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  • Notes on the Manuscript Collection Vol. 2 No. 6

    John B. Carney

    Published Date : December 1985

    Mss 60, 1½  linear feet

    The Brink Papers were compiled by William R. Brink of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  His research took place between 1929 and 1956, and he presented his material to the Society in two lots, one in 1981, and the second in 1983.

    The collection traces the North American descendants of Lambert Huybertse Brink (1635- 1702), through his four sons: Pieter Lambertsen Brink (1670-1746), Huybert Lainbertsen Brink (1656- ). Cornelius Lambertsen Brink (16611726), and Matthew Brink (1695- ).  In addition, data is included on several allied families, particularly the Webb family through William Henry Webb (1815-1878).  In addition to the genealogies, Mr. Brink accumulated large quantities of research notes and correspondence which document investigations of numerous public and private records.  Most of the material concentrates in New York, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania, between 1630 and 1956.

    The material is divided into three sub-groups. The first concerns the Brink family, and is subdivided into eight series.  Sub-group II concerns the genealogy and allied families of William Henry Webb (1815-1878).  Sub-group III contains records of the Dutch Reformed Church in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 1639-1832.  Sub-group IV contains photographs.


    Spec. Col. 11-C-4a, 9 linear feet.

    The Chase Collection consists of Chase genealogical materials generated between 1847 and 1889, and records kept by the Chase/Chace Family Association from its beginning in 1899 to its closing in 1947.

    The genealogical papers were donated to the Society by George B. Chase (1835-1902), and are divided into two categories.  The first group is a chronological/alphabetical collection of correspondence of Benjamin Chase (1799-1889).  These letters, written between 1847 and 1887, were used by Chase in the course of his research on his Chase genealogy, which appeared in his book, the History of Chester, N.H.: 1719-1869 published in 1869.

    The second group is an alphabetically/chronologically arranged collection of correspondence and notes of John B. Chace (1816-1881), George B. Chase (1835-1902), and James F. Chase (1856-1923). The letters in this group were written between 1870 and 1889, and were used in the Chase genealogical works to which the three men mutually contributed.

    The second unit of the Chase Collection contains records of the Chase/Chace Family Association from 1899 to 1947.  This sub-group consists of administration and activity records, followed by miscellaneous genealogical papers, circulars, and newspaper articles on the Chase family.

    The remainder of the collection conststs of graphic materials. Among the photographs are about thirty views of Chase houses and gravestones in West Newbury and Newburyport. There are about the same number of photographs of executive members of the Chase/Chace Family Association, and photo cuts used by the Association for publications such as the “Chase Chronicle.”

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