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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Edmund Chandler

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: He was born in England, probably by 1587.

    Death: He died in Duxbury between May 3, 1662, the date of his will, and June 2, 1662, the date of his inventory.

    Ship: Unknown, probably 1629 or 1630 [see below]

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in Holland: Edmund Chandler has been identified as the man of that name in Leiden by 1613. In that year he became a citizen. He held three known occupations in Leiden, say weaver, draper and [tobacco] pipe maker. He buried a child at the Pieterskerk in 1619, at which time he lived on the Nieuwestadt. He probably left Leiden in 1629 or 1630, when many of the congregation emigrated to Plymouth Colony.

    Life in New England: The first mention of Edmund Chandler in the colony’s records was in the recording of his name in the 1633 list of freemen. He lived in Duxbury, where he served on various committees and as constable in 1636 and 1637. Chandler’s name appeared in a number of land deals. At his death, he owned property in Duxbury, Bridgewater and Dartmouth. In his will, he gave three of his daughters “three thousand and five hundred [weight?] of sugar which belongs to me in Barbadoes.”As one of his sons sailed for Barbadoes, where he died, Edmund Chandler might have had investments there as well. He may have been the brother of Roger Chandler, another colonist who had lived in Leiden.

    Family: Edmund Chandler had at least one wife and probably two, as there is a signicant gap between his third and fourth children. Neither of the wives are known by name. He made no mention of a wife in his will and was probably a widower.

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