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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: John Washburn

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  John Washburn was baptized on July 2, 1597, at Bengeworth,Worcestershire.

    Death:  He died early in 1671.

    Ship:  Unknown, 1632; Elizabeth & Ann, 1635

    Life in England:  John Washburn was the son of John and Martha (Timbrell) (Stephens) Washburn. He lived in Bengeworth, where he was born, married and his first two children were baptized. He was a tailor in New England and probably learned his trade in England.

    Life in New England:  John Washburn first appeared in Plymouth records on January 2, 1632/3, when he sued Edward Doty over a hog Doty had taken. He was included in the Plymouth tax list of 1633, but not that of 1634, leading to speculation that he had returned to England to make emigration arrangements for his family. His wife and two sons sailed to New England aboard the Elizabeth & Ann in 1635. Her name does not appear in colonial records, and she may have died soon thereafter. He moved to Duxbury by 1639 and became a freeman on June 2, 1646. He served on various juries and committees and was twice a surveyor of highways.

    Family:  John Washburn married Margery Moore on November 23, 1618, and had three children. She was the daughter of Robert and Ellen (Taylor) Moore, baptized on November 3, 1588, at Bengeworth. Her date of death is unknown.

    Children of John and Margery Washburn:

    • John was baptized on November 26, 1620, at Bengeworth, Worcestershire. He married (1) Elizabeth Mitchell on December 6, 1645, in Plymouth and had eleven children. She died between 1681 and 1684. He married (2) Elizabeth (_____) Packard between 1684 and 1686 but had no children by her. He died between October 30, 1686, the date of his will, and September 14, 1687, when the will was probated.
    • Philip was baptized at Bengeworth on June 2, 1622, and buried there on June 7, 1622.
    • Philip was born about 1624. He married Elizabeth Irish about 1664 and had four children. He died after August 19, 1700.
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