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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: John Doane

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: John Doane was born in England about 1590.

    Death: He died in Eastham on February 21, 1685/6.

    Ship: Unknown, 1630

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England: John Doane came to Plymouth in 1630. He moved to Eastham in 1645. He was a deacon of the Plymouth church in the early 1630s. On January 2, 1633/4, he requested permission to step down from the office of Governor’s assistant “being formerly chosen to the office of deacon in the church.”However, he did continue to be very active in the colonial government, serving on numerous committees and as deputy to the Court for Eastham. John Doane commonly identified himself as “husbandman” or “yeoman,” in the records, but in a 1681 deed of land to his daughter, Abigail, he called himself a tailor.

    Family: John Doane married (1) Ann _____ by 1625 and had five children. He married (2) Lydia _____ by April 1, 1659. She died between May 18, 1678, and December 23, 1681.

    Children of John and (probably) Ann Doane:

    • Lydia was born about 1625. She married Samuel Hicks in Plymouth on September 11, 1645, and had two children. He died by June 1677.
    • Abigail was born about 1631. She married Samuel Lothrop in the early 1690s but had no children. He died about 1700. She died in Norwich, Connecticut on January 23, 1734/5.
    • John was born about 1635. He married (1) Hannah Bangs in Eastham on April 30 and had six children. He married (2) Rebecca Pette on January 14, 1684/5. He died on March 15, 1707/8.
    • Daniel was born about 1637. He married (1) _____ _____ by 1669 and had nine children. He married (2) Hepsibah (Cole) Crispe after July 28, 1682, and had one daughter. He died in Eastham on December 20, 1712.
    • Ephraim was born about 1642. He married (1) Mercy Knowles at Eastham on February 5, 1667/8, and had eight children. He married (2) Mary (Smalley) Snow as her second husband after April 1692 but had no children. He died in Eastham in 1700.
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