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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Christopher Martin

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Christopher Martin was born about 1582, probably in
    Billericay, Essex.

    Death: He died aboard the Mayflower on January 8, 1620/1.

    Ship: Mayflower, 1620

    Life in England: Christopher Martin lived in the Billericay
    area of Great Burstead, Essex. By 1607 he was there working as
    a mercer [merchant] although he probably had not served a formal
    apprenticeship. He was likely a Puritan, as he and his wife
    refused to kneel at holy communion on Easter, 1612 and their
    son did not have godparents.

    Life in New England: Christopher Martin was chosen “treasurer
    agent” for the colonists by the investors in England and
    obtained provisions for the venture, along with Robert
    Cushman and John Carver, in Leiden.The three disagreed from
    the first, and Martin bought his provisions in Kent, contrary to
    the others’ wishes. Martin was chosen governor of the
    Mayflower, in charge of the passengers and provisions.According
    to Cushman, he refused to discuss the accounts, insulted the passengers
    and the “sailors also are so offended at his ignorant boldness
    in meddling and controlling in things he knows not what
    belongs to, as that some threaten to mischief him; others say they
    will leave the ship and go their way.” He came to Plymouth
    Colony with his wife, stepson/servant Solomon Prower and servant
    John Langemore.

    Family: Christopher Martin married Mary (_____) Prower on
    February 26, 1606/7, in Great Burstead, Essex and had at least
    one son. She was the widow of _____ Prower by whom she had
    one son.

    Children of Mary and _____ Prower:

    • Solomon died on December 24, 1620.
    • Children of Christopher and Mary Martin:
    • Nathaniel was baptized on February 26, 1609/10. He was
      apparently still alive in 1620, but nothing further is known.
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