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  • Notes on the Manuscript Collection Vol. 7 No. 2

    John B. Carney

    Published Date : April-May 1990
     Dorothy K. Fairbanks Papers

    Mss 211 (3.5 feet)

    Mrs. Dorothy K. Fairbanks (b. 1919), began her active genealogical research in 1935, joined the Society in 1966, and became a life member two years later.  Most of the collection was generated between 1960 and 1968.

    The Dorothy K. Fairbanks Papers, 1935-1981, consist of a genealogy and research material pertaining to the Bennett and allied families.  Beginning with a study of Bennetts in colonial Massachusetts, Mrs. Fairbanks covered Bennett families of New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia as well.  Allied families include Atkinson, Brown, Clough, Conant, Horton, Peck, and Whitman, but no less than 57 additional names appear.  The research was done in person or by correspondence. Members of various families sent copies of records, shared their own experiences, and suggested further sources.

    The collection contains scattered family papers, primarily deeds and certificates.  It also includes a diary kept by John A. Conant (1820-1845) from 1841, when he took over the pharmacy in his father’s East Bridgewater store, to 1843, and describes Conant’s employment and social activities.  The collection contains 145 photographs, predominantly daguerreotype and tintype portraits, but including six scenes of East Bridgewater and Andover, Massachusetts, and one of a homestead in Scituate, R.I.

    The collection is divided into five Sub-groups. Sub-group I (Genealogy) contains a typescript genealogy of the Bennett and allied families, and a manuscript card index dated 1967.  Sub-group II (Bennett notes) contains notes concerning Bennett families and individuals, 1558-1970.  This is subdivided into three series: A. General outlines, bibliography, and comments on records; B. Notes, Aaron-William, 1558-1919; and C.  Notes, geographical, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia, 1558-1887.  Sub-group III (Bennett research correspondence) contains letters exchanged with Bennett relatives, 1961-1981.  Sub-group IV (Allied families) contains charts, notes, records, correspondence and family papers, 1935-1981, pertaining to allied lines, 1197-1981.  Sub-group V (Graphics) is divided into two Series: A. Portraits, and B. Views.

    Lucille K. Fales Papers

    Mss 177 (.5 feet)

    Lucille K. Fales (b. 1896), joined the Society in 1938. A resident of Needham and Westford, Mass., she began her genealogical research in 1936, and continued until at least 1976.  The material was donated to the Society by a son, Robert O. Fales, in 1988.

    The Lucille K. Fales Papers, 1936-1976, follow Mrs. Fales’s Benjamin and Parker lines, 1352-1976; Martha Parker Libby (1815-1885), and Martha Libby Benjamin (b. 1875), provide links to these families.  John Benjamin (1598-1645), who settled in Watertown, was that family’s progenitor; later Benjamins spread through New England and New York.  The Parkers descend from five brothers: Abraham (d. 1690); Jacob (d. 1699); James (d. 1700); Joseph (d. 1690); and John (d. 1680).  Mrs. Fales’s part of the family settled in Maine.

    The material consists primarily of transcriptions from public records, notes, biographical information, and research correspondence. Also included are two typescript genealogies: “State of Maine Parkers,” 67 pages; and “Known Facts about Martha Parker (Libby).”

    The two Sub-groups each contain two series. Sub-group 1, Benjamin family: records and correspondence concerning descendants of John Benjamin (1598-1645) of Watertown, 1598-1976; Series A. Lines: records, notes and correspondence on nine Benjamin families 1598-1791; Series B. Geographical: records, notes, and correspondence on Benjamin families in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and Canada, 1643-1976.  Sub-group II. Parker family: genealogies, notes and correspondence pertaining to Maine descendants of the five Parker brothers, 1352-1966; Series A. Genealogies: Maine Parkers and Martha Parker Libby, c. 1955; Series B. Geographical: notes and correspondence on the Parker family in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, 1352-1966.

    John B. Carney, a long-time volunteer in the Society’s Manuscripts Department, has been a NEXUS contributor since 1984.  His article, “In Search of Fayerweather: The Fayerweather Family of Boston,” continues in the April issue of the Register.

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