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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: William Baker

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Nothing is known of William Baker’s place or date of birth.

    Death:  Nothing is known of his place or date of death.

    Ship:  Unknown

    Life in England:  Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England:  William Baker first appeared in the Plymouth records on February 16, 1632/3. At that time he was hired by Richard Church from the first of March to the end of September. At least part of his work involved squaring and sawing timber. He was one of the Plymouth men sent to Connecticut to live at their trading house, built in 1633. By October 1637, he was living with Natives in the Connecticut area where he had gotten one Native woman pregnant and was living with another. By January, Roger Williams wrote that he “is turned Indian in nakednes and cutting of haire, and after many whoredomes, is there maried.”The authorities believed he was likely to incite the Natives, and in May 1638, Baker was brought to Hartford and whipped twice.This punishment is the last mention of him.

    Family:  Baker married a Native woman, probably a Pequot or Mohegan, but nothing further is known.

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