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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Robert Bartlett

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Robert Bartlett was born in England probably around 1604.

    Death:  He died in Plymouth between September 19, 1676, the date of his will, and October 29, 1676, when the will was probated.

    Ship:  Anne or Little James, 1623

    Life in England:  Robert Bartlett’s place of origin is unknown, although it has been proposed that he was the Robert, son of Robert and Alice (Barker) Bartlett, baptized in Puddletown, Dorset on May 27, 1603. He was described as a cooper (barrelmaker) in many colonial documents, and therefore may have trained as a cooper in England.

    Life in New England: Robert Bartlett arrived in Plymouth as a single man in the summer of 1623. He was a freeman of Plymouth in 1633. He served on a number of juries, and on committees to lay out highways and land. Although he owned land elsewhere in Plymouth Colony, including Dartmouth and Punckateesett on the Rhode Island border, he lived on a farm near Eel River, which now runs next to Plimoth Plantation.

    Family: Robert Bartlett married Mary Warren, daughter of Mayflower  passengers Richard Elizabeth (Walker) Warren, about1629. They had eight children, although the birth order and birth dates are unclear. Mary Bartlett died in Plymouth March 27, 1683 in her 73rd year.

    Children of Robert and Mary Bartlett:

    • Benjamin was born about 1629. He married (1) Susannah Jenney before April 4, 1654; (2) Sarah Brewster after April 4, 1654, and (3) Sissilla _____ before January 21, 1678. He had six children and died in Duxbury in August 1691.
    • Rebecca was born about 1631. She married William Harlow on December 20, 1649, and had four children. She died in Plymouth between June 2, 1657, and July 16, 1658.
    • Mary was born about 1633. She married (1) Richard Foster on September 10, 1651, and had two children. She married (2) Jonathan Morey, on July 8, 1659, and had three children. She died in Plymouth on September 26, 1692.
    • Sarah was born about 1636. She married Samuel Rider on December 23, 1656, and had three children. She died before June 14, 1680.
    • Joseph was born about 1639. He married Hannah Pope about 1662 and had eight children. He died in Plymouth February 18, 1711/2, in his 73rd year.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1641. She married Anthony Sprague on December 26, 1661, and had eleven children. She died in Hingham on February 17, 1712/3.
    • Lydia was born on June 8, 1648. She married (1) James Barnaby before June 14, 1670, and had two children. She married (2) John Nelson, after October 30, 1677, and had three children. She died on September 11, 1691.
    • Mercy was born on March 10, 1650/1. She married John Joy on December 25, 1668, and had one son.
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