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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Richard Warren

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Richard Warren was born about 1578 (based on his date of marriage).

    Death: He died in Plymouth in 1628.

    Ship: Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England: Richard Warren was described as “of London” in Mourt’s Relation, but nothing more of his background is known at this time.

    Life in New England: Richard Warren came over by himself in 1620. His wife and five daughters joined him in 1623. His widow, Elizabeth, became a purchaser (shareholder) in the colony in his stead on March 7, 1636/7, by agreement of the entire Court. The Warren family owned extensive land in Plymouth, from Hob’s Hole to Eel River.

    Family:  Richard Warren and Elizabeth Walker married in Great Bramwell, Hertfordshire on April 14, 1610. She died on October 2, 1673, in Plymouth.

    Children of Richard and Elizabeth Warren:

    • Mary was born about 1610. She married Robert Bartlett about 1629 and had eight children. He died between September 19 and October 29, 1676, in Plymouth. She died on March 27, 1683, in Plymouth.
    • Ann was born about 1611/2. She married Thomas Little on April 28, 1633, in Plymouth and had nine children. He died shortly before March 12, 1671/2, in Marshfield. She died after February 19, 1675/6.
    • Sarah was born about 1613. She married John Cooke on March 28, 1634, and had five children. He died on November 23, 1695, in Dartmouth. She died after July 15, 1696.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1615. She married Richard Church by 1635/6 and had eleven children. He died on December 27, 1668, in Dedham. She died on March 9, 1669/70, in Hingham.
    • Abigail was born about 1619. She married Anthony Snow on November 8, 1639, in Plymouth and had six children. He died in August 1692 in Marshfield. She died after January 3, 1692/3, in Marshfield.
    • Nathaniel was born about 1624 in Plymouth. He married Sarah Walker on November 19, 1645, in Plymouth and had twelve children. He died between July 16 and October 21, 1667, in Plymouth. She died on November 24, 1700, in Plymouth.
    • Joseph was born by 1627 in Plymouth. He married Priscilla Faunce about 1653 and had six children. He died on May 4, 1689, in Plymouth. She died on May 15, 1707, in Plymouth.
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