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  • Planned Giving

    “The NEHGS Charitable Gift Annuity Program was the perfect means for me to save income taxes, rely on a fixed and increased annual income for life, and, what’s most important, to be able to support NEHGS in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.” — Judith Halseth, NEHGS Council member

    Needed to achieve: $2.4 million

    Since its founding in 1845, NEHGS has been the beneficiary of charitable support from thousands of members and friends who have included the Society in their financial planning. Planned gifts are directed to the Society through financial instruments such as a will, contract or trust. The simplest planned gift is a bequest through a will. In estate planning there are a variety of giving programs that provide donors and benefactors with long and short term income streams and protect estates from complex tax and legal regulations. Donors who have invested in the future of NEHGS through their estate plans are recognized as members of the Dr. Henry Bond Heritage Society. Dr. Henry Bond left the Society its first bequest in 1859.

    Many planned gifts can provide income and tax savings while ensuring that your eventual estate will provide support for NEHGS. These selected examples and their descriptions provide general guidelines and in each case, we recommend that you work with an attorney or planned giving professional to achieve your estate planning objectives.

    • Bequests: one of the simplest ways to support NEHGS is through a bequest in your will. The simplest form is an outright bequest in which you designate a specific asset or sum of money you intend to bequeath.
    • Charitable Gift Annuities: a simple, irrevocable contract between you and NEHGS in which you, or whomever you designate, receives a fixed sum each year for life in return for a tax deductible contribution to the Society.
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust: a charitable remainder unitrust provides a variable income (5% minimum) from the value trust for you or others while making a generous gift to NEHGS.
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