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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Desire Minter

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Desire Minter was born by about 1618, and possibly
    much earlier.

    Death: She died in England sometime before 1651.

    Ship: Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England: The Minter family came from Norwich,
    Norfolk, and Desire may have been born there. She returned to
    England before May 1627. According to Bradford’s history of
    Plymouth Colony, she “returned to her friend and proved not
    very well and died in England.” “Friend” in this case means a
    relation or guardian.

    Life in Holland: She has been tentatively identified as the
    daughter of Sarah and William Minter. Sarah Willet, daughter of
    Thomas and Alice Willet, married (1) William Minter, (2) Roger
    Simmons on August 18, 1618, and (3) Roger Eastman before
    May 10, 1622. On that date, she and her husband agreed with
    Thomas Brewer about a financial arrangement for a child of
    Sarah and William Minter. The child is not named, but was
    probably Desire.

    Life in New England: Desire Minter came to Plymouth
    Colony with John and Catherine Carver; another child under
    their care, Jasper Moore; two manservants, John Howland and
    Roger Wilder; an unnamed maidservant; and a servant boy,
    William Latham. The Carvers died during the first year, and
    another family must have Desire, but the specifics are unknown.
    Desire received an acre of land in the division of land in 1623,
    but her name did not appear in the May 1627 division of cattle,
    indicating that she had left by that time.

    Family: There is no information on any family members other
    than that listed above.
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