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  • Notes on the Manuscript Collection Vol. 2 No. 5


    Published Date : October 1985

    Mss 93, 1,707 items

    This collection consists of genealogies, notes, charts, records and correspondence concerning the descendants of John Spring, 1589-, of Watertown, Mass.  Beginning with English records in 1440, the collection brings the family up to 1979.  Although most of the research follows American lines, the material includes work on the English branches of the family into the middle of the eighteenth century, commissioned by Miss Booth.


    The papers are divided into five sub-groups. The first contains genealogies, charts, notes and correspondence concerning descendants of John Spring (1589-) of Watertown, Mass.; introduction and contents, including foreword and comments by Gary Boyd Roberts; and genealogies and charts tracing thirty-three lines from John Spring, 1440-1979.

    Sub-group two contains American correspondence and notes, 1933-1979.

    Sub-group three contains English research, including charts, correspondence, records, etc., concerning the Spring family in England, 1952-1977.

    Sub-group four contains general correspondence made up of Howe and Spring family letters,


    Sub-group five contains photographs of Tisbury-juxta-Clare, Essex.


    Mss 59, 100 items

    The main portion of this collection reflects the activities of the Hitchcock family, particularly the elder Roswell D. Hitchcock and his immediate descendants.  His own papers consist of scattered correspondence, sermons and programs generated by a career as a Congregational clergyman and educator.  For his children: Bradford W. Hitchcock (1861-1918), Mary B. H. Emerson (1853-), and Roswell D. Hitchcock (1845-1892), there is still less material.  In addition to some genealogical correspondence, notes and clippings, the children left occasional family papers.  Most notable is a series of letters from the younger Roswell while an officer on the USS Pensacola between 1880 and 1885. Also of interest is an inventory of the estate in Springfield, Massachusetts, of John Hitchcock (d. 1712.).

    Allied to the Hitchcocks by marriage, the Brayton and Emerson families left similar records. There are sermons by Brown Emerson (1778-1872), genealogical notes by Daniel H. Emerson (1810-1883), and general family papers through Samuel F. Emerson (1854-1939) and his wife Mary B. H. Emerson (1853-). It is probably through Mrs. Emerson that four portraits and four property views are included in the collection.  Among the miscellaneous items is an autographed bill of sale for a Worcester, Mass., house and property from the noted politician Benjamin F. Butler (1818-1893) to Helen M. Plympton in 1887. The presence of this excellent description of an extremely well furnished property among the Emerson papers is not readily explainable.

    The papers are divided into four sub-groups. The first contains Hitchcock papers.  These include material concerning Roswell D. Hitchcock (1817-1887), his sons Roswell D., Jr., (1845-1892), and Bradford W. Hitchcock (1861-1918). It also includes material concerning John Hitchcock (d. 1712).

    The second sub-group contains the Brayton papers, which include material on the Memorial Clock in Fall River, Massachusetts, and genealogical notes, 1893-1915.

    The third sub-group contains the Emerson papers, which include material generated by the Reverend Brown Emerson and his family, 1838-1949. It includes Brown Emerson’s sermons and posthumous genealogical material, 1843-1853; Daniel Emerson’s correspondence and genealogical notes, 1888-1907; Samuel F. Emerson and Mary B.H. Emerson’s family correspondence, memberships, etc., 1874-1914; Roswell D. H. Emerson’s political and financial correspondence, 1919-1929; and miscellaneous Emerson material, 1883-1959.

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