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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Constant Southworth

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Constant Southworth was born about 1614, based on his date of marriage.

    Death: He died on March 11, 1678/9, in Duxbury.

    Ship: possibly White Angel, 1628

    Life in England: In August 1620, Robert Cushman wrote a letter to Edward Southworth, addressing it to Heneage House in London. It is unclear whether Edward Southworth died there or returned to Leiden.

    Life in Holland: Constant Southworth was the son of Edward and Alice (Carpenter) Southworth, married in Leiden on May 28, 1613. His father was a say worker [weaver] there.The family attempted to emigrate to New England in 1620, but apparently abandoned the voyage at London.

    Life in New England: Alice Southworth emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1623, leaving her two sons behind, either in England or Leiden. She married Governor William Bradford as his second wife that same year. Constant came to Plymouth in 1628, where he was admitted a freeman on January 1, 1637/8. He moved to Duxbury by 1639. Constant held many influential and high-ranking positions in the Plymouth Colony government for many years, including Governor’s assistant, colony treasurer and deputy for Duxbury to the Plymouth court. He was also a frequent committee member. At his death he owned a grist mill and land in Duxbury, Eastham, Marshfield, and Taunton.

    Family: Constant Southworth married Elizabeth Collier on November 2, 1637, in Plymouth and had eight children. She died after February 20, 1678/9.

    Children of Constant and Elizabeth Southworth:

    • Mercy was born about 1640. She married Samuel Freeman on May 12, 1658, in Eastham and had five children.
    • Priscilla was born about 1642. She married (1) Samuel Talbot on March 1, 1689, in Bristol, Rhode Island. She married (2) John Irish on May 1, 1708, in Bristol, but had no surviving children.
    • Edward was born about 1644. He married Mary Pabodie on November 16, 1671, in Duxbury and had eight children. He died between March 29, 1720, and November 7, 1727. She died after December 11, 1727.
    • Alice was born about 1646. She married Benjamin Church on December 26, 1667, and had six children. He died on January 17, 1717/8, in Little Compton. She died on March 5, 1718/9, in Little Compton.
    • Nathaniel was born about 1649. He married Desire Gray on January 10, 1672, in Plymouth and had six children. She died on December 4, 1690. He died on January 14, 1710.
    • Mary was born about 1654. She married David Alden by 1674 and had six children. She died after March 28, 1718. He died between July 2, 1718, and April 1, 1719, in Duxbury.
    • William was born about 1659. He married (1) Rebecca Pabodie and had nine children. She died on December 25, 1702. He married (2) Martha (Kirkland) Blague in November 1705 and had two sons. He died on June 25, 1719, in Little Compton, Rhode Island. She died on February 7, 1737/8.
    • Elizabeth was born about 1661. She married Samuel Gallup on May 2, 1685, in Bristol.
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