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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: John Deacon

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: John Deacon was probably born by 1610, if he was an adult at the time of his 1631 deposition concerning Edward Ashley.

    Death: He died about February 1635/6.

    Ship: Possibly Lyon, 1630 [see below]

    Life in England: John Deacon’s brother, Richard,was living in Barlston, Leicestershire when he gave Daniel Salmon a letter of attorney to collect his inheritance from his brother’s will. Richard referred to them both as Francis alias Deacon, indicating that one of these surnames was most likely a stepfather’s.

    Life in New England: John Deacon was the servant of Edward Ashley, and may have accompanied him when he came to New England aboard the Lyon in the spring of 1630. Ashley was involved in the fur trade in Maine and John Deacon was in service to him at Penobscot. A Coroner’s court found that Deacon died of “bodily weakness, caused by long fasting and weariness, by going to and fro, with the extreme of the season.”

    Family: There is no evidence that John Deacon married and had children.

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