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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: John Dunham

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: John Dunham was born about 1587.

    Death: He died in Plymouth on March 2, 1668/9.

    Ship: Unknown, 1632

    Life in England: John Dunham has been tentatively identified as the son of Richard Dunham of Langford, Bedfordshire.

    Life in Holland: John Dunham and three children were listed as inhabitants of Zevenhuysen in Leiden in the October 15, 1622, census.

    Life in New England: John Dunham first appeared in the Plymouth records in 1633, being listed in both the 1633 list of freemen and in the March 25, 1633, tax list for Plymouth. During his life, he served on many juries and committees. He was a deputy to the Plymouth court for many years, beginning in 1639, and a selectman from 1644. He was also chosen as a deacon of the Plymouth church. By occupation, he was a weaver, a craft he may have learned in England. He was described at his death as a deacon in the Plymouth church, but it is not known when he was chosen.

    Family: John Dunham married (1) Susan Kaino in Clophill, Bedfordshire on August 17, 1612, and had three children. He married (2) Abigail Balliou in Leiden on October 22, 1622, and had eight children. She was still living in 1669.

    Children of John and Susan Dunham:

    • John was baptized on February 19, 1614/5, at Henlow, Bedfordshire. He married Mary _____ about 1642 and had seven children.
    • Humilty was born about 1617. She was living in 1622 but there is no further record.Thomas was born about 1619. He died by 1677, apparently unmarried.
    Children of John and Abigail Dunham:
    • Samuel was born about 1623. He married Martha (Beals) Falloway oin Plymouth on June 29, 1649, as her second husband and had four children. He died in Plymouth on January 20, 1711/2.
    • Jonathan was born about 1625. He married (1) Mary Delano in Plymouth on November 29, 1655, but had no children. She died before October 15, 1657. He married (2) Mary Cobb and had six children. He died in Edgartown on December 18, 1717.
    • Abigail was born about 1627. She married Stephen Wood/Atwood in Plymouth on November 6, 1644, and had two children.
    • Joseph was born about 1631. He married (1) Mercy Morton in Plymouth on November 18, 1657. She died in Plymouth on February 19, 1666. He married (2) Esther Wormall in Plymouth on August 20, 1669. He had seven children by these two wives.
    • Hannah was born about 1634. She married Giles Rickard in Plymouth on October 31, 1651, and had ten children. She died on April 1, 1708.
    • Persis was born about 1635. She married (1) Benajah Pratt in Plymouth on November 29, 1655, and had eleven children. He died in Plymouth on March 17, 1682/3. She married (2) Jonathan Shaw in Plymouth in August 1683. He died before July 30, 1701.
    • Benajah was born about 1637. He married Elizabeth Tilson in Plymouth on October 25, 1660, and had seven children. He died in Piscataway, New Jersey, before August 12, 1680. She married (2) Jonas Wood before January 14, 1684/5. Daniel was born about 1639. He married Hannah ____ by 1670.
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