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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Thomas Boreman

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Nothing is known of Thomas Boreman’s date or place of birth.

    Death:  Uncertain — see below.

    Ship:  Unknown

    Life in England:  If he is identical with the Thomas Boardman of Sandwich, then he had been living with a woman named Luce not then his wife, by whom he had a son left in England. If not, then he came from England most likely as a single man. He may have trained as a carpenter.

    Life in New England:  A Thomas Boreman appeared in the March 25, 1633, tax list for Plymouth.A Thomas Boreman, perhaps the same man, was hired during the March 13, 1634/5, court to construct the fort, indicating that he was a carpenter. Some of the subsequent records of the 1630s are inconclusive, but by 1643 it is clear that there are two men of virtually the same name in the colony, one in Barnstable and the other in Sandwich, and later Yarmouth. The “Thomas Boardman” of Sandwich in 1638 was a carpenter.The trade (if any) of Thomas Boreman/Burman of Barnstable is unknown. There is not enough evidence to determine which Thomas Boreman was in Plymouth in March 1633.

    Family:  Thomas Boreman of Barnstable married Hannah Annable about 1645 and had seven children. He died in 1663. Thomas Boreman of Sandwich and Yarmouth married (1) Lucy ____ who died in 1676, and (2) Elizabeth (Rider) Cole. He had three children and died in 1689.

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