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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Godbert Godbertson (also written as Cutbert Cutbertson)

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth:  Godbert Godbertson was born by 1592 based on his date of marriage.

    Death:  He died in Plymouth between July 1 and October 24, 1633.

    Ship:  Anne or Little James, 1623

    Life in Holland:  Godbert Godbertson was originally from “Oostland,” the area around Danzig, Poland. He was living in Leiden by April 1615, where he was a hatter.While in Leiden, he attended the English Separatist church.

    Life in New England: Godbert Godbertson came to Plymouth with his family, including two stepdaughters, in 1623. He was a freeman of the colony. He and his wife both died in 1633 during an outbreak of smallpox.The inventory taken after their deaths was the earliest in Plymouth to include both the wife’s and husband’s possessions. The estate at their deaths was heavily indebted, including one entry to Sarah’s brother, Isaac Allerton, of over £75.

    Family:  Godbert Godbertson married (1) Elizabeth Kendall on May 27, 1617, in Leiden. He married (2) Sarah (Allerton) (Vincent) Priest on November 13, 1621, or shortly after in Leiden. She was the sister of Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton and the widow of fellow passenger Degory Priest, who died in Plymouth in the winter of 1620/1, and had two daughters by him.

    Children of Degory and Sarah Priest:

    • Marah was born about 1612. She married Phineas Pratt by about 1633 and had eight children. She died in Charleston in 1689. Her name is often given as “Mary,” but Marah, meaning “bitterness” in Hebrew, taken from Ruth 1:20,was her name.
    • Sarah was born about 1614. She married John Coombs about 1632 and had two sons. By October 1646, she had gone to England, and presumably died there.

    Child of Gobert and Sarah Godbertson:

    • Samuel Godbertson was born in Leiden about 1622. He eventually settled in Dartmouth. He married a woman whose name is unknown, and had one son.
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