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  • Parentage of Sarah Bennett, Wife of Revolutionary

    Susan Hawkes Cook

    Published Date : June 1987
    Over the years there has been speculation concerning the parentage of Sarah Bennett who married Ebenezer Lewis on 21 August 1773.  In Vital Records of Groton, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (hereafter Groton V.R.), in addition to the above marriage record (2:23, 111), are the births of two Sarah Bennetts who would have been of marriageable age in 1773.  Sarah, daughter of Moses Bennett, Jr., and Sarah (Blood) was born 17 November 1752 (1:26), and Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Bennett and Sarah (Lakin) was born 18 July 1755 (1:24).  Which, if either, married Ebenezer Lewis?

    Ebenezer, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Jacquith) Lewis was born 4 December 1750 (Vital Records of Billerica, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850, p. 126) and died in the hospital at Cambridge 10 January 1776, age 26 years (Groton V.R., 2:242).  Ebenezer married first on 29 September 1772 Ruth, daughter of Benjamin and Mary (Corey) Parker.  Ruth survived her marriage but a few days (Ezra S. Stearns, Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire, [1908], 2:753-755).  Ebenezer married second at Groton, Massachusetts, on 21 August 1773 Sarah Bennett (ibid.).  Two children were born in Groton to Ebenezer and Sarah: William. born 25 March 1774 (Groton V.R. 1:146), who later lived in Marlow, New Hampshire; and Sarah, born 26 February 1776 (ibid.), who married 27 March 1798 Hezekiah Spalding (ibid. 2:111) and lived in Shirley, Massachusetts, until her death on 2 January 1871 (Charles Warren Spalding, The Spalding Memorial [1897], p. 286).

    Although no marriage record appears in the Groton or Shirley Vital Records, it is to be expected that Ebenezer’s widow, with two young children to care for, would remarry.  C. W. Spalding in his account of Hezekiah Spalding (ibid., p. 286) relates that Sarah (Bennett) Lewis, after the death of her husband Ebenezer, married a Mr. Blood.  An item in the Boston Transcript of 28 August 1907 (#7744), [133] says that Sarah Bennett married secondly a Blood of Groton.  A later item. also #7744, in the Boston Transcript of 14 October 1908 says that Sarah Bennett Lewis married second about 1777 Jonas Blood of Groton. Roger Deane Harris in The Story of the Bloods (1960), p. 177, states that Jonas Blood of Groton, son of William and Lucy (Fletcher) Blood, born 26 September 1754, “Revolutionary service, was at Governor’s Island, New York in company with Ebenezer Lewis whose widow he married.”

    Two children were born to Jonas and Sarah Blood.  Their first child, Ebenezer Lewis Blood, was born 16 July 1778 (Groton V.R. 1:31).  His name supports Harris’s contention that Jonas Blood married the widow of Ebenezer Lewis. A daughter Susa (Lucy?) was born 12 June 1783 (ibid., 1:37).

    On 3 April 1818 Jonas Blood of Groton, then 63 years old, applied for a pension based on his Revolutionary War service.  Certificate of Pension was issued 26 October 1818 and Jonas was to receive $8 per month. Included in his pension application file are papers dated 2 July 1820.  At that time Jonas, aged 65, because of the infirmity of age, the loss of one eye, and one shoulder broken by a fall, was unable to support himself and his family which consisted of his wife Sarah, aged 67; daughter Lucey, (Susa?), aged 37; granddaughter Sally Blood, aged 18, an orphan; and Sarah Bolton, aged 98 years, whom he is under bonds to support through her life.  Jonas Blood died 1 February 1825. Sarah applied for pension as widow of Jonas Blood on 2 November 1836.  At that time Sarah was 84.  In her application she testified she was married to Jonas Blood about a year after he entered military service, at Shirley, by the Rev. Phineas Whitney, and that no record of the marriage could then be found.  Sarah’s application was approved and pension was granted 7 December 1836 at the rate of $80/annum (Revolutionary War Pension Application of Jonas Blood, # W 27385, National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.). Sarah Blood died 9 November 1838 (Groton V.R. 2:204). Sarah Bolton died 24 July 1822, aged 99 years, 10 months (ibid. 2:205).

    Harris in his Story of the Bloods called Sarah (Bennett) (Lewis) Blood the daughter of Moses2 Bennett.  No supporting documentation was given.

    Moses, son of Moses and Anna (Blanchard) Bennett was born 15 August 1726 (Groton V.R. 1:27).  On 17 February 1746 Moses Bennett, Jr., and Sarah Blood were married (ibid. 1:22).  Sarah, daughter of Ebenezer Blood and his wife Abigail was born 21 August 1722 (ibid. 1:36). The first four children born to Moses and Sarah Bennett are recorded in Groton; two additional children are recorded in the neighboring town of Shirley.  Their fourth child, Sarah, born 17 November 1752, is no doubt the Sarah who married first Ebenezer Lewis as his second wife, and second, Jonas Blood.  The sixth child, daughter Sybil, born 17 September 1755, later married Timothy Bolton.  After the death of Moses Bennett his widow Sarah married 16 June 1767 Aaron Farnsworth (Groton V.R. 2:23) as his fourth wife. Aaron was born 29 August 1709 and died July 1769.  After Aaron’s death Sarah married ___ Bolton and died 24 June 1822, aged 99 years, 10 months (Moses Franklin Farnsworth, Farnsworth Memorial- Being a Record of Matthias Farnsworth and His Descendants in America [1897], pp. 156-57).  The marriage of Sarah (Blood) (Bennett) Farnsworth of Groton and William Bolton probably took place in Shirley, Massachusetts, where the intentions were published 16 May 1776 and where almost two years later William’s son Timothy married Sarah’s daughter Sybel Bennett.  After William Bolton died on 30 April 1804, his widow Sarah most likely made arrangements for lifetime care with her son-in-law and daughter, Jonas and Sarah Blood. Her presence in their household in 1820 certainly is evidence that the Sarah Bennett who married Ebenezer Lewis in 1773 did indeed later marry Jonas Blood and was the daughter of Moses and Sarah (Blood) Bennett who was born 17 November 1752.

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