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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: George Soule

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: George Soule was born by 1602 based on his probable date of marriage.

    Death: He died between September 20, 1677, and January 20, 1679/80, in Duxbury.

    Ship: Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England:  George Soule came over as the servant of Edward Winslow. He was a freeman of Plymouth in 1633 and later moved to Duxbury. He served on a number of juries and committees, and was deputy for Duxbury for several years. He had land holdings in a number of towns, including Namaskett, Middleboro and Dartmouth, which he gave to his children before his death.

    Family: He married Mary Buckett about 1626 and had nine children. She died about December 1676.

    Children of George and Mary Soule:

    • Zachariah was born by May 1627. He married Margaret - _____ by 1663, but had no recorded children. He died before December 11, 1663, in Duxbury.
    • John was born about 1632. He married (1) Rebecca Simmons about 1656 and had nine children. She died between 1675 and 1678. He married (2) Esther (Delano) Samson about 1678 and had three children. He died before November 14, 1707, in Duxbury. She died on September 12, 1735, in Duxbury.
    • Nathaniel was born between 1634 and 1646. He married Rose Thorn by 1680 and had five children. He died before October 12, 1699, in Dartmouth. She died about 1764 in Dartmouth.
    • George was born about 1639. He married Deborah ______ by 1671 and had eight children. He died before June 22, 1704, in Dartmouth. She died about February 1709 in Dartmouth.
    • Susanna was born about 1640. She married Francis West by 1660 and had nine children. She died after 1684 in Kingstowne, Rhode Island.
    • Mary was born about 1642. She married John Peterson by 1665 and had nine children. He died between April 29, 1718, and March 26, 1720, probably in Plymouth. She died after 1720 in Plymouth.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1644. She married Francis Walker by July 23, 1668, and had one child. She died after 1667. He died, probably in Middleboro, around 1701.
    • Patience was born about 1646. She married John Haskell in January 1666/7 in Middleboro and had eight children. She died on March 11, 1705/6, in Middleboro. He died on May 15, 1706, in Middleboro. Benjamin was born by about 1652. He died unmarried on March 26, 1676, during King Philip’s War.
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