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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Richard Church

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Richard Church was born in England about 1608.

    Death: He died on December 26, 1668 in Dedham.

    Ship: Unknown, 1630

    Life in England: There are no details of his life in England, but he most likely trained as a carpenter.

    Life in New England: Richard Church, a carpenter, originally came to Wessagusset [Weymouth] in Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was in Plymouth in February 1631/2 as a “sojourner,” or temporary resident, but remained in Plymouth. In 1649, he removed to Eastham, was in Charlestown by 1652 and moved to Hingham in 1654. He served on a number of juries while in Plymouth Colony. His estate included half of a tide mill and a share of the iron works at Taunton.

    Family: Richard Church married Elizabeth Warren by March 7, 1636/7, and had ten children. She died in Hingham on March 9, 1669/70.

    Children of Richard and Elizabeth Church:

    • Elizabeth was born about 1636. She married Caleb Hobart in Hingham on January 8, 1657/8, and had one son. She died in Hingham on February 3, 1658/9. He married (2) Mary Eliot in Braintree on April 13, 1662, and had five children. He married (3) Elizabeth (_____) Faxon and had one son. He died in Braintree on September 4, 1711.
    • Joseph was born about 1638. He married Mary Tucker in Hingham on December 13, 1660, and had ten children. She died in Little Compton, Rhode Island, on March 21, 1710. He died in Little Compton on March 5, 1710/1.
    • Benjamin was born about 1640. He married Alice Southworth in Hingham on December 26, 1667, and had six children. He died in Little Compton on January 17, 1717/8. She died in Little Compton on March 5, 1718/9.
    • Nathaniel was born about 1642. He married Sarah Barstow in 1666 and had seven children. He died in Scituate between March 11, 1688/9, and October 29, 1689. Sarah was still living in November 4, 1717.
    • Charles was born about 1644. He died in Hingham on October 30, 1659,“by the overturning of his cart.”
    • Caleb was born about 1646. He married (1) Joanna Sprague in Hingham on December 16, 1667, and had eight children. He married (2) Deborah _____ by June 8, 1680. He married (3) Rebecca Scottoo [Scottow] on November 6, 1691, at Watertown. He died in Watertown before June 26, 1722.
    • Abigail was born on June 22, 1648. She married Samuel Thaxter in Hingham on December 19, 1666, and had seven children. She died in Hingham on December 25, 1677. He married (2) Deborah Lincoln on June 13, 1678, in Hingham and had three children. He died in Hingham on May 27, 1725.
    • Sarah was born about 1652. She married James Burroughs in Hingham on December 8, 1674, and had four children. She died in Bristol between September 29, 1688, and 1693. He married (2) Anne/Ame _____ about 1693 and had one son. He died after October 10, 1699.
    • Mary died in Duxbury on April 30, 1662.
    • Deborah was baptized in Hingham on March 22, 1656/7. There is no further record.
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