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  • Notes on the Manuscript Collection Vol. 2 No. 3

    John B. Carney

    Published Date : June 1985

    Mss. 92, 5 linear feet - The Phillips Papers contain genealogies, charts, notes, records, correspondence, and photographs concerning the descendants of George Phillips (1593-1644) of Watertown, Massachusetts, from the year 868 to 1917.  The material was gathered by Henry A. Phillips (1852-1926), who lived at Millbury, Mass., while working as an architect in Boston.  By 1909, he had begun to collect material to update Albert M. Philips’s Phillips Genealogy (Worcester, Mass., 1885).  The collecting, sifting, and writing continued until at least 1917, but nothing was published.

    The Phillips family is widely connected.  The papers give considerable attention to allied families and royal lineages between 868 and 1917.  The inventory contains an alphabetical listing of over two hundred allied families, and it includes approximately the same number of charts, which, however, primarily concern royal or noble lines.  Much of the material is in carefully prepared manuscript sections ready for typesetting.  These are supplemented by correspondence, notes, charts, and other documenting sources. Both the manuscript draft and the accompanying material contain quantities of anecdotal and biographical material.

    The collection has been divided into three subgroups. The first concerns the Phillips family, and includes genealogy, biographic sketches, notes, and correspondence, 1877-1917.

    The second section concerns allied families, and includes genealogy, notes, correspondence, and charts, 868-1917; research notes and correspondence 1909-1917; and charts of English lines, 868-1911.

    The third section consists of graphics concerning the Phillips and allied families from c. 1835-1917.


    Mss 13, 2 linear feet - The Baldwin Papers contain business and personal manuscripts, mostly generated by Luke Baldwin (1769-1832), and his son Luke (1797- ).

    The elder Baldwin was a successful Boston merchant from ca. 1792 until his death.  He traded generally with the southern United States and England managing to do business in almost every part of both countries. He also served as a deputy sheriff in Suffolk County between 1818 and 1832; his papers contain several household inventories from sheriff’s sales of the period.  He was also treasurer of St. John’s Masonic Lodge in Boston; his papers contain bills, receipts, and accounts concerning the Lodge from 1816 to 1823. He married Mary Avery, eldest daughter of John and Mary Orne (Cushing) Avery. Of their thirteen children, ten survived to adulthood; two are represented in the collection: Luke Baldwin (1797-), and John Avery Baldwin (1795- ).

    Luke Baldwin (1797-) followed his father’s mercantile occupation.  He expanded the family interests to include rubber and land.  His sons, Thomas Cushing Baldwin and Luke Baldwin, served as their father’s business agents.

    John Avery Baldwin (1795-) acted as the family's agent for New Hampshire lands in the years 1835-1848.

    The papers are divided into three sub-groups. The first concerns Luke Baldwin (1769-1832) [66] covering the period 1789-1832. Among the items of interest are letters from his father-in-law, John Avery (1739-1806) who was Secretary of State for Massachusetts during most of the last twenty-five years of his life.

    The second sub-group concerns Luke Baldwin (1797- ), and covers the period 1826-1835.

    The third group concerns Elizabeth Orne (1745-1836).  It contains legal papers and household receipts resulting from her efforts to keep her Salem home and settle a law suit after her husband’s death.

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