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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Richard Greene

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Richard Greene was born by 1600, assuming he came to New England as an adult.

    Death:  He died in Plymouth about October, 1622.

    Ship:  Charity or Swan, 1622

    Life in England:  He was the brother-in-law of Thomas Weston, who established the English colony at Wessagusset [Weymouth].

    Life in New England:  Richard Greene came to New England in the summer of 1622. He was in the company of his brotherin- law,Thomas Weston, and a number of colonists. Shortly after their arrival in New England, Thomas Weston left for Virginia aboard the Charity on a trading voyage. Richard Greene was left in charge of the new colony at Wessagusset.The colonists were soon running short of food, and getting into trouble for stealing corn from the Natives. After the corn harvest, Greene proposed a joint venture with the Plymouth colonists to trade for corn. While preparations were underway, Greene died suddenly in Plymouth, “to whom we gave burial befitting his place, in the best manner we could.”

    Family:  There is no evidence that Richard Greene married or had children.

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