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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Ralph Fogg

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Ralph Fogg was born about 1600.

    Death: He died in Plymouth, England about March 15, 1673/4.

    Ship: Unknown, 1633

    Life in England: Ralph Fogg was a skinner, and had been made free of the Skinners Company of London on October 16, 1623. He returned to England from late 1647 to early 1649, came back to Salem, and returned to England permanently after 1652. At the time of his death he was living in Plymouth, Devonshire, England.

    Life in New England: Ralph Fogg became a freeman of Plymouth in 1633. He removed to Salem and was made a freeman there on September 3, 1634. He was the Town Clerk for Salem from 1636 to 1647, a position of great responsibility and, unfortunately, one which he apparently abused. Numerous townspeople complained in the spring of 1647 that he had took payment of various fees and then demanded the same a second or even a third time. They also charged that he claimed debts which the individuals involved denied to be due or claimed to be a lesser amount. In 1649, the Court ordered Fogg to pay the costs for 23 people who appeared in court to deny the supposed debts. He never held another official position. In 1645 he was involved in the trade for beaver furs. Eugene Stratton pointed out the business partnership of John Stratton and Ralph Fogg, and speculated that they were the “Straton and Fogge” who invested in the voyages of the shipsFriendship and White Angel to Plymouth.

    Family: Ralph Fogg married Susanna Draper about 1628. She was living in Plymouth, Devonshire on March 21, 1673/4.

    Children of Ralph and Susanna Fogg:

    • John was born about 1628. He married Grace ____ by August 1, 1665, and lived in Barnstaple, England. He was still living there on January 2, 1674/5.
    • Ezekiel was baptized in Salem on April 1, 1638. He married Ann _____ by May 25, 1676. He was living in New England on May 25, 1676.
    • David was baptized in Salem on March 15, 1639/40. He was living on January 2, 1674/5, possibly in Plymouth, Devon.
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