leslie land records show Joshua and George FREEMAN had land near Denzel RICE.  Were either her father?  Were Merrill or Chauncey of Eaton Co. related to Julia?

    Mary J. Peterson, 925 Louis St., Eugene, OR 97402      (156)


    FULLER/LEACH - Who was the husband of Ann FULLER, wid., whose will was prob. 25(4)1662, Salem. Mass.?  She beq. to "son" Richard LEACH, Bethia FARROW, John & Sarah LEACH.  I believe she was mother of Sarah, who m. ca. 1645 Richard2LEACH.  Was Ann’s FULLER husband the father of Sarah?

    Betsy McCloskey, 270 N. Kenter Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049      (157)


    GARDINER/WHITEHEAD/PHELPS - Seek anc., any info. Amos G. Gardiner, b. at Brookfield, Madison, N.Y., ca. 1832; m. Anna WHITEHEAD. Known ch.: William Joseph (m. Lucy Evangelene PHELPS); Charles Edmund, Samantha A., & Amos Eugene GARDINER.

    Laurel G. Caruthers, 106 Hazel St., Spooner, WI 54801       (158)


    GILES/HAYNES - Seek info. on/anc. of Ensign Thomas GILES of Groton, Conn., who on 4 May 1769 m. Bathsheba HAYNES.  Also, was her father Josiah Haynes?  Ch. of Thomas & Bathsheba included Thomas GILES, b. at Groton, 13 May 1772. Others?

    Mrs. E. S. Buffa, 906 Chautauqua Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272      (159)


    GILMAN/LADD/YORK/CARTEE - Jacob GILMAN, b. at Exeter, N.H., ca. 1682; d. at Kingston, N.H., ca. 1740; m. Mary LADD, dau. of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (GILMAN).  Was Jacob the son of John & Grace (YORK) or of Daniel & Alice (CARTEE?)?

    Story of the Gilmans, by Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford, CT 06437      (160)


    GRIMM/OTIS - Seek par./anc./info. on Caroline Ann GRIMM, b. at N.Y.C., 28 Oct. 1810; d. at Greenbush, N.Y., 17 Apr. 1891; m. I Sept. 1830 Luring OTIS of Chester, Mass., at First Reformed Church, Poughkeepsie (Dutchess Co.), N.Y.

    Joanne Gottesman, 442-33rd St., Hemmosa Beach, CA 90254       (161)


    HAPGOOD/HEALD/HALE - Seek anc./ info. on Mary HEALD or HALE, b. prob. in Stow. Mass., 22 June 1704 (or 1714); m. 3 Dec. 1727 (int.) Nathaniel HAPGOOD.  He d. at Bolton, Mass., ca. 1746.

    Peggy Sinem. 2795 Ben Loniond Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93105       (162)


    HEYWOOD/HEALD - Seek anc. of Nathan HEYWOOD, b. at Concord, Mass., 18 Feb. 1777; d. at Goshen, Ohio, 11 June 1853; m. at Concord, 20 Mar. 1803 Anna HEALD, dau. of John HEALD & Mary WHITE. LDS gives par. as William & Rebeckah HEYWOOD.

    Harry O. Murphy, 2024 Litchfield Ave., Dayton, OH 45406      (163)


    HURD - Seek par./anc. of Arthur Leon HURD, b. in Mich. 30 Sept. 1867 (or 1866); d. at Tacoma, Wash., 18 Feb. 1937.  Had older bro. Joseph F. Hurd of Lansing, Mich

    Douglas Evans, P.O. Box 37, Big Bend, TX 79834      (164)


    HUTCHISON/BREED - Seek anc. of Anna HUTCHISON, b. in Mass., 1770; d.   in Chenango Co., N.Y., 1865; m. poss. in N.Y., 12 Dec. 1786 Joseph BREED.

    Marcella Hancock, P.O. Box 79, Hanover, IL 61041      (165)


    JACKSON/WILLIAMS - Seek anc., 1st w., ch. of Jonathan JACKSON, b. prob. in Conn., 1781.  Lived at Farmington, Ontario Co., N.Y., 1820, with two males under 10, two males 10-15, & 2nd w. Jane Maria WILLIAMS. b. 1800. dau. of Davis WILLIAMS. in Canandaiqua, N.Y., 1830, had another male under 5, three females under 15. Lived at Plymouth, Wayne Co., Mich., by 1833.  Jane Maria d. 1834. Jonathan m. 3rd Sarah ____.  He d. there 1872.  Poss. sons, Wayne Co., Mich., Jonathan (w. Lavina), Washington, Andrew (w. Sally), Henry (w. Janette), & Elanson M., b. in N.Y., 1809; m. in Mich., 1833 Christine EVERITT, b. in N.J., 1814, dau. George EVERITT (son of Jacob EVERITT, Surgeon Rev, War, & Hannah LANGAFELT), & Elizabeth VAN GORDON.

    Catherine R. Fahey, 344 So. Maple Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302       (166)


    JOHNSON/SMITH - Seek par., anc. Aden JOHNSON, b. in NC., 1816; d. in Emath Co., Tex., 15 June 1895; m. Matilda Ann SMITH, b. in Tenn., 1830; d. in Hempstead Co., Ark., 1873. Ch.: William Robert, b. in McNairy Co., Tenn.; John Wesley; Thomas A.; C. C.; Fannie; Amonde; Adelaide; Alice; Lena, dy.

    C. Petree, P.O. Box 1216, Camden, AR 71701      (167)


    JONES/RANDOLPH - Seabomn Ansley         JONES, b. in Wayne Co., Tenn., 17 June 1844; m. Priscilla Caroline RANDOLPH.  Par. Lewis H. & Martha (Sally) Powell JONES, both b. in Ga.  Prob. desc. of Abraham & Martha JONES, Prince Geo. Co., Va. Need info.

    Joan Bushno, 714 E. 5th St., Kewanee, IL 61443      (168)


    LANE/GILBERT - Seek par. & anc. of Sarah ____ who m. Job LANE of Bedford & Brookfield, Mass. He was b. at Billerica. 29 Jan. 1713/4.  She m. (2) 4 Aug. 1758 Noah GILBERT, Brookfield, VR.

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (169)


    LANE/WHITE - Seek par., anc. of Sarah WHITE, w. of Jane LANE. He d. 1688.

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (170)



    LITTLEFIELD/LUSADA/PENNIMAN/REED - Seek info./anc. of Margaret Penniman LITTLEFIELD, b. at Boston, Mass., ca. 1825; d. at Boston 20 June 1860; dau. of Benjamin T. LITTLFFIELD, b.?; d.?; & Mary Penniman LUSADA/LAZAUR, b. ca. 1802; d. at Boston 19 May 1876; thought to be dau. of John LUSADA/LAZAUR & Margaret Rand PENNIMAN and m. (2) Henry REED.  Any info. helpful.

    H.C. Dickinson, Ctm. Conway, NH 03813      (171)


    LOWELL/BROWNE/COOPER -Need names of par. of two LOWELL wives. Richard4LOWELL m. at Newbury Mass., 1695 Sarah BROWNE. Richard5  LOWELL m. at Rowley, Mass., 1736 Elizabeth COOPER.

    Samuel P. Stevens, 312 Sheridan Ave., Piedmont, CA94611      (172)


    MARTIN/ALLEN - Seek par. of Lydia MARTIN, b. 4 June 1764; m. 25 Dec. 1782 Seth ALLEN, Jr., b. at Mansfield-Oldstile, Conn., 1 Dec. 1760 Lydia MARTIN. Ch.: Nehemiah Martin, Yanath, Orange, Lydia, Alfred, Thomas, John, Nancy, Solomon.

    Mrs. Julius Braun, 13010 Country Pass, San Antonio, TX 78216      (173)


    MERRILL/COLBY - Seek par/anc. of Richard MERRILL, m. at Goffstown, N.H., 28 Feb. 1787 Lydia COLBY and had six ch,, b. at Dunbarton, N.H.  Is he son of Nathaniel & Anna GILE, b. at Hampstead, N.H., 2 Feb. 1767?  Who are Nathaniel’s par.?  Collecting MERRILL surname info. to add to 30K + database, solicit MERRILL queries for exchange or research.

    Howard & Jean Merrill, 5045 Sequoia Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70814       174)


    MILLER/GILBERT - Seek birthplace, date, par. of John MILLER, m. (1)at Millinton, E Haddam. Conn., Lydia gilbert, dan, of Samuel.  h.: Nancy, Gilbert, Diodate, Daniel C., Orris, Lydia, Samuel. O. Bradford Co., Pa., ca. 1830.

    Anne M. Nees, 6612W. 93rd St., Apt. B, Overland Park, KS 66212      175)


    NEWHALL/BARROWS/KELLEY/FLAGG - Seek desc, of John NEWHALL, b. at Lynn, Mass., 7 Nov. 1782; m. Martha (Patty) BARROWS, b. 30 Aug. 1785.  Martha’s mother Esther Kelley BARROWS was a wid, when m.  What was her maiden name?  Also seeking connection of Josiah FLAGG to immigrant Thomas FLAGG of Watertown, Mass., Lubec, Me., and Campobello, NB., Canada, connections I have.  Welcome correspondence.

    Marjorie Flagg Morris, 50 W. Edith #4, Los Altos, CA 94022      (176)


    NEWMAN/SOUTHWORTH - Who were the par./anc. of Mary NEWMAN who m. at Bridgewater, Mass., 7 Apr. 1761 Ezekiel SOUTHWORTH, son of Constant SOUTHWORTH & Martha KEITH. Ezekiel & Mary lived in No. Bridgewater then Cummington, Mass.  Ch.:      Ichabod K., Constant, Ezekiel, Thomas, Molly, Sally, and Betsey.

    David N. Petersen, 3603 F. Costilla Ave., Littleton, CO 80122      (177)


    PARKER/MCKAY - Dole PARKER, b. at Salem/Atkinson, N.H., ca. 1821, d. at Burlington/Wakefield, Mass., 4 May 1875, RR accident; m. before 17 Jan. 1857 Susan MCKAY, b. at Pictou, N.S., Canada, or Ireland, ca. 1837.  Need proof Dole was son of Edward PARKER of Salem. N.H., per death certificate, and par. of Susan.

    Mrs. Dean C. Smith, 21 Main St., Pepperell, MA 01463       (178)


    PARKER/WFSSON - Three persons named Elizabeth PARKER were b. at Reading, Mass.: (1) b. 3 May 1698 to Ebenezer PARKER & Rebecca NFWHALL; (2) b. 1 Oct. 1703 to Nathaniel PARKER & Elizabeth WRIGHT; (3) b. 14 Oct. 1704 to John PARKER & Elizabeth ____.  Which Elizabeth m. at Wakefield, Mass., 1721 Steven WESSON?

    Ernest N. Curtis, 3972 Marina, Los Alamitos, CA 90720       (179)


    PARKER - Seek name, par., anc. of Mary ____?, w. of Dea, Samuel PARKER (1682-1775), of Groton & Coventry, Conn.

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122       (180)


    PARKER/RICE - Seek par., anc. Ruth PARKER of Roxbury who m. at Marlborough, Mass., 15 Nov. 1692 Edmund RICE of Westborough & Marlborough (1663-1726).

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (181)


    PEABODY/MARSTON - Bimsley PEABODY, b. at Middleton, Mass., 1731, son of Francis & Dorothy (PERKINS); m. there 12 Nov. 1754 Ruth MARSTON.  Seek all data & anc. of Ruth.

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Fox- wood Rd., Guilford, CT 06437       (182)


    PECK/BARBER/PARKER - Seek identity of Wid. Martha BARBER of Killingworth, Conn., who m. 25 Jan. 1731-2 Samuel PECK, had one dau. Martha, before Samuel d. She m. (3) Peter PEARSON. 1st w. of Samuel: Elizabeth LEE.  Who was William PARKER of Saybrook, whose dau. Sarah m. Joseph PECK, father of above Samuel?

    Mrs. E. S. Bnffa, 906 Chautauqua Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272      (183)


    PEPPER/CAREW/TAYLOR/STEVENS/CANFIELD - Need anc. of William PEPPER, m. at Springfield, Mass., 17 Jan. 1767 Sarah, dau. of John & Mary (TAYLOR) CAREW; Ruth STEVENS, b. ca. 1758; d. at Colebrook, Conn., 2 Apr. 1842?; m. 26 May 1785 Daniel CANFIELD of Norfolk, Conn., and New Marlborough, Mass. Also need burial place of Ruth & Daniel.

    Mrs. George T. Denison, P.O. Box 154, On tario, NY 14519      (184)


    PETREE/JACKSON - Seek info. Emanuel PETREE, birthplace and date unknown; wife Rachel lived in Ray Co., Mo.  Son: William. b. in Ray Co., Mo., m. Sarah JACKSON, Grandson H. M. PETREE, b. in Mo., 5-5-1878; d. in Tex., 3-2-1966.

    Camille Petree, P.O. Box 1226, Camden, AR 71701      (185)


    PHELPS/NEWTON - Seek proof of par. of Hannah “Nuton” who m. at Windsor, Conn., 20 Sept. 1660 Joseph  PHELPS I. Old Phelps Genealogy wrong in stating her par. were Rev. Roger NEWTON & Mary HOOKER. Suspects: (1) Anthony NEWTON, mentioned in father John’s will of 3 Apr. 1646, Colyton, Dorset, as son, with dau. Joan, “now in N.E.” Joan, who m. 20 yrs. before Hannah, m. Benedict ALVORD.  Anthony had dau. Hannah, bp. 6 (1) 1641.  (2) Samuel NEWTON, 1st minister Farmington, Conn., 2nd minister Milford 1660, had son Roger.  Need details Samuel and Anthony.

    Ed Witter, Jr., 1 Las Vegas Rd., Orinda Rd., CA 94563       (186)


    POTTER/HALL(E) - Seek verification of anc. of w. of Robert POTTER, Jr. (1661-1702), of Lynn, Mass., and of w. Martha HALL(E) (1660-1709).

    Mrs.  Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (187)


    POTTER/HOPPIN - Need anc. of Lydia Lewis POTTER, b. at Cranston, RI., 6 July 1810; d. at Dexter, Minn., 30 Apr. 1890; m. in RI., 1835 Richard HOPPIN, Jr.  Death record of Lydia POTTER HOPPIN names only her father William POTTER; mother’s name not shown.  Can find no further info. about her par.

    Mrs. Maxine F. Carl, 144 NE 35th Place, Portland, OR 97211       (188)


    RAMSEY/SARGENT/HEATH - Inhabitants of New Hampshire, 1776, by Wilson, lists William RAMSEY as living in Londonderry.  Might he be the father of William who prob. d. at Newburyport, Mass., July 1777, and who m. at Amesbury, Mass., Aug. 1768 Elizabeth (SARGENT), dau. of Charles & Hepzibah (HEATH)?

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Gnilford, CT 06437      (189)


    RANDOLPH - James Randolph, b. Va, 1730, son Hugh b. in Old Craven Co., S.C., 16 May 1756. James received royal land grants 6 Sept. 1768 on Santee R., 13 Sept. 1768, 22 Jan, 1759 Congaree R.  Seek info.

    Joan Bushno, 715 F. 5th St., Kewanee, IL 61443      (190)


    RANSOM/STERLING/TUCKER -Seek anc. of Jane RANSOM, b. in Conn., 24 June 1714, who m. John STERLING, Rev, soldier, son of Lt. Daniel STERLING & Mary MARVIN.  Also anc. of Edey TUCKER, b. ca. 1740, who m. 14 Oct. 1765 Jacob STERLING, son of above John STERLING & Jane RANSOM.

    Mrs. E.S. Buffa, 906 Chautauqua Blvd., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272       (191)


    RICE - Seek name, par., anc. of w. of Seth RICE (1705-1796), m. at Westborough, Mass., 22 Dec. 1727 V.R.

    Mrs. Spencer Duty, 3450 Green Rd., Cleveland, OH 44122      (192)



    ROBISON/ROBINSON/ADAMS/SPRONG/BUSSING/CROSBY/GUINAL/GUENNELL - Seek anc./ info. James ROBISON/ROBINSON & w. Margaret ADAMS, b. 1730-4.  Prob. lived Charleston, Montgomery Co., N.Y., 1760s.  Known ch.: James “went west” early; Culbert/Cuthbert m. Elizabeth (SPRONG?), lived Hamilton Co., Ohio, 1800, then Morgan Co., Ill., 1830, d. there 1850-55; William m. at Kinderhook, Columbia Co., N.Y., 1789 Jane BUSSING, b. at Bethlehem. N.Y., 1765, dau. Timothy BUSSING & Jane CROSBY, lived Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., N.Y., by 1801, d. there 1813; Susannah, m. 1788 Christopher SPRONG; Joseph, b. 1768, m. 1794 Cornelia GUINAL/ GUENNELL, Montgomery Co., N.Y., d. at Palemmo, Oswego, N.Y., 1839.

    Catherine R. Fahey, 344 So. Maple Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302       (193)


    ROGERS/TALLMAN/BORDEN -Seek anc., info. on Patience ROGERS, b. at Portsmouth, RI., 15 Dec. 1740; d. ?, was mistress of Peter TALLMAN, b. at Portsmouth, 27 Dee. 1706; d. at Tiverton, RI., 1783, who fathered Jeremiah Tallman ROGERS, b. at Tiverton 7 July 1766; d. (where) 7 June 1829; m. at Tiverton, 7 Oct. 1784 Lusannah BORDEN, b. ?; d. ?.  Could she be dau. of Jeremiah ROGERS and w. (2) Patience, b. ?, d. 28 Sept. 1802 at 86; of Middletown, RI.

    H.C. Dickinson, Ctr. Conway, NH 03813    

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