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  • Queries Vol. 1 No. 1

    Published Date : February 1984
    BATCHELDER/JAMES/MERRYFIELD/NICHOLS/BEACH/BERRY: Seeking information on Priscilla BATCHELDER, second wife of Edmund JAMES (1704-1735/6) of Hampton, N.H.; Kerdah MERRYFIELD, b. ca. 17(X), m. Ebenezer BERRY, Rye, N.H.; Patience NICHOLS, m. 1721/2 Lt. Josiah BEACH, Stratford, Ct.; Wife of Josiah BEACH (Hannah ____) m. Stratford, Ct. 7, ca. 1758.

    William H. WILCOXSON, 83 Thornton Rd. Needham, MA 02192.                                      (49)

    The BATER family is planning to publish a BATER genealogy.  Anyone with infonmtion on any BATERs and their descendants, please contact.

    Ann BOWERMAN, 25 Vogt St., Coldwater, MI 49036.                                                     (50)

    BENNETT/HILL/NOBLE/WALLACE:  Need ancestry and place of birth of Capt. Charles BENNETT (War of 1812) of Cambridge Vt. who d. there 4 Nov. 1823.  Wife, Susannah of Pownal, Vt., dau of Capt. Eli NOBLE.  Also, ancestry and place of birth of Nathan HILL and wife, Lucinda WALLACE of Cambridge, Vt.  Both d.                                               Harlington, Vt. Nathan d. Oct. 1831 and Lucinda d. Feb. 1855.  Would welcome all correspondence on these families.

    Mrs. Jean C. DEZUR, 53401 Suzanne, Utica, MI 48087.                                                       (51)

    BROWN/GRAY/STAFFORD/PHILLIPS/TOWNE:  Seek anc. and birthplace of Asa BROWN m. 16 Feb. 1800, Betsey GRAY, Keene, N.H., moved to Glover, Vt.  Children; Joesph, Aaron, Huldah, Sabrina, and Moses.  There might have been two more ch.  The ch. m. into STAFFORD, PHILLIPS and TOWNE families.  Asa d. ca 1855 aged 80, Glover, Vt.

    E. Luysterborghs, 458 Welch’s Pt. Rd. Milford, CF 06108.                                              (52)

    CLIFTON/TEMPLIN/CRANDELL/ZANE/WARDEN/STRINGER/ROOT/COLEMAN/THOMAS/WINKLER/ZOMBRO/WHITE:  Need parents of Samuel CLIFTON, b. 1790, Ky. who m. Mrs. Mary TEMPLIN 1789 in Ky., she wid. of Moses TEMPLIN.  Geerge J. CRANDELL parents, he b. 4 July 1784 "New England." He m. Hannah ZANE 1810 Muskingum Co., Oh.  She b. Oct. 1791; Parents of Mary E. WARDEN, b. 1793, in Penn. or Va., m. Moses H. STRINGER, where?  Parents of Jeremiah ROOT b. 31 Dec. 1790 m. Sarah COLEMAN 1801 Coventry, Ct.  Parents Milly THOMAS b. 1792 Va., m. 1809 Samuel CLIFTON, Champaigne Co., Oh. (If Rev. John THOMAS' father, who were his parents?)  Parents of George Adam WINKLER, b. 16 Dec. 1792 in Germany.  Parents of both John ZOMBRO and Eldora WHITE, his wife, m. ca 1880, where?  He b. Aug. 1842 in Ohio.  She b. Sept. 1850 in Ohio.  Parents of Mrs. Mary TEMPLIN.

    Janet WINKLER, R. R. 1, Washington, IL 61571.                                                                (53)


    CORNISH/LONDON:  Seek anc. of John CORNISH and of his Quaker son-in-law, Ambrose LONDON. Ambrose and Mary (CORNISH) LONDON residing in Gravesend, Kings County, L.I., N.Y., in 1641.  Will of John CORNISH of Flatlands dtd. 1651 and filed in Kings County, N.Y.

    Willis Clayton TULL, Jr., 10605 Lakespring Way, Hunt Valley, MD 21030.                             (54)

    DANE/BLUNT/SAVAGE/BROWN:  Seek b., place, parents and anc. of Elizabeth DANE, m. Samuel BLUNT 10 Apr. 1712 in Andover, Mass. Also, seek b., place, parents arid anc of Samuel SAVAGE who m. Amy BROWN, 11 Nov. 1752 in Bellingham, Mass.

    Barbara J. NICHOLS, 8502 Tuckaway, SW, Tacoma, WA 98198.                                        (55)

    DRURY/BROWNSON/VALLANCE/VALENS:  Samuel DRURY, b. 1765-1774, prob. Vt., lived in Manchester, Bennington Co. Vt., a hatter, 1791-1798 (deed witness John DRURY).  Samuel m. ca 1792 Hannah BROWNSON of Sunderland, Vt., dau. of Timothy BROWNSON, Jr., and Hannah VALLANCE/VALENS from Litchfield Co., Ct., to Sunderland.  Samuel and Hannah to Geneva, Ontario Co., N.Y. 1798 and to Honeoye, Ontario Co., before 1810.  Believed bro. Isaac DRURY lived Geneva 18(A). Lewis DRURY lived Ontario Co. ca 1811.  Where are these men from before 1791? Parents?  Parents possibly a James and Catherine DRURY?

    Linda KMIECIK, 9208 Susy lane, Schiller Park (Cook), IL 60176.                                         (56)

    DURFEE/DURFEY:  Writing DURFEE/DURFEY genealogy (1643-1983).  Welcome exchange of data with all interested parties. Especially need data on Family in England 1580-1680; on Francis and Severinus DURFEY of Virginia; on John DURFEY of Lisbon, Ct., and John DURFEY of Scituate, RI.

    Charles DURFEE, 307 Strong Rd., South Windsor, CT 00874                                             (57)

    DUSTIN/WATSON:  Seek parents of Betsey DUSTIN, b. ca 1785, m. Nathan WATSON Corinth, Vt., 19 Nov. 1805.  Was she dau. of Paul4 DUSTIN of Weare, N.H., 1762, and Corinth, 1800 census?  Who was her mother?

    Jack PALMER, 620 N.E. Walker Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370.                                               (58)

    DYER/BARRETT:  Mary (BARRETT) DYER. Seeking information on Mary and William DYER of England, Boston and R. I., ca. 1610-1608, for scholarly biography.  Have seen popular sources. Particularly need obscure citations and unpublished sources.  Desire to correspond with descendants.

    Johan WINSSER, R. R. Box 12, West Cornwall, CT 06796.                                                 (59)

    ELLIS/GILMORE:  Seeking info re: children of Seth ELLIS, b. 1 Mar. 1754, d. 1 Nov. 1842, Hardwick, Mass., m. 25 Feb. 1787, Elizabeth GILMORE, b. 10 Feb. 1766, d. 7 May 1858, Hardwick, Mass. Children all b. Ware or Hardwick, Mass.: John, b. 11 July 1789, d. 9 Apr. 1864; Seth, b. ca 1790; Elizabeth, b. ca 1791, d. 18 Nov. 1879; Thomas, b. 5 Apr. 1794; David, b. ca 1795, d. 28 Mar. 1882; Ira, b. ca 1799; A child b. ca 1802; Emory B., b. 5 May 1805, d. 13 June 1882; Mary G., b. 5 May 1805; Betsy, b. k/n.

    Edward D. ELLIS, 2016 N. Vermont, Royal Oak, MI 48073.                                             (60)

    FERRIS/FORD/PARKER/GRIFFIN/CUDBETH/MEAD/OLIVER:  Seek parentage and information on the following: Abel FERRIS 1798-1879 Greenwich, m. Sarah FORD; John FERRIS 1753-1837 Bedford, m. 1784 Susan PARKER; John FERRIS 1723-1789 m. Elizabeth GRIFFIN; Henry FERRIS 1750- 1807 m. Elizabeth MEAD; Franklin FERRIS 1824-1861 m. Elizabeth Ann OLIVER.

    James S. FERRIS, 1527 First St. W-l07, Coronado, CA 92118.                                             (61)

    FULFORD(PULFORD)/CLARK:  Abraham FULFORD (PULFORD) b. 1670/1675?? res. Stratford, Conn. before 1700, in Woodbury, Conn., 1700 m. Phoebe, dau. of James CLARK, Sr. Son Gershom b. 1701. Ibcebe 4. 1717 in Woodbury.  Need proof of Abraham’s parentage and links to documented FULFORD families in England.

    Lois E. RICHARDS, 10 Nanaimo Dr., Ottawa (Nepean), Ont., Canada K2H 6X7                (62)

    GAMWELL/MONTGOMERY/HAMBLETON: Compiling GAMWELL Genealogy.  Wanted, anc. and birthplace of Samuel GAMWELL, b. ca 1710, m. 1735 at Hopkinton, Mass., Ann MONTGOMERY, wid. of Patrick HAMBLETON. Res. Northboro. Scotch-Irish. Would like to corres. with anyone of the GAMWELL name.

    Doris (GAMWELL) WENDELL, 377 Queen St., Bridgeport, CT 06606.                           (63)

    GARDNER/WILKINSON: - Who has Gardiner papers of Caroline Robinson, author of Gardiners of Narragansett and Dr. Ellsworth Gardiner who was working on a revision of Robinson’ s book in Mt. Pleasant, MicE.? Dr. GARDINER said to have concluded that Elizabeth, widow of William2, George1, was a WILKINSON. Hope to confirm.

    R. L. SMITH, 137 S. Pershing Ave., Akron, Ohio 44313.                                                     (64)

    GILMORE/LOTHROP/HOWARD: -- Seek par. and anc. of Joshua GILMORE, b. Raynham, Mass. 9 Jan. 1766, d. Easton, Mass., 1 July 1836, m. Hannah LOTHROP 8 Aug. 1789/90, dau. of Daniel and Hannah (HOWARD) LOTHHOP, b. Bridgewater, Mass. 1771.

    Mrs. Ritz. NOWELL, 24346 West Currant Dr., Golden, CO 80401.                                    (65)

    GRANT/JACKSON/FAIRBANKS/WHITING/WILMARTH:  Seek anc/info. on Caleb GRANT, birth, death and marriage dates.  He m. Elizabeth JACKSON, b. 2 Mar. 1683, Concord, Mass. Anc. of Dorcas FAIRBANKS, b. 5 Dec. 1768, Douglas, Mass., d. 1 Jan. 1828, m. 12 Dec. 1784, Timothy WHITING, b. 23 Aug. 1794, Douglas, Mass. d. 1847.  Anc. of Rebecca WILMARTH, b. 23 Aug. 1794, Douglas, Mass., m. 8 Sept. 1821, Timothy Newell WHITING.

    Katherine WHITING, 2755 Ordway St., N.W., # 503, Washington, D.C. 2(11)8.                   (66)

    GRIMES/WOODBERRY (WOODBURY):  Seek par. of Robert GRIMES and Sally (Sarah) WOONBERRY (WOODBURY?), m. Beverly, Mass. 7 May 1794.  Son, Oliver, b. Beverly 23 July 1810.

    Charles F. GRIMES, 20 Odell Ave. Beverly, MA 01915.                                                      (67)

    Ed Note: Suggest you contact Robert I. TAYLOR, P.O. Pox 32, Salem, N.H. 03079. He has much WOODBURY Family information.

    GUILE (GILE or GILES):  What happened to Gurdon GUILE, twin of my g- g- grand-father Gilbert, b. 1799, Preston, Ct.?  Both migrated to N. Norwich 1828.  Both survived through 1832.  Gilbert d. 1808 in Homer, N.Y.:

    Write Richard GILES, 10464 LaSalle, Huntington Woods, MI 48070.                                    (68)

    HAMILTON/TUBBS:   John, Daniel, Jonathan, Sr., and Jr., HAMILTON migrated in 1760 from Lyme, Conn., to Grand Pre (Acadia) , Nova Scotia, now Horton, King’s Co., accompanied by Libbeus and Bathsheha (HAMILTON) TUBBS. Need HAMILTON Family anc. and relationships.

    Alice V. ROBINSON, 1908 Hillsdale Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49007.                                      (69)

    HAMLEN (HAMLIN-HAMBLIN-HAMBLEN-HAMBLYN etc.): - Seek info on Thornas HAMLEN and wife (?). Possible desc. of James HAMBLIN who settled in Barnstable, Mass., spring 1639.  Has sons John and Thomas possibly born in N. J. Thomas was b. N.J. 1728/9.

    R. N. HAMLIN, 8386 Lawndale St., Philadelphia, PA 19111.                                               (70)

    HILL/WELLS:  Seek info on George HILL m. Jeanne HILL, she b. 1716 (Tanguay cites b. 1747), Aberdeen, Scotland, d. 20 Sept. 1781, Quebec. Dau. of Francis and Georgine (____) WELLS, Louisbourg.  George HILL was a British soldier, 31st Regt. (which became 70th Regt. stationed in Halifax, N.S. 1778. Regt. returned to England in 1783.)

    Virginia MORRIS-BRUSH, 917 Charleston Ave., Modesto, CA 96350.                               (71)

    JAMES/TEBBITTS/PUGSLEY/COX/SMALL:  Seeking par. of Mercy TEBBITTS who m. Elisha JAMES, 12 Oct. 1774, Lebanon, Me. John PUGSLEY m. Elizabeth SMALL, 9 Mar. 1704. Their son, Abraham, m. Abigail COX, 1736 Kittery, Me. Seek her par.

    Mrs. Robert KOMAREK, 215 W. Park St., Arlington Heights, IL 60005.                               (72)

    KEAZER:  Seek soc. of John B. and Sarah (____) KEAZER res. Argyle, Me. on 4 Aug. 1834 when son George McKechnie KEAZER was born.

    Leon KEYSER, 1350 Forest Ave., Apt. 12, Portland, Me. 04103.                                          (73)

    LEONARD/NORTON/ROYALSTON:  Seeking any info on George LEONARD, engineer, b. Brewer, Me., d. 1873, s. of George and Margaret (ROYALSTON) LEONARD, Norton, Mass. Res. Shrewsbury, Mass., 1850.  Sister, Sarah and brother, Edwin res. Bangor, Me. 1873.

    Celine Davis RAFF, 5609 Fair Oak Tr., NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.                                  (74)


    MACHETTE/VALETTE/CRARY: - Seek par. of Susan MACHETTE, b. 1813, Trenton, N.J.  Was she a VALETTE desc.?  Susan m. ca 1839 Dr. Arasmus Darwin CRARY and she d. 1892, Weatherly, Pa. Children, surname CRARY: Mason Beach; Cornelia Matilda; Edwin Machette; Ellen; Erasnus Darwin, Jr.; Anna Mary; Bellville Machette.

    Janet Weir SCOTT, 117 S. Grand, Rt. 1, Maryville, MO 64468.                                            (75)

    MOFFETT (MOFFATT)/RIDGEWAY:  Seek clues to ancestry of Jacob MOFFETT (MOFFAT), b. in Ohio 1821; mother named RIDGEWAY.  He was "of the Newburgh, Maine line."  Relatives may have included an Aquillah MOFFETT (not proved).  Josaph MOFFETT lived in Newburgh about 1805. Who were his descendents?

    Nancy BUELL, 110 Evans Rd. Brookline, MA 02146.                                                         (76)

    (Ed. Note:) The above query is a corrected repeat from Number 31 in the Preliminary Issue.

    MORRISSEY: - For a biography of John MORRISSEY (1831-1878), U. S. Congressman and New York State Senator, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with letters, references and other information.

    Donna FREEMAN, 430 East 66th St. New York, NY 10021.                                             (77)

    RICHARDSON:  $50.00 reward for the wife (and her parents) of Chandler RICHARDSON 1811-1893. His wife, Sarah, 1811-1893, both buried Roxbury, Vt. Chandler’s father, Samuel, b. 1783 Royalston, Mass.

    Donald H. FORBES, 1404 Cormrrnwealth Ave., Brighton, MA 02135.                                (78)

    NELSON/IRISH:  Seeking par. of Martha. NELSON b. 1677 Little Compton, R.I., d. 1760 there.  She m. Daniel IRISH, 1699, in R.I.

    Mrs. Lloyd E. FITE, 11938 Longleaf, Houston, TX 77924.                                                  (79)

    SCRIBNER:  Seek par. and place of birth in England of emigrant John SCRIBNER arr. Dover, N.H. 1650. Need his wife’s maiden name, also.

    Eunice R. B. SCRIBNER, 1724 Maryland Ave., N. E., St. Petersburg, FL 33703.                   (80)

    SEVERANCE/WHITTIER/LONG: - Seek anc. of Sarah SEVERANCE, m. bef. 1775, (1) Josiah WHITTIER and (2), his bro. Daniel WHTTIER. (1753-1815).  Is Sarah the dau. of Benjamin and Ruth (LONG) SEVERANCE m. 1744/5, res. Kingston and Chester, N.H.  Is she the sister of Peter, Elizabeth, Joseph and others?

    Dana A. BATCHELDER, 258 South Sea Ave., West Yarmouth, MA 02673.                        (81)

    SMITH/NOYES/HAYFORD:  Seek par. and anc. of Samuel SMITH, b. ca Feb. 1816, m. 2 May 1844, Lois NOYES, nee HAYFORD, in Atkinson, N.H.  He. d. there 16 Jan. 1880.  Birthplace thought to be Candia or Auburn, N.H.

    Wm. B. TOWNE, Sr., 38 Sayles Rd., Asheville, NC 28803.                                                   (82)

    SPINK/NASON:  Seek anc. of Clark(e) and Mary (NASON) SPINK. He b. N. Kingstown, R. I. 4 Nov. 1811, m. (1) Mary MASON thought to be of Newport, R.I. He d. Warwick, R. I. 4 Dec. 1884. Mother was Hannah (perhaps CLARKE) SPINK.  Ch. Wm. Ray and Mary Eliza, by 1st marr.

    Wm. B. TOWNE, Sr., 38 Sayles. Rd., Asheville, NC 28803.                                                  (83)

    STEVENS/AYER:   Seek anc. of Benjamin STEVENS III, b. ca 13 Mar. 1784, Gilmanton, N. H., m. 1816 Betsy AYER, dau. of Winthrop and Ruth (AYER) AYER of Barnstead, N.H.  Res., Hill, N.H. Winthrop was Rev. soldier, b. Newington or Portsmouth, N.H. Seek his anc.

    Wm. B. TOWNE, Sr., 38 Sayles Rd., Asheville, NC 28803.                                                   (84)

    TOSH/TANNER: Seek par, of Mary TUSH of Newport, R.I., whom. Francis TANNER 26 Feb. 1728 and d. 10 Nov. 1745.  Francis d. 3 Jan. 1777 but cannot prove connection.

    H. L. SMITH, 137 South Pershing, Akron, OH 44313.                                                        (85)

    TOWN/LUCE/SABIN/MCMASTERS:  Seek anc. Lydia (Ann) (LUCE) TOWN(E), m. to Edmund6 TOWN, Jr., res. Fairfield and Georgia, Vt.  He was first town clerk of Fairfield.  She perhaps a sister of Isaac LUCE of Fairfield, early settler ment. in town records.  Also, she may be related to Oliver, Zimri, Moses and Ivory LUCE, brothers, b. Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., rem. with father, Adonijah LUCE to Hartland, Vt.. and were later the first settlers of Stowe, Vt.  Her. ch. were Edmund Brewer, John, Lydia and Dolly TOWN.  Lydia (Sr.) died and Edmund m. (2) wid. Dolly (Mary) SABIN, nee MCMASTERS, mother of U. S. Congressman, Rev. Alvah SABIN. Edmund was Rev. soldier, died 1800 at Georgia, Vt.

    Wm. B. TOWNE, Sr. 38 Sayles Road, Asheville, NC 28803.                                                 (86)

    UNDERWOOD/VAIL/RIKER:  Seek info on Mary, w. of Robinson Pitt UNDERWOOD who was b. 11 Oct. 1771, Jamestown, R.I., d. 15 Mar. 1837, Stanfordville, Dutchess Co., N.Y. Children, all b. Dutchess Co., N.Y.: Mary; Benjamin, m. Margaret (____); Elizabeth, Damaris, m. Aaron VAIL; Phoebe, Samuel, Sarah V., m. George RIKER.

    Annie Gardner CUNNINGHAM, 3504 Musil Drive, Manhattan, KS 66502.                        (87)

    WESCOTT/CHAMPLIN/PETERSON/TANNER:  Seek given name and info re father of Amy WESCOTT, b. Newport, R. I., 15 Aug. 1787, m. William Browning CHAMPLIN, S. Kingstown, R.I., 16 Feb. 1809.  Grandmother, Amy (TANNER) PETERSON named Amy CHAMPLIN and her father, Mossa WESCOTT, in will dtd. 7 July 1814.  Richmond Probate Rec., v. 3, p. 313.

    H. L. SMITH, 137 South Pershing, Akron, OH 44313.                                                        (88)

    WILCOX/GORHAM: - Mary WILCOX, dau. of Israel, m. ca 1830, prob. N.Y. (state), Aaron GORHAM, s. of Stephan. 1851 Census, Canada, shows them res. Catherine St, Ingersoll, Ont.  Six of fourteen ch. b. Canada. Children: Steven; Aram; Charles; Auretta; Christina; Harriet; Jasper; Emily; Nelson; John; James; Laurena. Information about any of this family welcome.

    Noel D. (Mrs. G. G.) ROSS, 367 High St., Closter, N. J. 07624.                                            (89)

    WILLIAMS/WOODBURY/MOORE/CORLISS/HILL:  Seeking par. of Elizabeth WILLIAMS, b. 1795, Orford, N.H., m. John WOODBURY, 28 Aug. 1816. Elizateth MOORE m. Jonathan CORLISS 3 Jan. 1716, Haverhill, Mass, and Rebecca HILL who m. Ebenezer WOODBURY ca 1750.  He was lost at sea.

    Helen LANGFORD, Route # 1, Massena, NY 13662.                                                        (90)

    WILTSEE(WILTSEA)/COY/MILLETT:  Seek anc. of Henry WILTSEE (WILTSEA) presumed from NYC area.  Kidnapped and left on a Boston, Mass. dock about aged nine or younger.  Found and raised by a Gloucester sea Captain and took name John COY, m. Molly MILLETT.  At age 25, served as Rev. soldier in 1775. Rear, to Minot, Me., d. 8 Ang. 1820.

    E. B. Staples, P. O. Box 81, Onset, MA 02558.                                                                     (91)

    WINSLOW/COLE:  Seek par. of Azariah WINSLOW and Zeruah COLE who m. 26 Jan. 1786, Voluntown, Conn.  Azariah served Rev. War in Massachusetts.  Prob. sib. was Eddy WINSLOW (1769-1925) Killingly, Conn.  Were the par. Rhoda WINSLOW (1744-1896) w. of Seth buried in Old South Killingly (Ct.) cemetery’?

    Jean H. BURR, 48 Hammond St. Rochester, NY 14615.                                                      (92)

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