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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Clement Briggs

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Clement Briggs was born in England by 1600.

    Death: He died in Weymouth by February 25, 1648/9.

    Ship:  Fortune, 1621

    Life in England:  Clement Briggs worked for Samuel Lathame, a fellmonger (dealer in hides) who lived on Bermondsey Street in Southwark, Surrey. In a deposition taken in August 1638, he stated that in 1616 he was a servant to Mr. Lathame, and implied he had been there in Southwark for three or four years.

    Life in New England:  Clement Briggs came to Plymouth as a single man in November 1621. He moved to Weymouth by 1630. As one of the “old comers” (early inhabitants) of Plymouth Colony, Clement Briggs received several lots of land, which were inherited by his sons.

    Family: Clement Briggs married (1) Joan Allen by March 1, 1630/1, and had two sons. He married (2) Elizabeth _____ by 1640 and had four sons. She died between November 11, 1685, and August 11, 1691.

    Children of Clement and Joan Briggs:

    • Thomas was born on June 14, 1633. He married Ann _____and had four children. He died at the “North Purchase” in 1696
    • Jonathan was born on June 14, 1635. He married Experience _____ by about 1664 and had thirteen children. He died by November 18, 1690.

    Children of Clement and Elizabeth Briggs:

    • David was born August 23, 1640. He married Mary Barber on October 26, 1676. He died in Southampton, Long Island, New York between November 13, 1683, and November 11, 1685, apparently without children.
    • Clement was born January 1, 1643/4. He married Hannah Packard by 1669 and had one son. He died by November 19, 1669.
    • Remember was born by about 1645. He married Mary _____ by 1686 and had four children. He died in Taunton by February 3, 1696/7.
    • John was born by about 1647. He was named in his father’s will of 1683, but there is no further reference.
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