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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: William Mendlove

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: William Mendlove was born by 1612, if he was an adult in 1633.

    Death: Nothing is known of his place or date of death.

    Ship: Unknown

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England: All Plymouth court records regarding William Mendlove are dated July 23, 1633. At that time, Mendlove, servant of William Palmer, was whipped for “attempting uncleanliness with the maid servant of the said Palmer,& for running away from his master,…”William Palmer sold Mendlove’s service to carpenter Richard Church for seven years. During this period Mendlove was to learn the trade of carpentry and would receive two suits of apparel. There is no further record of this individual, but George Russell has argued that the Mark Manlove who appeared in Plymouth in 1637 is the same person, with his name either misrecorded or mistranscribed. This hypothesis remains unproven.

    Family: There is no evidence that William Mendlove married or had children.

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