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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: William White

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  William White was most likely born by about 1590.

    Death:  He died in Plymouth Colony on February 21, 1620/1.

    Ship:  Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England:  Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in Holland:  There was one man named William White in Leiden, and possibly two.William White, woolcomber, is mentioned in the Leiden records from 1612 to 1621.William White, tobacco merchant, is mentioned from 1623 to 1631.The records may refer to one man who changed professions or to two separate men.There is no evidence to connect the William White of Plymouth Colony with Leiden.

    Life in New England:  William White; his wife Susanna; their two sons and two servants, William Holbeck and Edward Thompson, arrived in Plymouth Colony in 1620. William White and the two servants died that winter. Susanna married Edward Winslow shortly thereafter.

    Family:  William White married Susanna _____ by about 1615 and had two sons. He died in 1620/1 and she married (2) Edward Winslow on May 12, 1621, in Plymouth Colony and had five children. Susanna died between 1654 and 1675.

    Children of William and Susanna White:

    • Resolved was born about 1615. He married (1) Judith Vassall on April 4, 1640, in Scituate and had eight children. He married (2) Abigail (_____) Lord on October 5, 1674, in Salem. She died in June 1682 in Salem. He died after September 19, 1687.
    • Peregrine was born aboard the Mayflower at the end of November 1620. He married Sarah Bassett by March 6, 1648/9, and had seven children. He died on July 20, 1704, in Marshfield. She died on January 22, 1711, in Marshfield.
    Children of Edward and Susanna Winslow:
    • A child was born and died in 1622 or 1623.
    • Edward was born about 1624. He was alive on May 22, 1627, but there is no further record.
    • John was born about 1626. He was alive on May 22, 1627, but there is no further record.
    • Josiah was born after May 22, 1627. He married Penelope Pelham by 1658 and had four children. He died in Marshfield on December 18, 1680. She died in Marshfield on December 7, 1703.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1631. She married (1) Robert Brooks by about 1656 and had one son. She married (2) George Curwin on September 22, 1669 in Salem and had two daughters. He died in Salem on January 3, 1684/5. She died before April 23, 1698.
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