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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Robert Gorges

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Robert Gorges was baptized on November 15, 1595, at St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex.

    Death: Nothing is known of his place or date of death.

    Ship:  Unknown, 1623

    Life in England:  Robert was the second son of Sir Ferdinando Gorges by his first wife,Anne Bell. He had been involved in the Venetian wars before he returned to England to assume the position of Governor of New England for his father.

    Life in New England:  Robert Gorges’ time in New England was brief. He first arrived about the middle of September 1623. His council consisted of the Admiral of New England, Francis West; Captain Christopher Levitt; and the Governor of New Plymouth,William Bradford. As Governor of New England, Gorges was to prevent “interloping and disorderly trading” in New England. He and his company of men and families settled in the deserted houses of Wessagusset [Weymouth]. Robert Gorges and most of his company returned to England the next year, “not finding the state of things here to answer his quality and condition.” Some men remained in Wessagusset, making it the second permanent English settlement in New England.

    Family:  There is no evidence that Robert Gorges married or had children.

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