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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: William Phips

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: William Phips was probably born by 1610, if he was an adult in 1631.

    Death: Nothing is known of his time or place of death.

    Ship: [possibly] Lyon, 1630

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England: William Phips was a servant working at Penobscot, Maine, at the trading post run by Edward Ashley. For his service he was to receive fifty acres of land. On August 31, 1636, having finished his term of service, he sold the land he was to receive to Plymouth colonist Josias Winslow. On February 4, 1638/9, the Plymouth court granted Josias Winslow twenty-five acres “to be set forth for him in some convenient place” in satisfaction of the fifty acres.There are no further references to William Phips and he probably had left New England after his sale of land.

    Family:  There is no evidence that William Phips married or had children.

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