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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Peter Brown

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Peter Brown was baptized in Dorking, Surry on January 26, 1594/5.

    Death: He died in Plymouth between March 25 and October 10, 1633.

    Ship:  Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England:  Peter Brown has been tentatively identified as the Peter Brown, son of William Brown of Dorking, Surrey, who was baptized there in 1594/5.

    Life in New England: Peter Brown came over as a single man in 1620. His first wife, Martha Ford, came over with her first husband and two children aboard the Fortune in 1621. She gave birth to a son shortly after they landed. Her husband died soon after, as did the baby. Peter Brown was listed in the 1633 list of freemen. He died in Plymouth before October 11, 1633.

    Family:  Peter Brown married widow Martha (____) Ford by 1626. They had two daughters before her death around 1630. He married (2) Mary _____ about 1631 and had two children.

    Children of Martha and ____ Ford:

    • John was born about 1617. His name last appeared in a January 5, 1640/1, record and there is no further reference.
    • Martha was born about 1619. She married William Nelson in Plymouth on October 29, 1640, and had four children. She died in Plymouth on December 20, 1683.
    • A son was born on November 9, 1621, and died soon.

    Children of Peter and Martha Brown:

    • Mary was born about 1626. She married Ephraim Tinkham in Plymouth by October 27, 1647, and had nine children. She died after November 1689.
    • Priscilla was born about 1628. She married William Allen in Sandwich on March 21, 1649, and had eight children. She died after February 17, 1697/8.

    Children of Peter and Mary Brown:

    • Rebecca was born about 1631. She married William Snow by about 1654. She died after March 9, 1698/9.
    • A child was born by 1633, who died by 1647.
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