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  • Notable Kin: Some Ancestors, Presidential Kinships, and Royal Descents of President George Herbert Walker Bush

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : February - March 1989

    George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st president of the United States and 40th individual holder of the office whose bicentennial is April 30, 1989, is a distant kinsman of at least 10 of his predecessors and the first president whose known immediate ancestry is almost evenly divided among New England Yankees, mid-Atlantic residents (including Quakers and Germans), and Southerners. Bush is also the first president, after the two Roosevelts, with near relatives in the Social Register the second president, after Taft, who graduated from Yale; and the first president whose father was a U.S. senator -- although J.Q. Adams was the son of a president, W.H. Harrison, Tyler and Pierce the sons of governors, Benjamin Harrison the son of a congressman, Taft the son of a secretary of war, and Kennedy the son of an ambassador to Great Britam.  Mr. Bush has, at least among forebears traced to date, no Mayflower descent but some Cape Cod forebears he shares with Vice President James Danforth Quayle; no Salem witch connection but some Essex County ancestry (notably Fellows and Cross of Ipswich, ancestors of Dr. Sanford Smith below); and no American forebears shared by The Princess of Wales but five New England immigrant ancestors of royal descent -- Rev. Peter Bulkeley of Concord, Mass., and Jane Allen, his first wife (who died in England but left children who immigrated with their father); the famed Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson of Rhode Island and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Catherine Hamby Hutchinson of Boston; and Dr. Richard Palgrave of Charlestown, Mass.  One of Bush’s great-great-great-great-grandmothers, moreover, was Mrs. Lucy Prescott Fay, sister of Dr. Samuel Prescott (1751-ca. 1777), who completed Paul Revere’s midnight ride of 19 April 1775.

    The 10 earlier presidents among Mr. Bush’s distant kinsmen, all descended from New England immigrant forebears (or their children or English parents) of Samuel Prescott Bush, the president’s grandfather, are Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant, R.B. Hayes, Grover Cleveland, W.H. Taft, Calvin Coolidge, F.D. Roosevelt, R.M. Nixon, and Gerald Ford.  Five of these 10 -- Hayes, Cleveland, Taft, Coolidge, and F.D. Roosevelt -- are distantly related to Bush through two or more pairs of such ancestors (Bush has two, probably three kinships to Hayes; two to Cleveland; three, possibly four, to Taft; three to Coolidge; and five to FDR).  Treated below, however, are only Mr. Bush’s descents from forebears that provide his nearest kinships to these 10 predecessors.  Via descent from Daniel Brewer (died 1646 in Roxbury, Massachusetts) and Joanna ____, Bush and Pierce are fifth cousins four times removed; via Edward Gilman (baptized 1557 in Caston, Norfolk, England) and an unknown wife, Bush and Lincoln ar seventh cousins four times removed, and Bush and Ford eleventh cousins; via Rev. John Lathrop (1584-1653), noted minister and founder of Barnstable, Massachusetts, and Hannah House, his wife, Bush and Grant are sixth cousins five times removed; via Samuel Smith (died 1680 in Hadley, Massachusetts) and Elizabeth Smith, his wife, Bush and Hayes are sixth cousins three times removed twice over, and Bush and Cleveland seventh cousins twice removed, also twice over; via Thomas Davenport (died 1685 in Dorchester, Massachusetts) and Mary ____, Bush and Taft are sixth cousins three times removed; via Andrew Phillips, Jr. (died 1717 in Charlestown, Massachusetts) and Sarah Smith, Bush and Coolidge are sixth cousins twice removed; via Elisha Hutchinson (1641-1717) of Boston, Bush and F.D. Roosevelt are half sixth cousins three times removed; and via Robert Foote (died 1608/9 in Shalford, Essex, England) and Joan Brooke, Bush and Nixon are tenth cousins once removed.

    Of the above-listed immigrant ancestors of President Bush who were of royal descent, the two Mrs. Hutchinsons and Palgrave were also ancestors of F.D. Roosevelt, and Mrs. Elizabeth St. John Whiting of Lynn, Massachusetts, a niece of Rev. Bulkeley, was an ancestor of Coolidge.  Mrs. Anne Marbury Hutchinson, descended three times over from Edward I, King of England, died 1307, was also 8th in descent from Sancha de Ayala, died 1418, Spanish wife of Sir Walter Blount and ancestress of eight American presidents -- Washington (via the immigrant John Washington of Westmoreland County, Virginia), the two Harrisons (via Mrs. Sarah Ludlow Carter of Virginia), Cleveland (via Robert Abell of Rehoboth Massachusetts), probably Hoover (via Governor Thomas Dudley of Massachusetts), F.D. Roosevelt and Bush (via Mrs. Hutchinson) and Ford (via Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall Lewis of Saco, Maine).  Sancha de Ayala is thought by some scholars to have Muslim and other surprising ancient ancestry.  Her brother was certainly, moreover, a great-great-grandfather of Ferdinand II, King of Aragon (and V, King of Castile), husband of the celebrated Queen Isabella of Castile and patron of Columbus.  Thus George Herbert Walker Bush, who will be the 41st U.S. president during the 1992 500th anniversary of the discovery of America. is a fourth cousin fifteen times removed of the king who sponsored Columbus’s voyages.

    [24]  In addition to his New England ancestry, through which the just-discussed presidential kinships and royal descents derive, Bush also descends from, among his 32 great-great-grandparents, Walker, Shriner, and Stackhouse families of Pennsylvania; Shellman, Mercer, Davis, and Beaky families of Maryland; Weir, Gault, Yancey, Field, Holliday, McCune, Force, and Dawson families of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, or Missouri; and a Montfort family probably of Georgia.  The first president with a sizable amount of readily traceable New England, mid-Atlantic, and Southern ancestry, Bush can probably add several million distant mid-Atlantic or Southern-derived relatives to a kindred whose major component is a very large section of the “New England family” that may now include as many as 100 million Americans, often eighth to twelfth cousins.  Thus the first president in whose ancestry one may quip that the American Civil War finally ended -- earlier presidents, post 1865, had either much New England or much Southern ancestry, but not both -- is also very likely the first president who may be related to as many as half of the citizens whose government he heads.

    The ancestor table below (#s 1-63), plus its extensions, excerpts in effect from my forthcoming Ancestors of American Presidents, is only an initial effort that requires much expansion and input by other genealogists and kinsmen.  The ancestry of Bush’s paternal grandmother, Flora Sheldon, is mostly unexplored, and the origins of Clarissa Montfort, Catharine Shriner, Elizabeth Gault, Nancy R. McCune, and Peter and Eliza (Dawson) Force merit monographic study by area specialists.  Even in the form below, however, this ancestor table is a cooperative effort.  William Addams Reitwiesner of Washington, D.C., a long-time colleague on many genealogical matters, compiled an early and expanded version of this list, one which we sent to then Vice President Bush and he warmly acknowledged.  Mrs. Elaine Bush Prince of Framingham published her fine study of “The Patrilineal Descent of Vice President Bush” in the NEXUS 3(1986): 124-25, and allowed me to photocopy many of her notes.  Christopher T. Walker, who has undertaken considerable research on the patrilineal descent of the president’s mother, kindly shared much data also.  Richard Andrew Pierce combed printed and microform sources at NEHGS on Yanceys, Fields, and other Southern families in the ancestry of Bush’s maternal grandmother, and found useful Uncles data as well.  Julie Helen Otto of NEHGS likewise explored the Shellmans, undertook extensive local research in primary sources on the Child, Phillips, and Howard families, and drew and lettered charts showing the new president’s royal descents, presidential kinships, and connections to Vice President Quayle.  I urge all NEXUS readers with additions or corrections to join this collaboration.  Also welcome is information on the ancestry of Vice President James Danforth Quayle, which I have begun to explore as well, and which might be incorporated into a future column.  Outlined below are only Bush’s descents from his and Quayle’s mutual ancestor, Rev. John Mayo (died 1676) of Eastham, Boston, and Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and a second likely mutual ancestor, James Hamlin (died 1690) of Barnstable.

    Below, then, is an ancestor table for President Bush for six generations.  It varies slightly from the usual NEXUS format, by including full dates and places for all vital events whenever known.  For the father of any person listed, double the number; for the mother, double it and add one; for a child, divide the number by two and drop halves.  Places precede dates, and b., d., m., and ca. are abbreviations for born, married, died, and circa (about).  Following the ancestor table are single or multi-line extensions of the ancestry of five of Bush’s New-England derived great-great-great grandparents, arranged in the standard format for this column, showing the president’s descent from each of the individuals or couples named above.  The figure’s name, in this case the sixth generation Bush ancestor, is followed by a colon, then parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. backwards to the italicized, already mentioned ancestors, with semi-colons separating generations, commas separating couples in the same generation, and (RD) denoting an immigrant ancestor of royal descent. For excursions into Bush’s myriad kinships to non-presidential notables, I refer readers and NEHGS library users to my life’s work, “The Mowbray Connection” (23 vols., manuscript at the Society, the New York Public Library, and the Society of Genealogists in London), especially the charts covering notable Bulkeley, Marbury, and Palgrave descendants; to pamphlets I compiled on the notable progeny of Rev. John Lathrop of Barnstable and the Stanleys of Hartford (ancestors of Bush via St. Johns and Keelers), and to the addenda to these pamphlets, all also at NEHGS; to various earlier “Notable Kin” columns; and for a single chart showing several connections of interest, to R.W. Price, John Lothropp (7584-1653): A Puritan Biography and Genealogy (1984).

    1.    George Herbert Walker Bush, b. Milton, Mass. 12 June 1924, m. Rye, N.Y. 6 Jan. 1945 Barbara Pierce, b. Rye 8 June 1925
    2.    Prescott Sheldon Bush, U.S. Senator from Conn., b. Columbus, Ohio 15 May 1895, d. New York City 8 Oct. 1972, m. Kennebunkport, Me. 6 Aug. 1921
    3.    Dorothy Walker, b. near Walker’s Point, York Co., Me. 1 July 1901
    4.    Samuel Prescott Bush, b. Brick Church, N.J. 4 Oct. 1863, d. Columbus, Ohio 8 Feb. 1948, m. (1) Columbus 20 June 1894
    5.    Flora Sheldon, b. Mar. 1872, d. 1920
    6.    George Herbert Walker, b. St. Louis, Mo. 11 June 1875, d. New York City 24 June 1953, m. 17 Jan. 1899
    7.    Lucretia "Loulie" Wear, b. St. Louis 17 Sept. 1874, d. Biddeford, Me. 28 Aug. 1961
    8.    Rev. James Smith Bush, b. Rochester, N.Y. 15 June 1825, d. Ithaca. N.Y. 11 Nov. 1889, m. (2) New York City 24 Feb. 1859


    9.    Harriet Eleanor Fay, b. Savannah, Ga., 29 Oct. 1829, d. Boston, Mass. 27 Feb. 1924
    10.  Robert Emmet Sheldon, b. Tiffin, Ohio, 1 June 1845, m. (1) 24 Feb. 1869
    11. Mary E. Butler, b. Ohio ca. 1850
    12.  David Davis Walker, b. near Bloomington, Ill., 19 Jan. 1840, d. Kennebunkport, Me., 4 Oct. 1918, m. St. Louis, Mo. 25 Dec. 1862
    13. Martha Adela Beaky, b. Emmitsburg, Md., 1 June 1841
    14.  James Hutchenson Wear (II), b. Otterville, Mo., 30 Sept. 1838, d. St. Louis 14 June 1893, m. St. Louis 4 Dec. 1866
    15.  Nannie E. Holliday, b. ca. 1848, d. 25 Feb. 1942.
    16.  Obadiah Newcomb Bush, b. 28 Jan. 1797, d. en route from Calif. ca. 1851, m. Rochester 8 Nov. 1821
    17.  Harriet Smith, b. Cambridge, N.Y., 12 May 1800; d. Cincinnati, Ohio, 21 June 1867
    18.  Samuel Howard Fay, b. Cambridge, Mass., 21 July 1804, d. Brooklyn, N.Y. 16 Aug. 1847, m. Savannah, Ga.,5 July 1825
    19.  Susan Shellman, b. Savannah 20 Feb. 1808, d. 12 Jan. 1887
    20.  Thomas H. Sheldon, b. R.I., d. ca. 1852, m. Franklin Co., Ohio, 21 Jan. 1844
    21. Martha Uncles, m. (2) William Merion
    22-23. (unknown)
    24.  George E. Walker, b. prob. Burlington, N.J. ca. 1797, d. near Bloomington, Ill. 28 Oct. 1864, m. Baltimore, Md., 22 May 1821
    25.  Harriet Mercer, b. Md. ca. 1802, d. near Bloomington 24 Oct. 1869
    26.  Joseph Ambrose Beaky, b. Emmitsburg, Md., 14 June 1818, d. on the Mississippi River (on the steamship “Minnehaha”) 27 Jan. 1858, m. Philadelphia 1 June 1840
    27.  Mary Ann Bangs, b. Philadelphia 15 June 1817, m. (2) Joachim Elder
    28.  William Gault Wear, b. Blount Co., Tenn., 11 Dec. 1817, m. Cooper Co.,Mo., 2 Nov. 1837
    29.  Sarah Amanda Yancey, b. Glasgow, Ky., ca. 1819
    30. John James Holliday, b. Pike Co., Mo. 23 July 1819, d. St. Louis 18 Sept. 1881, m. Monroe or Randolph Co., Mo., 9 May 1843
    31. Lucretia Green Force
    32.  Timothy Bush, Jr., b. prob. Lebanon, Conn., 1 Apr. 1766, d. Rochester 4 May 1850, m. Penfield, N.Y., 26 July 1791
    33.  Lydia Newcomb, b. 28 Apr. 1763, d. Penfield 14 Sept. 1835
    34.  Dr. Sanford Smith, b. Stonington, Conn., 27 Feb. 1760, d. Scipio, N.Y. 15 June 1815
    35.  Priscilla Whipple, b. Cambridge, N.Y., ca. 1763, d. Pottstown, Pa. 26 Aug. 1838
    36.  Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay, b. Concord, Mass., 10 Jan. 1778, d. Concord 18 May 1856, m. Cambridge, Mass. (intention), 31 July 1803
    37.  Harriet Howard, b. Boston 27 Mar. 1782, d. Cambridge 27 July 1847
    38.  John Shellman Jr., b. Frederickstown, Md., 5 May 1756, d. Savannah 17 April 1838, m. Savannah 19 June 1794
    39. Clarissa Montfort, d. 1845
    40-41.      (unknown)
    42.      (possibly) James Uncles, m. Franklin Co., Ohio, 26 Sept. 1816 or 27 Mar. 1817
    43.      (possibly) Betsey Kiswell
    44-47.      (unknown)
    48.  Thomas Walker of Philadelphia and Burlington, N.J., d. ca. 1798-1800, m. St. Andrew’s Church, Clifton, Bristol, England, 22 Feb. 1785
    49.      Catharine McLelland, m. (2) Robert Hodgson
    50.  John Mercer, m. Cecil Co., Md. (license), 11 Oct. 1793
    51.  Rebecca Davis
    52.  Joseph Beaky of Emmitsburg, Md.
    53. Catharine Shriner, b. Pa.
    54.  Elijah Keeler Bangs, b. Stratford, Conn., 4 June 1780, d. Philadelphia 13 Sept. 1856, m. Philadelphia 29 Oct. 1807
    55.  Esther Stackhouse, b. Philadelphia 17 Oct. 1787, d. Philadelphia 27 Sept. 1819
    56.  James Hutchenson Weir, b. 30 Sept. 1789, d. Mo., Apr. 1832, m. Knoxville, Tenn. 27 Oct. 1812
    57.  Elizabeth Gault
    58.  David Yancey of Barren Co., Ky., m. Albemarle Co., Va. 27 March 1815
    59.  Mildred Field
    60.  Joseph Holliday, b. Ky. ca. 1789-92, d. Monroe Co., Mo., 1870, m. Bourbon Co., Ky. 18 March 1816
    61.  Nancy R. McCune, b. Ky., d. Mo., 1834
    62.  Peter Force, m. Henry Co., Ky., 18 May 1816
    63.  Eliza Dawson

    Ancestor Extensions

    32.  Timothy Bush, Jr.: Timothy Bush & Deborah House John House & Deborah Guild; Nathaniel House & Hannah Davenport; Jonathan Davenport & Hannah Maynard; Thomas Davenport & Mary
    33.  Lydia Newcomb: Daniel Newcomb & Elizabeth May; Hezekiah May & Anna Stillman; John May III & Prudence Bridge, George Stillman & Rebecca Smith; John May, Jr., & Sarah Brewer, Philip Smith & Rebecca Foote; Daniel Brewer & Joanna _____, Samuel Smith & Elizabeth Smith, Nathaniel Foote & Elizabeth Robert Foote & Joan Brooks.
    36.  Samuel Prescott Phillips Fay: Jonathan Fay, Jr. & Lucy Prescott; Jonathan Fay & Joanna Phillips, Abel Prescott & Abigail Brigham; John Fay III & Hannah Child, Ebenezer Philips & Mary Smith, Jonathan Prescott, Jr., & Rebecca Bulkeley; John Fay, Jr. & Elizabeth Wellington, John Child, Jr., & Hannah French, Andrew Phillips, Jr., & Sarah Smith, Peter Bulkeley & Rebecca Wheeler; Benjamin Wellington & Elizabeth Sweetman, William French & Mary Lathrop, Edward [26] Bulkeley & Lucian Roger Wellington & Mary Palgrave, Thomas Lathrop & Sarah Learned, Rev. Peter Bulkeley (RD) & Jane Allen (RD); Dr. Richard Palgrave (RD) & Anna ____ Rev John Lathrop & Hannah House.
    37.  Harriet Howard: Samuel Howard & Anna Lillie; John Lillie & Abigail Breck; Theophilus Lillie & Hannah Ruck, John Breck III & Margaret Thomas; John Ruck & Hannah Hutchinson, William Thomas & Abigail Ruck; Elisha Hutchinson & Hannah Hawkins, Nathaniel Thomas, Jr., & Deborah Jacob; Edward Hutchinson & Catherine Hamby (RD), Nicholas Jacob & Mary Gilman; William Hutchinson & Anne Marbury (RD), Edward Gilman & ____.
    54.  Elijah Keeler Bangs. Lemuel Bangs & Rebecca Keeler; Joseph Bangs & Thankful Hamlin; Samuel Bangs & Mary Hinckley, Ebenezer Hamlin &Thankful Hamlin; Jonathan Bangs & Mary Mayo, John Hamlin & Sarah Bearse (parents of Ebenezer), Israel Hamlin & Abigail (parents of Thankful); Samuel Mayo & Tamsin Lumpkin, James Hamlin & Ann _____ (parents of John & Israel); Rev. John Mayo & Tamsin ____


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    According to Christopher T. Walker, several cousins of the new president have traced additional ancestry of Mrs. Flora Sheldon Bush, including various New York Dutch lines derived through the Butlers.  This new material will be incorporated into Ancestors of American Presidents, a forthcoming book by Mr. Roberts.

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