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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Isaac Robinson

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Isaac Robinson was born about 1610 in Leiden.

    Death: He died in Barnstable in 1704.

    Ship: Unknown, 1631

    Life in Holland: Isaac Robinson, one of nine children, was born in Leiden to Reverend John and Bridget (White) Robinson. His father was the pastor of the English reformed church there. The family lived in Groenepoort near the St. Peter’s Church. Rev. Robinson died in 1625, but his widow and children remained in Leiden. Isaac was the only one to emigrate to New England.

    Life in New England: Isaac Robinson came to Plymouth in 1631. He removed to Scituate in 1636, and moved with other members of Rev. Lothrop’s congregation to Barnstable in 1639. He was in Saconeesett [Falmouth] by 1664. There he kept an ordinary [tavern] for travelers to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.He was in Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard by 1671.He sold his property there to his son, Isaac, and left to live with a daughter in Barnstable in 1701. Isaac Robinson was a Quaker sympathizer and wrote a letter of support to the colonial government 1659/60. He was finally disenfranchised on June 6, 1660. He was re-established as a freeman on July 4, 1673.

    Family: Isaac Robinson married (1) Margaret Hanford on September 26, 1636, and had six children. She died on June 13, 1649, after giving birth to a premature child. He married (2) Mary _____ by 1651 and had three children. She died after November 8, 1669.

    Children of Isaac and Margaret Robinson:

    • Susanna was baptized on January 21, 1637/8, in Scituate. There is no further record.
    • John was baptized on April 5, 1640, in Barnstable. He married Elizabeth Weeks in May 1667 and had seven children. He died in Connecticut after 1714.
    • Isaac as baptized on August 7, 1642. He drowned before October 22, 1668, when he “tried to fetch two geese from a pond full of weedy grass and was entangled.”
    • Fear was baptized on January 26, 1644/5. She married Samuel Baker by 1664 and had five children. She died after 1710 in Connecticut. He married (2) Abigail (Lothrop) Huntington. He died about 1714, probably in Windsor, Connecticut.
    • Mercy was baptized on July 4, 1647, in Barnstable. She married William Weekes on March 16, 1669, in Falmouth and had eight children. She died after 1687.
    Children of Isaac and Mary Robinson:
    • Israel was baptized on October 5, 1651. He took the named “Isaac” after his brother’s death. He married Anne Cottle but had no children. He died on June 1, 1728.
    • Jacob was baptized on May 15, 1653. He married (1) Mary _____ He married (2) Experience Rogers by 1714. He had three children and died on May 13, 1728. Note: Jacob’s marriages are given in several secondary sources, with no documentation.
    • Peter was born about 1655. He married (1) Mary Manter by about 1688 and had eight children. He married (2) Experience _____ and had six children. She died on April 30, 1727. He died in 1740 in Connecticut.
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