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  • Pilgrim Village Families Sketch: Anthony Savory

    Robert Charles Anderson

    Birth: Anthony Savory was born by 1611, if he was an adult in 1632.

    Death: He died probably about 1642 or 1643.

    Ship: Unknown, by 1632/3

    Life in England: Nothing is known of his life in England.

    Life in New England: Anthony Savory first appeared in Plymouth records in the 1633 list of Plymouth freemen. He was again listed on March 7, 1636/7. In 1642, Joshua Pratt,Thomas Savory, and Anthony Savory shared a heifer.This is the last time his name appeared and he probably died in 1642 or early 1643. Thomas Savory was most likely a relation.

    Family: There is no evidence that Anthony Savory married or had children.

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