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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Edward Doty/Dotey/Doten

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Edward Doty was born about 1599 in England.

    Death: He died on August 23, 1655, in Plymouth.

    Ship: Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England: He was described in Mourt’s Relation as “of London,” but he may not have been born there.

    Life in New England:  Edward Doty came as a servant to Stephen Hopkins and his family. There was also another Hopkins’ servant, Edward Lester, with whom he fought a duel. He was a freeman of Plymouth in 1633. Edward Doty appeared in the Plymouth courts on numerous occasions, both as plaintiff and defendant, for fighting, slandering, trespass and debt. His estate totalled £137 19s 6d., of which £60 was in land.

    Family:  In his list of Mayflower passengers, Governor Bradford reported that Edward Dotey “by a second wife hath seven children,” although no evidence of a first marriage has been found. He married Faith Clarke on January 6, 1634/5, and had nine children.After his death she married John Phillips and moved to Marshfield. She died there and was buried December 21, 1675.

    Children of Edward and Faith Doty:

    • Edward was born about 1636. He married Sarah Faunce on February 26, 1662/3, and had eleven children. He drowned in Plymouth Harbor on February 8, 1689/90.
    • John was born about 1638. He married (1) Elizabeth Cooke by 1668 and had nine children. He married (2) Sarah Jones on November 22, 1694, in Plymouth and had three children. He died on May 8, 1701 in Plymouth.
    • Thomas was born about 1640. He married (1) Mary Churchill by 1675 and had three children. He died in December 1678 in Plymouth.
    • Samuel was born about 1642. He married Jeane Harman on November 13, 1678, in Piscataway,New Jersey and had twelve children. He died between September 18 and November 9, 1715.
    • Desire was born about 1645 She married (1) William Sherman on December 25, 1667, in Marshfield and had six children. She married (2) Israel Holmes on November 24, 1681, in Marshfield and had two children. She married (3) Alexander Standish by 1689 and had three children. She died on January 22, 1731, in Marshfield.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1646. She married John Rowse on January 13, 1674/5, in Marshfield and had three children. She married (2) William Carver on January 28, 1718/9 in Marshfield but had no children. She died on April 7, 1742 in Marshfield.
    • Isaac was born on February 8, 1647/8, in Plymouth. He married Elizabeth England by 1673 and had five children. He died after January 7, 1728, in Oyster Bay, New York.
    • Joseph was born on April 30, 1651, in Plymouth. He married (1) Deborah Ellis in 1674 and had ten children. He married (2) Sarah (Woodin) Edwards on March 5, 1711/2, in Rochester. He died in Rochester about 1732.
    • Mary was born about 1653. She married Samuel Hatch after July 10, 1677, and had nine children. She died before June 13, 1728.
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