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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Samuel Fuller

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Samuel was baptized at Redenhall, Norfolk on January 20, 1580.

    Death:  He died in Plymouth between August 9 and September 26, 1633.

    Ship:  Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England:  Samuel’s father, Robert, was a butcher in Redenhall, Norfolk. Robert’s 1614 will listed his wife Frances, sons, Thomas, Edward, Samuel and John and daughters, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary. Samuel must have spent part of his life in London as he described himself as “of London” in his 1613 betrothal in Leiden to Agnes Carpenter.

    Life in Holland:  Samuel was in Leiden by October 7, 1611. He worked as a say-weaver. He married twice while living there. In June 1620, he was one of several men who wrote a letter to their agents in England about the agreement with their financial backers.

    Life in New England:  Samuel Fuller came to Plymouth aboard the Mayflower with a servant,William Button, who died during the voyage. His wife, Bridget, joined him in the summer  of 1623. He was a deacon of the Plymouth church, and was also Plymouth’s surgeon, although there is no evidence that he was formally trained. In 1629, Samuel went to Salem, apparently in both capacities. He went to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 to help during an epidemic there, and again advised on religious matters as well as tended the sick. Family:  Samuel Fuller married (1) Alice Glasscock, possibly in England, who died by 1613. He married (2) Agnes Carpenter in Leiden on April 23, 1613. She was buried at St. Pieterskerk on July 3, 1615. He married (3) Bridget Lee in Leiden on May 27, 1617. It is unclear how many children they had.

    Child of Samuel and Agnes Fuller:

    • A child was buried on June 29, 1615 in Leiden.

    Children of Samuel and Bridget Fuller:

    • A child born in Leiden, who came to Plymouth after May 1627. Bradford’s list of passengers stated “His wife was behind, and a child which came afterwards.” If so, this child was not mentioned in Samuel’s will. Some have speculated that the Bridget Fuller who married Henry Sirkman in Plymouth on September 30, 1641 might be this child.
    • Mercy was born after May 22, 1627. She was still living as of Bradford’s list of passengers made in 1651, but there is no further record.
    • Samuel was born about 1629. He married (1) a woman whose name is unknown and had one son. He married (2) Elizabeth (Nichols) Bowen between April 11, 1663, and May 2, 1667, and had six children. He died in Middleboro on August 17, 1695.
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