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  • Queries Vol. 1 No. 3

    Published Date : June 1984

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    AKIN/BRIGGS/GRAY: Seek ancestral info of Elizabeth BRIGGS who m. possibly at Quaker Hill, Dutchess Co., N.Y. area, 16 Oct. 1781 Justus AKIN, son of David and Deborah (GRAY) AKIN.

    Jane Whitaker, 22 Gray Ave., Greenwich, NY 12834                                                           (177)

    ALDEN/PATTERSON/PARRISON:  Desire to determine whether the Barnabus ALDEN that married Elizabeth PATTERSON/PATTISON of Haddam, Conn., 21 Nov. 1758, was the same Barnabus that was born to Daniel4 ALDEN and Abigail SHAW, 10 Sept. 1732, & if so please give source of information and, if available, ancestry of Elizabeth PATTERSON/PATTISON.

    Penelope Prescott Bayles, 1560 Teal Club Rd., Oxnard, CA 93030                                       (178)

    ALDEN/THOMPSON:  Seek dates, parents, ancestry of Evaline THOMPSON, d. 1873, who married in 1822 Capt. Abel ALDEN (1799-1869) of Greenwich, Phillipson, and South Hadley, Mass.  Her father’s dates are given as 1771- 1863.

    Marie Booth Ferre, 111 S. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013                                                    (179)

    ALLYN/GEER/WHEELER:  Who were the parents of Sarah, wife of Robert1 ALLYN of New London, whose dau. Sarah m. cm. 1659 George GEER?  Who was the wife of their son Daniel2 GEER (1673-1749) of Preston whose dau Thankful m. at Norwich 1743 Edward4 WHEELER (Ephraim3, Sgt. Thomas2, Thomas1, -A)?

    Raymond D.9 Wheeler, RD 1 Box 25, Dolgeville, NY 13329                                               (180)

    AMSDELL/SIRKIN/SEEKIN/SEKIEL:   Abner AMSDELL, b. 27 Aug. 1757, d. 1851 in Hamburg, N.Y.  His parents possibly came from Scotland cm. 1750.  Deerfield, Mass, vital records indicate his marriage intention to Susan SIRKIN (SEEKIN, SEKIEL) 24 Oct. 1783.  Susan lived from 1750 to 1844.  I seek ancestry and any other info on both Abner and Susan.

    Mable G. McMahon, 74 Judy Farm Rd., Carlisle, MA 01741                                               (181)

    BARLOW:  Seek ancestry of Samuel BARLOW (1791-1874) who settled in Sandwich after 1800.  Any help on Samuel’s parents. He was the lighthousekeeper at Wing’s Neck cm. 1850.

    Natalie E. Bailey, 527 Howell St., Ridgecrest, CA 93555                                                      (182)

    BARNES/BARNS/LIVERMORE:  Seek info on Rebecca (BARNES) LIVERMORE w. Jonathan, b. birthplace unknown 1680, d. at Watertown, Mass., 1765 -- Judy

    Arseneault, 15 Cleveland St., Nashua, NH 03060                                                                 (183)

    BAROTT/GILBERT:  Hezekiah BAROTT (spelling may vary), b. at Hartford, Conn., 22 Mar. 1762, m. Lydia GILBERT at West Hartford, 31 May 1786.  Family moved to Stillwater, Saratoga, N.Y.  Ten children b. in Stillwater.  Later moved to Scriba, Oswego, N.Y. Need parentage and ancestry of Hezekiah BAROTT.

    Patricia Moore, 111 Ardmore, Billings, MT 59102                                                              (184)


    BASSETT/BEARSE: Joseph BASSETT, son of Daniel BASSETT and Hannah (STUDLEY) BASSETT, b. at Barnstable, Mass., 23 April 1762/3; d. at Hyannis, Mass., 8 July 1855; m. at Barnstable, Mass., 13 July 1786 Zerviah (Sophie) HEARSE, b. 1762/3; d. 1805. Seven children: Zenas DOANE, Solomon, Gorham, Freeman, Temperance C., Sophie, and Hannah Coleman. Need proof of b. and d. of Zerviah BEARSE. Was she dau. Jabez BEARSE and his 2nd wife, Hannah COLEMAN, (wid. of Stephen BEARSE)?  Need proof of her parents.

    Ruth E. Alt, P.O. Box 9, Morganville, NJ 07751                                                                 (185)

    BATES/BATE/JOYNER:  Seeking info on Rev. James BATES (or BATE) Weymouth, Mass.  Daughters Mary, b. 1742, and Sarah, b. 1735.  Also, who is keeping BATES family statistics these days?  Does anyone have info on Robt. JOYNER 1725-1802, Egremont, Mass., previous to arrival in America? Postage reimbursed.

    James P. Lynch, 20093 RD. 216, Lindsay, CA 93247                                                           (186)

    BECKWITH:  Seek ancestry and all info available about Niles BECKWITH, b. 1753, d. 20 Feb. 1821, at Unity, N.H., and his son Bethuel BECKWITH, b. at Lempster, N.H., June 1782, d. at Alstead, N.H., 1831.

    Thomas C. Stoeber, 206 Louisiana Ave. SW, Orange City, IA 51041                                    (187)

    BESCHERRER/HULL/DUNN:  Need proof Jacob BESCHERRER, Sr.’s dau. Elizabeth m. Trustum HULL (d.1794). Married (2) Joseph DUNN. Middlesex names sister Elizabeth in will.

    Berta-Mae Blackmur, 2211 Eglindale Ave., Cleveland, OH 44109                                         (188)

    BOOTH/MILLER/COTTON:  Seek parents and ancestry of Harriet MILLER (1819-1891) who m. in 1837 George BOOTH (1812-1865) of Ludlow, Mass.  Also that of her mother-in-law, Lois COTTON of Longmeadow, Mass. (d. 1848) who m. in 1802 Eliphal BOOTH (1774-1845) of Enfield, Conn.

    Marie Booth Ferre, 111 So. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013.                                                  (189)

    BOSTON INTERNAL MIGRATION STUDY:  For a study of internal migration through 19th century Boston, I’m attempting to learn what became of the following men.  If you know when or where any of them died, kindly let me know. I’ll gladly reimburse your postal costs. Please address:

    Prof. Peter R. Knights, Dept. of History, York University, Downsview, Ontario M3J-1P3, Canada.

    HODGKINS, Hall, b. 1811, Me.; m. Mary L. Huse; ship carpenter; liv. 1876, Boston; JACKSON, Theodore, b. 1841, Plymouth, Mass.; m. Mary J. Belknap; bookbinder/ship steward; liv. 1882, Boston; KIMBALL, John E., b. 1808, Concord, N.H.; widower; broker; liv. 1880, Boston; LAMBERT, Samuel, b. 1811, Me.; m. Maria; laborer; liv. 1863, Boston; LEAVITT, Isaac, b. 1822, Scituate, Mass.; separated; shoemaker; liv. 1874, Plymouth, Mass.; LEONARD, Job, b. 1824, Taunton, Mass.; separated; dentist; liv. 1866, Boston; LEWIS, Samuel R., b. 1837, New York; m. Alwilda C.; chemist; liv. 1872, Boston; LITTLEFIELD, Seth Henry, b. 1847, Brooklyn, N.Y.; m. Ann Louisa Root; wholesale dry goods; liv. 1886, Boston; MADISON, Otis, b. 1805, N.H.; widower; tailor; liv. 1870, Toronto, Ont.; MAIR, George H., b. 1832, Boston; m. Sarah W. Copeland; bookkeeper; liv. 1876, Salem, Mass.; MANSFIELD, James Bowes, b. 1817, Newburyport, Mass.; separated; tailor; liv. 1860, Boston; MANSFIELD, Willard Lowell, b. 1841, Standish, Me.; m. Olive W.; farmer; d. 1916, bc. unknown; McCRILLIS, Ozem, b. 1799, Goshen, N.H.; m. Laura J.; furniture dealer; liv. 1876, Boston; METCALF, Charles H., b. 1830, N.H.; separated; traveling salesman; liv. 1885, Somerville, Mass.; MITCHELL, Horace M. B., b. 1818, Me.; separated; engineer (stationary); liv. 1873, Boston; MORRILL, Charles A., b. 1815, Canterbury, N.H.; m. Susan S. J.; school teacher; liv. 1873, Boston; MORSE, James A., b. 1815, Westford, Vt.; widower; teamster; liv. 1880, Boston (supposed to have died in 1889); NEWELL, Samuel, b. 1823, Me.; separated; shoemaker; liv. 1864, Boston; PAGE, George S., b. 1831, Boston; m. Susan E. Porter; machinist; liv. 860, Boston; PARKER, Jerome W., b. 1830, Andover Vt.; widower; provisions dealer; liv. 1883, Cambridge, Mass.; PHILLIPS, Charles E., b. 1836, Orland, Me.; m. Mary J.; master mariner; liv. 1870, Boston; QUIMBY, Melvin or Melville J. (as child: John Melvin), b. 1846, Worcester, Mass.; m. Ellen E. Coughlan; waiter/bartender; liv. 1874, Boston; RANDALL, Francis M., b. 1820, Bridgewater, Mass.; m. Elizabeth P. Waugh; cook; liv. 1865, Boston; RATHBUN, John A., b. 1816, Claremont, Mass.; m. Emily Daniels; machinist; liv. 1870, Boston; READ, Andrew, b. 1833, Mass.; m. Elizabeth; barber/hairdresser; liv. 1870, Boston; RICH, Abram, b. 1830, Truro, Mass.; m. Adelaide Mallard; grocer’s clerk; liv. 1882, San Francisco (supposed to have died in 1891); SEYMOUR, Oscar D., b. 1830, N.Y.; m. Sarah; jeweler; liv. 1863, Boston; SHERMAN, William Connor, b. 1837, Belfast, Me.; widower; jeweler; liv. 1872, Boston; SIBLEY, Rodney, b. 1824, Wellfleet, Mass.; m. Tamson A.; grocer; liv. 1891, Boston; SPROAT, Philetus L., b. 1815, Vt.; m. Elizabeth Morgan; teacher; liv. 1860, Boston; STACKPOLE, Oliver, b. 1801, Lebanon, Me.; m. Hannah G. Guptill; hotel keeper; d. 4 May 1886, bc. unknown; SWETT, Augustus S., b. 1818, Eastport, Me.; m. Rebecca S.; lumber merchant; liv. 1861, Boston; TRAVIS, William Eldredge, b. 1822, Framingham, Mass.; separated; teamster; liv. 1880, Boston; TWINING, George F., b. 1838, Orleans, Mass.; m. Annie J. Whittier; car inspector; d. May 1905, loc. unknown; VAN BUSKIRK, Daniel, b. 1823, N.Y.; m. Maria; paper dealer; liv. 1894, Valley Stream, N.Y.; WADLEIGH, George A., Sr., b. 1820, Salisbury, Mass.; widower; drug importer; liv. 1881, Brooklyn, N.Y.; WARNER, George M., b. 1817, Acworth, N.H.; m. Sarah H.; policeman; liv. 1869, Boston; WARREN, John M., b. 1835, Bridgton, Me.; m. Mary A. Fleming; painter; liv. 1865, Boston; WENTWORTH, Frank G. or D., b. 1830, Mass.; m. Mary F.; carpenter; liv. 1870, Boston; WENTWORTH, Seth, b. 1835, Milton, N.H.; separated; stair builder; liv. 1885, Somerville, Mass.; WEST, Sidney, b. 1815, Jay, Me.; m. Roxanna; fancy-goods dealer; liv. 1861, Boston; WHITE, George B., b. 1843, Andover, Mass.; m. Julia A. Fegan; printer; d. 6 March 1904, loc. unknown; WILD, Washington, b. 1802, Mass.; widower; shoemaker; liv. 1860, Dorchester, Mass.; WILEY, Moses H., b. 1835, Bucksport, Me.; m. Linnie H. Niles; patent agent; liv. 1872, Boston; WOOL, James E., b. 1831, Mass.; m. Mary A.; blacksmith; liv. 1872, Boston; YOUNG, Enoch B., b. 1834, Chatham, Mass.; m. Lydia A. Kenney; caulker; d. 1860, 1861, or 1862, loc. unknown.


    BOWEN/WOOD/THOMPSON/CORNISH/BRYANT/BENTON/STURTEVANT/BURGE/ SHAW/WESTCOTT:  Can anyone help on parents of: Abijah BOWEN, m. at Middleborough, ca. 1684 Abiel WOOD; John THOMPSON m. at Middleborough ca. 1745 Lydia WOOD; Mercy CORNISH m. at Plymouth 1676 Samuel STURTEVANT; Deborah BRYANT m. 1737 Lemuel STURTEVANT; Lucy BENTON m. at Halifax, Conn., ca. 1804 Cyruel STURTEVANT; John BURGE b. in Vt., 1783; Hannah SHAW m. in N. J., ca. 1740 Samuel WESTCOTT.

    Dorothy BURGE, 61234 Chikamin, Bend, OR 97702                                                        (191)

    BOWERS/STEVENS/WILDER:  Interested in all descendants of John2 BOWERS (Capt. Jerathmiell1), b. 1684.  Did he m. Elizabeth STEVENS at Charlestown, Mass , in 1707?  Did they have a son, John3 bpt. at Lancaster, Mass. , 1708?  John4 m. ca. 1709 Elizabeth WILDER.  She was his widow at Lancaster, Mass., in 1718.

    John J. Bowers, 55 Manor Dr., Manchester, NH 03103                                                       (192)

    BOYD/PHELPS:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Barius (Barney) BOYD, b. at N.J., 1798, settled in Lafayette, Onondaga Co., N.Y., ca. 1840’s. Married Zeriah PHELPS, at St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. Children: Darius Scott (Robert) and Mary E.

    Cathy Kuhl, 2210 N. 6th St., No. St. Paul, MN 55109                                                         (193)

    BOYS/YOUNGS:  Seek parents of James BOYS, came from Penn. to Trumbull Co., Ohio, betw. 1810 and 1820.  Children: Daniel, Robert, Susan, Mary, Jane.  Also, parents of Jesse YOUNGS, b. in Conn. 1791, served War of 1812.  Lived in Livingston Co., N.Y., 1815 to 1857, then in Minn.

    Harold Hanson, 4390 Mackey Ave., Edina, MN 55424                                                       (194)


    BRADFORD/BRYAN:  Seek ancestry and descendants of Sarah Jane (BRADFORD) BRYAN (1849-1903).  She had a brother George and sisters Elizabeth BRADFORD?, Kate BRADFORD TROOP and Mary BRADFORD CRANE.  Her father George BRADFORD m. Catherine HAGERTY, both born in Ireland

    Frances Bryan Avery, 370 E. Main St., Troy, PA 16947                                                        (195)

    BRATE/KEEFER/NICKERSON:  Seek ancestral info these families of Bethlehem & Coeymans, Albany Co., N.Y. Peter BRATE b. 1814 N.Y.  Originally from Holland? Ranson KEEFER b. 1820 N.Y.; d. 1847 Coeymans.  His wife Hannah NICKERSON b. 1820 N.Y.  Her father Levi NICKERSON in 1820 N.Y. census.  Origin of KEEFER & NICKERSON?

    Barbara J. McGhee, 2406 W. Mt. View Dr. E., Sumner, WA 98390                                      (196)

    BROOKS/YORK:  Is the Beriah called “my grandchild” by William BROOKS of Scituate in his 1682/3 will the same Beriah BROOKS who m. at Stonington, Conn., 1698 Mary YORK, and settled in Lynn, Mass., by 1700?

    Winnifred P. Pierce, 211 McCotter Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103                                             (197)

    BROWN: Need parents, ancestry and data for Abial (Abigail), wife of Boaz BROWN, Jr.. who was born 1665 at Concord, Mass.; settled 1684 at Stow, Mass.; town officer and town clerk several years; d. there in 1711.

    Keith F. Brown, 5196 Mt. Alifan Dr., San Diego, CA 92111                                                (198)

    BROWN:  In 1781 Col. Seth WARNER and seventy-two officers/soldiers of his Continental Army were granted Vermont land.  Settlement of Eden, Vt., commenced 1800 by Thomas PARKER, Moses WENTWORTH, Isaac BROWN.  Seek parentage, location, brothers, sisters of Isaac BROWN.  Eden BROWN, first child born there, son of Isaac & Lydia.  Was Isaac BROWN perhaps related to John BROWN (1770-1837) who removed from Roxbury (or Packersfield) N.H., to Eden, Vt., in 1806?

    Mrs. Thelma H. Vandale, 104 Safford St., Bennington, VT 05201                                         (199)

    BROWN/BROOK/BURT: Seek ancestry of James BROWN, Hatfield, Mass., 1669 who m. 7 Jan. 1674 Remembrance BROOK, dau. of William and Mary (BURT) BROWN of Springfield. Ch., b. at Hatfield: Mary, 1677; Abigail, 1678; Thankful, 1680.  Not admitted as inhabitant of Springfield 1680. Ch. b. at Deerfield: Sarah, 1683; James, 1685; Mindwell, 1686; Mercy, 1690; Elizabeth, 1693; John, 1695. Fence-viewer Deerfield 1689.  Sold houselot at Deerfield 1697.  Died at Colchester, Conn.  Will recorded at New London, proved 25 Sept. 1704.

    Robert Pennell, 35 Calvin Road, Newtonville, MA 02160                                                    (200)

    BROWN/RHODES: John BROWN of Salem m. Mary (Polly) RHODES 6 June 1812.  To which Salem BROWN family did John belong? They lived in Lynn, Mass.

    Martha Dildilian, Old Trail, Route 1, Box 187, Fonda, NY 12068                                         (201)

    BRUCE/SCOTT: Seek birthdate/place, ancestry (& wife’s surname) of Rev. John BRUCE (Ellsworth, Ohio, Presbyterian), b. 1771, d. at Newton Falls, Trumbull, Ohio, 19 Nov. 1816. Married Eleanor ____? who d. at Newton Falls, Ohio, 9 April 1843.  Son Joseph BRUCE b. where? 1792/3; d. at Ellsworth, Mahoning, Ohio, 1 June 1868.  Joseph m. 18 July 1816 Polly SCOTT.  Also seek birthdate/place & ancestry of Polly SCOTT, b. 1797/8, d. at Ellsworth, Mahoning, Ohio 1 Nov. 1840.

    Paul Wilson, 2047 Berrynian, Berkeley, CA 94709   (202)

    BUCK/CRUMP:  Seeking proof of the lineage of Rev. Richard BUCK, minister at Jamestown Colony, Va. (1620’s) through his dau. Elizabeth BUCK CRUMP (Captain Thomas) who lived in or near St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent Co., Va.  Elizabeth and Thomas Crump died before vestry books were begun.  Their granddaughter, Susannah CRUMP was bpt. 4 Sept. 1682, and this same Susannah CRUMP m. 17 July 1713 Robert CADE.

    Eleanor Williams Bradley, 34 Dogwood Dr., Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R-1R4                                 (203)

    BUCKBEE/STORER:  Seek ancestry or descendants of James H. BUCKBEE, b. 1831, settled in N.Y. (Albany?) 1850’s. Married Melissa STORER.  Children:  Mary, Martha, Martin, Burford, Luebia, Jasper & Mable.

    Cathy Kohl, 2210 N. 6th St., No. St. Paul, MN 55109                                                         (204)

    BUCKMAN/BUCKNAM:  Seek name and ancestry of wife of Reuben BUCKMAN/BUCKNAM of Athol/Sandisfield/Chester, Mass.  Had ch. Polly (1788-1788), Polly (1790-1867), Dolly (b. 1790) and Cullen (b. 1792), all prob. b. at Sandisfield, Mass.

    Joseph Ray, 2740 Vassar Place, Columbus, OH 43221                                                                                   (205)

    BUNNELL/BONNELL/HATCH:  Seek parents and ancestry of Sarah BUNNELL, supposedly b. 5 Sept. 1794; d. in Michigan 1840; m. in Oneida Co., N.Y. (it is said) in 1810 Noah HATCH.  Sarah (also written Sally) supposedly had a brother, Henry BUNNELL, and sisters, Phebe Ann BUNNELL and Temperance BUNNELL.

    W. Jerome Hatch, 657 W. Mel rose Ave., Chicago, IL 60657                                               (206)

    BUSH/HAMMETF/CARR:  Seek parents and birthplace of Richard BUSH, b. 28 Aug. 1713 (Family Bible), m. at Jamestown, R.I., 4 Oct. 1738 Elizabeth HAMMETT, dau. of John and Sara (CARR) HAMMETT. Five ch. b. at Jamestown: Elizabeth, John, Jonathan, Thomas, Richard.

    Mrs. J. C. Merchant, 8 La Forge Rd., Darien, CT 06820                                                      (207)

    CADY/CHANDLER: Need place of birth and parents’ names for William CADY, b. 7 March 1775; m. ca. 1797, Margaret CHANDLER, dau. of Miriam & Zebubon CHANDLER of Reading, Vt.  Died in Warren Co., Penn., 1848.

    Mary Ann Riley, 2724 N.W. 55th Terrace, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.                                 (208)

    CADY/WILSON: Need parents of Mary CADY who m. Peter WILSON ca. 1772 in Conn.  Children: Nahum, Thomas, Cady, David, John, Samuel & James.  On tax list of Hebron, N.Y. in 1780 and 1790. Mary CADY WILSON d. at De Kalb, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., 30 July 1818.

    Mrs. Edward C. Lay, 321 46th St., Sandusky, OH 44870                                                     (209)

    CAHOON: seek info on William CAHOON of Swansea, Mass., 1675, & his descendants.

    Andrew D. Cahoon, 36 Beaufort St., So. Portland, ME 04106                                             (210)

    CANFIED/MERWIN/DIBBLE/CLEMENTS/YOUNG:  Ebenezer Canfield, b. prob. at Norwalk, Conn., 14 Feb., 1670, son of Samuel & Elizabeth (MERWIN), m. after 1712 as his second wife, Sarah, who was appointed in April 1716 in Ebenezer’s settlement of estate as guardian of Zachariah and John “Dible” until they arrive at age 15.  Was she Sarah CLEMENTS, who m. (1) Zachariah DIBBLE who d. in 1712, (2) Ebenezer CANFIELD and (3) John YOUNG of Stamford, Conn.?

    Jean Denison P.O. Box 154, Ontario, NY 14519                                                                (211)

    CANTIZE/KNOWLTON:  Seeking all info re: Elizabeth CANTIZE who m. in England (prob. Canterbury) 17 July 1577 Richard KNOWLTON.

    Erwin Palmer, 20 Gregory St., Oswego, NY 13126                                                            (212)

    CARPENTER/SMEAD:  Seek info on Sarah CARPENTER, b. ca. 1786; d. 10 April 1832, buried at Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y.; m. ca. 1810 Luther SMEAD from Montague, Mass., Luther later m. Sophia BILLINGS and Cynthia ANDREWS.

    Erwin W. Fellows, 21 Williams Blvd., Zephyrhibbs, FL 34249                                                                    (213)

    CARTER/MAYNARD/FORBE5/LYFORD:  Seeking parents, ancestry of Abigail CARTER; Nathaniel and William MAYNARD. Abigail m. (2) in 1816, Capt. Eli FORBES, Brookfield, Mass. Ch.: George FORBES and Emeline (FORBES) LYFORD. Abigail d. at Brookfield, 1847, aged 70.

    Mrs. Phyllis C. Myers, R.D. 1, Box 120J, Riegelsville, PA 18077                                            (214)

    CHAMBERLAIN/LOVELL:  Need ancestry of John CHAMBERLAIN, b. in Conn., 5 April 1783; m. Susanna LOVELL, b. 15 Oct. 1790, dau. of Nathan & Anna Ingalsbe LOVELL.  He might be son of John & Lydia CHAMBERLAIN, maybe fought in War of 1812 and possibly m. in Cayuga Co., N.Y.

    Mrs. June F. Chamberlain, 4090 Ridge Rd., Elba, N.Y., 14058                                                                     (215)


    CHASE/DAVEY:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Frank CHASE, who settled in Trepeleau Co., Wisc., ca. 1860’s. Born 1834 in New Hampshire; m. Electa DAVEY.  Father Frank CHASE.

    Cath Kuhl, 2210 No. 6th St., No. St. Paul, MN 55109                                                         (216)

    CHILD/SPRING: Seeking parents and info on Mary SPRING, b. at Petersham, Mass., 7 Jan. 1793/4; d. 1 June 1857; m. Aaron CHILD of Woodstock, Coon., as his second wife.

    Susan Carmencke, 1145 Walnut Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716                                                  (217)

    CLARK/HUBBARD/ALLEN:  Need parents: Jonathan CLARK, b. in R.I. 21 April 1775, m. 1799 Thankful PERKINS, dau. of Nathaniel PERKINS.  Also Thomas HUBBARD, Postmaster Boston, m. Judith RAY granddau. of Simon RAY.  Also William ALLEN, m. Catherine HUBBARD dau. of Thomas and Judith HUBBARD.

    Eleanor Silliman, R.D.#2, Box 200, Bath, NY 14810                                                           (218)

    CLARKE/MERRITT:  Thomas CLARKE, Boston silversmith m. 14 Sept. 1722, at Marblehead or Boston, Mary MERRITT.  Who were their parents?

    Martha Dildilian, Old Trail, Route 1, Box 187, Fonda, NY 12068                                         (219)

    CLARKE/OHLERKING/MASON:  Desire correspondence with any descendants of Dwight CLARKE of Milton College, Milton, Wisc. (1947) or his cousin Helen Johnston OHLERKING concerning photographs of Cynthia MASON (b. 26 Feb. 1819; d. 4 Feb. 1875).

    Paul A. Saunders, 803 Skyland Hts. Apts., Asheville, NC 28803                                            (220)

    CLOUGH/WEBBER:  Need parents of Rhoda CLOUGH (CLUF), b. in Mass. 1782/3. married at Dracut, 31 December 1800 John WEBBER; d. at Dumbarton, N.H., 1 Aug. 1868.

    Georgia C. Tamburro, 55 NE Village Square # 15, Gresham, OR 97030.                             (221)

    COATES/HAGER: Catherine COATES, b. in Vt., c. 1825; m. at Chardon, Ohio, 1842 Daniel HAGER (1821-1873).  Children: Sarah, Eleazer, Lovisa, Willard, Alvin, Una. Any info.

    Dean Peterson, 272 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084                                                 (222)

    COBURN/COLBURN:  Need ancestry Thomas COBURN of Buckfield, Me., b. ca. 1738, d. there 27 Sept. 1804, m. Ruth ____.  Hist. Buckfield says he was “of Dracut” before Buckfield and “supposed brother” of Jonas COBURN of Buckfield. Jonas believed son of Zachariah3 (Thomas2, Edward1) COBURN/COLBURN of Chelmsford-Dracut, but I find no son Thomas.

    W.F. Foster, 770 F Ave., Coronado, CA 92118                                                                  (223)

    (COLBURN/BURBECK/SAWYER:  Seek info on ancestry of Peter COLBURN, w. Mary BURBECK, d. at Campton, N.H., ca. 1820.  Mary Jane m. Rufus SAWYER of Groton, N.H. in 1835.

    Judy Arseneault, 15 Cleveland St., Nashua, NH 03060                                                         (224)

    COLE: Phineas COLE, b. at Bradford, Mass., 3 May 1775, son of Phineas COLE and Abiah HASELTINE. 1850 living in Buffalo, N.Y. Need death date, marriage and children info.

    Janet Cole Lordahl, 7717 91st Ave. SW; Tacoma, WA 98498                                               (225)

    CORIELL/CARIELL:  Seek ancestry of Mary CORIELL/CARIELL, b. at Salem, Mass., ca. 1690; m. 29 June 1710 Benjamin DELAND.  Possible place of b. Boxford, Mass. Ch.: Benjamin DELANO, John DELAND.

    Laura Jo DeMourdaunt, 961 5. 25th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83401                                            (226)

    CRAW:  Abigail CRAW, dau. of Richard and Mercy, b. at Tiverton, R.I., ca. 1713, m. Oct. 1731 Jonathan LAKE.  Need dates, sibs, corrections, other statistics and info.

    Sidney L. Paine, Eggleston Lodge, Sewanee, TN 37375                                                       (227)

    CRAW: Richard CRAW, b. at Tiverton, R.I., ca. 1670-75; d. at Tiverton before 16 Jan. 1736; m. Mercy ____ b. ca. 1769.  Need maiden name of Mercy, ancestors, sibs, correct dates, both. Any other info.

    Sidney L. Paine, Eggleston Lodge, Sewanee, TN 37375                                                       (228)

    CRINE/KREIN: Seek info on CRINE/KREIN families living in Orange, Columbia or Dutchess Cos., N.Y., Berkshire Co., Mass., or Sussex Co., N.J., prior to 1850.

    Helen Crine  Desmond, 400 Pleasant St., Malden, MA  02148                                              (229)

    CUSHING/BARKER:  Seek clue to b.p., b.d., bur. place of children of mar. (at Hanover, Mass., 3 May 1736) of Elijah CUSHING (s. Nehinniah and Sarah (NICHOLS)) and Hannah BARKER (d. Isaac and Hannah (ALLIN)): Mary (CUSHING) BROWN; Deborah; Lydia (CUSHING) ROWLAND; Elijah; Elizabeth (CUSHING) TAYLOR; Isaac; Sarah. (Not Hanson, Mass.)

    Dorothy Cheney Quinan, 39 Edgewater Dr., Waltham, MA 02154                                       (230)

    CUSHMAN: Eleazar CUSHMAN, b. 1657.  Seek descendants. Father of Lydia, wife of John WATERMAN who settled in Marshfield, C. 1709.  Trying to connect their dau. Sarah, 1709, to LEACH family.

    Natalie E. Bailey, 527 Howell, Ridgecrest, CA 93555                                                           (231)

    D - L

    DAGGETT/CHAMPLAIN (CHAMPLIN):  Israel DAGGETT, b. Mass. 1783, d. Ohio 1831 was m. to Eunice CHAMPLAIN ca. 1805/6.  She was born about 1786 in R.I., last known residence Indiana in 1850 census as widow with son Jesse Daggett b. New York 1807.  Need info on parents of Israel and Eunice and proof of date of their marriage. Presumed to have moved west to Ohio to Delaware Co., with a group from R.I.  Who?

    Doyle Daggett, Route 1, Mitchell, NE 69357                                                                      (232)

    DAY/LUSCOMB:  Need parents of Elijah (Elisha) DAY, d. at Salem, Mass., 13 June 1810, age 38; m. at Salem, Mass., 11 Nov. 1793 Rebecca LUSCOMB.  Ch.: Moses DAY, b. at Salem, Mass., Jan. 1798.

    Fred O. Day, 1 Morris Circle, Wayne, PA 19087                                                                 (233)

    DELANO:  Seek the ancestry of Elizabeth DELANO who m. Josiah DARTT on 9 Jan. 1783.  No dates on Elizabeth but Josiah was b. 3 May 1759 and d. 26 Aug. 1829.  They lived in Keene, N.H., and Weathersfield, Vt.

    W. H. Dartt, P. 0. Box 606, Butner, NC 27509                                                                   (234)

    DELANO/CHASE:  Need parents of Bridget DELANO, b. at Dartmouth (Fairhaven) Mass., 10 April 1764; d. at Fairfield, Me., May 1858; m. in Winslow, Me., 24 April 1786 Isaac CHASE; lived in Sidney and Fairfield, Me.

    James Dix, 1739 11th Ave., Moline, IL 61265                                                                     (235)

    DEWOLF:  Seek identity of parents of Lafayette DEWOLF, b. possibly Erie Co., Penn., ca. 1825.  He m. Laura DODD and had Children: Jay Sherman, b. 1846; Emma Jane, b. 1848; Cynthia, b. 1850; and Martha, b. 1853.  Family may have moved west as Jay Sherman served with 3rd. Iowa Lt. Art. in Civil War.

    J. B. DeWolfe, 536 Lyon Lake, Marshall, MI 49068                                                            (236)

    DEWOLFE:  Seek identity of parents of Thomas Ratchford DEWOLFE, b. probably Nova Scotia, possibly  New Brunswick, 29 Jan. 1818. He m. Eliza M. TAPLEY, b. 9 Mar. 1825. Ch.: Sophia Amelia, b. 1843; Thomas Andrew, b. 1845; John Tapley, b. 1846; Mary Anne, b. 1847; and Jane, b. 1849 all in the Maritimes prior to removing to Walsingham, Norfolk Co., Ontario.

    J. B. DeWolfe, 536 Lyon Lake, Marshall, MI 49068                                                            (237)

    DICKINSON/HARRIS:  Seek all info concerning Sanford E(zra?) Dickinson, probably of Victor, N.Y., who m. Angelina HARRIS, prob. of Mendon, N.Y., somewhere between 1830 & 1840.

    Erwin Palmer, 20 Gregory St., Oswego, NY 13126                                                            (238)


    DRURY/BROWNSON/VAILANCE/VALENS:  Samuel DRURY, 8. 1765-1774, prob. Vt., lived in Manchester, Bennington Co., Vt., a hatter, 1791-1798 (deed witness John DRURY).  Samuel m. ca. 1792 Hannah BROWNSON of Sunderland, Vt., dau. of Timothy BROWNSON, Jr., and Hannah VALLANCE/VALENS from Litchfield Co., Conn., to Sunderland.  Samuel and Hannah to Geneva, Ontario Co., N.Y., 1798 and to Honeoye, Ontario Co. before 1810.  Brother Stephen DRURY died Honeoye area ca. 1810.  Believed brother Isaac DRURY lived Geneva 1800.  Lewis DRURY lived Ontario Co. ca. 1811. Where are these men before 1791? Parents?  Parents possibly a James and Catherine DRURY?

    Linda Kmiecik 9208 Susy Lane, Schiller Park (Cook), IL 60176                             (Correction 56)

    DYER/MILLINGTON/PIERCE/PEARCE:  Searching for two manuscripts.  One on DYER family by David MILLINGTON who m. at Mecca, Ohio 1798 Lydia6 DYER (John5, Edward4-3, Samuel2, William1). They lived at Shaftsbury, Vt. She, as widow, Bloomfield, N.Y. The DYER PIERCE autobiography.  He was descendant of Freelove6 DYER and John5 PEARCE (Danie14-3-2, John1) m. at N.K., R.I., Jan. 1777.

    Joan B. Jacobs, 1304 16th St., Ames, IA 50010                                                                   (239)

    ELDRIDGE: Seek ancestry and descendants of Polly ELDRIDGE who signed deed with Zenas ELDRIDGE, both of Amenia, N.Y., deed written 1 July 1833, recorded 18 July 1833, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.  Also mentioned in another deed written 14 June 1824, recorded 24 Jan. 1827 at Poughkeepsie.

    Dewey C. Eldridge, 1284 E. Maine Rd., Johnson City, NY 13790                                        (240)

    ELDRIDGE/BATES: Need parentage, birthplace (1799, N.Y.) of Mary/Mercy ELDRIDGE who m. Calvin BATES perhaps at Knox/Morrow Co., Ohio, 28 Dec. 1817.  Was her brother Harvey Perry ELDRIDGE?

    Alice V. Robinson, 1908 Hillsdale Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49007                                            (241)

    ELDRIDGE/SHAVALEAR (SHEVALIER):  Seek birthplace/parents descendants of Benedict ELDRIDGE (1765-1846) m. at Anemia, N.Y., 10 May 1787 Rhoda SHAVALEAR/SHEVALIER (1768-1856) or Sharon, Conn., living Dutchess County 1800, moved to Broome County ca. 1806-1809, both buried Broome County, N.Y.

    Dewey C. Eldridge, 1284 E. Maine Rd., Johnson City, NY 13790                                        (242)

    EMMONS:  Seek ancestry or descendants of John EMMONS, who settled in Lynan, Me., b. ca. 1780, m. Hulda ____, dau. Clarissa EMMONS.

    Robert J. Bolt, 6 Garden Terrace, Asheville, NC 28804                                                       (243)

    EVANS/CHESLEY/DUDLEY/PERRY/CATE/HOYT:  Seek parentage on following: William EVANS, b. ca. 1760, & wife Frances CHESLEY of Nottingham, N.H. Polly PERRY, m. Peter Coffin DUDLEY, b. ca. 1760, lived Waterborough, Me. Betsy CATE, b. ca. 1770, m. 16 July 1794 Joseph HOYT, lived Portsmouth, N.H.

    Mrs. Nathaniel Abelson, 54 E. 91st St., New York, NY 10028                                             (244)

    EVANS/DOOLITTLE/CANNON/SLOT:  Need proof Henry Evans of Guilford, Vt., who d. at Bainbridge, N.Y., 6 Aug. 1792, s. of John EVANS and Lydia DOOLITTLE (Rev. Benjamin).  Who was Abigail who married Henry?  Need ancestry Thomas CANNON, b. in N.Y., 1757, m. at Montgomery, N.Y., 4 Jan. 1787 Abigail SLOT (Johannes).  Thomas served 6 years in 1st N.Y. Reg’t., Rev. War, a Sgt. Moved 1790 Cayuga Co., N.Y.

    Mrs. John F. Walters, 38 Sycamore Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49017                                         (245)

    FAIRFIELD/CHADWICK:  Seek ancestry of Elizabeth CHADWICK who m. (1) Daniel FAIRFIELD, (2) his brother, Jeremiah FAIRFIELD.  The latter lived in Fairfield, Me.  Died and will probated 1817 Hardiston, Sussex, N.J.  Were there children other than Paulina who m. Stephen A. BURT and lived in Warwick, N.Y.?

    Elmire L. Conklin, RD 2, Box 319, Warwick, NY 10990                                                     (246)

    FARRELL/CAMERON:  Info wanted re: Michael FARRELL, son of Hugh FARRELL and Margaret CAMERON, b. in Christmas Island Parish, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia about l825(?).  Siblings: Mary, Christie, John, Peggy, Donald and Ann.  Michael left his job at a New Brunswick shipyard and was never heard from again.  Descendants?  If any, please contact:

    Walter Farrell, 124 Moore Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4T-lV3                                                (247)

    FELCH/KNOX:  Seek info on a Samuel FELCH of Portland, Me., a ship owner, who m. in the late 1700’s a sister of General Henry KNOX of Thomaston, Me.

    Robert D. Felch, 106 Enfield Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212                                                     (248)

    FELLOWS/DILL/PALMER/ROOT:  Ephraim FELLOWS m. at Plainfield, Conn., 10 Nov. 1737, Mary DILL.  Mary d. at Canaan, Conn., 17 Dec. 1745. Ephraim later m. Anne PALMER and Margaret ROOT.  Mary prob. from Voluntown.  Desire info on parents and birth of DILL, date and place of death of Ephraim FELLOWS.

    Erwin W. Fellows, 21 Williams Blvd., Zephyrhills, FL 34249                                                (249)

    FIFE:  Seek info on Alexander FIFE who was b. ca. 1683; m. (1) at Marblehead, Mass., 12 October, 1704 Margaret MEEK; m. (2) at Boston, Mass., 17 Dec. 1706 Elizabeth TEMPLE.  Children by 2nd wife: Elizabeth, John, Abigail, Margaret & poss. William.  Son John in N.H. by 1740.  No trace of Alexander FIFE after 1720 (Boston).  Poss. had a brother named John who m. Abigail SMITH.

    Linda Spearman, P.O. Box 6752, Bellevue, Washington 98008                                             (250)

    FINCH/WOODWARD/MALLERY/PIPER:  Ancestry of James Howe FINCH, b. at Philadelphia, Penn., or N.Y. 1833; d. at Winfield, Ks., 10 May 1885; m. at Pawlet, Vt., 30 Nov. 1854 Martha J. WOODWARD.  Ancestry of Garrick Vincent MALLERY, b. in Conn. or N.Y. 1821; m. 30 Jan. 1845 Elizabeth PIPER, Rev. Alexander SHARP; d. at Mechanicsburg, Penn., 24 Jan. 1864.

    Karen De Carlo, 39 Campbell Dr., Parlin, NJ 08859                                                           (251)

    FIRMAN(FURMAN)/ROWLEY(ROWLY/RALLAIGH):  Seek ancestors/descendants of Benjamin Wise FIRMAN, b. in N.Y., ca. 1800; m. at Gainsville, Wyoming Co., N.Y., 31 March 1828 Abigail ROWLEY, b. in Vt. ca. 1807.  Known ch.: Lois 1829, Jacob 1831, Daniel 1834, Joseph d. inf., Phebe 1840, Sabra 1845, Louisa d. inf.

    Mrs. Lea Bromley, 3919 Almondwood Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89120.                                     (252)

    FRANCIS: Need info Robert FRANCIS, b. in Penn. 8-12-1785, prob. res. Lycoming Co., 1810, moved Tioga Co., 1819, m. Sarah C ____? (3-8-1792 – 11-26-1847), d. 3-6-1864.  Children born 1812-23: William, Robert, Mary, James, John (m. Harriet MERRICK 1846), Ephraim, Norman.

    Mrs. J. Rosenblith, 7305 Sandy Bluff Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32211                                          (253)

    FULLER/COOPER:  Seek parents of Daniel FULLER, b. 21 Oct. 1798 at Granville, Washington Co., N.Y.; m. Clarissa COOPER 8 Nov. 1820 at Granville.  Resided Allegany Co. late 1830’s until death 7 April 1879 at Belmont, N.Y.  Children: Sally Ann, William, Cordelia b. at Granville; Margaret, Henderson, b. at Hebron, N.Y., plus others

    Susan Valis, Pole 76, Ridge Road, Smithfield, RI 02917                                                        (254)

    GOFF (GOFFE)/GREGSTON:  Need whereabouts grave of infant Mercy GOFF(E), dau. John and Jane GREGSTON GOFF(E).  Died on board the Albicore enroute to Boston, 1801.  Body placed in floating chest and later found by fishermen who gave it “decent burial."  Family living in Frankfort, Me., when they read of burial in newspaper.

    Phyllis J. Rowan, Box 845, Litchfield, CT 06759                                                                 (255)

    GOFF (GOFFE)/McGEOUGH/ENGLISH/WILKINSON/GREGSTON/McKINNEY:  Seek info on ship Albicore and her passengers, which sailed from Belfast, Ire., 1 June 1801 and arrived near Boston 28 July 1801.  Looking for surnames GOFF(E), or McGEOUGH, ENGLISH and WILKINSON. Possibly GREGSTON and MCKINNEY.

    Phyllis J. Rowan, Box 845, Litchfield, CT 06759                                                                 (256)

    GOWING:  Robert GOWING, age 60 in 1678, m. at Dedhain, Mass., 31 Oct. 1644 Elizabeth BROCK. Described as ‘manservant’ in 1639, he is said to come from Edinburgh but no proof is offered.  The Brooks were from Stradbrook, Suffolk Co., England.  Has anyone searched among the many Gowings there?

    Helen S. Ullmann, 713 Main St., Acton, MA 01720                                                             (257)

    GRAHAM/HOADLEY:  Seek birthdate & ancestry of Orpha or Orpa GRAHAM, b. at Hartford or Hartland, Coon., 1793. Married Ebenezer HOADLEY 3rd, 23 Nov. 1814 (b. at Hartford, Conn., 7 April 1790). Orpha/Orpa d. in Trumbull Co., Ohio, 7 July 1834.

    Paul Wilson, 2047 Berryman, Berkeley, CA 94709                                                               (258)


    GRANT/HARWOOD:  John F. GRANT b. in Vt., ca. 1800; m. ca. 1836 Olive HARWOOD (1815-1889).  He died in Wisc. 1889. Children: Azariah, William, Louisa, Luther, Remus, Hannah. Any info.

    Dean Peterson, 272 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084                                                 (259)

    GRAVES/NOBLE: Seek parents, ancestry Saloine GRAVES, b. possibly Granville, Westfield, Pittsfield, Mass., 6 July 1787; d. Orange twp., Delaware Co., Ohio, 16 Sept. 1854; m. where? when? James NOBLE son of Aaron, b. prob. Pittsfield, Mass., ca. 1783-4; resided Granville twp., Licking Co., Ohio, 1813 to 1821; d. place, date unknown, prob. Delaware Co., Ohio; four or five children born N.Y. state poss. Otsego Co., seek names, dates, place.

    Edward N. Cunningham, Rt. 9 Box 80, Lebanon Th 37087                                                 (260)

    GRIFFIN/CASE:  Seek ancestry of Lucy GRIFFIN, b. Conn., 9 Aug. 1763, m. 2 Sept. 1781, Joseph CASE (Baptist minister), b. at S. Kingston, R.I., 6 Aug. 1753.  Children: Nathaniel, Elisha, Polly m. Samuel RICH, Lydia m. John CULVER, Nathan Gardner m. (1) Manila HARVEY (2) Harriet T. SCOVILLE (3) Lucy CUTTING; Susannah; Joseph; Alonzo; Walter Providence; Lucy m. Giles MABIE; William Harrison m. Julia Ann TURNEAUR.

    Dorothy W. Goetz, 3801 W. Mercer Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029                                            (261)

    GRINNELL/GRINOLD/GRENEL and all related families:  The GRINELL Family Assoc. is collecting data on all branches of the Grinnell family and the related families.  All variations of the surname are included.

    GFA Genealogical Committee c/o J.L. Gninnell, 2400 No. Lakeview, Chicago, IL 60614      (262)

    GRINNELL/GRINOLD/LEE:  Need info about Abraham GRINNELL (GRINOLD) who mar. Mary LEE in Dec. 1813 at Clarendon, Vt.  She was dau. of Ashbel, 1764.

    J.L. Grinnell, 2400 N. Lakeview, Chicago, IL 60614                                                            (263)

    HALL/PEARL:  Seek info, esp. parents of Mehitable HALL who m. John PEARL (1768-1798), N. Andover, Mass. area.

    Robert N. Foster, 5 Summit Road, Lexington, MA 02173                                                   (264)

    HARWOOD/GRANT: Olive HARWOOD, b. in Vt., ca. 1815; d. in Wisc., 1889; m. ca. 1836 John F. GRANT (1800-1889).  Her mother was Hannah HARWOOD (born in Vt. 1789, d. Wisc. 1878).  Any info.

    Dean Peterson, 272 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084                                                 (265)

    HAVENS/PIERCE:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Samuel HAVENS, b. in Washington Co., N.Y., 1785; settled in St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., ca. 1804-1818; m. Hulda PIERCE. Children: Hoarce, Nelson, Jay, Betsy, Samuel.

    Cathy Kuhl, 2210 No. 6th St., No. St. Paul, MN 55109                                                       (266)

    HICKS/BEADLE: Seek ancestry of Mary HICKS, Prob. dau. of Richard HICKS of Boston; m. 20 Apr. 1671 Nathaniel BEADLE.

    Laura Jo DeMourdaunt, 961 E. 25th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83401                                           (267)

    HOLCOMB/CADWELL:  seek parents of Milo HOLCOMB and Rhoda CADWELL, married at Bristol, Vt., 1 Jan. 1816.

    O. B. Holcomb, 180 Beckwith Dr., Battle Creek, MI 49015                                                 (268)

    HOLDEN/MARVIN/WELLMAN/MARTIN/WHEELER/(WHEELOCK):  Seek info on HOLDEN wives:  Hannah MARVIN, b. 6 July 1808 to Daniel and Elizabeth; m. at Danville, N.Y., 22 Sept. 1832 Elmore HOLDEN; Salley WELLMAN, b. 18 Nov. 1783, m. at Brookline, Vt., 15 Oct. 1806 Zachariah HOLDEN; Rebecca MARTIN m. at Derryfield, N.H., 8 Feb. 1776 Zachariah HOLDEN; Sarah WHEELER (WHEELOCK) b. at Lunenberg, Mass., m. 17 March 1739/40 Stephen HOLDEN.

    Mrs. Barbara Price, 521 Avila Rd., San Mateo, CA 94402.                                                    (269)

    HOLMES:  Seek Par./w./ch. of Aaron HOLMES & Isaac HOLMES, res. 1790 Clinton, N.Y.; res. 1800 Hillsdale, N.Y.  Also seek par./w./ch. of Joseph HOLMES who res. Hillsdale, N.Y. 1790-1810.  Which was f. of Deborah HOLMES, b. by 10 Oct. 1784?

    Bettina H. Kesteloot, 1177 Berkshire, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230                                    (270)

    HOLT/HARRIS:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Loami B. HOLT, who settled in Gloucester, Mass., b. ca. 1780; m. May HARRIS. Son: William Harris HOLT.

    Robert J. Holt, 6 Garden Ter., Asheville, NC 28804                                                            (271)

    HOLT/POOR:  Need parents of Cyrene HOLT, b. at York, Me., ca. 1780; m. between 1796 and 1799 Luther POOR; need m. date and place.  Children?

    Georgia C. Tamburro, 55 NE Village Square #15, Gresham, OR 97030                              (272)

    HOOPER:  Seeking parentage and lineage of Ann ____ who m. Thomas HOOPER and resided in Mendon and Milford, Mass., and removed to Nova Scotia in 1760.  They had 10 children: Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Thomas, Lydia, David, William, Jonathan, Ezekiel.  See Hooper Gen. 1908 p. 12.

    Glenn A. Messinger, P.O. Box 284, Swamp., MA 01907                                                     (273)

    HOUGHTON/COY(E):  Seeking wife’s name and parentage of James2 HOUGHTON.  He was born before 1653, died 1711, of Charlestown and Lancaster, Mass.  Also info and parents of Abigail COY(E) of Pomfret, Conn., d. at Groton, Mass., 6 Feb. 1822, wife of Edward3 HOUGHTON.

    Susan Carmiencke, 1145 Walnut Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716                                                 (274)

    HOUGHTON/RUSSELL:  Seeking info and parents of Olive RUSSELL born 31 May 1736, died 13 Jan. 1829, wife of Edward4 HOUGHTON of Lancaster, Mass., Pomfret and Union, Conn.

    Susan Carmiencke, 1145 Walnut Ave., Bohemia, N.Y. 11716                                                (275)

    HOWARD/CLARK: Seek parents and ancestry of John Day HOWARD, b. 1 April 1759; d. 11 March 1836; m. in Boston 1 Sept. 1785 Lucy CLARK HOWARD, b. 20 October 1764, d. 16 April 1852. HOWARD was master caulker and graver in Boston.

    Susan D. Abele, 23 Russell Court, Newtonville, MA 02160                                                   276)

    HOWE/CRUGER:  Looking for Sardins/Sardius HOWE.  appeared in Dansville, Livingston Co., N.Y., long enough to m. Mary CRUGER (11 Aug. 1831 newspaper), father three sons (James b. 1833 Spencer b. 1834, VanBuren b. 1837).  Nothing else can be found on him.  No tax or land records in Livingston Co., or surrounds.

    Mrs. Robert Howe Lay, 1005 Canterbury Ct., Davenport, IA 52806                                    (277)

    HUDSON/CATRON: Seek ancestry of William P. HUDSON, married in Grayson Co., Va., 2 July 1801 Julia Ann CATRON.  Moved to White Co., Tenn., 1807-08, Lexington, Mo.  Died Dade Co., Mo., 1840. 8 Children: Isaac, Elizabeth, Martin, Mary D., William Smith, Thomas Flourney, David and Lucinda.

    Margery McCormick, Box 1038, Anchorage, AK 99510                                                      (278)

    HYDE/DYER: Seek place of birth and ancestry of both Benjamin HYDE of Sturbridge, Mass., b. 11 April 1723 (?), d. at Sturbridge, 28 Nov. 1797, and wife Dorcas DYER, m. at Brookfield, Mass., 21 Nov. 1745; she b. 17 June 1726 (?) and d. at Sturbridge, 23 Oct. 1798.

    Harriet G. Wilbour, Box 1628, Chelan, WA 98816                                                              (279)

    JONES/JONAS/BAILEY:  Seek ancestry for Ezra JONES/JONAS and Elizabeth BAILEY who m. ca. 1785 and had children b. at Sutton, N.H.: Amos 1786, Betsey/Beky 1788, Jonathan 1790, Nathan 1792, John 1795. Son Ezra B. ca. 1777 probably from a previous m.

    Patricia Collins, 10757 Valley View Ave., Whittier, CA 90604                                               (280)

    KEELER/PALMER:  Seek all info about antecedent of widow Lydia KEELER who m. in Vermont ca. 1790 Aaron PALMER; d. in Michigan 25 Aug. 1842.

    Erwin Palmer, 20 Gregory St. (#2851), Oswego, NY 13126                                               (281)

    LORD/WILLEY/STEWARD/LEIGHTON/WEEKS/WARD:   Seek ancestry of James LORD, b. 1 May 1770, m. Olive(?), d. at Athens (Somerset), Me., 15 Jan. 1841. Ch.: Sowards (b. 1801, Maine, m. at Harmoney, Me., 24 Oct. 1819 Sally WILLY/WILLEY. Seek her ancestry), John, James, Melinda “Rozella” STEWARD, Olive LEIGHTON, Amanda WEEKS, Daniel, Sabrina WARD, Joseph, Alvah.

    Nancy O. Heydt, 5 Hampton Court, Neptune, NJ 07753                                                    (282)

    M - R

    MARSH/SQUIRES: Seek ancestry of Marcius MARSH, b. supposedly in Conn., 6 Apr. 1762; d. at Bristol, Ontario Co., N.Y., 6 May 1840; m. at Sharon, Conn. (Congregational church records) 16 Oct. 1785, “both of Amenia, N.Y.”.  Also seek ancestry of his wife Amaryllis SQUIRES, b. Conn. or Nova Scotia, 10 Feb. 1768; d. at Bristol, N.Y., 12 Aug. 1837.  Were they in Harpersfield, N.Y., in 1790 census?  In Walton, N.Y., in 1793 Congregational church records?  Known to be in Bristol by 1799.  They named two daughters “Jerusha WILLIAMS MARSH” and a son “Isaiah.”  Named for possible grandparents, Isaiah and Jerusha (WILLIAMS) MARSH of Lebanon & Litchfield, Conn.?

    Mrs. William Marsh, 430 Lily Dr., Madison, WI 53713                                                        (283)

    MARTIN/GILBERT:  Seeking parentage of Peter A. MARTIN and his wife Mary GILBERT supposedly from Marblehead, Mass.  They had a daughter Mary E. MARTIN who m. 7 Apr. 1841 Elisha D. PEDRICK and (2) Joseph W. SNOW on 13 Nov. 1851.  Where were they married and what is their lineage?

    Glenn A. Messinger, P.O. Box 284, Swamp., Mass. 01907                                                   (284)

    MARTIN/TAYLOR:  Need parents/ancestry of Jonathan and Susanna (TAYLOR) MARTIN of Gardner, Mass, area.  Their son James m. 1808 Lucy TRAVIS, ch. David Taylor, twins Edwin and Edward, Elijah Travis, Eliza Ann, George, James Lloyd, John, Jonathan Walter, and Susannah.

    Stuart Gill, 102 Stratford, Signal Mountain, TN 37377                                                         (285)

    MASON/BECKETT:  Seek ancestry of Thomas MASON of Salem, fisherman and shipwnight.  Dau. Susannah m. 20 Sept. 1711 John BECKETT.  First wife, Christian OLIVER, second wife Abigail (CURTICE) GREENSLIT.

    Laura Jo DeMourdaunt, 961 E. 25th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83401                                           (286)

    MASON/PEARSE:  wish to learn family history from descendants of any 11 children born to Levi MASON, b. at Swansea, Mass., 4 Aug. 1796; d. at Brookfield, N.Y., 23 Jan. 1885; and wife Polly PEARSE, who came to Brookfield, Madison Co., N.Y., in 1818.  All 11 children born in Brookfield, N.Y.: Levi Mason, Jr., 1820; Joseph, 1823; Emeline, 1824, m. Alonzo BROWN; ?; ?; Oliver Perry Mason, 1829 (our ancestor); Christopher, 1830, m. Lydia JOHNSON; Lucenia, 1832, m. Judson BRIGGS; Andrew, 1833; Elen, 1837; Livonia, 1840; m. Eli JOHNSON.

    Mrs. George Mueller, 5 Cedar St., Camden, ME 04843                                                       (287)

    MAXIM: Seek ancestry or descendants of Reuben MAXIM, b. at Plymouth, 1780, settled in Plymouth before 1790 census.  Would like info on Reuben’s parents, and his son John, b. 1821.

    Natalie E. Bailey, 527 Howell St., Ridgecrest, CA 93555                                                      (288)

    McCLARRAN/HILL/PORTER:  Who were the parents of James J. McCLARRAN b. at Denny Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1802; d. at Shipman, Ill., 1873; Mary Jane HILL b. at Denny Twp.,Westmoreland Co., Penn., 1811, d. at Shipman, Ill., 1872. A son John D. b. 1835 m. Anna PORTER b. 1836.  What happened to them and their children?

    DeVare E. McClaren, 108 5. Court Ulysses, KS 67880                                                        (289)

    MEAD/COLLINS:  Benjamin MEAD married Susannah COLLINS Feb. 1781 in 2nd. Church, Cambridge, Mass.  Benjamin was said “of Medford” and Susannah “of Cambridge.”  After marriage they moved to Hillsboro, N.H. (1790 census).  Their son William m. Dorcas HAMLIN.  Benjamin served 8 months under Capt. Ezra Newhall, Col. Mansfield Regiment in 1775.  He also served under Capt. Bancroft in Col. Jackson’s Reg’t. in 1778. Seek parents of Benjamin & Susannah COLLINS or related info.

    John Mead, M.D., 2556 Mission, San Manino, CA 91108.                                                    (290)

    MERRICK/GILLIS/DARTT:  Seeking Maryland origins Israel MERRICK, 1766-1844, lived Kent Co., Del, ca. 1790-1804, settled 1805 Tioga Co., Penn. lst.wife?  Seeking Vermont origins, 2nd wife Mary GILLIS, 1788-1870, m. 1st. James O. DARTT (son, Col. Justus DARTT), moved w/ DARTT families Tioga Co., m. 2nd Israel MERRICK, ca. 1823, had 5 DARTT children, 3 (?) MERRICK children.

    Mrs. J. Rosenblith, 7305 Sandy Bluff Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32211                                          (291)

    MILBURN (MILLBURN): Seek descendants of Jeremiah MILBURN, who m. Sarah SMITH and immigrated to New Brunswick, Canada. Had 10 ch.: Arletta, m. Convas KINNEY; John, m. Mary WILBAND; Elizabeth, m. Oliver DOW; Robert (d. y.); Joseph, m. Martha MCNUTT; Isaac, m. Olivia MCLASKEY; Robert, m. Susanna WOODWORTH; Mary, m. Enoch WATSON; David, m. Laurinda SENNETT; Sarah, m. George BROWN.

    Patricia C. Olsen, 1229 So. Barkley, Mesa, AZ 85204                                                           (292)

    MOE/PIERCE/DYER/JORDAN:  Seek descendants or info on Mrs. John MOE (Beryl PACKARD) of Oak Park, Ill., who compiled a manuscript on the PIERCE, DYER and related families.  Also seek descendants of Ina CASTLE JORDAN of Hinsdale, Ill.

    Joan B. Jacobs, 1304 16th St., Ames, IA 50010                                                                   (293)

    MUNGER/CRAMPTON/HULL:  Info on authoritative evidence of parents of one Sarah, widow of Nicholas MUNGER, second wife of Dennis CRAMPTON, m. at Guilford, Conn., 1669.  Was she a HULL, perhaps daughter, Sarah, bp. 1640, of Andrew and Catherine HULL of New Haven?  Dennis CRAMPTON had great grandson named HULL.

    Esther L. Crampton, 1421 Mass. Ave. NW #706, Washington, DC 20005                            (294)

    MURRAY/MIXTER/RAY: Seek ancestry of Ruth MURRAY who m. at Shrewsbury, Mass., 1793 Asa MIXTER (his second wife).  May have been her second m. and MURRAY may be surname of her first husband.  Asa and Ruth had dau. Ruth (1794-1866) who m. Silas RAY, 1825, in Auburn, Mass.

    Joseph Ray, 2740 Vassar Place, Columbus, OH 43221                                                         (295)

    NASH/SIMS:  Need info on Robert A. NASH & wife, Caroline (Carrie) SIMMS, esp. parents & residence. Two known children are Annie (believed to have been in Montgomery, W. Va. ca. 1898) and James A. NASH, b. in Fayette Co., W. Va., 1877.  Can’t find them in 1880 census.

    Vivian McComb Nash, 1135 South Blvd., N. Charleston, SC 29406                                     (296)

    NELSON/IRISH:  Seeking par. of Martha NELSON, b. 1677 at Little Compton, R.I., d. 1760 there. She m. David IRISH, 1699, in R.I.

    Mrs. Lloyd E. Fite, 11938 Longleaf, Houston, TX 77924                                     (Connection 79)

    NEWGEON (NEUGEON, NUGEON, etc.), d. at Granville, Mass., 1848; m. at Granville, Mass., 8 May 1823 Ephronia CORNWALL.  Seek descendants of one of their children, Charles E. NEWGEON, m. in Richmond Co., Ga., 24 Dec. 1865, Mary MORRIS.  Is William related to Elihu NUGEON, m. at Suffield, Com., 23 Nov. 1828 Maria CURTIS?

    Walter W. Newgeon, 760 Harmon, Birmingham, MI 48009                                                 (297)

    NEWHALL/DOWNING/COATS:  Seek parents and ancestry of William O. NEWHALL, b. 1794, m. 1 Jan. 1815 Alice DOWNING (b. 10 Aug. 1795), d. 1 April 1830 and Caleb DOWNING, m. 16 May 1751 Sarah COATS, (b. 3 July 1726), d. 18 Aug. 1832, all of Lynn, Mass.

    Lois Lober, 55 Old Sleepy Hollow Rd., Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510                                    (298)

    NEWHALL/MAKEPEACE:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Jacob Newhall, who settled in Saugus & Lynn, Mass., ca. 1780; m. Abigail MAKEPEACE; daughter Caroline NEWHALL.

    Robert J. Holt, 6 Garden Ten., Asheville, NC 28804                                                           (299)

    NEWTON/KENDALL:  Want ancestry of Joseph NEWTON, b. Vt. 1783; m. Lucinda; migrated to ____? and Ohio.  Ch.:        Julia Ann, b. 1832, and Joseph, b. in Ohio. Thomas KENDALL, b. in Washington Co., Penn., 1795; m. Amy, b. 1795. Migrated to Perry Co., Ohio.

    Kathryn Smith, 343 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City NJ 07306                                                   (300)

    NICHOLS/COON/EGGLESTON/CASE/ MOTE:  Seek to complete this dangling family line, prove and detail it.  Capt. Elisha COON of Westerly/Hopkinton, R.I., m. by 1763 Anne/Hannah NICHOLS, b. at Westerly 1749, dau. David NICHOLS, b. 1710/12, d. at Hopkinton in/by 1799, and Sarah EGGLESTON.  David NICHOLS son of Robert NICHOLS, who m. 1698 Mary CASE, prob. dau. or granddau. of William CASE of Newport, freeman there 1655, and wife Mary.  Robert NICHOLS prob. son of Thomas NICHOLS who came to Newport after fall of Bristol to Cromwell, and wife Hannah GRIFFIN. Sarah EGGLESTON dau. Joseph EGGLESTON, b. 1651, d. by 5 Sept. 1767, owned land S. Kingston, R.I., 1723, and wife prob. ____ MOTT, dau. Gershom. Joseph EGGLESTON prob. grandson of Bigod EGGLESTON, b. 1590, d. 1674, lived N. Stonington, Conn. 1671.

    E.D. Witter, Jr., 1 Las Vegas Rd., Orinda, CA 94563                                                           (301)

    NICHOLS/WARD: Need ancestry for William NICHOLS, b. at Reading, Mass., 1721; was one of the founders of Holden, Mass., m. 26 July 1749 Miriam WARD; d. 6 Feb. 1815 in Weathersfield, Vt.

    Mrs. Clara Overbo, Rt. 2, Box 24, Westby, WI 54667                                                         (302)

    NORTON:  Need parents of Olive Althea NORTON, b. prob. N.Y. or Conn., 1787; m. in Otsego Co., N.Y., ca. 1805 Walter MUNSON.  Moved to Clark Co., Ohio. m. (2) 1816 Benjamin WINANS. Need info on Edward and Rachel (____) WHITE; dau. Martha m. 1818 Samuel Osborn CODDINGTON of Geneva, N. Y.

    Mrs. Pauline Kelton, 1526 Sioux Trail, Niles MI 49120.                                                       (303)

    OSBORN/RICHARDSON:  Seek info Ashbel OSBORN (Daniel?) (b. at Waterbury, Conn., 3 Nov. 1762, d. ?) and Ruth RICHARDSON (Nathaniel) (b. at Waterbury, Conn., 15 Dec. 1761; d. ?).  They m. 9 June 1785. Ashbel “teamster” in Rev., on Colesville, N.Y., tax list 1813.  Children: Carey b. 26 Sept. 1785, Fanny b. 9 Apr. 1787, Joseph R. b. 28 June 1790, Garret b. 22 May 1792, Statira b. 25 May 1294, Ruth b. 8 Aug. 1796, Ashbel b. 8 July 1800.

    Lois Ralph, 345 Lakewood Lane, Marquette, MI 49855                                                      (304)

    PATTEN/DORAN:  Seeking ancestry and parents of Thomas B. PATTEN, b. ca. 1807 in Ireland?, m. Jane (Jennie) DORAN. They lived in Pittstown, N.Y., in 1855. Their children were: John F., James E., Thomas Andrew.

    Lloyd J. Patten, 130 Lynn, Carroll, IA 51401                                                                      (305)

    PEARCE/DYER/BATCHELDER/KIDDER:  Welcome correspondence with others doing research on John PEARCE, Mason, ca. 1632-1692, of Prudence Island, R.I., and N.K., R.I. DYERS.  Seek descendants of Henry6BATCHELDER (Uzziel5, Joseph4, John3-2-1) b. at Reading, Mass., 1786, and Betsey KIDDER, b. at Amherst, N.H., 1782.  They lived at Landgrove, Bennington, Vt.

    Joan B. Jacobs, 1304 16th St., Ames, IA 50010                                                                   (306)

    PERKINS/WARREN: Need data on Mercy (Marcy) PERKINS who m. at Bridgewater, Mass., 3 Aug. 1756 Joseph WARREN (s. of Cornelius) and d. at Ashfield, Mass., 11 Sept. 1824 (6?). Where and when was she born? Who were her parents?

    Harriet G. Wilbour, Box 1628, Chelan, WA 98816                                                              (307)

    PERRY:  Parentage asked of Eli PERRY, born. ca. 1795/6 who was mayor of Albany, N.Y. from 1862 to 1866.

    Mary Bicksler, R. Box 159, R.D. 1, Geneva, NY 14456.                                                       (308)

    PERRY/FARRINGTON/MOSS/MORSE: Ancestry asked of David PERRY 1757-1827, Rev. soldier of Warwick Co., N.Y., m. at Newburgh or Warwick, Orange Co., 1774 Mary FARRINGTON.  Were their ch. ?? John m. Cynthia MOSS; David; James a. Elizabeth MORSE; Phebe, Anna; Rebecca; Rhoda.

    Many Bicksler, R. Box 159, R.D. 1, Geneva, NY 14456                                                       (309)

    PIKE/KNOWLES/CURTIS:  searching info on Hiram PIKE 1809-1887; m. (2) at Dracut, Mass., 25 Sept. 1844, Charlotte KNOWLES 1819-1893.  Did she marry (1) Leonard CURTIS?  Need info on KNOWLES and CURTIS.  Searching BARICKMAN family.  Sarah Elizabeth PIKE, dau. Hiram and Sarah LADD PIKE; b. at Portland, Me., 1836; d. at Baltimore, Md., 1875; m. 1851 John Ambrose BARICKMAN.  Need place of marriage. All data on John BARICKMAN.  Descendants of John & Sarah PIKE BARICKMAN settled Mo.

    Allen R. Pike, P.O. Box 685, Cannel, NY 10512                                                                  (310)

    PIKE/LADD/HUTER:  Searching John PIKE family.  Need info on Hiram PIKE 1809-1887, m. (1) at Bangor, Me., 1832 Sarah LADD.  Need all her personal data.  Did she marry (2) Thomas HUTER?  Did she die at Boston?

    Allen Pike, P.O. Box 685, Camel, NY 10512                                                                      (311)

    PLUMMER/HUBBARD:  Seek parents of Hannah PLUMMER who m. Capt. Philip HUBBARD, b. at Berwick, Me., 1718; d. at Shapleigh, Me., 8 Aug. 1792.  Could she be daughter of Daniel and Sarah (WENTWORTH) PLUMMER of Dover, N.H.?

    Mrs. B.G. Taylor, 3106 Knight Robin, San Antonio, TX 78209                                            (312)

    POOL/THAYER:  Caswell Pool, b. ca. 1797; m. ca. 1817 Relief THAYER, dau. of Uniah and Phebe (HAYDEN) THAYER, lived in Randolph, Mass.  Need ancestry of Caswell POOL and date & place of marriage.

    Woodrow Perry, 7 Stardust Dr., Granby, CT 06035                                                           (313)

    PRESTON/BARBER:  Seeking info on children born in Canaan (Albany, Columbia Counties), New York, 1772- 1789, to Jonathan and Prudence (BARBER) PRESTON, who were married Harwinton, Conn., 9 May 1765.

    Donald Preston, 744 Baltimore Rd., Valparalso, IN 46383                                                   (314)

    PROCTOR/BUTTERFIELD:  Need ancestry of Henry PROCTOR of Chelmsford, MA. Probable date of birth: 15 Mar. 1728-9.  Did he marry Sarah BUTTERFIELD and was their daughter Sarah PROCTOR born 25 April 1761 in Chelmsford and later of Weathersfield, Vt.?

    Mrs. Clara Overbo, Rt. 2, Box 24, Westby, WI 54667                                                         (315)

    PROVENDER/BLODGETT:  Seek ancestry of Sarah (PROVENDER) BLODGETT w. Jonathan BLODGETT.  B. at York, Me., 1756.

    Judy Arseneault, 15 Cleveland St., Nashua, NH 03060                                                         (316)

    PYLE/PILE/WIGGINS:  Seeking ancestry and parents of Raphael C. PYLE or PILE b. in Ky., ca. 21 Jan. 1820; m. Sarah Maniah WIGGINS, in Danville, Vermillion Co., Ill., 19 Feb. 1843; d. in Danville, Veminillion Co., Ill., 30 March 1875.

    Lloyd J. Patten, 130 Lynn, Carroll, IA 51401                                                                      (317)

    RADDIN:  Seek ancestry or descendants of Thomas RADDIN, who settled in North Saugus, Mass., b. ca. 1785; m. Sally ____.  Son: Sewell RADDIN, b. at Lynn 22 Aug. 1809; Thomas and Sewell in shoe manufacturing.

    Robert J. Holt, 6 Garden Ten., Asheville, NC 28804                                                           (318)

    RANDALL:  Seek parents and place of birth of Capt. John Winthrop RANDALL, prob. b. in Conn., 11 Nov. 1807; m. Ann(a) CHILDS, b. at Pittsfield, Mass., 26 Jan. 1809.

    Mrs. W. M. McCowan, 10 Provident Lane, Mobile, AL 36608                                             (319)

    RANKINS: Seek ancestry for Thomas RANKINS b. in Me. or N.H. ca. 28 June 1765; d. at Monmouth, Me., 28 Feb. 1850; m. (1) at Berwick, Me., 27 April 1792 Sally GILLISON; (2) ca. 1808 Jane ____: (3) at Lisbon, Me., 17 Aug. 1820 Mary RICKER. Had at least 7 children.

    Patricia Collins, 10757 Valley View Ave., Whittier, CA 90604                                               (320)

    REEVES/REAVES: Seek ancestry of Samuel REAVES, b. ca. 1749 of Salem; m. 31 May 1771 Hannah DELANO, dau. of Benjamin DELAND and Elizabeth FELTON.  Ch.: Betsey, Hannah, Susannah and Benjamin, b. at Danvers.

    Laura Jo DeMourdaunt, 961 E. 25th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83401                                           (321)

    RICE:  Seek origin of RICE in (now) Putnam County, N.Y., by 1747. Edward RICE (1765-1826) and wife Lucy ____ (1770-1826) lived and buried town of Southeast.  Children were Lewis, Judson, Alfred, Henry and Clarissa. Judson (1798-1885) married Jane SHERIGER.

    June Wardel 1 Mason, P.O. Box 532, Norwich, N.Y., 13815                                               (322)


    RIGGS/RICHARDSON:  Seeking par, of Anna RIGGS who in at Newbury, Mass., 3 Nov. 1750 Christopher RICHARDSON.  Newbury Marr. VR say Anna was "of Gloucester."  Could her par. have been Andrew and Mary RICHARDSON RIGGS of Gloucester, Mass.?

    A.R. Sloane, 501 Putnam Bldg., Davenport, IA 52801                                                         (323)

    ROBINSON:  Seek parents and birthplace Timothy ROBINSON, b. 1726, d. at Conn., 1799, m. (1) Keziah ____, (2) Anna CHAFFEE.  Had children: Lucy, Elias, Amasa, Anna, Lemnia, Lydia.

    Mrs. William Strickland, 7 Newton St., Hamden, CT. 06514                                                (324)

    ROGERS/POWERS:  Seek ancestry of Silence ROGERS, b. 1761; m. Dr. Charles POWERS, b. 1 Feb. 1762 at Greenwich, Mass., d. 24 June 1844, at Shapleigh Me., or Durham, N.H. (Son of Capt. Jeremiah POWERS).  Their son Lucius POWERS m. Martha HUBBARD, dau. of Aaron HUBBARD.

    Mrs. B.G. Taylor, Jr., 3106 Knight Robin, San Antonio, TX 78209                                       (325)

    ROOT/COLEMAN: Seeking parents of Jerial ROOT, b. 31 Dec. 1790; m. at Coventry, Conn., 1801 Sarah COLEMAN.

    Janet Winkler, R.R. 1, Washington, IL 61571                                                        (Correction 53)


    S - Z

    SADLER/PORTER:  Seek info John SADLER (b. at Ashfield, Mass. 25 June 1762) and w. Lavinia (PORTER) SADLER.  Lived Ashfield 1790, 1800. Windsor, N.Y., 1820. Colesville, N.Y., 1830.  Children:  Abigail, Electa (m. Joseph Osborn), Hannah (m. ____ PHILLIPS), John, Lavina, Samuel, Margaret.

    Lois Ralph, 345 Lakewood Lane, Marquette, MI 49855                                                      (326)

    SCHOULER/SCOULER/TEEL:  Interested in all descendants of James SCHOULER (SCOULER) who came from Scotland in 1815 and settled on Staten Island, N.Y. eventually coming to Arlington, Mass.  He and his wife Margaret had 4 sons and 2 daus. James, Jr., was my great grandfather.  His wife was Emeline TEEL.

    Barbara Schouler Cushmam, 6 Lowell Ave., Holden, MA 01520                                          (327)

    SCOVIL:  Seek maiden name and ancestry of Bathsheba ____, second wife of Thomas SCOVIL, m. ca. 1767 Hadlyme, Conn.  Children: Nathan m. Chloe FELT, Ephraim m. Vina BOARDMAN, Champion, Hezekiah m. Amy THOMPSON.

    Dorothy W. Goetz, 3801 W. Mercer Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85029                                            (328)

    SCRANTON/CRAMPTON:  Who first identified the Dennis SCRANTON in the report of Kellond and Kirk to Governor Endicott of Mass., 1661, quoted by Ezra Stiles in 1794, p.52. as CRAMPTON? Warren, The Three Judges, 1873, p. 176, states “a person named SCRANTON.”  On what basis do B. C. Steiner, History of Guilford, p. 109, and Welles, The Regicides, p.5 and 18, name Dennis CRAMPTON as the informant?

    Esther L. Crampton, 1421 Mass. Ave. NW #706, Washington, DC 20005                            (329)

    SCRIBNER/SAWYER/TUCKER/WEBSTER:  Who were the parents of Joanna (Juany) SCRIBNER, b. at Hill, N.H., 5 Aug. 18__?  She m. Thomas SAWYER at Andover, N.H., 19 Nov. 1818.  We think her parents were Ebenezer & Mehitable TUCKER.  Are the SCRIBNERs connected to THE Daniel WEBSTER?

    Mrs. Shirley A. Danahy, 23 Dailey Ave., N. Easton, MA 02356                                            (330)

    SEYMOUR/ROBBINS: Seek birthplace & ancestry of Lydia SEYMOUR, b. 24 Aug. 1795 (Middlefield, Mass., or Greenfield, N.Y.). Married Samuel ROBBINS, 14 Aug. 1821. Lydia d. at Wimdham, Portage, Ohio, 15 Oct. 1876.  Samuel b. at Middlefield, Mass., 24 July 1796; d. at Windham, Ohio, 27 Sept., 1862.

    Paul Wilson, 2047 Berryman, Berkeley, CA 94709                                                               (331)

    SHERIDAN:  Seeking info on parents of Hugo Grotious SHERIDAN, M.D., b. 22 Sept. 1768, and d. in So. Carolina, 14 Dec. 1853.  He is said to be descended from Dr. Thomas SHERIDAN and Elizabeth McFadden SHERIDAN of Dublin, Ireland.  Who were his parents?  Did they settle in the West Indies, New England, and then Penn.?

    Eleanor Williams Bradley, 34 Dogwood Dr., Bnamtford, Ontario, Canada N3R-1R4            (332)

    SHERMAN:  Need wife, parents, ancestry of John SHERMAN, d. in Bourbon Co., Ky., 1809, leaving three infant children:  William, Many, and Anna. Shedrick SHERMAN of Bourbon Co., Ky., was brother or uncle?  Hoping to connect to a Sherman family of New England.

    William Chowning, Box 214, Vallonia, IN 47281                                                                (333)

    SHERMAN/DE LONG/OLNEY/FAIRBANKS:  Need ancestry of William SHERMAN, b. in Mass., 1781; d. at Putnam, Ill., 1848; m. at Washington, Ohio, 1810 Rebecca DE LONG.  Possibly m. first at Washington, Ohio, 1804 Huldah OLNEY.  Were his parents Isaac SHERMAN and Hannah FAIRBANKS of Marlborough, Mdsx. Co., Mass.?  Where did they move after Marlborough?  When and where did Isaac die?

    Mrs. Margaret S. Gallup, Long’s Peak Route, Estes Park, Cl) 80517                                      (334)

    SHERWIN:  Seek ancestors John SHERWIN, died at Ipswich, Mass., 1726, age 82; m. (1) Frances LOMASE, (2) Mary (CHANDLER).  Need all date eldest son Robert, in Va. 1728-9.  Wish to exchange info SHERWIN name anywhere.

    Jean Fisher, 44 High St., Farmington, CT 06032                                                                  (335)

    SIMONS/THOMPSON:  Need ancestry Abel SIMONS, b. ca. 1765, m. Tryphena SPENCER (Alpheus), b. at Sheffield, Mass., 1768.  Alpheus b. at Suffield, Conn., 1745; was at Washington Co., N.Y., 1786-95. Abel and Tryphena at Cayuga Co., N.Y., by 1792. Ch.: Thaddeus, b. 1792; any others?  Need ancestry James THOMPSON, b. ca. 1763, enlisted Redding, Conn., Jan. 1781; m. Rachel ____?, lived Tyringham, Mass., and Venice, Cayuga Co., N.Y.

    Mrs. John F. Walters, 38 Sycamore Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49017                                         (336)

    SMITH/BALLOU/PIERCE:  Seek ancestry of Mary SMITH b. in R.I. ca. 1746; d. at Sandy Creek, Oswego, N.Y., 1831; m David5BALLOU (Abraham4, John3-2 Maturin1).  Seek descendants of John6 PIERCE b. at N.K., R.I., 1787, and Hannah6 BALLOU, b. at Chepachet, R.I., 1786; m. at Saratoga, N.Y., 1804.  They removed to Sandy Creek, N.Y. and DuPage Co., Ill. 13 Ch.

    Joan B. Jacobs, 1304 16th St., Ames, IA 50010                                                                   (337)

    SMITH/SWETSER:  Desire info on Lydia SMITH, wife of William SWEETSER.  Intentions of mar. at Westford, Mass., filed 29 Oct. 1757.  She d. at Saugus, Mass., 24 Oct. 1818.  Need to know her parentage, date and place of her birth.

    Myrtle (Capen) Dicken, 61243 Timberlane Dr., Jones, MI 49061                                          (338)

    SNOW/COLE/WINCHELL:  Seek dates, ancestry of Rebecca COLE, from Canada, m. 1825 William A. SNOW (1805-1889) of Windham, N.Y.  Also ancestry of his mother, Abigail WINCHELL, b. at Swinsburg, Conn., 1787: d. at Great Bend. Penn.. 1854; m. at Hunter, Greene Co., N.Y., 1804 Freeman SNOW, Jr. (1784-1872).

    Marie Booth Ferre, 111 5. College St., Carlisle, PA 17013                                                    (339)

    STAUTTS/PALMER:  Seek all info about Fannie Marie STAUTTS who was b. in Bound Brook, N.J., and m. Jeremiah Gates PALMER early in the 19th century. D. at Mendon, N.Y., 16 June 1863.

    Erwin Palmer, 20 Gregory St., Oswego, NY 13126                                                            (340)

    STEVENS/BAKER:  Seek ancestry of Moses STEVENS (1773-1849) of Charlton, Mass., who m. at Charlton 1801 Susannah BAKER (1775-1848).  Children include Harvey (b. 1803), Moses (1805-1838), Jacob (1808-1865), Susan (1811-1835), Danforth (1817-1841).

    Joseph Ray, 2740 Vassar Place, Columbus, OH 43221                                                         (341)

    STEVENS/LEONARD/LILLIBRIDGE:  Need proof of parentage of Rachel STEVENS, who m. Joseph LILLIBRIDGE at Preston, Conn., 28 Aug. 1783.  Believed to have been Jacob & Elizabeth (LEONARD) STEVENS.  She named her children Warren, Elizabeth, Buel, Mary, Joseph Jr., Erastus, Jacob, John and Sarah LILLIBRIDGE.

    Mrs. Leonard A. Perry, Cherry Street R.D.#l, Box 3, Lawrenceville, PA 16929                      (342)

    SWAIN/FULLER:  Need parents of Polly (Mary) SWAIN, b ca. 1762; d. at Middleton, Mass., 18 Jan. 1827; m. at Middleton, 8 Oct. 1784 John FULLER, son of Andrew & Elisabeth (CLARKE) FULLER.

    Mrs. Justin Howland, 1716 Campo Calle, Redding, CA 96001                                             (343)


    SWAIN/ROGERS:  Peter SWAIN son of Peter m. Amy ROGERS dau. of Samuel. Peter is listed in Conn. census 1790 -of New London Co. 1 male over 16, 2 males under 16, and 2 females.  Were Peter and Amy the parents of Timothy bur. Yantic Conn. 8 April 1838 age 50?  Who were his siblings?

    Mary A. Kehlenbeck, Box 763 - Madaket, Nantucket, MA 02554                                         (344)

    THOMAS/TUCKER/SHEARMAN/WILCOX:  Seek info on children of George and Martha (TUCKER) THOMAS.  His will probated 1753 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island mentions sons: George, Jr., Richard, Benjamin, Abraham and Arnold THOMAS.  Also daus.: Sarah, wife of Sampson SHEARMAN, Mary, wife of Stephen WILCOX, Jr. (Dartmouth, Mass.) and Abigail THOMAS.

    John H. Schultz, 1085 Bowen Drive West, North Tonowanda, NY 14120                            (345)

    TOWNE:  Seek info on Thomas TOWNE, b. 1730, d. at Gardiner, m. Abigail CREDIFORD.  Son of Jesse TOWNE & Ruth.  Jesse settled in Kennebunkport, from Topsfield ca. 1730.  Need info on Thomas & Abigail.

    Natalie E. Bailey, 527 Howell, Ridgecrest, CA 93555                                                           (346)

    TYLER/KETCHAM/HOPKINS:  Seek ancestry of Charles M. TYLER and Caroline HOPKINS who m. in Ingham Co., Mich., 26 July 1856.  Charles TYLER son of Aaron TYLER and Lucy KETCHAM was b. 19 July 1832 N.Y. possibly Adams, Jefferson Co. Aaron and Lucy b. Mass. Caroline HOPKINS dau. of John HOPKINS and ____ was b. N.Y. July 1836.

    Mrs. Barbara Price, 521 Avila Rd., San Mateo, CA 94402                                                    (347)

    TYLEY/CLARKE:  Mary TYLEY m. at Boston, 17 Oct. 1749 Thomas CLARKE, silversmith.  Who were her parents?

    Martha Dildilian, Old Trail, Route 1, Box 187, Fonda, NY 12068                                         (348)

    VINING/THOMAS:  Need b., m., d. dates for David VINING and Jane C. THOMAS of Franklin Co., Me.  Who were their parents and where were they born?

    Dorothy E. Kelsey, 411 Hobrom Lane #2201, Honolulu, HI 96815                                     (349)

    WARRING/WARING:  Need info me: Charles M. WARRING/WARING, jeweler, b. in Sullivan Co., N.Y., 1833.  Resided at Jonesville, Hillsdale Co., Mich.; Lewanee Co., Mich., Montpelier, Ohio; d. at DeWitt, Iowa, 1894.  Wives: Helen Maria ____, Margaret ____.

    Alice V. Robinson, 1908 Hillsdale Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49007                                            (350)

    WATERS (WATROUS) (WATERHOUSE)/MANN/LARCOM:  Seek parents/birthplace of Robert WATERS, 1812 veteran, enlisted at Sandisfield, Mass.  Married at Otis, Mass., 29 Nov. 1810 Sally MANN (dau. William MANN/Rebecca LARCOM).  Lived Wyoming Co., N.Y. and Kalamazoo, Mich. Died in Alleghany Co., N.Y., 8 Jan. 1868. Brother Peter.  Could David (Rev. veteran) died Wyoming Co. be father/uncle?

    Florence Waters Denbow, 120 LaVista, Los Alamos, NM 87544                                         (351)

    WATTS/SEXTON:  Need parents, ancestry of Martha (Polly, Patty) WATTS, b. ca. 1770; d. ca. 1852; m. at Worthington, Mass., 23 July 1789 Noah SEXTON, b. in Mass., 1764; d. at French Creek, W.V., 1838. Issue: Augustus, Elizabeth, Sophia, Amy, George, Jason, William, Martha, Henry.

    William Chowning, Box 214, Vallonia, IN 47281                                                                (352)

    WEBSTER/MORSE/KNOWLES:  Need data re. d. of Lois (WEBSTER) MORSE, b. at Hamstead, N.H., 20 June 1751.  She m. 18 Feb. 1773 Josiah MORSE (1747- 1812), 6th generation from Anthony1. Lois d. before 27 Jan. 1796, when Josiah m. (2) Sarah KNOWLES, Chester, N.H.

    Mrs. Eleanor B. Conary, Box 309, Bethel, ME 04217                                                          (353)

    WEBSTER/SANBORN:  Seek info, esp. parents of William WEBSTER (1801?) who married at Gilford, N.H., 17 April 1823 Sarah DIMOND SANBORN (1805-?)

    Robert N. Foster, 5 Summit Rd., Lexington, MA 02173                                                      (354)

    WETMORE/BARDEN/BAKER/PARMENTER:  Need parents of Ruel WETMORE b. at New Haven, Conn., ca. 1812, and his wife Catharine HARDEN b. in Conn., ca. 1808.  Also need parents of Benoni BAKER b. at Eastham, Mass., 1763, and Hannah PARMENTER who m. at Holden, Mass., 1822 Dean BAKER.

    Linda R. Timpe, 2323 Broadway, Toledo, OH 43609                                                         (355)

    WHEELER/WARD/STONE/CUMMINGS:  Seek ancestry of Solomon WHEELER (b. ca. 1746) who m. at Newton, Mass. 1775 Eleanor WARD (b. 1748).  Eleanor dau. of Joseph and Experience (STONE) WARD of Newton.  Solomon possibly resided Plymouth, N.H. for a while.  Their dau. Peggy WHEELER (b. 1776) m. at Sutton, Mass.

    Joseph Ray, 2740 Vassar Place, Columbus, OH 43221                                                         (356)

    WHIPPE/WHIPPIE/WHIPPEY/PITTS/ALLEN:  Seek ancestry Allen WHIPPE/WHIPPIE/ WHIPPEY and Agnes PITTS of Boston, marriage recorded at Newbury, 18 April 1735.  Was Allen son of James WHIPPE and Mary ALLEN, married at Boston 11 June 1701, whose two known children are Jane, b. at Roxbury, 7 Sept. 1701, m. at Boston, 1726 Thomas4 ALDEN (John3-2-1) and James Jr., b. at Roxbury, 16 Feb. 1703, m. at Nantucket, 1727 Patience LONG?  James Sr. d. at Boston 1711; widow Mary m. at Roxbury, 1718 Titus JONES.  Allen and Agnes (PITTS) WHIPPE had sons Stephen, William Pitt, Samuel, David, John, all b. at Boston 1736-51.  WHIPPE frequently mistaken WHIPPLE.

    Linda Garrison, 8151 West Murray, Mountain Ranch, CA 95246                                          (357)

    WILLEY/DANIELS: Need info on Isaiah WILLEY and wife Sarah DANIELS; resided in Northfield, N.H.. Children: John, b. 1790; Many, b. 1792; Sally, b. 1794; David, b. 1796; Olive, b. 1798; Ruth, b. 1800; Mark, b. 1802; Jeremiah, b. 1804; and Eunice, O. 1806.

    Tricia Hazelton, Box 3175, Las Cruces, NM 88003                                                             (358)

    WILSON/MUNSON:  Seek birthplace & ancestry of Levi O. WILSON, b. 20 June 1789, m. 26 June 1821 Minerva MUNSON (she b. at Manchester, Vt.).  Levi a tailor in Middlebury, Vt., where four children were born.  All moved to Mentor/Painesville, Lake, Ohio, where Levi d. 4 Nov. 1852.

    Paul Wilson, 2047 Bemryman, Berkeley, CA 94709                                                             (359)

    WOOLEY/RUGGLES:  Seeking info of Olive WOOLEY who m. William Levi RUGGLES in 180_?.  She may have been the dau. of Thomas & Lucy WOOLEY of Grafton, Vt.  Can anyone confirm? RUGGLES family info conflicts with dates from other sources.

    Eleanor Williams Bradley, 34 Dogwood Dr., Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3R-1R4            (360)

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