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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Edward Bumpas

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Edward Bumpas was born about 1605 based on the estimated date of marriage.

    Death: He died in Marshfield between July 4, 1679, and March 5, 1683/4.

    Ship: Fortune, 1621

    Life in England: Nothing is known about his life in England.

    Life in New England: Edward Bumpas arrived in Plymouth as a single man. He lived in Duxbury by 1639 and Marshfield by 1643. The bounds between Duxbury and Marshfield were redrawn in 1643, so it might have been the town line, rather than the Bumpass family, which moved. Edward Bumpass might have run into financial difficulties later in life.He was the recipient of a cow from Marshfield's stock for the poor in 1656.

    Family: Edward Bumpas married Hannah _____ by 1631 and had twelve children. She died in Marshfield on February 12, 1693.

    Children of Edward and Hannah _____:

    • Sarah was born on March 9, 1631/2. She married Thomas Durram in Marshfield on March 31, 1659.There is no further information.
    • Elizabeth was born on March 9, 1633/4. She married Joseph Rose in Marshfield on June 6, 1653, and had at least seven children.They both died sometime after January 29, 1710/1.
    • John was born on June 2, 1636. He married Sarah _____ by 1671, and had nine children. He died in Rochester shortly before March 7, 1715/6.
    • Edward was born on April 15, 1638. He died in Marshfield on April 3, 1693, unmarried. In July 1679, he was whipped for “striking and abusing his parents,” but his punishment was reduced “in regard hee was crasey brained.”
    • Joseph was born on February 15, 1639/40. He married Wybra Glass by 1669 and had eight children. He died in Middleboro on February 10, 1704/5. She died in Middleboro on December 27, 1711.
    • Isaac was born on March 31, 1642.There is no further record.
    • Jacob was born on March 25, 1644, in Marshfield. He married Elizabeth (Banks) Blackmer/Blackmore on January 24, 1676/7, in Scituate and had three children. He died in Rochester before September 5, 1720.
    • Hannah was born on April 3, 1646, in Marshfield. She died sometime after March 4, 1672/3, when she was described as “a distracted person.”
    • Philip was born in Marshfield about 1648. He married Sarah Eaton by 1686 and had eight children. He died in Plainfield, Connecticut on January 24, 1724/5. She died after Februry 24, 1725/6.
    • Thomas was born in Marshfield about 1650. He married Phebe Lovel in November 1679 in Barnstable and had ten children. He died before 1724.
    • Mary was born in Marshfield about 1652. She married Daniel Crocker on January 2, 1682, in Marshfield and had four children. She died after his death on February 5, 1692.
    • Samuel was born about 1654. He died, unmarried, at Pawtucket on March 26, 1676, fighting in King Philip's War.
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