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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Isaac Allerton

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Isaac Allerton was born in England around 1586 (based on a deposition given in 1639).

    Death:  He died in New Haven, Connecticutt in February 1659.

    Ship:  Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England:  Isaac Allerton described himself as “of London” in Leiden in 1611, but may not have been born there. His son, Bartholomew, was involved in a suit concerning property in Bramfield, Suffolk which might have been family property.

    Life in Holland:  Isaac was in Leiden by October 7, 1611, when he was betrothed to Mary Norris. He lived in the Pieterskerkhof, near St. Peter’s Church. In 1614, he became a citizen of Leiden.While there, he worked as a tailor, even taking on an apprentice, John Hooke, in 1619.

    Life in New England:  Isaac Allerton came to Plymouth on the Mayflower, along with his wife, three children and apprentice John Hooke, who died that winter. Isaac Allerton was very active in Plymouth Colony from the beginning.When William Bradford became the second governor of Plymouth Colony in 1621, Allerton was chosen as his assistant, a position he kept for many years. Beginning in 1626, he made a number of trips back to England as the colony’s agent. His role as agent was not without controversy, and Allerton eventually left Plymouth. For a time he lived in Marblehead; by 1646 he was “of New Haven.” He also had property in New Amsterdam (New York), including a house and warehouse.

    Family:  Isaac married (1) Mary Norris in Leiden on November 4, 1611. They had five children. She died on February 25, 1620/1.He married (2) Fear Brewster about 1625 and had two children. She died in 1634. He married (3) Joanna Swinnerton by 1644. She was still living in New Haven as of May 19, 1684.

    Children of Isaac and Mary Allerton:

    • Bartholomew was born about 1613. He moved back to England, marrying (1) Margaret _____ and (2) Sarah Fairfax. He had at least four children and died in Bramfield, Suffolk in 1658.
    • Remember was born in Leiden about 1615. She married Moses Maverick before May 6, 1635, and had seven children. She died in Marblehead between September 12, 1652, and October 22, 1656.
    • Mary was born about 1617 in Leiden. She married Thomas Cushman in Plymouth about 1636 and had eight children. She died, the last of the Mayflower passengers, on November 28, 1699.
    • A child was buried in St.Pancras, Leiden on February 5, 1620.
    • A son was stillborn aboard the Mayflower on December 22, 1620.

    Children of Isaac and Fear Allerton:

    • Sarah was born about 1626 and most probably died young.
    • Isaac was born about 1630. He graduated from Harvard in 1650. He married (1) Elizabeth _____ about 1652 and had two children. She died after June 11, 1655. He married (2) Elizabeth (Willoughby) (Oversee) Colclough about 1663 and had three children. He died in Westmoreland County,Virginia in 1702.
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