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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Thomas Weston

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Thomas Weston was baptized on December 21, 1584, at Rugeley, Staffordshire.

    Death: He died in Bristol of plague between May 1, 1646, and November 23, 1647.

    Ship: Unknown, 1623

    Life in England: Thomas Weston was born in Staffordshire,son of Ralph and Anne (Smith) Weston. He was admitted to the Ironmongers’ Company of London in 1609 after serving an apprenticeship with Rowland Heylyn. His brothers Andrew and Richard were also involved in his business affairs.

    Life in New England:  Thomas Weston was the London merchant who first became involved with the Leiden Separatists who ultimately settled Plymouth Colony. The colony was financed and begun under his direction, but he quit the enterprise in 1622. Shortly thereafter, he began the colony at Wessagussett [Weymouth] which failed. He left New England for Virginia and, by 1640,Maryland.Weston’s activities in regards to Plymouth Colony are detailed in William Bradford’s history.

    Family:  Thomas Weston married Elizabeth Weaver by October 17, 1623, daughter of Christopher and Anne (Green) Weaver.

    Child of Thomas and Elizabeth Weston:

    • Elizabeth was born about 1630. She married Roger Conant before January 22, 166/2, and had two children. He died on June 1672.
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