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  • Queries Vol. 3 No. 1

    Published Date : February 1986

    ABBOTT/SMITH - Need info, on anc. and family of Peter ABBOT (ABBOTT) (ca. 1760/70-1842), res. at Poplin (Fremont) and Raymond, N.H.; m. at Raymond 1793 Merriam (Marion) SMITH of Poplm. Ch.: Peter Jr., Abraham Smith, and poss Sewell, Perley, Stephen and others.

    Dana A. Batchelder, 285 South Sea Avenue, W. Yarmouth, MA 02673       (1)


    ALLEN  Noah ALLEN is named on a 2 June 1769 list of the first actual Connecticut settlers sponsored by the Susquehanna Company in what became Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Anybody know his ancestry or descendants? Believed may be related m. but not desc. from. Gen. Ethan ALLEN.

    Louise Cameron, 265 Hoff-man Drive, RD 3, Califon, NJ 07830      (2)


    ALLEN/RUSS/RICHTMEYER Seek all info. Justin E. ALLEN, b. at N.Y., 1794, m. Margaret RUSS, b. at Oak Hill, N.Y., 1800, dau. of Samuel & Margaret (RIGHTMEYER) RUSS. Res. Otsego and Schoharie Cos., N.Y.

    Allen Dean Peterson, 272 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084      (3)


    ANDREWS/WHITING/GILLE1TE/BRADFORD/VALENTINE  Seek info. on Lois Andrews, b. ca. 1761, prob. at Hartford, Conn., w. of William WHITING. Also on Ann GILLETTE, b. 1738, w. of Gamliel WHITING, son of Charles & Elizabeth (Bradford) WHITING. Wish to correspond with anyone researching N.Y. VALENTINES.

    Valentine Van Zee, 251 N.E. 28th Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33431      (4)


    AYER/EYRE  Who was Maplet AYER? Possibly m. Evan MUNRO. Mass., 1700s.

    Sheila Burke See, 233 Estrellita Dr., Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931      (5)


    BAKER/WHITE  Was Thomas BAKER, ca. 1690-1777, “of Raynham.” the grandson of Alexander BAKER of Boston? Thomas m. at Taunton, 1712 Abigail WHITE (John2, Nicolas1). Ch.: Samuel, Abigail, Elijah, Mary, Thomas, Simeon. Others?

    Mrs. Harold Hove, 1621 Emerson Terrace, Alameda, CA 94501      (6)


    BALDWIN  Seek any info, about Rachel BALDWIN (husband Levi?) of Hanover, Morris Co., N.J., prior to 1800.  Need b. and d. dates and par. Rachel and her ch. were in Richmond Co., N.C., in 1783.  The ch. were Jonathan, Jesse, John, Elizabeth, Rachel, Aaron, and Moses.

    Mrs. George S. Willard, 1200 Elizabeth Rd., Wilson, NC 27893      (7)


    BARTLETT/BURNS  Marcel(l)us H. BARTLETT, b. in N.Y. or England, Jan.1824; m. at Troy, N.Y., Eliza BURNS, b.Jan. 1830, dau. John.  Both alive 1915. Heres. in Jefferson Co., N.Y., to majority, Troy by 1840, deputy Sheriff Clay andJackson Cos., Mo., “Liberty Missouri Home Guard” 1861.  Need his par. andline.

    Dr. David M. Pierce, SecurityBank Bldg., Suite 801, 888 N. Main St.,Santa Ana, CA 92701      (8)


    BEACH  Seek par. of Stephen BEACH, b. in Conn., 7/15 Aug. 1770; Wheeling, Va., 24 Mar. 1792 Sarah SHERWOOD.  He lived in Adams Co., Ohio, 1792-1834; d. in Marion Co., Ohio, 1835. Ch.: Rodah, Susana, Nathan, Sarah, Hannah, Stephen, Daniel Elias, Tamer, James, John, Thomas, David, Mary Ann.

    Horace J. Beach, Jr., 9940Richmond Ave. #2108, Houston, TX 77042      (9)


    BLACK/MAXFIELD/WHALEY/ODELL/HUSTED  Seek par., birth-place of James BLACK, Capt. in Hampshire, Mass., militia during Rev. War.  Also par. Varnis MAXFIELD, b. in N.H., ca. 1808.  Also par. of Reynolds WHALEY, b. in RI., 1762.  Searching for par. of Austin ODELL, b. in Vt., 1789; and Ephraim HUSTED, b. poss. in N.Y., ca. 1773; m. (1) Sally TAYLOR; m. (2) Elcy JOHNSON.

    Mary Mulligan Konik, Box 39, Vermilion, OH 44089       (10)


    BRACE/HENSHAW  Need par. of Jerusha BRACE and her birthplace.  She m. near Hartford, 1787 a William HENSHAW, b. 10 Sept. 1767; d. 5 Aug. 1822.  She d. 9 Oct. 1822.  Both d. at Townsend, Upper Canada.  Wm. Henshaw was b. at Litchfield, Conn.

    Richard A. Henshaw, 854 Ashburn Rd., Greenville, MS 38703-6004      (11)


    BRADWAY/BROADWAY/HARRIS/PHILLIPS  Exchange any data on BRADWAY or BROADWAY families any time, any place.  Need desc. of Ruth3 BROADWAY & Anthony HARRIS, N.H., N.Y., Pa., Wisc.  Need desc. of Mary3 BROADWAY & Levi PHILLIPS, Vt., etc.  Need anc. of Anna (____), b. 1747; m. Daniel3 BRADWAY, and Susanna (___), b. 1747, m. William3 BRADWAY, both RI., prob. Smithfield area.

    Mrs. Philip Bradway, 1119 Hedgewood Lane, Schenectady, NY 12309      (12)


    BRINSMADE  Who were Dr. Thomas C. Brinsmade and wife Elizabeth ____ of New Hartford, CT., parents of Horatio Nelson, Peter Allan, and Thomas Clark Brinsmade, b. 1798-1804?  Not in Barbour, IGI; cannot link to other Brinsmades of CT.

    Philip S. Thayer, 55 St. Germain St., Boston, MA 02115.      (12b)


    BRITTON  Seek anc. of Samuel BRITTON, b. 20 July 1772 at Trenton, N.J., and his w., Anna WARNER, b. in N.J., 5 Feb. 1777.  They moved to Washington Co., Ohio, in 1814, and to Johnson Co., Iowa, in 1851 where Samuel d. 28 Nov. 1853.

    Darrell Wagner, P.O. Box 223, White Pine, Ml 49971      (13)



    BROWN/COOPER/DAVIS/RIGGS/THOMSON/TYLER/CHOATE/COLLINS/STORY  Seek anc. of William BROWN m. 15 July 1646 Mary ____ wid. of Abraham ROBINSON, Gloucester.  Lydia COOPER m. ca. 1635 Nathaniel MORTON, Plymouth.  James DAVIS m. 6 Oct. 1666, Gloucester/Wenham Mehitable1, Elizabeth BACHELOR/BATCHELLER.  Thomas RIGGS, b. 1632, m. at Gloucester, 7 June 1658 Mary MILLET. Mary THOMSON m.          at Ipswich, 8 Mar. 1692/3 Jonathan LOW.  John TYLER m. 22 Feb. 1721/2 Abigail HASKELL.  Seek surname of Mary, w. of John1 BURNAM/BURNHAM, m. at Ipswich, ca. 1654.  Sarah, w. of John BURNAM, Ipswich/Chebacco ca.?  Seek surname of. CHOATE, Ann, w. John, m. at Ipswich 1660.  COLLINS, Joan, w. John, m. at Gloucester ca. 1634. STORY, Elizabeth, m. at Ipswich ca. 1682 Seth STORY.

    Eva Jenson, 3430 Arapahoe P1. W., Seattle, WA 98199      (14)


    BROWN  Seek desc. Col. William Lee BROWN, b. at Sheldon/Shelborne, Vt., 1840; d. at Great Barrington, Mass., 1906.  Res. Youngstown, Ohio, area, N.Y.C., and Gt. Barrington.  Part owner first N. Y. Daily News, N.Y.S. Senator 1889. M. Henrietta JEFFRIES, b. at Mansfield, Ohio, 1853; d. N.Y.C. 1936.  5 ch.: Henry d. 1935, George Todd d. 1941, Minietta d. 1953, William Jeffries d. 1956, Cleveland Chris d. 1968. William Jeffries BROWN m. Ocea STORMS, div. N.Y.C.    2 ch.: William Jeffries BROWN, b. 1907; George? b. 1910?

    Donald Moulthrop, 35 Silver St., Great Barr-ington, MA 01230  Note: YOUR ANSWERS WILL HELP THE NEWS-BOY STATUE PRESERVATION COMMITTEE.      (15)


    BURDICK/REYNOLDS/STOCKING  Seek anc./par./sibs. on Ruth REYNOLDS, had relatives near Syracuse, N.Y., 2nd w. of Peleg BURDICK, Sr. Lucretia STOCKING b. at Lysander, Onandago Co., N.Y., 16 Oct. 1821; d. buggy accident at Clear Lake, Wis., 9 Sept. 1884; m. at Lysander, 2 Oct. 1841?

    Peleg Burdick, Jr.  Mary H. Kelley, 905 Pascoe Ave., San Jose, CA 95125      (16)


    BUTLER/PARKER/HUNT  Info. wanted on desc. of Obediah BUTLER b. ca. 1685.  Son Samuel in Beckman, Dutchess Co., N.Y., by 1754. Anc. of Robert PARKER and w. Dorothy desired; R. PARKER d. at Beckman ca. 1758.  Anc. wanted of Japheth, Samuel, Benson, and Ambrose HUNT. Prob. brothers in Beckman in 1749. Poss. fr. Salem. Mass.

    Frank J. Doherty, Freedom Rd., Plea-sant Valley, NY 12569      (17)


    CARRINGTON  John & w. Joan were hanged as witches at Wethersfield, Conn., 1651.  Desire proof that Rebecca CARRINGTON m. Abraham ANDREWS, orig. settler of Waterbury, Conn., was dau. of above John & Joan ____ CARRINGTON. Was John CARRINGTON, orig. settler of Waterbury, Conn., a bro. of Rebecca?

    Jean S. McDonald, 3338 G. North Chatham Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21043      (18)


    CHAPMAN/GRIFFITH  Hugh CHAPMAN d. in Wetzel Co., W. Va., ca. 1850; m. Nancy GRIFFITH and/or Anna _____? Need certainty of m. and anc. of w.

    Robert A. Gooding, 15611 Edenvale, Friendswood, TX 77546       (19)


    CHIPMAN/CASTEEL  Seek par. and anc. of Theodore CHIPMAN, b. in N.Y., ca. 1851; d. ca. 1915, bur. Harlan, Iowa; m. Bella CASTEEL, b. in Iowa; d. ca. 1897.  Ch.: Lulu Mae, b. in Iowa July 1882, d. ca. 1917; William Edgar, b. at Harlan, 12 July 1886; d. at Burlington, Co., 5 July 1949.

    Judith Chipman, 5601 King Arthur Court, Westmont, IL 60559      (20)


    COLE/SNOW  Rebecca COLE m. at Lexington, N.Y., William A. SNOW (1805-89), d. at Binghamton, N.Y.  Family papers say she was “b. in Canada.”  Could her father be Elisha, a soldier, who m. 1797 Rebecca HOPKINS and d. at Binghamton in the 1850s?  Perhaps army duties took him to Canada? 

    Marie Booth Ferre, Ill S. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013      (21)


    COMINS/CUMMINS  Desire par. & siblings of Esther COMINS/CUMMINS, b. in Tolland or Windham Co., Conn., 1769.  Res. in Mansfield, Conn., in the l800s.  M. at Burlington, N.Y., 1 Dec. 1791 Daniel Preston.

    Mrs. Jack Foulkes, 537 Nitsche Dr., Terre Haute, IN 47803      (22)


    COMBS  Seek anc. Reuben COMBS, b.?, res. at Douglas, Mass., 1742-1770; m. (1) Mary ____. Ch.: Joshua, b. 1742, m. Eliz. JEPHERSON; Hannah, b. 1744, m. Wm. TURTELOW.  Reuben m. (2) Thankful ____.  Ch.: Mary, b. 1747, m. Jared Hill; Joseph, b. 1749, m. Anne BROWN; Comfort, 1751, m. Wm. HERENDON; Anthony, b. 1753, m. Lydia; Susanna, b. 1755, m. James PETER; Rosilla, b. 1757; m. Jonathan HILL; and 7 others.

    Murray Combs, 1025 Sharon Dr., Glen Burnie, MD 21061      (23)


    CONVERS(E)/HUNTING/Hannah CONVERS(E), second w. of Stephen HUNTING, Jr., m. Feb. 1757/8. Son Moses b. 1758, m. Elizabeth WOOD NEWTON.  Son Converse b. 1760, m. Mary PARKER.  Hannah d. at Hubbardston, Mass., 1812.  Who were Hannah’s par.? Where was she b.?

    Mrs. Glaphry Duff, 761 Magarian Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028      (24)


    COOKE/LINDLY/MILLER  Jacob COOKE, b. in Mass., 1725, m. in N.J., 1750 Phebe LINDLY; d. in Washington Co., Pa., ca. 1811.  Need his relationship to: Merribah, b. 1755; d. in Pa., ca. 1800, m. John MILLER; to John COOKE, d. in Pa., ca. 1810, wid. Anna; to Ziba COOKE, b. 1760, d. in Ohio 1823, m. Jemima COOKE.

    Ruth Jurgensen, 434 NW. 19 St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103      (25)


    COON/BURTON  Seek par. of David COON, b. in Hampshire Co., Va. (now W.      Va.), 1782.  In Ohio in 1810.  He m. in Ohio Lucy BURTON. Had 9 ch. Also John COWAN who m. in Ohio Rachel ____? Would like her maiden name.  Their dau. Margaret COWAN m. Joel Frankeberger.

    Joy Shreyer, 2063 Mohawk Dr., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523      (26)


    CROCKER/CASSELL/McMULLEN   Request any info. on following families of Washington Co., N.Y.: Ephraim CROCKER & w., Thomas CASSELL & w., Reuben McMULLEN & w., John ELLIS & w., SAUNDERS family of Fort Edward which include: John, Christianna, Catherine, Peter, William. Henery, David, Elizabeth, Sally.

    Thomas Skarbek, 2 Kelley Ave., Wethersfield, CT 06109      (27)


    CURTIS/FRAZEE  Seek info, on par. of John I. CURTIS, b. at Freehold, Monmouth Co., N.J., 8 Mar. 1780; d. in Somerset Co., N.J., 16 Jan. 1851; w. Elizabeth (Betsy) FRAZEE.  Believe father’s name was John CURTIS and mother was Hetty.

    Lorna L. Williams, 2111 9th Ave., Helena, MT 59601      (28)


    DAVIS/GOODWIN/SCOTT/HENERY  Seek anc. of Hannah DAVIS of Montville, Me., b. ca. 1812; d. poss. Mo., Sept. 1879; par, poss. William/Rhoda (GOODWIN) BENEFIELD DAVIS; m. at McConnelsville, Ohio, 16 May 1833 Solomon W. SCOTT.  Sister Clarissa m. Barna SCOTT; sister Tabitha m. Samuel HENERY; brother Ezra m. Fanna SCOTT.

    Sharleen (Scott) Geraths, 2442 NW Market St., #231, Seattle, WA 98107      (29)


    DREW/HUNT/WASHBURN Gilbert DREW, b. 1732 d. 26 Mar. 1812; m. 5 July 1753 Sarah HUNT, b. 1733.  They had son Gilbert DREW, b. in Dutchess Co., N.Y., 1769.  He m. 1788 Susannah WASHBURN, b. 4 May 1771, dau. of Ebenezer WASHBURN of Putnam Co., N.Y. (originally part of Dutchess Co.). Susannah d. 4 May 1839. Ebenezer d. 11 July 1855. Need anc. of Gilbert DREW, b. 1732 & Sarah HUNT, b. 1733. Ebeneezer WASHBURN bp. 1746, son of Ebeneezer WASHBURN & Patience MILES, went to Dutchess Co., N.Y., member of Capt. Mead’s Company, the Fredricksburgh Regiment, and deserted.  Is he father of Susannah (WASHBURN) DREW, b. 4 May 1771?

    Arthur R. Graves, 551 E. Goepp, Bethlehem. PA 18018      (30)


    DUNHAM/DANNALS  Seek par. & anc. of Edward DUNHAM & maiden name of w. Mary, wid. of Jacob DANNALS.  He was b. at Great Nine Partners, Dutchess Co., N.Y., 24 July 1753; m. 17 Nov. 1802; d. at Henrietta, Monroe Co., N.Y.; m. 17 Nov. 1802 Mary Jacob was Rev. War Pensioner. Ch.: Ed-ward, Jr., Sophia & Seneca. who m. Tirza DANNALS, dau. of John & Hannah DANNALS.

    Miss Elizabeth E. Brown, 9875 W. Progress Pl., Littleton, CO 80123      (31)



    DUNHAM/HURLBERT/PEARSON   Seek par., anc. & desc. of David DUNHAM, father of Calvin, Abel, Hartwell, Orson & Frank DUNHAM.  1850 census shows David, Calvin & Hartwell living next to each other in Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., Mich.  Census gives David’s w.’s name Sarah.  No given name in family record, but maiden name believed to be PEARSON & m. in N.Y. state.  Census shows David, Calvin & Hartwell all b. in N.Y., & Sarah b. in Conn.  Was Hartwell related to Seneca DUNHAM?  Was David related to Edward DUNHAM?  Did David have more than one w.?  Hartwell b. 23 Aug. 1822; d. 25 June 1898; m. Julia Ann HURLBURT, b. 2 Nov. 1823; d. 22 Jan. 1897.

    Miss Elizabeth E. Brown, 9875 W. Progress Pl., Littleton, CO 80123      (32)


    ELDERKIN  Seek info. re desc. of John ELDERKIN (ca. 1612/16-1687), b. in Eng., lived in Mass., R.I., and Conn.

    Ruth E. Alt, P.O. Box 185, Morganville, NJ 07751      (33)


    ELDRED/ELDRIDGE/SPINK  Seeking proof of the par. of Gardiner ELDRIDGE b. ca. 1750, prob. at Exeter, RI., d. at Knowlton, Brome Co., Quebec, ca. 1818.  Can anyone prove that he was or was not the son of John & Mary (GREENE) ELDRED?  Also seek proof of his m. to Martha or Mary SPINK, ca. 1773. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with info, on this family.

    Mrs. Bennie S. Lan, 785 Plume St., Spartanburg, SC 29302      (34)


    ENOS/GALLUP/WILMOT/WETHERBEE  Need ascendants [sic]. of Jemima ENOS, b. at Stonington, Conn., Aug. 1749; m. Jan. 1769 Samuel GALLUP.  She d. in Albany Co., N.Y., Dec. 1695 t1795?].  Need par, of Sarah WILMOT m. Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 1849 Daniel WETHERBEE. She d. at Concord, Mass., May 1854.

    La Veta Wetherbee, 2631 Minnesota #7, Anchorage, AK 99503      (35)


    FOGG/FERNALD/KEYS  Mark FOGG, b. at Eliot, N.H., ca. 1757, m. (1) Eunice FERNALD, m. (2) Mary KEYS.  Need anc. of Mary KEYS & ch. of each m.

    Robert A. Gooding, 15611 Edenvale, Friendswood, TX 77546      (36)


    FORBS/GRIFFIN/TREAT/ROBERTS/GAINES/COLLIER/WILLIAMS/BUCKLAND  James FORBES res. at E. Hartford, Conn., m. Catherine; d. 27 Nov. 1692. Ch.: John m. Mary GRIFFIN; David m. Sarah TREAT; Dorothy m. Wm. ROBERTS, Mary m. Daniel GAINES; Sarah m. Joseph COLLIER; James m. Sarah WILLIAMS & wid. EIiz. BUCKLAND.  Need birthplace and par. of James & when he emigrated to New England.

    Catherine M. Newell, 2350 Sixth Ave., SB, San Diego, CA 92101      (37)


    FRANCIS/HARRIGAN (HARRINGTON)/KING  Seek par./anc./desc. of James Joseph FRANCIS, b. ca. 1823, Halifax, N.S., to Frank & Mary ?).  Have some info, on second w. Veronica (HARRIGAN/ HARRINGTON), m. 24 Nov. 1883. Need first wife’s name and several ch. Also, KING, William & Levina, m. at Amherst, N.H., 1780. Par.?  D. Hackler, Box 637, Rutland, MA 01543      (38)


    FREEMAN/HODGKINS  Seek par./anc. of Jacob FREEMAN & Mary HODGKINS; b. ca. 1805; m. at Durham. Me., 26 Nov. 1835. Ch.: Andrew Jackson, Horace, Howard M., Mary Elizabeth.

    Sylvia H. Oliver, 2908 E. Athens, Orange, CA 92667      (39)


    FRISBIE  Need to contact desc. of Letitia Elizabeth Laudron FRISBIE (b. 1837), Hudson Townsend FRISBIE (b. 1839), Herbert FRISBIE (b. 1841), Randolph FRISBIE (b. 1843), Ledrue FRISBIE (b. 1848), Mary Ella Josephine FRISBIE (b. 1857), all b. at Houlton, Me. Horton and Kimball FRISBIE birth prob. late 1800, prob. Houlton.

    Jane Davis, 938 Via Casitas, Greenbrae, CA 94904      (40)


    GALLOP/CASE  Seeking family data on Joseph GALLOP (1726-1799), m. (1) at W. Greenwich, RI., 1747 Mary CASE; m. (2) Fear ____; d. at Hebron, Washington Co., N.Y.  Joseph came to Williamstown, Berkshire Co., Mass., in 1764 with sister Elsey GALLOP, w. of Nehemah WILLIAMS (1736-1792) and their bro. Benjamin Adam GALLOP (1741-?), husband of Mary RIPLEY.

    John H. Schultz, 1085 Bowen Dr., W., No. Tonawanda, NY 14120      (41)


    GATES/BENJAMIN/HOUGHTALING  Seeking par. of Samuel GATES b. at Choldchester [Colchester?], Conn., 1753/57, m. at Preston, Conn., 1781 Sarah BENJAMIN, b. 1758. Lived W. Br. Otsdawa; Otigo, Otsego Co., N.Y. Ch.: Abial b. 1781, Eunice 1783, Sarah 1786, Mary 1788, Ezra 1790, Urbane 1792, Margaret 1794, Amos 1797, Lydia 1803, & Judith 1805. Abial GATES m. 1802 Margaret HOUGHTALING.

    Egbert Gates, 3338 So. Gaffey St. #10, San Pedro, CA 90731      (42)


    GATES/WYMAN  Seek par. of Winthrop GATES, b. at Stow, Mass., ca. 1815; m. at Waltham. Mass., 14 Mar. 1839 Lydia Ann WYMAN, dau. of Samuel & Anna (DOLE) WYMAN.  Moved 1866 to Rensselaer Co., N.Y.

    Donita K. Ford, 524 Alturas Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301      (43)


    GALLOP/RILEY  Searching for date and place of death of Benjamin Adam GALLOP, b. 1741, son of Richard Jr. & Lydia (____) GALLOP.  He m. at W. Greenwich, RI., 14 Feb. 1762 Mary, dau. of John & Merebeth (LEE) RIPLEY.  A son Matteson GALLOP was b. 19 July 1762 and is believed to be identical with the Jesse M. GALLOP (1762-1826) who served in the 17th Regiment of the Albany Co., N.Y. Militia, “Kings District,” and d. at Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co., N.Y.

    John H. Schultz, 1085 Bowen Dr. W., N. Tonawanda, NY 14120      (44)


    GERRISH/BROOKS  Need anc. of Charles GERRISH, b. at Townsend, Mass., 18771?]; m. 1844 Sarah Jane BROOKS, dau. Luther & Dolly (ADAMS) BROOKS. He d. & is buried at Groton, Mass.  Ch.: Everett B., Francis B., Samuel H., Edward A., & Charles H.

    Elcy D. Brooks, 2318 Merrihills Dr., SW, Rochester, MN 55902      (45)


    GILBERT/MORGAN  Who were the Prudence GILBERT & Miles MORGAN traveled from Springfield to Salem to m. in 1643?  Tradition holds they were in the  same ship in 1636. I find no GILBERTS old enough to be her par.  Was she sister to Humphrey? Jonathan? Perhaps a widow?

     Marie Booth Ferre, 111 S. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013      (46)


    GIVENS/TOMLINSON  Seeking the anc. & vital dates of Revolutionary Li. John GIVENS of Derby, Woodbury, and Washington, Conn.; husband of Hannah TOMLINSON.  He d. 18 Apr. 1777.

    Mrs. Harold Hove, 1621 Emerson Terrace, Alameda, CA 94501      (47)


    GLIDDEN/TRUE  Seek info. David GLIDDEN, II, b. at Raymond, N.H., 15 Mar. 1784, son of David GLIDDEN I, b. at Exeter, N.H., July 1759, whom. Sarah (TRUE) GLIDDEN and moved to Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y., ca. 1714-17.  What was given and maiden name of David GLIDDEN II’s w., also b. in N.H. Was she same person as Susannah (____) GLIDDEN, b. ca. 1798, mother of Cyrena GLIDDEN, b. in N.Y. and age 20 in 1850 census, Lyons, Wayne Co., N.Y.?

    Mrs. Eldred 0. Stacy, 32 Bay View Ave., Plymouth, MA 02360      (48)


    GOULD/CLARK  Seek par. & birth-place in Conn. of Nancy A. GOULD who m. at Holliston, Mass., 18 Mar. 1827 Sanford CLARK of Medfield, Mass.  Sanford d. 24 June 1846 and bur. Evergreen Cemetery, W. Medway.  Nancy not bur. beside him.  Did she remarry?

    Frank E. Clank, 2356 William St., Augusta, GA 30904      (49)


    GRAVES/BENNETT/PARMENTER   Need par., birthplace Abiel/Abigail (wid. of Samuel GRAVES), m. (2) at Sudbury, Mass., 1751, widower Josiah BENNETT, son of Samuel & Mary (PARMENTER) BENNETT.  Ch. of Josiah & Abiel/Abigail, b. at Shrewsbury, Mass.: Elizabeth b. 1748/9 (m. 2 Luther RICE), John b. 1755 (m. Lucretia RICE and Polly CODDING): Dorcas b. 1758 (m. Oliver HALE).

    Mrs. C.D. Logan, 721 Briarwood Dr., Denison, TX 75020      (50)


    HALL  Seek w., par., dates, Benjamin HALL.  In Pittsfield, N.Y., by 1805 with brother Gardner.  Prob. from RI. via Vt.  Had William. Lyman, Isaac, Benjamin, Jerusha, Maria (m. Spafard Bros.), and   Asenath (b. at Pittsfield, 20 March 1805, d. at Syracuse 2 Jan. 1885; m. 1831 Parley BASSETT).  Suspect Benjamin’s par. William & Penelope (Gardner) HALL, Portsmouth, RI.

    Mrs. A.C. Houston, Route 3, Baldwin City, KS 66006      (51)


    HALL  Seek desc. William H. HALL (Willie), b. ca. 1827.  In 1849/50 clerk R.R. Ex., boarding at 6 Cambridge; in 1850 living with C.C. Bowmans, Dorchester.  In 1851 passenger clipper ship Flying Cloud’s record-setting voyage, N.Y-San Francisco.

    F.E. Reynolds, 1152 Amador Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707      (52)



    HAMILTON/BURDICK - Seek anc./ par./sibs. on George Gurley HAMILTON, b. in Ky., 27 Feb. 1848; fam. res. Harnistown, Ill., 1869-71; ed. Eureka College, Ill.; d. at Rochester, Minn., 1889; m. at Footville, Wisc., 18 Nov. 1875 Martha Lucretia BURDICK.  Ch.:      Paul Ernest b. 1878/7, Guy Clarence (1879-1950), & Paul James b. ca. 1881.

    Mary H. Kelley, 905 Pascoe Ave., San Jose, CA 95125      (53)


    HAMILTON/DIXON/STEWART Seeking anc. of Jack HAMILTON, also known as William HAMILTON or William Charles HAMILTON, b. at Augusta, Me., 25 July 1884/5, but believed to have been b. in Canada or Scotland.  His par. are believed to have been William HAMILTON & Ellen DIXON on Ellen STEWART.

    Leonard A. Lage, 1802 N. 72 P1., Scottsdale, AZ 85257      (54)


    HART/HARTT/HEARTT  Seek birth date, birthplace and par. of Dennis HART of Huntington, LI.  He m. at Huntington, 28 March 1689 Mary (SEVERSMITH) SMITH, dau. of Nicholas SEVERSMITH and Mary TIBBALS.

    Edgar R. Hartt, 16 Wicklow Ct., Hollidaysburg, PA 36648      (55)


    HARWOOD/HAVEN  Was Levi HARWOOD who m. 1812 Hannah HAVEN same as Levi of Sunderland, Vt.  (b. 1793), son of Ebenezer (1764-18 13) & Eunice (BRADLEY) HARWOOD? Hannah was b. in Vt., 1789, dau. of Hezekiah (b. 1755) & Sarah (WISWALD) HAVEN.  Did they have dau. Olive b. in Vt. 1815?

     Allen Dean Peterson, 272 St. George  St., St. Augustine, FL 32084      (56)


    HIGGINS  Seek desc. John Joseph HIGGINS, last address known Savannah, Ga., 1915.  B. at Savannah ca. 1868 to John S. & Sabina (NORTON) HIGGINS; m. at Somerville, Mass., 28 Nov. 1906 Helena Francis WELCH.  Helena one of 13 ch.  John poss. related to John S. HIGGINS, Savannah Police, and Joseph J. HIGGINS, Morehouse Mfg. Co.

    Francis R. Minton, 40 WiIlet St., Wollaston, MA 02170      (57)


    HOLT  Seek anc. & other info, on Mary HOLT, d. poss. in N.H., 1804; m. 24 Oct. 1796 Luther TWITCHELL, son of Gershoin & Prudence (ADAMS) TWITCHELL.

    Mary Twichel Kushner, 121 Walker Rd., W. Orange, NJ 07052      (58)


    HOOKER/OSGOOD  Seek par. & anc. of Mary HOOKER, poss. dau. of Richard HOOKER, m. at Andover, Essex Co., Mass., 24 Oct. 1663 Stephen OSGOOD; d. at Andover, 12 Aug. 1711.

    Donita K. Ford, 524 Alturas Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301      (59)


    HOSLEY/SAWTELLE (SORTELL)  Aaron J. HOSLEY, b. 1810, res. at Groton & W. Townsend, Mass., area; d. 21 Aug. 1892; m. Sarah SAWTELLE, b. 17 April 1813.  Ch.: Martha, Joshua, Henry b. 1841, Lorin, twins Charles & Clara, Emma, Ellen, others.  Sarah’s par. poss. Josiah & Sally (SHELDON) SORTELL.  Seek anc. of Aaron & Sarah

    Betsey J. Patterson, 212 Carriage Dr., Middlebury, CT 06762      (60)


    HUNKINS/(HUNKINGS, HUNKENS)/CHAMBERLAIN/CONNEY (KINNE KENEY)  Who are the par. of Elizabeth & Thomas HUNKINS (HUNKINGS/HUNKENS?)  She m. at Boxford, Mass. 31 March 1714 Nathaniel CHAMBERLAIN.  He m. at Boxford, 30 Nov. 1710 Rachel CONNEY (KINNE, KENEY etc.), dau. of John & Elizabeth KENY (Boxford V.R.), Rachel was b. 1 Ap 1685.  Thomas & Elizabeth were bp. as adults 24 Feb. 1706.

    Justin E. Morrill 5185 Downwest Ride, Columbia, MD 21044      (61)


    HUNT/CHILSON  Who were the pa of Edward HUNT & his w., Abigail (CHILSON) of Mass.?  They were in Bellingham. Mass., between 1724 and 1739 Their ch.: Sarah b. 1721, Abagail b. 1724 Edward b. 1727, John b. 1729, Mary b 1733, Elizabeth b. 1739.

    Mrs. Glaphry Duff, 761 Maganian Rd., Fallbrook, CA 92028      (62)


    JENNESS/FOLLETT  Seek anc. of John JENNESS and of Temperance FOLLETT, m. at Pembroke, N.H., 14 Nov. 1783. Their dau. Hannah, b. at Pembroke, 22 Oct. 1792, m. at Haverhill 1817 Rev. Henry PLUMMER.

    Edw H. Morse, 2315 Eastridge Ave., #716 Menlo Park, CA 94025      (63)


    KIMBALL/HOULETTE  Seek par/anc. of Electa C. Kimball, b. poss. in Menard Co., Ill., 1856; m. (1) at Petersburg, Menard Co., Ill., 18 Jan. 1855 Stephen Edward HOULETTE.  Ch Claude, Edward C. b. 1878, Fred b. 1880 M. (2) ____ SWEENEY.  Res. at  Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa; d. in Calif.

    Susan Brinner, 713 Annursnac Hill Rd., Concord, MA 01742      (64)


    KING/HAGER/MACUMBER  Seek anc. of Lovisa KING, b. in Vt., 1801, m. (1)       in Vt., Daniel Dewey HAGER (1789-1852); m. (2) in Geauga Co., Ohio Job MACUMBER.  She d. in Jo Davie Co., Ill., 1871. She was poss. from Dorset, Vt.

    Allen Dean Peterson, 272 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084       (65)


    LAIN/LANE  Seeking par./anc. Jacob LAIN/LANE, b. prob. in Conn., 3 Oct 1789; d. at Columbus, Ind., 21 Oct. 1855 m. at Watertown, Conn., 19 Sept. 1813 Polly GUERNSEY, dau. of Daniel GARNSEY/GUERNSEY & Huldah SEYMOUR.  First ch. b. 1814 in Ontan Co., N.Y.  Moved to Ind. 1817. Poss. brother John, sister Polly.

    Hazel M. Brannian, R.R. 1, Box 122, Brooklyn, IA 52211      (66)


    LANE/McELROY  Charles Henry LANE, b. in “England” Jan. 1857; m. at Wheeling, W, Va., 28 May 1879 Ellen McELROY; d. at Glenwood Springs Colo.  Cannot find par, or area England, nor arrival in U.S. Would ap preciate any/all help. Have many desc. to share.

    Mrs. Nelda Firth Reichenbach 913 Keswick P1., Glendora, CA 91740



    LAWRENCE/LAWRANCE/PARK HURST/ELLIS  Seek par. of Sarah LAWRANCE who m. at Plainfield, Conn., 20 Jan. 1730/I Joseph PARKHURST. Perhaps Daniel LAWRENCE later of New Canaan, Conn.? Also par. of Joseph ELLIS who m. at Dedham. 1688 Mary GRAVES and was father of Jacob ELLIS b. 17 March 1702/3.

    Donald A. Hughes, 510 Linden Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091      (68)


    LINCOLN/BAKER  Seeking the first name & par. of the young woman men-tioned in Rev. Thos. Clapp’s Marriage book as ____ LINKON m. Samuel BAKER, at Taunton, Mass., 12 June 1736.  One son, Nathan, m. Margaret HUTCHINSON.  What of other ch.?

    Mrs. Harold Hove, 1621 Emerson Terrace, Alameda, CA 94501      (69)


    LINCOLN/DREW/LAMB/PALMER  Seek anc. of Apollos LINCOLN, b. prob, Mass., ca. 1770, fl. Hoosick Falls, N.Y., 1800-1810, alive 1814. Ch.: Apollos b. 1797, m. 1817 Deborah DREW; Caleb, b. 1800, m. Elizabeth PALMER; Susan, b. 1806, m. Andrew LAMB; poss. John and George; two other daus. Ch. lived in Genessee Co., N.Y., then Mich.

    Charles Clements, 2501 Clinton Hills, Ortonville, MI 48462      (70)


    MABRY/TOMPKINS/FRANKLIN Seek par. of Reuben Langdon MABRY, b. in So. Carolina 1782/3. He d. in S.C., 1853 and bur. at Cokesbuny, S.C. Ceme-tery. Hem. Mary TOMPKINS of S.C., b. ca. 1792, d. in S.C., 1853 (Edgefield Co. Records). Mary TOMPKINS was cousin of Benjamin FRANKLIN and had uncle named John FRANKLIN.  Need par. John FRANKLIN.

    Frank E. Clark, 2356 William St., Augusta, GA 30904       (71)


    MACKENTYRE (McINTIRE)  Seek pan. & anc. of Hanna MACKENTYRE, m. at Westminster, Mass., 26 April 1784 Peter GRAVES.  Seek place & date of her b. and d. Was Ezra her only ch.?

    Trudy Graves Ward, 1421 Roxbury Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104      (72)


    MAIZE (MAZE)  Seek husband of Widow Mary Hill MAIZE, the father of Edward MAIZE.  Edward b. at London 1787, migrated with his mother to County Down and County Monaghan, N. Ireland; m. Mary NESBITT; d. 1877.  Desc. presently in Ireland and U.S.

    George Maize, 1710 2nd St., Peru, IL 61354      (73)


    MAIZE (MAZE)/HAMILTON  Seek par. of Thomas Boston MAIZE, b. in England 1753; m. at Camden, S.C., 1782 Mary Martha HAMILTON. T.B.M. d. near Pittsburgh, Pa., 2 March 1830.  Rev. War Soldier.

    George Maze, 1710 2nd St., Peru, IL 61354      (74)



    MARTIN/DENNISON  Wish to correspond with desc, of David MARTIN, b. at Western, N.Y.; d. 1 Apr. 1848; m. 24 March 1818 Teressa DENNISON, b. at Stephenstown, N.Y., 10 Apr. 1800.  Also want info, on par. of William & Jemima (MARTIN) MARTIN m. at Rehoboth, Mass., 1 May 1737 by Elder Nathaniel Millard.

    Barbara Hudson, Box 1743, APO, Miami 34003      (75)


    MAXWELL  Seek par. & anc. of Henry C. MAXWELL, b. in Franklin Co., Pa., 1803 or 1809; m. Martha ____ (1826-1872), b. in Ky.  Res. St. Louis and St. Joseph, Mo.  Ch,: James b. 1845, William D. b. 1847, Charles W. b. 1850, Julia I. b. 1851, John E. b. 1858, Mildred b. 1864.

    Dr. David M. Pierce, Security Bank Bldg., Suite 801, 888 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701      (76)


    MEEKER/PATTERSON  Need par. & anc. Chauncy MEEKER (1761-1831) of New Preston, Conn., & Trumbull Co., Ohio, m. Ruth PATTERSON, b. 1770. Ch.:    Ruth, Harriet, Marvin, William. Hemon. Believe David (d. 1819, age 87)& Temperance (d. 1831 age 89) MEEKER of Litchfteld Co., Conn., were Chauncy’s par. Need proof.

    Mrs. Margaret J. Travis, 450 Plum St., Celina, OH 45822      (77)


    MUNGER/FULLER  Seek info. 2nd m. 1820/1, Vt., Reuben MUNGER, b. at Guilford, Conn., 26 Feb. 1754; d. at Middlebury, Vt., 13 Feb. 1826 Mercy/Mary (HALE) FULLER, b. in Conn./Mass., 1754; d. in Vt., 9 March 1831; she m. (1) Asa FULLER.

    Carol Tucker Gadbois, 141 Maple Lane, Lancaster, PA 17601      (78)


    MUSSER (MERCER)/WILSON: Seeking par. & data of Adam MUSSER, b. in Washington Co., Va., 1825; m. 1847 Corinna WILSON. Left Abingdon, Va., 1865, for Quincy, Ill., then Mo. 11 ch., 7 b. in Va.

    Mrs. Harold Hove, 1621 Emerson Terrace, Alameda, CA 94501      (79)


    NIXON/OSMER/WOLF  Seek par./anc./info, on Rebecca ?H. NIXON, b. ?Pa. or Ireland; d. in Dubuque Co., Iowa, 15 Sept. 1855; m. at Bellefonte, Centre Co., Pa., 10 Dec. 1830 Charles OSMER. Siblings: Frank M., d. in Calif.; Wm. M.; Thomas, d. in mill acc. no. m., Eliza d. in Iowa, 1st w. Wm. WOLF.

    Mary H. Kelley, 905 Pascoe Ave., San Jose, CA 95125      (80)


    OLIVER/GRIFFIN/COBB  Seek par. Mercy (Marcy, Marcy) GRIFFIN, b. ca. 1753-57; m. at New South Church, 25 Nov. 1773 Stephen OLIVER.  Bp. adult 1774, res. Summer St., So. Boston. OLIVER issue: Thomas, Lydia, Elizabeth Hunniwell, Priscilla Gray, Mary (Polly), William. Stephen, Cornelious, Nancy. Husband d. 6 Feb. 1802.  Did Mercy m. (2) ca. 18 Feb. 1826 Asa COBB of Barnstable?  Was she kin of Mary (GRIFFIN) DECOSTER, b. ca. 1730, or James GRIFFIN, b. ca. 1687, whose dau. m. at Boston 1 July 1739 Henry LAUGHTON.  Prob. related to Elkanah & Lydia (GRAY) HOPKINS, who had dau. Priscilla Gray HOPKINS, b. at Brewster, 1774.

    Diana Butcher, 660 E. Olson Rd., Rt. 9, Midland, MI 48640      (81)


    PAGE/SHATTUCK/MORRIS  Need any info. on the par. & siblings of Isaac PAGE, bricklayer, m. at Boston 30 July 1653 Damaris SHATTUCK.  They had emigrated by 1677/8 to Pasquotank Co., N.C., where he d. 4 May 1680.  Had daus. Mary, Damaris & Elizabeth.  Damaris m. (1) John MORRIS, (2) Henry (WHITE) in N.C.

    Mrs. George A. London, R.R.’, Qakwood Dr., Coffeyville, KS 67337      (82)


    PAGE  Need anc. & info, of Nathaniel PAGE reported to have carried the “Bedford” Flag (3 County Cornet) at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775. Flag now in Bedford, Mass., Library.

    Arthur B. Veiny, 350 Baker St., Jamestown, NY 14701      (83)


    PAGE/VERRY/LAWRENCE  Need anc. Susanah PAGE, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 6 March 1719/20; m. at Salem. Mass., 17 Feb. 1742/3 Samuel VERRY (Sam VERY Jr.).  Poss. dau. of Susanna (LAWRENCE) & Samuel PAGE.

    Arthur B. Verry, 350 Baker St., Jamestown, NY 14701      (84)


    PARKER/WHITCOMB  Seek par. and anc. of Nathaniel PARKER, b. in Vt., 1806; m. 1834 Eliza WHITCOMB of Troy, N.H.  Lived at Troy, N.H.; m. (2) 1848 Nancy WHITCOMB, sister of first w. He d. atTroy 30 Oct. 1857, aged 51.

    Janet E. Merritt, 7903 Lewinsville Rd., McLean, VA 22102      (85)


    PATTERSON  Need anc. & info. on Charles PATTERSON (d. 1776) & Naomi PATTERSON of Kent, Litchfield Co., Conn. Will shows ch.: Charlotte, Joseph, John, Charles, Ruth, Partheny (m. Wm. SACKETT), Naomi, & William.

    Mrs. Margaret Travis, 450 Plum St., Celina, OH      (86)


    PEIRCE/WHITWELL  Elijah6 PEIRCE ca. 1807 in Mass. m. 1835 Elizabeth Winslow7 WHITWELL (1817-1891).  Youngest of three ch. b. 24 Apr. 1844.  Elizabeth as wid. m. (2) F.A.9 HATHAWAY 24 Nov. 1845.  How did Elijah die?

    Dr. David M. Pierce, Security Bank Bldg., Suite 801, 888 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701      (87)


    PERRY/CALDWELL  Seek anc. of Sarah PERRY who m. at Woburn, 24 Feb. 1761 Jacob4CALDWELL as his 2nd w.  He was eldest son of Dea. Jacob3& Rebecca3(LULL) CALDWELL, b. at Ipswich, 29 Nov. 1719; d. at Burlington, Mass., 9 Sept. 1787.

    Edwin H. Morse, 2315 Eastridge Ave., #716, Menlo Park, CA 94025      (88)


    PHELPS  Need par., anc., birth date & place for Reuben PHELPS. Res. at Plattsburgh, N.Y., 1801-1809; m. (1) Hannah _____; m. (2) Esther TRUESDALE. Ch., b. at Plattsburgh: Truman, 1801; Samuel Truesdale, 1804.

    C.W. Phelps, 9043 Walnut St., Bellfbower, CA 90706      (89)


    PLUMMER/BALLARD  Seek Maine b. par. of Maine b. brother: Albert H. PLUMMER, 1835-1871, m. Mary Eliza BALLARD, 1846-1888, bur. Forest Hill Cemetery, Old Town, Me.  Son, Albert Irving PLUMMER, 1869-1937, bur. Mt. Hope Cemetery, Bangor, Me.; Marcellus PLUMMER, 1838-1922, m. Eleanor B. FERNALD, 1840-1915, adopted son James F. BAGLEY, 1873-1922, all bur. Cedarville Cemetery, Argyle, Me. 1860 census, Albert H. res. Boom Corp.  Boarding House.  Brother with Herman N. FOSTER fam., Argyle.

    Wayne L. Plummer, Park Villa West, Mt. Iron, MN 55768      (90)


    POTTER  Seek anc./par./siblings of Isaac POTTER, b. in Ohio, ca. 1806; m. Margaret , b. in Ohio ca. 1814, d. in Stephenson Co. Ill.  11 ch., b. at Clinton, Vermilion Co., Ind.: Mary MARSH b. 1832, Emily 1834, “Frona” 1838, Francis 1840, Ann OSMER 1842-1907, Sarah “Ellen” COOPER OSMER 1844-1931, Margaret 1846, Orlando 1848, Jane ZIMMERMAN 1851, Rexa LYNCH 1854, Esprena 1857, and Serena CRAWFORD & Clayton.

    Mary H. Kelley, 905 Pascoe Ave., San Jose, CA 95125       (91)


    PUTNAM/WILLINGTON (WELLINGTON)  Need par., birthplace, Rebecca PUTNAM, b. ca. 1757; d. at Worcester, Mass., 1800; m. at Worcester 1775 Daniel WILLINGTON (WELLINGTON) (1753-1823). Ch., b. at Worcester 1777-1801: John Putnam (m. Lavinia SMITH); Tyler (m. Lucretia GLEASON); Clark (m. Clarissa HARRINGTON); Edmond; Rebecca; Elizabeth (m. Curtis RICE); Ebenezer.

    Mrs. C. D. Logan, 721 Briarwood Dr., Denison, TX 75020      (92)


    REED/BUMP(US)  Is Ruth REED of Abington, Plymouth Co., Mass., b. 3April 1735, dau. of Capt. Daniel and Ruth (TORREY) REED, the first w, of Joseph BUMP(US), m. at Wareham. 20 Oct. 1749? She is not mentioned in Capt. Daniel Reed’s will of 1776.

    Justin E.  Morrill, 5185 Downwest Ride, Columbia, MD 21044      (93)


    ROBERTS/McROBERTS/DAVIS  Seeking anc./desc. of John McROBERTS, b. at Druinaghlis, Co. An-trim. Ireland. 17 Dec. 1810 (per tombstone); d. at Baldwin, Me., 28 Feb. 1880; m. Charity DAVIS. Known ch., per 1860 census, are Robert (age 19), Lavina (16) Ellen (9), and Elizabeth M. (7).

    Leonard A. Lage, 1802 N. 72 P1., Scottsdale, AZ 85257      (94)


    SEVERANCE/MORRILL/BURNHAM/BURNUM/CHOATE  Ephraim SEVERANCE, son of Ephraim & Lydia (MORRILL), m. at Kingston, N.H., 25 Nov. 1714 Mary BURNHAM.  Who were her par,? What rel. to Mrs. Abigail BURNUM, m. 12 June 1707 Benjamen CHOATE?

    Betty B. Johnsen, -. 341 Valmore Ave., Ventura, CA 93003      (95)


    SMITH/SHELDON  Need par., birthplace Joanna (Jane?) SMITH (reputedly dau. of Jacob), b. in Conn.? 1769; d. at Sheldon, Vt., 1860; m. where? George SHELDON, b. at Salisbury, Conn., 1766, son of Col. Elisha; d. at Sheldon, Vt., 1851. 1790 census Litchfield, Conn., shows a Jacob SMITH next door to George SHELDON.

    Mrs. C.D. Log. .t, 721 Bniarwood Dr., Denison, TX 75020       (96)



    STARR  Seek information on Clement Starr, parents, etc. Partner of Ebenezer Gunnison and John Burrill, shipowners in Newburyport, MA, 1807.

    Philip S. Thayer, 55 St. Germain St., Boston, MA 02115.      (96B)


    STONE/BURKE/CARTWRIGHT/MATTHEWS  Seek to verify Enoch P. STONE, b. in Ohio, 1816; d. at Carthage, Ill., 1880; ret. 1835 Emily BURKE; was son of Benjamin Franklin STONE (1779-1824) & Hannah CARTWRIGHT; grandson of Capt. Jonathan STONE (1752-1801) & Susanna MATTHEWS.

    Ava Stone Chartz, P.O. Box 1597, Flagstaff, AZ 86002      (97)


    TAYLOR/RUEY/ROUSE  Need info. on Justice TAYLOR, w. Polly RUEY, par. of Hannah TAYLOR, b. in Mass., 1791; m. John ROUSE, b. at Saratoga, N.Y., 1786.  Hannah & John lived at Chautauqua Co., N.Y., 1825 and 1850, with son Silas Van Rensalear ROUSE.  Need info. on ch. of Hannah & John ROUSE: Charles, Norman, Aaron, Joel, Permelia, Adelia, Eliza and Calvm.

    Evelyn G. Webb, 1710 Van Dorsten Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212       (98)


    TAYLOR/ROBINSON/TRUSDALE/TRACY/REEVES/MAPLE  Seek anc. of Rebecca TAYLOR, b. poss. in Orange Co., Va., d. at Wingate, Ind. Sept. 1850, dau. of Fenwick & Experience (ROBINSON) TAYLOR; m. at Fayette Co., Pa., Il Jan. 1798 Jonathan HAYDEN.  Other related lines TRUSDALE, TRACY, REEVES MAPLE, and cousin Zachary TAYLOR Res. also Lewis Co., Ky., and Haydentown, Pa.

    Sharleen (Scott) Geraths, 2442 NW Market St., #231, Seattle, WA 98107      (99)


    TOUSEY/CURTIS  Need m. date Grandison Curtis TOUSEY & Nancy CURTIS at Newtown, Conn. First ch., b 1806. Census 1810 in Newtown; census 1820 Ontario Co., N.Y., Co. div. 1821. - Son Orville liv. and d. Livingston Co. - Also need par. and b. and d. date Nancy CURTIS.

    Ethel H. Sottile, 2525 Indian Mound Trail, Coral Cables, FL 33134      (100)


    TWOMBLY/McLELLAN  Seek anc. of William TWOMBLY & his w. Dorothy, par. of William Gibbs TWOMBLY, b. 8 Aug. 1811, and Royal Thaxter TWOMBLY, b. 22 Dec. 1813, both at Poland, Maine. Royal Thaxter TWOMBLY m. at Gorham. Me., 1837 Mary Parker McLELLAN, moved to Niles, Mich., and d. at Fort Worth, Tex., 15 Oct. 1885.

    Janet W. Morse, 2315 Eastridge Ave., #716, Menlo Park, CA 94025      (101)


    VERRY  Need info, on John VERRY, Sr., and John VERRY, Jr., listed 1800 census at Coventry, RI. Household of older John includes a girl and a boy.  John Jr., includes two boys and two girls.

    Arthur B. Verry, 350 Baker St., Jamestown, NY 14701      (102)


    WALKER/HOW  Need surname of Mary ____, w. of Thomas WALKER b. prob. at Framingham. Mass., ca. 1700 son of Thomas WALKER, b. 22 May 1664, & Martha HOW, b. 9 Oct. 1669.  Thomas & Mary lived in Hopkinton where she d. 23 May 1748.  Thomas is the only ch. of Thomas & Martha whose spouse is unknown. Why?

    Justin E. Morrill, 5185 Downwest Ride, Columbia, MD2I044      (103)


    WEAKLEY/CHAPMAN  Absalom WEAKLEY, b. at Front Royal, Va., ca. 1816, m. Joanne CHAPMAN and/or Mary?; d. in Mo., ca. 1904.  Need certainty of m. and anc. of Absalom.

    Robert A. Gooding, 15611 Edenvale, Friendswood, TX 77546      (104)


    WHEELER  Seek anc. Joseph WHEELER, d. 26 Apr. 1818 and w. Frances, d. 30 July 1806, fl.? at Ferme? N.Y., 1818.  Also desc. of their son Levi WHEELER, b. at West Falls, N.Y. 14 Apr. 1761; d. 23 Nov. 1837.  Levi bought land from Joel ABBOT in 1795 located in the Township of Aurelius, state of N Y.  He lived at Auburn and Cayuga, N.Y and in the Township of Aurora, Erie Co N.Y.

    Richard A. Henshaw, 854 Ashburn Rd., Greenville, MS 38703       (105)


    WHITE/JONES  Seek par. of George Young WHITE, b. at Smithfield, Providence Co., RI., 5 Dec. 1809; m. at Brewer, Penobscot Co., Me., 13 Aug. 1838 Abigail Burnham JONES; d. 26 June 1900; bur. Clayton Co., Iowa.  Seek par. of Abigail Burnham JONES, b. at Nottingham. Rockingham Co., N.H., 28 Mar. 1813.

    Donita K. Ford, 524 Alturas Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301       (106)


    WHITWELL/READ/WINSLOW  Oliver WHITWELL, mariner, b. at Fneetown, Mass. 1893-1897, son of James & Hannah6(READ) WHITWELL.  M. Lois7 WINSLOW, b. at Freetown 1795.  Oliver d. by 1842. How did he die? Who was he?

    Dr. David M. Pierce, Security Bank Bldg., Suite 801, 888 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA 92701      (107)


    WILCOX  Seek par. and birthplace in N.Y. of Whitman WILCOX, b. 14 Dec. 1808. 1840 census shows he was in E. Baton Rouge parish, La. 1850 census he was in W. Feliciana parish, La., with w and six ch.  He d. in W. Feliciana parish 12 July 1876.  GS and census record indicate “native of N.Y.”  He graduated U of La. (now Tulane U.) with M.D. 9 May 1837.

    Frank E. Clark, 2356 William St., Augusta, GA 30904      (108)


    WILKEY (WILLEY)/HATCH  Seek par./anc. James WILKEY, b. ca. 1725 of Tiverton; m. at Rochester, Mass., 10 Nov. 1748 Hannah HATCH. Commissioned Capt., 3rd Company, 2nd Regiment, Bristol Co. Militia, July 1771. Ch.: Alden, Cornel, Ruth, Dorkas, James, Hannah, Phebe, Sarah.  Surname mis-spelled WILLEY in Rochester VRs. Errors exist in Boston Transcript queries.

    A.E. Allen, 85 Arborway, Boston, MA 02130      (109)


    WORRALL (WORRELL)  Seek anc. and w. of Jonathan WORRALL (WORRELL), b. in Pa., 1772, moved Washington Co., Ohio, by 1730.  Sons include Benjamin, b. 1798, Thomas, b. 1806, Isaac, b. 1820.

    Mary T. Kushner, 121 Walker Rd., W. Orange, NJ 07052      (110)

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